Place: Bawn: Western Forest

Time: It is currently 06:46 Pacific Time on Thu Apr 14 2005.

Moon Phase: Currently the moon is in the waxing Crescent Moon phase (35% full).

Weather: Currently in Saint Claire, it is clear outside. The temperature is 36 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the north at 7 mph. The wind chill index puts the temperature to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius.) The barometric pressure reading is 30.31 and rising, and the relative humidity is 92 percent. The dewpoint is 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degrees Celsius.)

Bawn: Western Forest(#3018RA)

Tall Sitka spruce and sequoia crowd around and above you. Many of the trees are old, their branches twisted into impossible shapes, trunks broad and draped with lichen, mosses and creepers. Tendrils of moss hand down from them like green spiderwebs, snaring the unwary with cold, ghostly fingers. The patches of younger growth are dense and pale, needles tinged with silver. Matted undergrowth huddles sullenly in the occasional small clearings, clutching with thorns and burrs at the legs of those who would pass. Deer seldom venture here, but the forest is full of rustlings, and tiny glints from wary, watchful eyes.
The forest spreads out to the east, bounded on the west by Sunrise Road. From farther to the west, one can occasionally hear the distant sounds of the town of Kent's Crossing.

Winter seems to have made a comeback here in St. Claire, the weather cloudy and cold. While this would be nothing for a wolf to handle under normal circumstances, it is proving a bit of a nuisance for Stone-Spirit who lacks the thick double layer of fur for warmth. She looks like a dog straight out of the groomers chair, her fur thin and no more than an inch in length. She is curled up into a tight little ball, nose down at her forepaws as she rests near a spruce.

From the west, originating vaguely in the direction of the Fury house, comes Escapes-From-Money. There's a hint of gambolling about her gait, as she bounces through the forest, circling trees and thickets for no readily apparent reason, leaping over imaginary logs and snapping at thin air. As she nears where Stone-Spirit is curled, she skids to a halt, spraying dirt over an inoffensive bush, and puts her nose high in the air, turning her head from side to side as she identifies the scent on the air. She barks a greeting, with only the slightest hint of hesitation about it.

Stone-Spirit lifts her nose at the bark, her ears swivelling forward. A friendly chuff is barked back in reply, welcoming the other to join her. Her tail even thumps at the ground a bit, skinny and lacking its usual fluff.

Recognising the sound of the Fenrir's call, Escapes gives a delighted yip of pleasure, and bounds towards the curled wolf. You smell slightly different! I am allowed here! She circles around Stone-Spirit before closing to nose against her side. Your fur is growing back nicely! Can we run?

Stone-Spirit brings her muzzle up into a lupine grin, standing up slowly and giving her body a good stretch. Her own nose starts shuffling against the others fur, pulling in her scent and giving her a fond nuzzle. Then, in agreement to the others suggestion, she nips lightly at the closest ear and scrambles off into the forest!

Ears pinned back, the Black Fury takes off after the retreating Fenrir with a whuff of exultation. I will catch your tail and bite it! My fur will not slow me down! Eyes fixed on the prize, tail streaking out loosely behind her, jaws apart and giving tongue, Escapes enters full pursuit mode.

Through the brambles of young and old trees alike, Stone-Spirit scrambles. She is quick and full of energy, the thin moon providing her a break from the usual tension in her body. Yip yip yip! she calls out to taunt the other, swishing her tail back and forth like a bit of bait. The now familiar horizontal oak is leapt over, and the grey wolf skitters to the right to make for a chance at doubling back.

This change of direction lark is always a bit tricky for Escapes, who doesn't so much turn after the log-leap as skid in a wide circle, churning up mud and debris in a huge fan. She gives a growl of frustration at the large gap the Fenrir has opened up.

Stone-Spirit pauses just enough to look back and taunt her a second time. Then she is paw-scrambling to regain her speed. A bit of a slip up over some dry twigs and limbs gives the Fenrir a stumble just severe enough to make her slow down, giving the Fury a chance to kick it in to higher gear and take a snap at that tail.

