Place: Rillie's Apartment.

Studio Apartment 3A(#3427RAJ)

The apartment is a studio-style with everything basically set into one large room with the same tan carpet and white walls throughout. There are a few black paned windows above the kitchen directly ahead from the entrance. In the front area is the living room, sporting a great cushy cream-colored couch that, though having seen many years of use, still manages to look good. In front of that is your basic color television, not too big and not too small, with a VCR, DVD player, and PS2 hooked up to it. Beside that is a standing stereo, which generally has a small pile of CD's - some in cases, some just stacked. However, the vast majority of the living room is taken up by art supplies. Two large wooden easels are set against the wall with a corkboard between them, and a large rolling cart is stuffed full to overflowing with every color of paint in a tube or formed into a cake, pencils by the dozens, bottles of cleaning solvent, and paintbrushes of every size and shape. The kitchen, directly ahead of the front door, is marked off by white tile from the floor and halfway up the wall and brown tile on the floor. There's a refrigerator, gas stove, dish washer, sink, and the typical assortment of faux-oak cabinetry above and below. Beside the kitchen, in the back left-hand corner, is the bathroom. Also basic, white, and functional, one can find the necessary toilet, sink, and shower/bathtub combo. It's a bit small, but perfectly usable. Lastly is the bedroom, divided by a cleverly placed white folding screen that gives it some privacy from the rest. The bed itself is of the double size, bedecked in tan flannel sheets and a comforter of faux-suede - tan on the underside and black on the upper. There's a wide assortment of similarly colored pillows stacked up at the head and two coordinating lamps are set on bedside tables on either side. Against the wall that forms part of the bathroom is a dresser, upon who's top is set a large collection of framed photographs and various trinkets.

"We could do that." Brom says as he continues to sit on the couch, craddling the girl in his arms as he lets out a slow, steady breath. He peeks at the bandaged shoulder at times, eyeballing it furiously, before glancing back up at the ceiling. "I suppose a movie can be fine.. you have some here in the apartment we could watch? Probably not a good idea for me to go out and watch one."

From outside the door comes the sound of footsteps in the hall, followed by a somewhat tentative knock, which gets louder and more aggressive, and carries on for just slightly longer than is strictly reasonable.

"Of course I have movies, the dvd's and tapes are under the TV." Blinking at the angry knock at the door, Rillie pulls herself up off the couch and with a huff heads over to open the door.

Raising up a brow, Brom tilts his head but otherwise remains on the couch. "Forgot to pay rent?" He asks, reaching behind him as he continues to sit on the couch, fingers wiggling about until he catches hold of the sheathe of his machete, just in case it is the landlord.

Standing outside the door is a brown-haired girl in her late teens, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans that have seen better days. She looks surprised that Rillie has answered the door, and takes a couple of steps back further into the hall. "Sorry...wrong door...I guess..." she says, uncertainty obvious in her voice. "Unless, Brom?"

Rillie furrows her brows curiously at the woman on the other side of the door, almost as suprised as the Fury is. "Um...he's here." Blinking, the somewhat bruised, slightly cut, and bandaged girl slips back into the apartment and gesture the halfmoon to the door. "Friend?"

Standing up swiftly, Brom starts over to the door, looking none too happy. "What are you doing here, Fury?" He asks with a heavy breath, stepping up to Rillie's side, using a hand to motion her back a bit farther into the house.

"Wanted to talk to you." KL says, simply. "Couple of things. Here or some other time, doesn't matter. But, like, in private." She still looks distinctly uncomfortable, though there's an edge of annoyance creeping into her voice and expression at the same time.

Apparently not friends. Rillie gives KL another quick look before she's shooed away by Brom. Letting out a breath, she walks away and heads for the kitchen so she can grab a bottle of water out of the fridge.

Shifting his eyes a bit, Brom motions the Fury in and closes the door behind her with a light thump. "KL.. this is Rillie. She is my mate and kin from White Oak. We are to be married soon." He says, taking in a deep breath. "The one I told you about, you know which one." With that, he retreats back to the couch.

