Place : Fury House, Common Area

Time :It is currently 14:59 Pacific Time on Mon Apr 11 2005.

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is raining lightly. The temperature is 44 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the northwest at 3 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.07 and steady, and the relative humidity is 82 percent. The dewpoint is 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius.)

Moon phase :Currently the moon is in the waxing New Moon phase (17% full).

Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

This is the central hub of the house. From here, you can still see the entrance foyer, as well as the stairway that heads to the second story. Towards the back of the common area is a set of glass doors that lead out to a courtyard. To the east, an arched doorway leads to what apparently serves as a library, office, and workroom, and to the west, an arched doorway leads to what appears to be a kitchen and dining area..
There are several chairs here, simple, elegant, yet functional in their design and intent. The room has a comfortable feel to it, but is a bit ascetic in design. The walls are off-white, the molding dark cherry wood and decorated with acanthus-leaf ornamentation at the corners. A pair of antique spears are hung crossed against each other on one wall, and a wall-relief depicting a scene of Grecian warriors hangs on the other. Above the mantle of the fireplace is a small statue of Artemis, on either side of that, dark metal candlesticks with ivory pillar candles. The entire room is a study in the contrast of light and dark.

On this drizzly afternoon in St. Claire, the relative peace of the Fury House is disturbed by a knocking from without. After a minute or so's pause, there is the sound of heavy boot on floorboards, and the door is opened a small distance by KL, who peers around at the women on the porch. "Yeah? Can I help?" she asks, her brow furrowing in an expression of irritation.

Outside stands a small, round figure with a smile on her face that speaks of nervousness mixed with determination. "Ah... good afternoon," says the figure in an East Coast accent. "Sorry to come disturbing you, and I do hope I've found the right address... I'm hoping to find Judith or Doc at home, or any of their friends...?"

The Fury Ahroun blinks slowly. "I don't know any Judith or Doc." she says, eventually, the door not wavering at all. The furrows on her brow deepen, and she stares at the women with hard, cold, eyes for a second or so. " name Doc is familiar. Or was it Dog? No, nobody in real life is called Dog. You might be at the right place. Or not. Who are you?" Hardly the friendliest of greetings, but she hasn't slammed the door either.

The figure retains her friendly smile. "No, definitely Doc. It would be her nickname, I'm guessing. I did try to call ahead but the number I had isn't working. My name's Anji, Anji Kyriacou, and some... family of mine..." The word 'family' is emphasised. "...gave me some contacts to check in with when I arrived here in town. But none of the phone numbers work, so I've had to come and try the address." She looks back at the other woman. "Let's see now, how can I put this... hmm... Do you always look like that?" she asks KL, the smile playing about her lips.

"Oh. I see." The door opens a fraction wider. "Greek sounding name. 'Family'. Seems likely you've found the right place, I think. I'm KL. Short for Kathryn-Laura, but no-one calls me that. No. Sometimes I change." There's still a slight air of suspicion eminating from KL, though her brow has smoothed. "Got any other magic passwords?"

Anji looks over her shoulder, slowly and deliberately, as though making quite sure that the two are alone and unobserved. "Change to running on four feet?" she says very softly, but quite audibly, to KL.

There's a slight relaxation at this, and the door opens further. "Yeah." KL replies, simply. "Come in, I guess. Helen, who's house this kind of is, isn't around at the moment, so I'm holding the fort." She steps back, away from the door, and folds her arms across her chest, still watching the Kin intently.

Anji steps in, relaxing some. "Thank goodness I've found you at last!" she exclaims. "I was beginning to think there was nobody left in the city at all. The other address I had, they told me they'd never heard of the woman. I tried here a couple days back, but nobody was home... And like I said, none of the phone numbers worked. But I'm here now." The smile returns to her face. "I've been in town a few days. I start work over at the University next Monday, so I've got from now till then to get myself somewhere to live, and all the things that go with that."

