Place: Bawn: Southern Forest

Time: It is currently 13:16 Pacific Time on Fri Mar 25 2005

Weather: Currently in Saint Claire, it is mostly sunny today. The temperature is 49 degrees Fahrenheit (9 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the north at 9 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.19 and falling, and the relative humidity is 71 percent. The dewpoint is 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase: Currently the moon is in the waning Full Moon phase (98% full)

Bawn: Southern Forest(#3017RAJ)

Evergreen trees spread their overhead branches wide across the forest floor. Each tree limb interlinks with its neighbor, forming a thick overhead canopy of pine needles that leaves the forest floor dim even at noon. An apparent tenseness seems to permeate the air here, and there is a somewhat less than subtle feeling that perhaps something is watching. The behavior of the wildlife in the area betrays a certain wariness that suggests the presence of predators nearby.
The southern edge of the bawn is marked here by the railroad tracks which run from St. Claire and Kent's Crossing to the west, towards the mountains to the east.


A medium-sized she-wolf with a midnight black pelt streaked lightly with silver on her belly. In this form, Escapes-From-Money's athleticism is more obvious, and she moves with a combination of speed and compact power. She has a few scars across her back, one of which seems to have healed poorly, leaving a bare patch of skin. There is an air of dissatisfaction and irritability about her.

White Bear

From black nose to white tail, this full grown adult is a classic display of Canis Lupus Arctos. The three year-old's thick coat is a clean grey, near-white of a wolf of the arctic, stretched over a sharp and stocky frame. He stands about two and a half tall at the shoulder; from tip to tail he's four and a half feet long. He looks well worked and well fed: muscles slide under his coat when he moves, padded by a healthy amount of meat. Slightly short and rounded ears, as well as sharp yellow eyes finish off his head. Legs are shorter than normal, and his paws much larger, but it it is consistent with wolves of the type. His behaviour and energy doesn't fit his age, more appropriate to much younger than him. Among his coat are as many scars as one would expect for a wolf of his age.

The bright sun filters down through the stands of ash, casting a muted light on the thick scrub on the forest floor below. The warm air from the day before hadn't quite come back, leaving the air cool without being cold, even with the steady breeze from the north. Looking bedraggled and rather ill rested, White Bear plods along in his characteristically slow manner, the squat white ahroun keeping his nose to the ground as his path wanders along near the Sept Compound. His tail is held at a less than casual height, the fat unseen moon casting it's effects on the Ahroun visibly.

From the west comes Escapes-From-Money, tail held high. She's moving through the forest with an easy, loping gait that betrays many miles of running in her past. Every so often she stops, and drops her nose to the ground, searching for something, then lifts her head again and moves off. With the northerly wind, she doesn't scent White Bear until she's almost on top of him, skidding to a halt on the top of a rise, some fifty yards from the tribeless Ahroun. She gives a brief bark of greeting, then waits for White Bear to react, her tail dropping to be held dead level, her body held still, except for the slight quiver remaining from her exertion.

White Bear's head lifts from the earth abruptly, the Ahroun's ears pushing forward as he snorts at the air and squints into the stand of trees. KL's bark gets him to jerk back a number of steps almost skittish like, elevating his tail as he squints back her direction. He steps forward a few steps, nose sniffing and snorting before he makes an abrupt bark. The vocalization carries warning note, as well as a rather flat demand for her to identify herself.

KL lifts her tail, ears swivelling forward, and her posture changes to a more aggressive one. She growls a low response, and takes a couple of steps towards White Bear. She's Escapes-From-Plenty, Cliath Ahroun of the Black Furies, and she was at the gathering on Wednesday, where she introduced herself. Why is there a problem?

White Bear's posture swells like a great big strange looking balloon as he picks up on the Fury's aggression, pushing his chest out and raising his head up high as the short and squat wolf shape does his best to look bigger. Escapes cannot be on the bawn, he tells her brusquely. He raises a foreleg, head pointing off a direction as he tells her to go back to the place for twoleggers.

This doesn't get a good reaction from the Black Fury. The fur on her neck puffs up, and she lifts her lip to bare her teeth. Why not? She will not cause damage or hunt. She will not go near the caern. But forbidding her the forest that is next to her den is wrong. She stands, head raised in challenge, tail held high. Would he imprison her in the weavers place?

White Bear seems to pick up less on what the other is telling him, and more on her posture in doing so; the Ahroun peels his lips back, muzzle wrinkling up as he growls at her. White Bear repeats his assertion to Escapes, telling her that she cannot be on the bawn, and she will leave now.

The Black Fury growls angrily in response. She takes another couple of steps towards White Bear. He will _not_ deny her the forests to the west of the caern. If she can still roam the western forest then she will leave here, but if not then he will have to make her. She closes the distance between them slowly, oozing indignation.

White Bear's front legs shove him off the ground abruptly as Escapes draws nearer to him, the Ahroun's frame swelling up and out into Crinos in short order. As he stretches to a finish, the monstrous dedicated warspear materializes in his handpaw, and the weapon gets firmly planted butt first into the ground. He gives his head a sharp shake, braid flipping over to his back, before he hunches his head forward. ~You have not presented Chiminage. You will not use the bawn's territory.~ He growls back, teeth showing. ~If you have not come to the bawn looking for someone, you will. leave. now.~

The shift to Crinos surprises KL, and she backs up, swivelling her ears back. She shifts to Hispo, and keeps backing away, her tail dropping between her legs. ~I meant no breach of the Sept's territory. I was looking for you, or one of the other guardians, but as I am not welcome, I will leave~ She says in the mother tongue. ~I will not enter the bawn again under any circumstances~.

White Bear's lips roll up, the Ahroun taking up the ground that the Other Ahroun is putting between them with a slow lumbering gait. ~You have found me.~ He comments dryly. ~Why have you looked for us? And why did you not just howl?~ He asks sharply in an unvoiced bark.

The Black Fury continues to back up. ~I did not want to cause alarm~ Escapes says ~and I wanted the run~ she admits. It seems more likely that the latter is closer to the truth. ~It is unimportant now, I will leave~ She turns her back on the tribeless Ahroun, her tail still down between her legs.

White Bear bares his teeth once more, but the posture of the other serves to placate the Guardian rapidly enough. ~There is unclaimed forest to the south, if you do not wish to be near all the two leggers and their things.~ He growls, tone slowly dropping.

This gets a dismissive flick of the Fury's tail, and she drops back to Lupus as she heads directly away from the Caern, leaving the bawn by the shortest route possible. The walk transforms into a gentle trot as she leaves the area.

White Bear's face pulls down, furrowing for a moment in a rather odd mixture of facial gestures before he snorts and drops back down to all fours. With a snap of a change, he shifts back down to Lupus and gives himself a sharp shake before resuming his methodical pace back northward.

R's Comments: Well. That went well.

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