There's a missing pose somewhere here - KL says thanks for helping with Emma

Flopping into the couch heavily, Brom seems to be the King of the castle as he settles in easily. "You're welcome.." He trails off, waiting for the rest as he watches her.

KL moves into the centre of the room, facing Brom. "Second thing," she says, putting her hands on her hips and leaning forward slightly. "What the fucking hell were you doing following us?" Her voice tightens at this. "Do you want to fuck Emma's confidence completely?"

The bit of comfortable coziness drains away as Brom shoots himself back up to his feet as he stands over the smaller girl, giving a hard glare at her. "I was having a fucking sandwich down the street and I saw you two pass the window. I was trying to catch up until I saw you guys get jumped, so I stuck around in case you may have needed help. That is what pack does for each other, right?"

KL blinks, stops, then blinks again. "Then why did you say you were" her voice slows down, and she actually blushes violently red. "Oh." She turns away from Brom, studying a wall intently. "Oh." she says again.

Brom nods his head firmly and makes his way back to the kitchen, shoulders easing back. "You want something to drink?" He asks over his shoulder as he reaches out to brush his fingers gently through Rillie's hair, before opening the fridge.

"Yeah," KL replies, shaking her head slowly. "Some water, please." She lifts a hand and rubs her upper arm, still thoughtful. After a couple more moments, she turns and faces Brom. "OK. Well, strike point two then. You made me think that you'd been following us for ages, to 'keep an eye on us'." Only KL could make "I was wrong" into an accusatory statement like this.

Taking out a bottle of water, Brom turns and shakes off a bit of moisture from it, then heads back to the living room and hands it out. "So, what is point three?" He asks with a lift of his brow.

"Point three..." KL says, opening the bottle and taking a quick sip. "...I want to be in Havoc. You already are, or want to be, I can't remember which. And I'm like mostly OK with that, but there's a couple of issues we need to work through before too much stuff happens, I think." With that, she takes a bigger gulp of water, tipping her head back so that her hair falls away from her shouders.

"I am not apart of Havoc yet. I am waiting on Natalie to give me the approval so that I can meet Vex. Signe says that she doesn't really like me so there may be a chance I might not get in." Brom says with a snort under his breath. "And that it may take 'months' before she comes to a decision, so, I'm not exactly getting my hopes up. Natalie doesn't like all the Get attention."

Knock knock. Two short raps land on the door.

"Oh." says KL, again. Facts seem to be causing her trouble today. "Right. Um... so really, we should cross that bridge when we come to it. I mean, I would like to disc..." She turns to face the door. "That was definitely a knock."

"You'd want to know where we'd stand?" Brom says with a snort. "I'll make it easy. I knocked your ass out, that is where we stand." He says as he makes his way for the door, shouting over his shoulder. "I got it Rillie!" With that, he jerks the door open.

"It's not that. Of course you did. It's..." she pauses, then continues in what might be the worst impression of Brom's voice _anyone_ has ever done. "You fight like a fucking cock-sucking ragabash /Gnawer/." In her normal voice, she nods. "That's what's bugging me."

"I was fucking pissed, KL." Brom says after peeking out the door, then closing it, returning back to the Fury. "You threw dirt in my fucking face and it was cowardly. I wasn't expecting that from an Ahroun and the entire time we were fighting, I was giving you one chance after the other to stand down. I am all about fighting, but I do not like abuse. You had a snapped off to the side arm and you could barely stand after that shot under the chin. I was trying to let you out with a quick, easy surrender so that we could both go get a beer or something together." He lets out a huff. "When you threw that dirt in my face, it angered me, it was also a big moon. It was just something I 'would' expect out of a Gnawer."

"Fuck that." KL says. "I don't fucking back down until I can't fucking well stand any more. I didn't notice you fucking kneeling, no. Quite happy to use the fact that you're a fucking foot and a half taller than me, and weigh fucking twice what I do, but the moment I use some fucking dirt - I didn't pull the knife I had, didn't...well...use any weapons, just some fucking dirt which you watched me pick up from the floor - I'm the one who's a fucking coward?" Jaw jutting, cheeks red, arms folded across her chest. The Black Fury is not going to let this one lie.