KL lets this gush of information flow over her, her face impassive, then pushes the door closed with a foot, and with rather more effort than is strictly required, causing it to slam shut with a bang. "So, where are you from, and do you have a proper introduction?" She demands, her posture still fairly hostile.

Anji slaps her hand to her face. "Here's my mouth running away like a tap left turned on..." she giggles. "Angela Kyriacou. Kinfolk of the Black Furies, daughter of Vanessa Firm-Grasp-On-Truth, daughter of Simone Pokes-Wyrm's-Eye-Out, from the Caern of Three Times Three in New Hampshire." All this is delivered in a long fast stream, without so much as a pause for breath.

All the tension flows out of KL in a rush, and she smiles widely, unfolding her arms and dropping them to her sides. "Wow!" she says. "I am KL Cole, Cliath Ahroun of the Black Furies, originally from the Sept of the Eternal Circle in Denver. Welcome to St. Claire!" With the ease of a habitual gesture, she pushes her hair back behind her ear, and waves at a chair. "Have a seat? Do you want a drink? Did you drive out here?"

Anji's smile, which has been a fixture all through this encounter, broadens in turn as KL's greeting sets her at ease. "Yes, I drove," she confirms. "And goodness me, are you guys hard to find! Which I suppose is the whole point, of course." She drops into the chair offered. "Some juice or Coke or something would be fine... whatever you girls've got."

"Apple juice, then." KL says, heading to the kitchen to fetch a couple of glasses. "Yeah, I think it's the point. There's a phone here, but I don't know that anyone's paid the bill in like *forever*, so I don't know if it works." she says, as she returns. " said something about a University job? Is that what's dragged you away from the east coast?" She hands one of the glasses to Anji, and sits down on another chair, facing the Kin and crossing her ankles.

Anji nods thoughtfully at KL's words regarding the phone bill, and her eyes drift over the garou's body, not failing to take in her mended top, ripped jeans and badly worn boots. "Yeeeessss," she says slowly and thoughtfully. "I finished library school last summer. Wanted to work somewhere I knew there'd be sisters about, so it's taken me till now to be able to find a suitable job. I'm going to be at the university library, on a floating contract at first but if they like me and I like the job, and the city and all, I'll be hoping it gets made up to permanent." She takes a sip of the juice. "Mmm. Thanks. Y'know, I don't like to ask rude questions, but are the Furies here short of funds? Phone bill not paid, and those duds of yours look about on their last legs... I've got some money. Dad gave me enough to put down the deposit on an apartment, but I'm sure I can squeeze some out of it, if it helps."

This gets a shrug from the Ahroun. "I get by. I guess there are other priorities than the phone bill, really. And the reason why these..." she thumbs at her clothes "...are so worn is not that I can't replace them. Well, I can't, but not because I can't afford to, but because they're one of the only two sets of dedicated clothes I have. So I wear them pretty much all the time. But thanks for the offer, though I think you should get yourself set up first." She pauses, and looks up and around the room. "We're a bit under-strength at the moment, as you can probably see. I probably scared them all off."

Anji responds with a nod and a sympathetic look. "You full-mooners can be a bit awe-inspiring," she concedes, "though thankfully I've met enough of you that I generally know how to watch my step and not provoke you into fits. There's only one ahroun in our tribe back home just now, and she's not even your age. Mum's a half-moon, the Elder's a galliard. I tell you what... are you on guard duty here, or can you leave the house? If you're free to go out, why don't I at least take you out to the city and you can perhaps show me around it a bit, and I can buy you dinner in return?"

"Dinner?" KL's eyes widen hopefully. "Cool. That would be great. No, I'm not on guard duty here. And don't worry too much about annoying me. With the moon so slim, I'm just a pussy cat right now. In a couple of weeks I can be exciting to be around." She grins, somewhat toothily. "I've not been here ages myself, but I can show you some bits of the city. It's quite nice, as scabs go."

