Date : 10/05/2003

Place : Farmhouse: Fields

Farmhouse : Fields

What once was worked cropland has been, over the last several years, allowed to go to seed, and the result is the natural prarie which has developed, enclosed on three sides by the forest. It covers several acres of land with grasses as high as a person's waist, large enough to be out of earshot of the barnyard but uniform enough that anyone in bipedal form could be seen approaching through it.

The looming buildings of the farm can be seen to the south.

Kathryn-Laura comes jogging slowly around the Farmhouse, looking at it with interest. She's sweating, and looks a little tired. On seeing people, she slows to a walk.

Kathryn-Laura :

KL appears to be around sixteen years old. She has mid-length, mousy-brown hair that she typically wears brushed back behind her ears. She stands a little over 5' tall and is slightly built, with a hint of wiriness about her. She isn't beautiful, but she would be cute were it not for the sullen and aggressive set of her mouth, the hostility of her gaze and her somewhat laissez-faire approach to bathing. She has a habit of slouching and projects an air of disenchantment and irritation. Her skin is surprisingly pale for someone who spends so much time outdoors and she has a two-inch square tattoo of a winged horse on her right shoulder-blade. She is wearing a pair of shorts, training shoes and a plain white tank-top.

Raeye and Tabia are at a clearing one end of the field, closer to the barn. Raeye's kneeling over some paraphrenalia, and Tabia's pretty much listening on. "Um, okay, I guess," the cub answers. Upon the sound and sight of someone coming this way, the girl drops to her hands and knees, disappearing into the grass. A low, amused chuckle too soft for anyone not either a wolf or using heightened senses to pick up at a distance. "You meet 'em. If it's a good target, say something to tip me off.


Mischief. Something about this girl screams it, even when she's trying to be serious. Her age may have something to do with it -- she's still shy of her teens, and perhaps the fact that she isn't the least bit shy, extremely extroverted and full of energy. She's about average in height and weight for her age, around five feet tall and perhaps ninety pounds. Black hair, cut short in a style that could go equally well on either gender and brown eyes, as well as dark skin suggesting middle eastern descent.
She wears worn-in blue jeans and tennis shoes, topped with a baggy sweatshirt, all well-suited to outdoor activities. The outfit is topped off by a light blue denim ball cap with a pyramid logo and 'Luxor, Las Vegas' lettered across the front.

Kathryn-Laura walks up slowly, obviously curious. She stops about ten yards away from Raeye, still breathing fairly hard, and waits to be noticed.

Breathing hard, she's noticed all right with a quick glance from the galliard. Raeye's calmly and meticulously smearing blood into a blank book, presumably from the hare beside her -- rather, the hare's still-bloody skin and separated meat. She flashes a brief grin to Tabia before glancing more fully over her shoulder, searching KL with her eyes. After a moment, she raises up one bloodied hand. "Hey." She doesn't offer much more than that.


She has the air of a feline waiting out its prey, calm but unceasingly alert, as ready as sheathed claws. Her movements appear premeditated, every action and word chosen long in advance to when they're carried out. These habits mixed with her appearance suggest an age ranging from mid adolescence to mid twenties.
Built like a mongoose, her 5'4" frame is thin and wiry, covered entirely in an ensemble of black. Her anti-fashion, who-gives-a-shit attire consists of sole-worn sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt that reads "PHUCT" in small white letters in the center, sometimes accompanied by a logoless black jacket.
A casual glance may mistake her for some grunge-goth typecast, especially with the Eye of Horus tattooed around her right eye. That aside, her features are, overall, nondescript -- chin-length black hair, pale unblemished face, thin lips set either in an expressionless line or quirked in a smirk -- it's her eyes that mark her odd one out. With the black of the tattoo accenting them, the feral glint in her kiwi, frozen-grape green eyes is emphasized. Her gaze is serpentine, scanning in a manner that suggests that she's taking in much more than she's giving out.

Kathryn-Laura stops and mimics the gesture. "Hi." She pauses, obviously thinking about what to say. "I'm a...friend of Helen's?". Tabia, meanwhile, is creeping along close to the ground, making a slow circle that will eventually bring her around behind the Fury. Careful not to disturb the grass more than she has to or to make much noise, and hoping that Raeye will have enough attention focused on her to cover any slips that may occur. The somewhat predatorial gaze from Raeye relaxes, and she works out a smile, then gestures her over. In fact, probably about to where Tabia can more easily approach the newcomer. 

"Helen's a good friend. You new around here?" She pauses, then adds as an afterthought, indicating herself with a bloodied digit, "Raeye Anderson. Eye-of-Ra, Path-of-Her-Own, Strider Galliard Cliath." Kathryn-Laura walks over toward Raeye. 

"Kathryn-Laura Cole. Escapes-From-Money. Black Fury Ahroun Cliath. My friends call me KL." She stops, as if waiting for something. Raeye seems oblivious to her anticipation, her own face carefully smoothed of expression. 

"Escapes-from-Money?" she echoes in prompt, arching a brow curiously. Kathryn-Laura sighs, having regained her breath. 

"Yeah." She looks a touch embarrassed. "My parents are very wealthy...and keep chasing after me. My old pack seemed to think it was appropriate." Raeye grins up at the Fury.