Teeth snap shut around...bare Escapes sprints to get a shot at the tail of the grey wolf in front. Just a moment of opportunity and then it's gone, and the Fury drops back to a yard or so behind the fleeing wolf. She gives a yip or two in frustration, then concentrates back on her pursuit.

Stone-Spirit pulls up into a short stop, rearing on hind legs as she whirls around to spring a surprise attack on her predator. Paws flail as they seek to find purchase on the back of the other wolf, intent to bring her down and start a bout of wrestling.

Paws digging into the earth, the Fury comes screaming to a stop, unfortunately not quick enough to avoid being leapt upon by Stone-Spirit. She goes down under the weight of the other wolf, trying to twist beneath her, jaws snapping playfully and paws batting at her as she does.

The match begins! Snarls, grunts and playful nips are exchanged between the two. Stone-Spirit gets a good hold of one ear, but Escapes finally manages to conquer the tail she has been chasing. Heart pumping and tongue panting, the Get snorts loudly around the grip on the ear. Got you! she calls out.

Got you too! The fury retorts, around the tail that she has gripped firmly but not painfully between her teeth. You are faster, I am sure! She breathes heavily around the tail, her sides heaving. Truce?

Stone-Spirit wiggles a little and lets go of the ear, giving it a sound licking to make sure it is in good shape and the fur is not mussed up. You are more determined, she compromises. Then it is a full side-step body thwump as she presses up to the Fury, all playful and content. As the wind rustles through the area, the short-furred wolf gives a shiver. Cold, let's go to the wood den.

Escapes releases the tail and licks the stubbly-fur to smooth it back. There is a wind today. It could be warmer. When Stone-Spirit has fur again, she will be warm. She nudges the rear of the Fenrir. Come on then.

Stone-Spirit bucks into motion and prances towards the barn then, her steps light and almost comical. When she gets to the edge of the thicker foliage, she stops and shifts through to her homid form. A hand brushing over her head, as she works to still catch her breath. "Have you met the new cubs?" she asks.

"I've met Basil." KL responds, after she too has shifted back to homid, in a tone that suggests that she doesn't approve of the new cub in the least. She brushes her hair back behind her right ear, and stretches her arms behind her, sighing as she works the kinks out. "I had my meeting with Megan, by the way."

Emma looks over at her then, eyes bright. "How'd that go?" she asks expectantly, "And there is another cub too, new Gnawer, really fighting against this whole thing. But, tell me about Megan stuff first."

"She's really nice." KL enthuses. "She didn't shout at me or anything. And I have two bits to my Chiminage. I've donated some money to the Sept, which gets me allowed onto the bawn for six months, while I do the second part." She waits, expectantly, glancing at the other girl, with a grin on her face.

"Money? Where'd you get that? And what is the second part?" Emma gives her a firm elbow to the side, "Out with it, out out."

KL sighs, and scowls briefly. "I have to help Signe with whatever this thing she has planned is, even though I don't know. If I survive that, I'm in for good." She brightens at the end. "It sounds like a scrap of some kind, you know anything?"

Emma oooohs and nods, "Hell yah, that's awesome KL. It means basically, you get to run with Havoc for the Hospital thing. They are still planning it, because it is big. I mean, /big/. But we're taking like, everyone in. So it'll be fine. Sweet!" The barnyard comes into view and she looks to the barn, "My coat and shoes and stuff are in there." She nods down to her stocking feet.

"Cool. You go grab your stuff and then we'll go meet the cubs?" KL asks. "Yeah, it sounded right up my street. It's been so long since I've had some action - apart from those creeps in the alley, of course." She grins and stretches her arms in front of her.

Big Red Barn(#3420RA)

The barn is built in the old style, a vast three level structure that is greater in height than a mere three stories, actually closer to five. Great wooden posts support the weight of the upper levels and roof, sunk into the hard-packed dirt floor of the first level like a sparse forest of regularly spaced, naked trees. The stalls and flagstones which once were here have been torn out to leave a rather open area where even crinos Garou may roam freely without fear of running into anything but the supports or the walls or the ladder at the back which allows access to the other two levels.
The first two levels are relatively open to each other, the second being only little wider than a catwalk going around all the walls but the front one, which has massive, twenty foot tall doors set into it. The third level is a true second floor except for a place cut out that allowed hay to be tossed down to the ground floor when the farm was actually worked. Now, it is a hayloft where Garou can sleep outside of the house.