"I thought it looked kind of cool," Anji agrees, sipping the juice. "As cities go. We're pretty countrified back home, but I went to university in Connecticut, and I reckon it's nicer here than there. Not so damn cold, anyway. Once I get settled in, I'm hoping to be able to help out with any stuff that the local sisters may need. Or other garou, for that matter. I'm all for networking. It's a librarian thing, ya know."

"It's warmer here than in Denver, too." KL agrees. "Well, we can try and get you to meet Helen. She's nice, if a bit distant at times. And you can meet Emma too. She's a Get, but she's only been slightly brainwashed, so I'm trying to help her overcome her conditioning. Um...without wanting to sound mercenary, what do librarians do? I mean, I can't throw books at our foes."

Anji laughs. "Slightly brainwashed! Oh, KL! You'll be saying that Black Spirals are only slightly tainted next." She modulates her smile a little to answer the next question seriously. "What do librarians do? Well, this one at least hopes to be a source of useful information for those of you on the front line. For instance... if you need to attack some nasty thing that's inside a house, I may be able to find the floor plans. Or if I check out the scientific journals and find an article that suggests there's something going on that may involve matters you'd be concerned with, I can tip you off so you can go and investigate... I know it's not quite the same as putting your life on the line week in week out like you, but we all have to do what we can with what we have, right?"

"Yeah! Sure!" KL says, with just the slightest hint of 'not really' about it. "That sounds cool. And certainly useful." She leans back in her seat. "To be honest, I'm just going to be so glad of some Fury-type company. It's been getting a little lonesome at times. Say... um..." She reddens. "I know we've only just like met and everything, but you're family. Um...would you like to come to my birthday party, assuming I manage to get myself organised. I'm eighteen in less than a month now."

"Oh, awesome!" exclaims the excitable kin, clapping her hands together. "I'd just love to! Shall we go run out to my car, and you can tell me all about your plans on the way into town. What do you like to eat? Chinese? Pizza?" She drains her juice from the glass.

"Either! Both! Chinese pizza!" There's genuine excitement in KL's voice as she bounces to her feet. "Tell me...are you any good at sewing? It's just, I have this outfit I've been working on, and it's not really...hanging right. And there are bloodstains on it too, which I can't quite get out."

Anji clicks her tongue. "Bloodstains? Gaia save us all. I won't ask whose. Not yours, I hope. I can stitch passably, but I'm no professional seamstress... Perhaps after we've been for our city trip?"

KL looks down at her feet and shuffles them. "Mine, I'm afraid. And all self-inflicted. I'm really fucking awful at sewing, and I don't know why I ever thought it was a good fucking idea to make something." She starts to walk towards the door. "But yeah, it can wait. Fabric's not going anywhere, and the pizza is getting cold."

Anji springs to her feet, looking more than a little like a bouncing ball as her plump form pops up out of the chair. "Let's go! The car's driven me all the way from New Hampshire this week, so I'm sure it'll manage a couple more miles back into town, poor little thing."

Anji and KL head out to where the kinfolk's left her car, a no-longer-young and never-was-fashionable small model in a shade of deep blue. "This is the Goddessmobile," she introduces KL to the vehicle. "I like giving people lifts in it. It makes me feel less bad about owning a car. Let's go hit the big bad city!" With which, she unlocks the doors and jumps into the driver's seat.

KL grins on being told the name, and slides round and into the passenger seat. "You know, this is the first time I've been driven into the city." she comments. "Usually, I end up failing to hitch a lift and then walking. And it's really quite a long way." She closes the door and looks around the inside of the car. "Nice!" she says, enthusiastically.

Anji makes an affirmative noise as the engine coughs its way to life. "Well, that's kin for you. If you're stuck for a ride, call me. If I can be there I will." The little car makes its way onto the interstate towards the city. "Same goes for this friend Helen. Or any other garou who can be trusted not to frenzy in the back seat, or who aren't pure lupus to the extent they'd strangle themselves trying to put the seatbelt on."

