Time/Date : It is currently 14:52 Pacific Time on Wed May 21 2003.

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is partly sunny. The temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from variable directions at 7 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.83 and falling, and the relative humidity is 63 percent. The dew point is 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius.)

Place : Farmhouse

Farmhouse: Hallway and Living Room

All doorways in the front part of the house lead to the front hallway, a J-shaped area with the short tail starting at the stairs, the front door hitting the bottom curve, the doorless opening to the living room halfway up the long side, and the also doorless opening to the kitchen and dining room at the very top. The hall has a simple wooden floor, and decorated with a generic print of soft-colored flowers hanging on the wall to the right of the front door, and a tall table sitting under the print which serves as a place to toss keys. A closet under the stairs serves as a place to hang coats or to toss shoes.
The doorless opening to the living room is halfway up the side of the hall's J, and the word cozy might spring to mind when looking into is, as it seems to radiate comforting vibrations. A long couch sits against the south wall beneath a large bay window curtained only by sheers that manages to obscure the view in but only filters the day's light. A variety of out-of-date magazines are strewn atop a low coffee table; more neatly presented are the plethora of books filling the small bookshelves which line the eastern wall. Three chairs sit about the room, focused inward, to allow group conversations. Large floor pillows are stacked in one corner of the room, except one, which lies carelessly in the middle of the floor, apparently left out the last time it was used.
An opening in the northern end of the hallway allows access to the kitchen and dining room at the back of the house, while carpeted stairs twist up at the other end of the hall, leading to the second floor. A door at the base of the J lets out to the front porch.

It's mid-afternoon at the farm, and the place is generally quiet. Cubs and Cliath alike are out at lessons, some giving while others receive. Sunny has the lounge room to herself, the very-obviously Amerindian taking advantage of this in the form of dismantling her hunting bow on the coffee table, polishing it's component parts with a fervor bordering on the religious.

There's a knock on the door, followed by it being pushed open tentatively. KL peers around the door curiously. "Hello?" She calls out, probably insufficiently loudly to be heard very far into the house.
"Come in, close the door. You're making a crosswind," comes a vaguely bemused voice from the lounge.

Kathryn-Laura closes the door carefully and walks along the hall towards the sound, pausing in the archway to the living room and looking around.

There's a long bow-haft resting on the coffee table, gleaming with a dark luster, apparently having just been polished. Next to it sits Sunny, in the process of oiling one of the bowstrings, her eyes on her work.


At a little over five foot tall and with a slim build, KL is hardly awe-inspiring on first sight. She appears to be around sixteen years old and carries a teenager's air of disenchantment and irritation. 
Her mid-length mousy-brown hair is normally brushed back out of her eyes and behind her ears. She's not beautiful, but she would be cute were it not for the sullen and aggressive set of her mouth, the hostility of her gaze and her somewhat laissez-faire approach to bathing. Her hazelnut eyes look out with disappointment and poorly hidden anger, as if the world were a holiday villa that didn't match the travel agent's description. Her skin is oddly pale, considering the amount of time she spends outdoors, and she has a two-inch-square tattoo of a winged horse on her right shoulder-blade.
She's got a habit of slouching and of leaning up against any available support. When she forgets to slouch, however, she moves with a surprising degree of grace and compact poise. 
She is wearing a faded and beaten up pair of blue jeans that are just a little too large for her, a pair of worn combat boots and a red tank top with "And your little doggy too!" emblazoned across the front.


At first glance, Sunny might not appear particularly out-of-the-ordinary. This is, after all, a multicultural society. She stands a willowy 5'9" tall, well-built without being too muscular, more of the wiry and half-concealed strength about her. Athletic, her body is trim and supple, the woman moving with a sensual, almost feline grace that speaks of long hours in practice, or a lifetime's training. Her skin is a deep bronzed hue, partly by birth and partly from an active, outdoor lifestyle, offset perfectly by long and silken black hair. Her facial features - high cheekbones and a soft jaw, nose a little more prominent than it might otherwise be - suggest a native Indian heritage. This is only enhanced by the keen, almost predatory watchfulness in her eyes, those being so dark that it's hard to tell where pupil ends and irises begin.
She is wearing what looks to be a tunic and pants made from doeskin, both parts of her outfit close-fitting to save getting in the way. Her pants - more like breeches, really - have been dyed a rich forest green and embroidered up along the seams with alternating red and white threads, criss-crossing to form a kind of lace-up pattern. Her shirt, cinched at the waist by a wide and utilitarian leather belt, is a softer beige in hue, with mottled patches of green and blue decorating the arms, shoulders and chest. On her feet are her normal moccasin shoes, and her long, soft black hair is plaited into a million tiny braids, each one tied off, and then all bound together in a simple tail at the nape of her neck by a strip of leather.