Basil gets up for a moment and walks over to Christine and sits on his knees infront of her. "I shit you not. I saw a man that was built like a tank. A professional wrestler. Hit like a semi truck and was about as pretty as one too. And I saw him with his guts ripped out and hanging on the ground. I could literally see what he was made of. Believe all you want in God, I do too. But one way or another, we're going to have to fight something. And on our Rite? I'll be just me and you. None of them to help. Think about that, yeah?"

The barn door creaks open as Emma steps in with KL behind her. Both of the girls look as if they had just exerted some amount of energy, with their pink cheeks and upright posture. "Hey you saved my ass that day KL, you were great. And yah, this will be way more action. Hey, wanna do some sparring in Crinos? Get ya all ready for it?" Emma glances at the coat and shoes in the corner and looks back to the Fury, waiting for her answer. "No claws."

Christine scoots to the left. "Give me a little space, will you," she snaps, unnerved. Her head jerks at the sound of the barn door. "Basil, shh. I'm going to be sick if I have to deal with more today." The threat was not posed idly, she looks queasy-pale.

"Sure!" KL says, her voice bright with enthusiasm. "Every time I've sparred with anyone recently it's been homid and glabro. Which is fun, but...y'know. I mean, if I fought Kevin in Crinos there's a chance that I'd have to hand him back to Natalie in a jar." She takes a couple of steps away from Emma. "No claws." Her figure distorts as she shifts through Glabro into the war form.

Basil simply shrugs at Christine, murmuring. "Not like I'm going to bite your head off." Before turning to the edge of the floor, recognizing those voices. He lays flat on his belly and gets a distance away from Christine, pulling himself forward to peek over the edge. If there is going to be a fight, he wants to watch.

Emma laughs and nods, "Yah I know. I want a shot at Brom like this too, it'd be a far different story. He's got experience on me sure, but at least it wouldn't be fuckin' David and Goliath." She shifts upwards then, rolling her shoulders back as she pops into Crinos, that oddly amused muzzle-bound grin on her face. Her large paws are pushed into fists, the claws tucked safely inside them, and she gives a nod. ~Ready.~

"Don't give us away," Christine breathes urgently, nudging Basil's leg with a bare toe. Uncurious, she makes no move to watch the fight, but only sits back and stares at the ceiling.

~Don't mention that useless lump of...~ KL struggles for the word in Mother Tongue, and curls her claws in to match Emma's safety technique. She lets out a low growl of warning, then springs towards the Fenrir, clearing at least four feet off the ground as she flies through the air towards her, paws swinging in a clubbing motion towards the head of her target.

Stone-Spirit takes a step back, her own snarl echoing into the barn. It may sound vicious, but there is no rage of fury in her eyes. As the other launches towards her, she lowers herself to the ground for better balance, a fist coming out in a large right hook towards the others gut. Stone-Spirit dodges the brunt of the blow, but the Crinos sized furry club of KL's arm comes down in the crook between head and shoulder, causing the muscles in Emma's neck to bunch under the blow.

Basil pays no heed to Christine's comment nor her prodding, his eyes transfixed on the super natural royal rumble unfolding before him. "Watch. It's cool." He whispers back. "And we didn't even pay for tickets." He slows his breathing, ignoring virtually all else but the fight.

Christine ignores the invitation, and stretches out on top of her sleeping bag with her cheek pressed to the floor. The fight below is such that she can feel the vibrations pulse all the way to her floor, through the boards below her, almost hear the music of the fight.

The Get's blow lands soundly on the Fury's stomach, causing her to let out a loud grunt. She rolls away from the blow, using the arm on Stone-Spirit's shoulder as a lever. Her feet and knees touch the ground and she puts a hand down to catch herself. Remaining in the crouched position, off to one side of the other Garou, she looks up with her eyes shining like polished jewels. ~Planning on sitting there all day?~ she taunts, her lips twisting into a monstrous grin.