"Cool." the Ahroun responds. She puts a hand on the dashboard and studies it. "I, like, don't want to cause you loads of trouble, put you out a lot, you know? I've seen the way some Garou use their Kin as...well, some kind of fucking supply train, and I don't want to do that?" She sneaks a glance at Anji, before returning her attention to her nails.

Anji just giggles at that remark. "You're so young!" she laughs. "That'll change soon enough. I don't mind, really."

"I am _not_ so young." KL retorts, with a hint of edge. "I'll be eighteen in three weeks." She sits back in the seat with a little whoosh, and folds her arms across her chest. For good measure, she lifts her boots onto the dash with a thump. Her eyes flick toward Anji, as if daring her to say anything.

Anji threads her way past a big, smoke-belching truck, before replying to that. "And I, my dear, am your Auntie Anji, and no matter how long you live or how hard you try, I'll always be five years older than you and giving you five years' worth of good advice." As the road clears ahead she turns to give a disarming smile, or what she hopes is one, to the other woman. "But all joking apart, I /really/ don't mind. Furies are good at not ripping off women, generally. Least, they were back home. Though mebbe that was because they knew my mom wouldn't stand for it otherwise."

"Yeah, well, I wouldn't try and screw you." KL says, slowly unfolding her arms. "It's just, it's easy to overstep the mark, you know." She looks out of the window and points at a copse of trees. "Woo. Over half way there already. That's three hours of walking!"

Anji nods. "Yeah, that's cars for you. They may belch smoke out, and fuck over the environment, but on the other hand they get you where you need to go fast. Veilbreach in the city? Garou all out in the woods? Call the Furymobile!" A moment's pause for breath. "I'm assuming there is a caern somewhere round here. No, don't tell me where. I'd sooner not know unless I have to, at least until you know me enough to trust a lot more."

"It's sort of over there." KL says, with a wave in a direction that covers most of east Washington state. "It's nice." She pauses for a moment. "I haven't finished my chiminage yet, so I couldn't take you there even if I thought it was a good idea, and you're right, it isn't yet. White Bear would gut me."

Anji's lower lip protrudes in a manner signifying distaste. "Thought you said you'd been here for a while. Have you been slow or has this White Bear person? Actually," she says, going off on a tangent yet again, "it would be kind of useful to know who does what around here. I know it's a Fianna area by and large, but the rumour mill said this area's like Heinz -- fifty-seven varieties. Garou from every tribe. That right?"

KL frowns at this. "Yeah, mostly. I've been slow, partly. And I had some stuff I needed to work through." She rubs her leg with a hand, and stares out of the window for a moment or two. "Megan's in charge. She's a Fianna - and real nice too. There's a bunch of Get, a bunch of Glasswalkers, some Bone-Gnawers. Yeah, we've got most everything, I guess. White Bear's a guardian."

An exit looms up ahead and Anji selects the lane that will drop the little car from the freeway and into city streets. "Do feel free to spread the word among them," she says to KL. "As you see fit. The more networking I can do, the better the networking will be. You know networking, don't you?" Anji continues without even giving poor KL the chance to reply. "Putting one person who needs something in touch with another who's got it. Like an activist needs some leaflets photocopying, so the network puts her in touch with another activist who works someplace she can get free copying. Or a student needs some article from an obscure scientific journal, and believe you me there are some /very/ obscure ones, so the librarian gets hold of it from another library that takes that journal. Or," she says, glancing again at KL's attire, "a garou's only dedicated clothes are ripped up, so the garou network puts her in touch with someone who can do that trick where they stick with you, on a new set. Networking is the best thing, like, ever."

"Hey!" says KL, stung. "I have another set of dedicated clothes! They're just a bit cold." She re-folds her arms and gives a little "humph", tempering it with a grin. "But, yeah, I get your point." She puts a head on one side. "So, yeah, I'll point some people in your direction. Maybe Alicia - she's a child of Gaia, and though I've not had a conversation of any length with her, I hear she's really nice. do you do in a university library. Lend books, like the public one?"