"It was a cowardly 'manuever.'" Brom says with a snarl as he takes a step towards her. "And /you/ are the one who challenged /me/ to the fight. You wanted to throw down. It was you who stepped up to the task of taking someone twice your size on, so don't whine about that. I've defeated foes bigger than me, don't think I'm the tallest Get there is around. Its about what you do with the fight. I am just a better fighter than you, so get over it and go on with your life."

Once again, the disparity in the two's heights is obvious at this point, KL barely reaching the top of Brom's rib cage. If she had a sling in her hand, it would be positively biblical. "Fuck you," she says, tipping her head to stare up at him. "Next time you won't win so fucking easily. And next time, I won't be carrying a knife to a gunfight. How did Rillie hurt her eye?" There's no pause between these two sentences at all, and no change in tone.

"Next time bring a fucking army cuz' that is what it'll take for a pipsqueak like you to take me down." Brom says with a cruel grin upon his face as he snarls down at her, arms crossing over his chest. "Why don't you ask her yourself, since whatever I say will probably be called a lie by you anyways."

The colour drains instantly out of KL's face. "I've never accused you of lying." the Fury says. "That's a whole different league." Much more moderate, her tone. She flicks a glance at Rillie, but then returns to facing down Brom. Well, facing up Brom, maybe.

the kinfolk, all this time, has been going about making some food for dinner. A simple chicken and vegetable thing, something easy but long enough to keep her mind off the increase of yelling which makes her hunch her good shoulder in discomfort. At the question, she eyes the Fury over her bad shoulder with a close, suspicious look, and says. "Some punks jumped me." She replies and goes right back to what she was doing.

KL looks over at Rillie properly this time and her brow furrows in thought. "Just a check, they weren't three men, one with a baseball bat, one called John, another Chuck and the third...Alan? Something like that. Because Emma and I got attacked too. Not far from here."

Rillie shakes her head as she sets the food on to simmer and turns about, leaning against the counter. "No. Two guys about my age tried to get me just a few streets down. One big-mouthed black guy and one his latino sidekick. No need to worry about them anymore." She says then in a lighter tone.

"I took care of the two of them, and they won't be bothering anyone, ever again." Brom says as he lets out another snort, heading back to the kitchen, reaching out to slide his arms around Rillie from behind, leaning in to place a soft kiss to the top of her head. Aren't they the domesticated pair. Wife and Pro Wrestler husband.

KL looks at Brom and nods. "Good." she pauses, and looks very uncomfortable at the show of affection. "I should leave you be and head off. Need to get back out to the Fury house." She takes a few steps towards the door, then looks over at the couple. "Thanks for the water. See you about."

Brom lets go of Rillie and glances over at KL and slowly nods his head. "Well, if you want. I suppose you could stay for dinner if you want." He says, hitching his fingers into his belt loops, glancing at the injured kin now and then.

Rillie nods her head to the Ahroun as she moves for the door, but her attention is then caught by the knock. "Brom, you wanna get that?" She asks of the Forsetti as she checks on her food, making sure everything is going alright.

"Thanks, but I really must make tracks." KL says, holding still for a moment to allow Brom to see who is at the door.

Brom glances over at the knocking and lets out a breath, heading over to the door and opening it up, casting a look outside.

Emma stands at the doorway as it opens, a bit surprised to see the Fury. "Hey Kl, wasn't expecting you here." She grins a bit, looking much better than she did earlier. She peeks in to see dinner about ready, "It a bad time?"

"Hi Emma," says the Black Fury, looking equally surprised. "I was just leaving. Stuff." She looks around the now crowded entranceway, and ducks past the two Fenrir. "See you both about." With that, she disappears off down the hallway and out and into the street outside.

R's Comments: Go to someone's house. Yell at them. Leave. Diplomacy KL stylee.

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