"Hello. I'm KL, kind of new around here."

"I see." Sunny doesn't seem inclined to say any more than that, though she does glance up questioningly from her work, regarding the younger woman with a faintly supercilious air, hands pausing in their work on the bowstring.

Kathryn-Laura puts her hands on her hips and stares straight at Sunny. "Yeah. And, if it isn't too much to ask, who are you?" She speaks carefully, obviously keeping her voice even by effort rather than inclination.

"Bleeding Sun," is the Wendigo kin's response, resuming the oiling of her bowstring. "And you are?" There's a languid tone to her voice, one that's distinctly lacking respect. Not disrespectful, per-se, but not offering much to someone who might be Garou.

"My name," the Black Fury says, "is KL. It's short for Kathryn-Laura. Nobody calls me that." She pauses. "I'm a friend of Helen Tisandros, if you know her." There's a tension in her voice and she's frowning slightly in irritation.

"Nope," is Sunny's casual reply, dark eyes flitting up to regard the other woman intently for a moment. "Are you here for some particular reason?"

You say "Well," she replies, meeting Sunny's gaze directly, "I was hoping Tabia or Raeye would be about. Or maybe to meet someone else. Like I said, I'm new. But if I'm not welcome, then I'll go away."

Shockingly, the direct eye-contact is held. "They are not here. But by all means, feel free. I am sure one of the other family will be back soon," Sunny responds, her tone tightly controlled now.

Kathryn-Laura shakes her head slightly. "I don't get it. I'm sorry if I disturbed you, but what the hell did I do to piss you off so much?" She's barely holding on to her temper now, her voice rising as she reaches the end of the sentence.

"You're one of them," Sunny replies contemptuously, making something of an assumption given what she's seen so far. Or perhaps not. "Wyrmcomer." She's an angry girl, it seems; but then again, what Wendigo isn't?

Eyes narrowing with annoyance, KL walks closer to the Wendigo kin. "It's obvious I've offended you. Fine. I don't much fancy discussing ancient history though." She pauses, controls herself with an effort and turns her back on Sunny.

"Funny, that. Nobody seems willing to face up to the crimes of their people," Sunny responds disgustedly. "But please, feel free to wash the blood from your hands."

Kathryn-Laura turns back, spitting with rage. "I'll face up to what I fucking well choose to face up to, and no snitty little cow is going to change that."

In utter contrast to the Fury's...well...fury, Sunny appears calm and unruffled on the outside, though there's an air of tension about her. "You Garou are all the same," she replies, as if that's an insult of some kind.

"Yeah, you're probably right. Still, I suppose it's better than being a remainder of a conquered, dying, finished race."

"Oh, pardon me, isn't that what Garou are?" Sunny remarks pointedly. "Last I checked, there were far more Dancer Caerns than anyother. I'd rather be finished than fighting a lost war." A little cruel perhaps, and she'll regret saying it later, but there we go. Heat of the moment stuff.

Kathryn-Laura grins suddenly. "We do have something in common. Isn't that what you're doing right at this instant?"

"No. Right this instant I'm breaking someone's bubble," Sunny replies coldly. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have bow-work to do."

"And who the fuck appointed you to do that?" KL responds angrily. "If I didn't have more respect I would shove that bow where the sun doesn't shine."

"Fate appointed me nicely," the Wendigo responds, her words practically frozen. "And leave my bow out of this. It's one of the few pure and perfect things in this hellhole."

"Fate? Nice cop-out. Still, that's the cowardice I would expect." KL pauses. "Put the bow away."

"No," is Sunny's vague reply. "Not in here. The Barn." She's not bowing out of the responsibility, at least; one could say she's even itching for a fight. "Don't tell me it's a cop-out; Fate put me here. Deal with it." She sounds like she wants to swear, but alas knows not the words.

"I'll deal with it all right. In the barn."

Sunny nods curtly and heads out that way, her pose stiff and each step perfectly formed.


The barn is built in the old style, a vast three level structure that is greater in height than a mere three stories, actually closer to five. Great wooden posts support the weight of the upper levels and roof, sunk into the hard-packed dirt floor of the first level like a sparse forest of regularly spaced, naked trees. The stalls and flagstones which once were here have been torn out to leave a rather open area where even Crinos Garou may roam freely without fear of running into anything but the supports or the walls or the ladder at the back which allows access to the other two levels.
The first two levels are relatively open to each other, the second being only little wider than a catwalk going around all the walls but the front one, which has massive, twenty foot tall doors set into it. The third level is a true second floor except for a place cut out that allowed hay to be tossed down to the ground floor when the farm was actually worked. Now, it is a hayloft where Garou can sleep outside of the house.