The Goddessmobile is now on a downtown street, and comes to a halt in a traffic jam. "In brief, yes," says Anji. Brief? Anji? No. She goes on. "But there's all kind of academic journals, and web access, and sometimes the library holds old exam papers and resources like that for the students. And sometimes academic libraries have collections of valuable papers, or antiquities. I don't know what it'll be like here, exactly. I don't start till Monday. I still need to find somewhere to live before that..."

KL shakes her head, as if snapping awake, as Anji finishes her sentence. "You do? What sort of place do you want? An apartment? A house? In the centre or the 'burbs?" She seems very interested in this. "Or do you get somewhere from the Uni? And what do you want to see first - shops, or food, or places to live, or entertainment?"

"Somewhere studenty at a guess," Anji replies. "Near the campus if possible, so I can walk in. I don't want to drive everywhere if I can help. Let's talk about it over food. Is that a pizza joint there?"

KL does a double-take. "Yeah...yeah it is. Nice one, too." There's a strangely wistful note in her voice, and she turns her head to stare at it. "I like pizza." She looks down at her knees, and then pulls her feet off the dash and back into a more socially acceptable position.

"Then," Anji says, "let's eat pizza." With enterprising enthusiasm she wiggles the car out of the traffic jam and into a space almost too small for it but not quite, just along the block. "Given that I can almost smell the rage coming off you," she goes on to KL, "I'm guessing we can get a table in there easy enough..."

Garcia's Pizza Parlor(#2882RJM$)

The first thing some people notice when they step into this room is the noise: almost always there is some sort of noise, of music or conversation or the employees in the back, cooking. Others see the lights, harsh yellow-white over the counter and on into the kitchen in the back, a dimmer, indeed faint glow above each of the tables scattered around. No matter which sense is first engaged by the room, almost all soon are captured by the smell of pizza; the smell pervades the place, an aroma of melted cheese, cooked tomato sauces, various meats, vegetables, all subtle, yet all blended together into the overwhelming smell. The smell tells the customer that, despite the less-than-classy look of the restaurant, the product is, undeniably, almost guaranteed to be good.
In the corner near the door is a trio of video games and a soda machine. Scattered around the room are several tables; lining the back, the counter on which the pizzas are put before they are picked up.

Garcia's pizza is busy, but not overly crowded, and as KL walks towards a table where a couple of mid-teenage kids have been dawdling over their shared pizza, they suddenly decide that really they had somewhere else to be and scramble for the door. The ahroun slumps into a seat, apparently oblivious to the reaction of the kids and the sneaky glances that she's attracting. "I met someone here...became a good friend. When I first got into town. She's left now." KL says, in a quiet voice. "So, whatcha want?"

Anji, for once, remains silent for a second, merely giving KL a sympathetic glance before looking at the menu. "I hate to admit it, but I'm a dreadful carnivore," she confesses. "Anything with meat on it'd suit me. What do you like on a pizza?"

KL gives a little shrug. "I'll eat anything. I've bin-dived for food in the past, I ain't picky. But meat is good, any sort. Dealer's choice." She flips her menu onto the table and leans back. Across the room, a small group of boys is playing on the video games. One of them taps another on the shoulder, and points at KL.

"Sausage and extra cheese, then?" Anji suggests, nose in the menu, not for the moment observing anyone else in the pizza parlor save for KL.

"Sounds good to me." KL says with a shrug. "It's been a while since I had pizza." she admits. "I usually exist on...well, sandwiches." She puts her hands behind her head, looking up at the ceiling. "I'm not the world's best cook."

Anji makes a clicky noise with her tongue. "Damn it girl, you need better feeding than that. Once I've got my own place, I'll cook for you sometimes. Hey," she snickers, "am I a fast worker or what? I've been in town about three days, only met one of the clan, and already I'm taking her out for dinner. If only I had this success rate with boys!"