"Well, sounds better than one Theurge I know called Paw-In-the-Spirits. Spirits in a bar, really." She resumes her odd blood-painting. Tabia finally reaches a spot that's directly behind the Fury, albeit a few feet back (safely outside of arm's reach), then leaps from hiding, screaming bloody murder. See if she can't make it twice in one day that she scares the daylights out of someone. Raeye looks like she's about to make another remark when Tabia explodes from the tall grass. "Ought to fuckin' rename you Bansidhe, I swear," she mutters more to herself, smirking slightly.

Kathryn-Laura jumps, turns quickly and drops into a fighting crouch. "What the fuck?", she exclaims.

Raeye says something about needing something in the woods, gives KL Tabia's name with a hint that Tabes should finish introducing herself, tells Tabia that a good part of cub training is learning how to deal with the consequences of your actions on your own (with a grin), and says she'll see 'em later.

Tabia smirks, though she's glad she did decide to keep her distance. "Two and oh, me," she notes to Raeye, before asking, "What do you use when you're a wolf? They don't have money. Things like that still mess me up a lot, 'cause I'm so used to being able to talk about 'em."

KL starts walking toward Tabia with a look of fury in her eyes. "That was a fucking joke? Sneaking up on people? And not particularly fucking well because I could hear you coming a fucking mile off?"

Tabia says, "Well, if you heard me coming, then it shouldn't have been scary at all. So you're good." Glancing toward the woods, though not in quite the same direction Raeye went, "Oh, look at the time. Gotta jet." Consequences be damned, she's not going to just stand here to see what happens. Angry Ahroun = Ragabash cub cue for rapid exit. And while the older girl is walking toward her, Tabia takes off running. Kathryn-Laura breaks in to an absolute sprint after Tabia, trying to close the distance quickly. 


Tabia is very quick, and becomes quicker still as she blurs to four legs upon realizing that she's being pursued. How long she can keep up full speed is, of course, the real question. Kathryn-Laura sees the Ragabash shifting to four legs and matches, determined not to let the object of her ire escape just retribution.

Kathryn-Laura (Escapes) chases after Tabia (Leaps) furiously, matching every twist and turn, gaining some occasionally, losing some just as often. 


Barely more than a pup, this young she-wolf. Mottled brown and black streak her pelt, the black strongest around her face and ears. All fur and paws, like many her age, and a little clumsy at times, but surprisingly quick when she does move. Her eyes still haven't turned entirely to their adult gold, still flecked with the blue of early cubhood, and she's certainly got a cub's energy and love of play.


This is a medium-sized she-wolf with a midight black pelt streaked slightly with silver on her belly. She has a few scars across her back. There is an air of dissatisfaction and irritability about her.

Leaps leads the Ahroun on a merry chase, weaving between trees and trying her best to shake the pursuit, but after a little while, it's clear that the younger wolf is starting to tire, and she's never managed to get enough of a gap to lose the Cliath. Not good. Not good at all.

Escapes senses the tiring of her prey and presses on. She's been surprised by how quick the cub was, expecting to easily chase her down, but it seems this race will soon be over. It's good. Very good.

Escapes manages, finally, to close the gap and pounces on Leaps in the lupus equivalent of a rugby tackle. The Ragabash hadn't planned on a fight. Not at all, not with a Cliath. But she's still not used to the whole 'roll over, show throat' thing, even if she's been told about it. She goes down under the Ahroun, struggling more to escape than to get any kind of upper hand. The Black Fury pins the cub in place, not trying to do any damage but not letting her go. She bares her teeth slightly. Submit, damn you! Leaps doesn't exactly relax -- no, she's taut as a spring -- but the Strider does at least stop struggling as the fact that she's just being pinned starts to sink in. Escapes stops pinning and backs off slightly, teeth still showing, waiting to see if the Cub will run again. Leaps shakes leaves and twigs from her fur as she gets back up. She's not running, no, but is prepared to should she feel the situation warrants it.

Escapes thinks it was a good chase and wonders if Leaps will try and sneak up on her in the future. Leaps expects that she will. She'll just make sure to succeed, and to have more of a head start, next time. It might not be the answer that was being sought after, but at least the Ragabash is probably being honest. The Black Fury curls a lip in a slight laugh. Interesting. It certainly filled her need for exercise. She'll be waiting for the next time. She backs off a distance and turns to pace back towards the barn.

Leaps shifts back to the form of her birth, leaning up against the nearest of the trees while she catches her breath.

Escapes matches, her forming blurring and contorting as she shifts to Homid. 

Kathryn-Laura looks hard at Tabia. "Just a warning. Next time, don't let me catch you."

"What, and not let you have your part of the fun?", Tabia asks, seemingly innocent.

Kathryn-Laura's eyes gain a slightly hard, dangerous look. "Yes, it probably would be fun for me. Painful for you, though."

Tabia sighs, getting to her feet and picking a direction opposite the Fury's. "'Course, 'course." Tone more resigned than anything as her initial assessment alters, and not for the better, at least as she sees it. "Hasta luego," she calls out, not looking back as she walks deeper into the woods.

Kathryn-Laura looks back at the cub. "Whatever." She breaks into a jog back toward the farmhouse, just to prove she can. As she does so, she wonders precisely what went wrong there. Stupid cub.

R's comments. *Sigh*. I wasn't expecting two things here - 1) that she should enjoy the chase so much, and she's being honest from the moment she pins Leaps to the moment she shifts back. I suspect that she's less likely to lie in Lupus form (it would make sense). From the moment she's back in Homid though, she's trying to reestablish the "Tough Girl" image. Which leads to the second thing I didn't expect : 2) How bad and obviously transparent that tough image is.

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