Kathryn-Laura walks into the barn, looks around and picks a spot in the middle. She seems determined and still annoyed, though perhaps without the fury that was present in the house. She puts her hands on her hips again and stands with her feet slightly apart and her weight on the balls of her feet, ready. Sunny moves to stand opposite the Garou woman, shaking her limbs out briefly before adopting a similarly ready stance, gaze lifted to try and meet hers.

Kathryn-Laura grins tightly. "Ready?" She asks. "The door's over there, if you change your mind."

"I'm not going to change my mind," Sunny replies, chin lifted slightly. "Rules?" she then prompts, flexing her fingers absently.

Kathryn-Laura thinks for a moment, then says "I'm not going to shift, not going to use a weapon, not going to gouge eyes and I'll try not to break anything. What you do is up to you."

Inclining her head slightly, Sunny finishes her brief limbering-up and begins to sidestep slowly, circling very warily around the Ahroun girl.

Kathryn-Laura watches the kin circle, turning to be ready for the oncoming attack. She takes her hands off of her hips and drops into what appears to be a bastardized martial arts position.

Ever drawing closer, Sunny reaches what she seems to feel is an appropriate distance, closing no further, simply circling and biding her time until she feels it best to strike, though offering a feint in the meantime, ducking down as if to sweep a leg under the other woman.

Reacting to the feint in a defensive but controlled manner, KL waits for a move from the kin, apparently unwilling to strike the first blow.

Done pussyfooting around, Sunny steps in to begin what feels like a serious attack, angled slightly to the side, left fist sweeping in towards the Fury's shoulder/head region, the other lifted to defend herself.

Kathryn-Laura tries to sway out of the way of the punch, intending to grab the arm and throw Sunny, rather than get into fisticuffs.

With the kinswoman being light, she's easy to lift, but not so much so to control once the throw has been started. Changing her tactics as her arm is grasped and she's pulled forward, Sunny attempts a similar maneuver, locking her hands around the Cliath's in order to try and bring her down at the same time.

Surprised by the change in attack, the Black Fury tries to finish the move and gets dragged down on top of Sunny, sprawling slightly as they land. She tries to break the hold, twisting her arm towards the thumb of the holding hand.

Releasing the hold as twisting begins, Sunny opts to try and flip the position now, not liking being the underdog in this sprawl. It's hard, though, the girl trying to bend her knees so she can brace her feet properly, trying to get some kind of leverage to throw her combatant off.

Abandoning any kind of form or discipline, KL throws a punch towards the ribs of her opponent, trying to take advantage of her superior position before the kin manages to throw her off.

Grunting faintly as the blow lands fair and square, Sunny tries to ignore what will likely become a nice sore bruise in order to throw the other woman off, only to scrabble to her knees and attempt to get the upper hand in turn, one hand again lifted to try and pummel the girl's upper chest/face area.

Having been pushed off, KL tries to regain some kind of balance, and is in no position to fend off the oncoming blow, being caught cleanly on the cheek by the punch. Rocking back, trying to ride with the impact, she falls flat on her backside.

Sunny pushes forward, breathing hard as she attempts for some kind of pin, some way of maintaining what could turn into a better position, anger burning in her dark eyes. It's not Rage, but something as potent, if not quite as enabling.

As she closes, KL realizes she's likely to be pinned and pulls one knee up. At the same time, she throws out a hand to try and grab for the kin's throat. Bizarrely, much of her anger is gone, and she's almost enjoying this.

Twisting away just in time to avoid her throat being grappled, Sunny stumbles back on her knees away from the Fury, hands lifted to defend herself as best she can if the other woman pursues. For now, she's not going to attack yet.

Kathryn-Laura takes advantage of the pause to climb back to her feet. Her sensei would be disappointed to see her rolling on the floor like a bar drunk. "Had enough yet?" She says, grinning.

There's no verbal reply as Sunny rises to her feet, but by the dark cast to her eyes it would be a fair bet to say the answer is no. Sidestepping once or twice to close the gap between herself and the Garou, the kinswoman then goes for an all-out close tackle, aiming to try and grapple about the other woman's torso and use the momentum of her body to knock back.

As she closes, KL lashes out with a kick. She's rushed though, and has no time for a backlift, and the kick lacks the power it could have. Worse, it leaves her vulnerable to the oncoming charge.

Kick notwithstanding, since it lands with mild effectiveness against Sunny's hip, the Kinswoman tackles her opponant to the floor, aiming to land with one arm braced against the Garou's chest, the other raised to punch. At this moment in time, her sides and legs are undefended, and she dosen't seem to care about getting injured in turn.

Knocked to the floor, KL is unable to avoid the blow which lands sweetly on her left eye. Grunting in pain, she throws a rabbit-punch towards the Sunny's kidney.

That one lands hard and Sunny throws herself off and away, half-curled for a moment before rising onto her knees, a foot or two between herself and the other. There's wariness now in her eyes, and though she's cringed ever-so slightly on the side of her kidney, she's not making any sounds of pain.