KL grins at this. "I can hook you up with numerous hungry boys if you like. I think it's true of all of us that we have hollow legs." She looks at the Kin with a hint of appraisal. "You said you were five years older than me?" Whatever the discussion in the corner is about, it's been going on for quite a while. One boy is shaking his head violently, while the other three attempt are in a circle around him. It all seems friendly enough, for the moment.

"Old lady of twenty-three. Single for over a year now." Anji gives a wry smile. "Perennial problem with you guys. All that anger has to be fuelled by calories from somewhere. Shame they can't do a scientific research project into it, but... ya know." That smile of hers has landed on her face again as she stands up to head to the counter and order.

The grin snaps off KL's face instantly, and she watches Anji go and order through slitted eyes. When she returns, the Ahroun shakes her head slowly. "Don't joke about stuff like that. There was a man who thought that was actually a good idea."

Anji regards KL with a steady gaze for a second or two, and nods slowly. "Point taken," she agrees. "It's the librarian in me. I've got the kind of mind that can never get enough knowledge. I shan't ask what happened to the man in question." She looks out of the shop window at the passing traffic and people.

"I understand he was persuaded otherwise." KL says, with a little shake of her head. "But, yeah, knowledge and books and stuff. I've been reading some books about Ancient Greece." She relaxes as she speaks, and tries a little smile, only slightly forced, at the end.

Anji's smile soon returns. "With a name like Kyriacou it doesn't take much of a guess to know where my family's from. I wanna go back some day, if I can. What did you learn, hon?" As the two women converse, pizza arrives, smelling extremely toothsome.

"Well," KL says, taking a slice in both hands and biting into it. "I was looking at festivals and stuff. And at weapons." she says, speaking through the pizza. "But everything I found contradicted something else in the books. It's insane." She studies the slice. "This is nice!"

"Well, don't sound surprised!" Anji laughs. "You're the one who recommended it!" A bite of pizza temporarily silences her, but only for a moment. "Mmm. Isn't it just! Yeah, that's the trouble with history and archaeology and things. Most of the professors and writers have their own agenda to work the facts into. Some of the dreadful old chauvinistic shit you find in so-called respectable academic writing..."

KL nods in agreement. "I did wonder whether there were any women at all in Greece, from one of the books. He seemed very fond of Spartan men." She finishes her slice and licks the grease off her fingers. "I just wanted the facts." There's a whine in her voice at this. "And some instructions."

Anji chews thoughtfully. "Instructions?" she says, then a light seems to dawn in her eyes. "Ah-ha. Let me guess. Regarding what's coming up for you in a few weeks? Am I right or am I right?"

This gets a blush from the Ahroun, who looks down at the floor. "Not got a clue what I'm supposed to do. Just know I'm supposed to do something." She takes another piece of pizza and eats it, still not meeting the Kinfolks eyes.

Anji finishes her slice too. "Well, I can tell you what happened for me and my little sister," she says in a lower than usual voice, "but I don't know whether that would be so appropriate for someone... like you. And here's probably not a good place to do it, anyway. If push comes to shove, I can call Dad and ask him to ask Mum, and she's bound to know. She knows /everything/, except how to talk on the phone and stay on the subject." Pot, kettle, slightly greyish?

KL twitches her nose at this, "Cool." she says, somewhat unenthusiastically. "Yeah, here isn't good for that chat." Just as she's about two take another bite of pizza, the boy who was the centre of the ring comes sauntering up, flicking nervous glances at KL and slightly less nervous ones at Anji.

"So..." he says, sticking his hand in his pocket and slouching back, chewing gum noisily. " two dykes or something?" There's a loud thump as KL's head hits the table, but she leaves Anji to answer him.