Stone-Spirit lets out an amused snort, cracking her head from one side to the other to stretch those abused muscles. Then she is leaping towards the other. Arms spread out, but claws being extremly mindful of where they will land. A large roar bellows out of her lungs as her eyes, bright and focused, follow the Fury. The two collide with a loud thudding sound of flesh and muscle clapping together, and Emma begins her conquest to throw the other to the floor. The two locked in a give-n-take tug of war of epic proportions!

Basil continues to watch, unsure of who to root for so he decides to remain unbiased. He figured Christine would have loved to watch two Garou beat the hell out of each other, but he doesn't try to urge her on any longer.

There's a moment or two of indecisive struggling, as the Fury, who even when both are in Crinos is a tiny bit taller than Stone-Spirit, attempts to pull her opponent to the ground. Muscle pushes against muscle, furred hide to furred hide, until with a bark of exultation she forces the Get to take a step back. It's a bark that's short-lived, however, as her foot slides across the floor, despite her frantic efforts to grip with her toes. By the time she regains traction, she's been pushed back a good four or five paces herself.

Stone-Spirit snorts at the other, in what may sound like a good natured chuckle. ~Do all Furies dance so nicely?~ She grunts then, trying to push harder, and one of her massive 'hind' legs is pushed to settle behind the others ankle, acting as a trip wire. And if that isn't going to work well enough on its own, the Get grins widely and uses a little help from the spirits. Inciting a gift, the Fury finds herself suddenly off balance and on the ground, with Stone-Spirit moving quick to pin.

With a growl, KL attempts to roll away from the pin and is only partially successful, the Get trapping her left leg under one knee, and her left arm with a hand. The Fury clubs at Stone-Spirit's head, the only section that is vulnerable and within range. Despite this show of resilience, it appears the fight is nearly over, unless she can find some way to escape her current predicament.

As the paw comes at her head, the Crinos Get starts to duck and chortle. The blows are hitting her hard enough that she tries to scoot back from them while maintaining her weak pin attempt on the other. One more scoot back, and the blows hitting her head, come down straight on her nose. She lets out a loud wolf like yelp and lets go instinctively to grab at her nose before falling back and bursting into laughter. An odd, yet not entirely frightening sound from the crinos.

The Black Fury rolls onto all fours, and lets out a low chuckle. ~Are we done? Or would you care for another dance?~ she asks, letting her tongue hang out of her mouth in a wolf-like gesture of humour. She paws at the ground with her hand. ~Cheating get Bitch~ she teases.

Stone-Spirit chuckles again, ~You ever get hold of a klaive or hammer or something, and you're going to be vicious with those head blows.~ She sits up a bit, and gives a nod, ~Done...~ Then launches once more to get her into a more friendly bear hug type of grapple. ~I like scrapping with you.~ She admits before releasing her from the 'hug'.

~There is no blacksmith here~ The Fury says mournfully as she returns the hug. ~We are well matched. We will fight well together, as well as against each other.~ As she steps away, she drops down to homid form, her huge muscles packing down in stages beneath her smoothing skin. "Now, cubs in the main house, you think?" she asks.

Basil stands up over by the ladder, lifting his hands to gift a slow loud applause to the two Crinos warriors. "Nice fight, ladies. Very nice indeed. Certainly you two are seasoned warriors without a shadow of a doubt." He grins down at them.

Stone-Spirit lifts her head up at the voice from above, her still lupine muzzle grinning once more. She too shifts down into homid, running a hand over her head, "Ah the peanut gallery." She gives a look to KL and nods, "Yah, we are. And will be." "-Christine around too Bas, or what?"

KL looks up at the sound of the clapping. "Basil." she says, in very much the same sort of tone as someone would say "dead rat", having just found one in their bed. She folds her arms across her chest and peers up at him, flicking a quick sideways glance at Emma.

Basil starts his way down the ladder, getting a few steps down before he truthfully replies. "I don't see her." Knowing that she doesn't want to deal with them right now. "You two just having a bit of a spar, yeah? Mine aren't near as graceful as that. More of a slug fest most of the time. Still kind of fun."