Kathryn-Laura climbs cautiously into a crouch. Her left eye is already starting to swell, and is partially closed. Her eyes are burning with sheer exuberance, however, and she prepares to launch herself once more.

Sunny rises to her feet again, waiting now for the other woman to make her move, taking slow, steadying breaths, each one making her wince ever-so slightly on the side she was punched. Bruise coming out nicely, it might seem.

Feinting to the non-injured side, KL launches a punch towards the damaged area before suddenly pulling the blow, leaving herself entirely open to absolutely any attack.

Catching the feint at the last minute, stopping herself from committing to a response, Sunny just stands there, hands raised to defend but doing nothing on the offensive. Her expression reflects a mixture of surprise and underlying anger, and something else too.

Kathryn-Laura manages to get all her body parts back in balance and under control, and nods slightly to Sunny before looking over the Kinswoman's shoulder in surprise.

There's no breeze from behind her, no noise, no indication of what's being looked at, so Sunny stands her ground. Not the oldest trick in the book, but well in there with the dinosaurs. The kinswoman's arms cross, though, perhaps indicating she's done fighting for now, also leaving herself undefended.

Kathryn-Laura folds her arms to match Sunny. She wasn't really expecting that to work, it never having done so before, but she lives in hope. Breathing hard, she watches the Kinswoman with caution, but also with curiosity.

"Maybe you are different," Sunny voices at length, once she's gotten her breathing back to normal. Still the slight wince to one side, though of course she's too proud to show it. A hand is then extended towards the Ahroun, albeit cautiously.

Kathryn-Laura shakes her head and, equally cautiously, takes her hand. "Probably not. Why, anyway?"

A slight shake, and then Sunny draws her hand back, her eyes stony, though at least not full of hate, as before. "You are the only one who dares treat me as an equal," she replies neutrally.

Kathryn-Laura nods slightly. "You stood there, knowing what I am, what I could do. Fuck, I'm not so rage-addled as to treat you with anything but respect. I wanted to beat seven shades of shit out of you, but to do so unfairly would be pointless. And boring."

"It's not respect I want," Sunny contradicts sharply. "Just equality. When a Garou speaks to another as I have to you, would you stand by and let it go? No. You would challenge. Why then are you the only one to do so out of so many?"

Kathryn-Laura blinks and pauses, obviously thinking. "Aren't equality and respect related? You're strong." She touches her eye carefully. "Shit, but you're strong. And quick. And to deny you that, because I'm a Garou and you're not? I get accused of arrogance. But that would be arrogant beyond belief."

Sunny smiles faintly. "Respect cannot come without a sense of equality first. Why respect those who are less than yourself if you will not allow them to become equal? All I have waited for is to be treated the same. Not only in fair words and allowances, but in punishment and challenge as well. I have waited long."

Kathryn-Laura nods. "I'm not sure I entirely understand, but...will you tell me when your side stops hurting?"

There's a flash of a smile, like the first ray of sun through rain clouds, though it's brief at best. "I will," Sunny acknowledges. "It may be a while. Will your eye heal when you change?"

You say "Yes, it will." She pauses. "But I'll try not to, until you're better. Equal in consequences as well as cause."

Sunny's brows raise slightly at that, the Wendigo kinswoman inclining her head. "You are different," she affirms quietly, straightening a little and curling an arm against her side.

Kathryn-Laura smiles slightly. "Shall we get out of here? I think we're done with the fighting."

Sunny nods stiffly, beginning to walk towards the exit. To her credit, there's no limp from the injured side, only the arm pressing in against it. "If you wish herbal healing, I will see what I have in my collection."

Kathryn-Laura follows, brushing the dirt from her clothing. "I don't want to waste your resources. I have another eye that seems to be working OK. I can use that for a bit."

"I have time to waste looking for new herbs," Sunny replies, reaching the door and courteously holding it open for the other woman. "But it is your choice, of course."

The Black Fury walks through the door and then waits for Sunny on the other side. "I will not turn down your offer, as, to be frank, it hurts like hell at the moment."

Sunny smiles faintly. "I will be here tomorrow evening. Hopefully I will have something made for you by then," the Wendigo replies, pointing to the barn as she steps out. "I will see you then, perhaps."

Kathryn-Laura nods. "I'll see you there. And...thank you."

Sunny sketches a bow before heading off towards the way-overgrown fields outside the farmhouse.

R's Comments I spent much of this scene in a pit of some despair, thinking "Well, here's a character KL is never going to get along with." and cursing her stupidly short temper. If you notice, of the three logs posted on here, she loses her temper in all of them to one degree or another. I know, more rage than willpower, but still. Anyway, then it all changed, leaving her somewhat mystified.

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