Anji's head tilts slowly back to look the boy in the eye. "Shucks, kid," she drawls, "didn't mommy teach you any manners about how to introduce yourself to strangers? Or, no, lemme guess, you and your little friends are fags and wanted to express queer solidarity?"

"Hey, bitch. I'm just askin'" the youth replies. From his friends comes the sound of unsuccessfully muted laughter. "No fuss." He lifts his hands up and backs off, turning to slouch back to his friends. KL, meanwhile, is thumping her head repeatedly against the table. Eventually, she stops, lifts her head, and checks that he's gone. "Again!" she says. Her cheeks are flushed, and her eyes teary, though whether through sadness or mirth is unclear.

Anji just shakes her head in resignation and consoles herself with pizza. "Little brats," she says in suitably low tones to her companion.

"Emma and I got attacked in an alley the other week," KL confides, her voice low. "And just before they decided to beat on us, these fuckers go 'so, are you like dykes'. Do I have our family name written in neon letters above my head, or something?" She shakes her head slowly.

Anji's mouth twitches just a little. "I bet they regretted it," she says, still in the same quiet tones. "I think it's the outsider factor. Most of you guys have it. Even people like me do to some extent. It shows, and jerks like that notice it, and their little brains jump to the wrong conclusion because the most common outsider-types they see are gays and lesbians, and it's all 'Hey, fag!' when they think there's enough of them, and few enough of you, for them to get away with it."

"Yeah. You're probably right. And there are worse things to be called." KL says. She sits up rather, and takes hold of another slice. "You know, I'm so glad you've come. I've been feeling really isolated." She takes a bite. "Can't wait for you to meet Em, and Helen and people."

Anji consoles herself with pizza also. "All in good time. Especially with people from other families," she says with a wink at her own use of guarded words. "They're not always trusting. I'm still boggling a bit that you like Emma so much when she's a Get, even if she is a girl."

This gets a little shrug from KL. "Yeah, I know. Still, she can't help it. And she is really nice." There's a little wave of pizza in the air. "I dunno. I thought I was like really wrong about them all, then I met Brom." Her brow furrows, and she gives a little flick of her head.

"Brom?" prompts Anji, the kin finishing another slice and reaching for the last segment of her half of the pizza.

"One of Emma's family. He looks like a refugee from the WWF." KL says, "and he's a fucking asshole of the first fucking order." She shoves pizza into her mouth, effectively gagging the torrent of abuse that it seemed likely that she was about to launch.

Anji nods sagely. "That sounds more like the ones back home. Thankfully I only ever saw a couple. Most of them kept well away from us lot, they knew better than to try anything..." She sighs. "Damn, I keep forgetting I'm not just down the road from home any more, like I was when I was at library school. I've never been to the west coast before at all, and now here I am gonna be living here."

"Well, we aren't that close to the sea here." KL comments. "I lived for a couple of months down in San Fransisco, and that's really on the coast. But, yeah, anything I can do to help you settle in, you know... I know it must be difficult for you."

Anji's eyes twinkle with amusement. "Hey, I've got money, I've got a job, I'm what those girl bands mean when they sing about being an independent woman," she smiles. "Wouldn't mind a bit of help unpacking once I've found a place, assuming you-know-what isn't too big by then." A casual gesture of her head skywards, or ceilingwards anyway.

KL finishes her piece of pizza, and licks the grease from her fingers again. Having done that, she inspects the plate somewhat mournfully. "Well, that's that. Thanks! Nice pizza." She glances at the youths in the corner, whose attention is now focused back on games. "Shall we move on?"

The pizza finished to the last crumb (it really was excellent), Anji wipes her hands free of grease. "Better get you off home," she agrees, "and I'll spend the rest of the day trekking round town checking out apartments. Hope those kids didn't ruin the experience for ya too much." The women exit the restaurant and hop back into the Goddessmobile, and soon KL is returned to her normal, rural habitat with a chaste cheek-kiss from Anji and a 'See you again soon, honey!'

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