Emma gives a nod, "Just hanging out. Thin moons are good for scrapping with your friends, that way no slip ups happen. Who do you spar with?" she asks the cub before heading to get her shoes on. KL gets an encouraging grin as well.

KL's jaw is jutting out, and she's looking at Basil with undisguised dislike now. "Have you been claimed yet?" she asks, in a low, demanding voice. She moves her feet apart, until a little more than her shoulders' width is between them, and stares at the cub with her eyes hard.

Basil smirks a bit at Emma. "Yeah, I bet so. Less of the anger, right? I've done a bit of sparring with Brom in Crinos, and a bit with Yi in Homid. Brom is a lot tougher, but she is definitely a lot faster then he is." He turns to look at at KL after jumping the rest of the way off the ladder. "Yeah. Looks like I'm going to be a damn dirty Gnawer. Sounds like fun."

Emma raises her brow at that and gives the cub a glare, "Don't announce it like that ever again." The tone is hard and crisp, suggesting it is not a request. She looks back to KL as she sets herself down to start putting her shoes on.

"Some of my best friends ever have been Bone Gnawers." KL says, in the same tone as before. "I hope you're good enough for them." There's a coldness about her, and her fingers are squeezing her upper arms, causing her flesh to whiten with the pressure.

Basil lifts his hands up and lets them drop again. "All I can do is give them my best, and then more then that if I have to. If I'm not good enough, then I guess I'm going to be turned into a bloody paste on my Rite. I think with enough training from Yi though, I'll be alright."

Emma gets the laces tied, "If you're set on Gnawers Basil, then have some pride for it. Let the others knock you around for it if they choose, but -you- better have the courage to believe in what you're choosing." She stands up and comes up behind KL, giving her a faint nudge as if to break the tightening tension.

The Fury starts out of her stance, and rounds on the Fenrir. She can't, quite, manage to keep her face straight, however, and she grins at the other girl. "Yeah, yeah, I know, don't go apeshit on the cubs." Her arms drop to her sides and she turns back to Basil. "Olga's good people, and you'll get to meet Squeaks too." A pleasant smile adorns her face, and she raises an open palm to illustrate her point.

Basil rolls his shoulders out and loosens his neck up a bit. "Trust me, I got plenty of pride... But I'm working more on when to stow it. If I didn't believe in where I was going, I wouldn't go. If I didn't think they had the best people I'd like to run with, I wouldn't go. And I'll even get to go back into the city again, get some new clothes, talk to people, see some movies." He bows his head. "Sorry if I offended you the other day, KL. I only realized later that the moon was big, and the significance of that."

Emma looks between Fury and cub, "Hey, Basil. You won't get to see movies really, only on rare occasions, and new clothes? Different clothes. It's not like your headed off to boarding school or something. You're Ahroun, we don't get to mill about the humans like the less ragey folks do."

"Or get a job." KL says, with a rueful grin. "The last time I tried to get a job, the guy couldn't get me out of the room quick enough. The last time I _had_ a job, I got fired after six hours."

Basil shakes his head a bit. "Yi said I'd be able to have some freedom and walk about, but I wouldn't be allowed to do so on the big moon. I do know enough about us to know that'd be a horrible idea. And I know I won't be able to get a normal job. Maybe I can do something for a Kin, or something where I don't have to deal with people so much though. We talked about that too."

Emma nods, "Just don't want you expecting something unreachable Basil." The Get seems pleased by the apology though, and gives them both a nod. "I was hoping KL could meet Christine, she in the house then?"

KL shrugs slightly and then turns to face Emma "I better get off - I've got to get myself down to Walmart for some food or it'll be raw rabbit again. Em, can you mention to Signe that I could do with talking to her?" She takes a step towards the door.

Emma nods to the Fury, "I'll grab ya tomorrow."

"See you, Emma," she turns to look at the cub. "Basil." Much less unfriendly this. "Keep thinking." With that, she steps out of the barn and is gone.

Basil shakes his head. "No, I know that I can never go back to a normal life again... But at least for the first time in a long, long while, I'm beginning to have some friends." He turns and waves to KL as she goes. "See you around." Then back to Emma. "You going to go too? Or would you like me to make you something to eat?"

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