Place : The Brownstone, Basement.

Time : It is currently 16:10 Pacific Time on Fri Apr 15 2005.

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waxing Half Moon phase (45% full).

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is raining lightly. The temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the north at 15 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.07 and falling, and the relative humidity is 83 percent. The dewpoint is 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius.)

Brownstone -- Basement Apt.(#3328RJ)

The basement of the brownstone has been split into two sections. The stairwell leads down into the northwest corner section, which contains the boiler room, furnace, and the elevator shaft. The rest has been converted into another apartment, and Signe's made it into a rather fortified one at that. The only entrance is through a re-enforced steel door with no less than three dead-bolts. There are absolutely no windows at all in any of the four concrete and brick walls. It's a rather stark but functional space. Overhead, the air ducts and plumbing pipes are exposed, while the cement floor is covered by a ragged dark wine and gold Oriental throw rug. A makeshift shelving unit of two-by-fours and cinder block has been erected along the length of the wall with the door, and it houses a stereo, tv and old vcr. Directly opposite this is a beat-up leather couch and two mismatched recliners. The kitchen is small but functional, with a round wooden table and four chairs. Half of the back end of the building has been walled off for a private bedroom, while the rest is open to the living area. This space has been converted into a home gym--complete with wrestling mats, weights, and a full weight boxing bag.

The lift sounds off and the jingle of keys is a precursor to the basement door being opened. "Anyone home?" comes the call as Emma steps inside, pushing the door wide enough to allow her companion in behind her. Once all bodies are in and accounted for, the door is shut and locked by habit.

Signe looks like a guilty kid caught with a hand in the cookie jar. And the cookie jar is probably the only thing Signe doesn't have out on the counter right now. There's a plate of leftover pizza hat she's obviously been munching on, an open box of cheerios, and currently she's hunched over a big bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped topping. she sits poised with a spoonful in her mouth as Emma comes in, her answer little more than a grunt since she can't talk.

Accompanying Emma is a brown-haired girl only slightly taller than the Get Ahroun girl. As she steps inside, she brushes her (slightly damp) hair back behind her right ear, and looks around the basement nervously. On seeing Signe, she raises a hand in greeting and says "Um...hiya." She pulls her hand down and clasps both of them behind her back, taking a couple more steps into the room as she does so.

Emma glances back to give the Fury a reassuring nod, "Hey Signe, this is KL, I think you met her once on the run. You free for a bit? I was- well we both were, hoping you could talk to her about Havoc and stuff." She nods her head again to the Fury, gesturing towards the kitchen.

Signe waves her spoon in the air to both of them. Then she gestures for them to sit down with her. Once her mouth is clear, she asks, "You guys want some ice cream?" Her gaze lingers on Kathryn-Laura longer than it does on Emma, the Get studying the Fury carefully.

KL returns the gaze unflinchingly, as she slides into a seat near the counter. Once she's there, however, she gets distracted by the offered ice cream. "Please!" she says. " you want a proper introduction in exchange for the ice cream?" She looks up, with a tentative grin on her face.

Emma grins a little and nods, "Sure, I'll get the bowls and spoons." With that, the young Modi gets to work on sorting out two new bowl fulls of icecream. "Chocolate sauce KL?"

Signe flashes a grin that matches the Fury's. "Sure," she answers, sitting up straighter to receive the introduction. While waiting, she scoops up another mouthful.

KL flicks a grin at Emma, and says "Please!" again. She straightens herself up, takes a deep breath, then begins. "I'm Kathryn-Laura Cole, rited Escapes-From-Money, Cliath Ahroun of the Black Furies. Only please call me KL, as only my parents ever called me Kathryn-Laura." Having said all that in pretty much one breath, she folds her hands in her lap and waits, face schooled into an impassive expression.

The two bowls come back to the table and Emma hands one over to the Fury. Her posture seems to speak calm confidence, nodding once more to the Fury before she sits down at the table and starts munching.

Signe repeats the pertinent information as she mulls the introduction over in her mind while eating another spoonful of ice cream. "Ahroun. Hm. Escapes from Money? I bet there's a story there."

The Black Fury sighs a little bit. "I've often wondered exactly what was going through...well... Yeah," After this nice bit of incoherence, she picks up a spoon. "My Father is very wealthy," she explains. "And not clued at all. Kinfolk, apparently. But he seemed rather attached to me, though why he didn't ever fucking well show it when I was at home I don't know. So that's it at one level." There's a brief pause. "There's another level to it too. Money is a na... is a weaver thing, really. And so, in our eyes, wealth is something to be escaped from." She takes a small bite of ice cream, but continues to speak. "Well, that's what I think, anyway. So, that's why the name."

Signe nods once the Fury finishes her explanation. The Get Jarl takes a moment to think, and to eat more ice cream. For those few moments, the only sounds are spoons clinking on bowls. Then, she speaks up. "I'm Skadi's Defiant Storm. Ahroun, too. Fostern. Jarl of the Get. Alpha of Havoc. But, you can call me Signe. Especially if we wind up packing. Not saying we will. Just saying. But, if you /are/ interested in Havoc, there are some things you should know. Not the least of which is we are a pack comprised mostly of Get. Now, Emma here--I can understand you getting along with her. The two of you probably have a lot in common. But there's also me. And Gunnar. And Gunnar's more old school--not to mention male. Plus, the /rest/ of the tribe will be 'around' here a lot. So, if you're cool with that, we can move forward."

"I've met Gunnar. He looked straight through me." KL comments, waving her spoon. "And I completely failed to provoke him into fighting me, which annoyed me immensely at the time." She grins ruefully at this. "But... um.... there is a member of your tribe that I have had some words with." She looks down at the counter-top and drums her fingers on it. "And I can't guarantee that I won't end up screaming at him again. But if you're prepared to put up with that possibility, then I can cope with being around the others, I think." She looks up. "It makes a difference, you being in charge."

Emma chuckles, "Everyone wants to scream at Brom, even me. So I don't think that is an instant disqualification." She looks to Signe then, "Is it?" Spoon halfway to her mouth halted.

Signe seems to look through KL for a moment, too, but in a completely different way from the mentioned theurge. The Jarl then breaks into a wide grin. Glancing quickly at Emma and expressing approval, she then turns back to the Fury. "I think we're going to get along just fine. And you have my permission to try and kick his ass any time he pisses you off."

"Yeah. But not if I throw dirt in his face." KL says, bitterly. "Oh yeah. There's something else, I don't know if Emma's mentioned it? I met Megan, and she set me my Chiminage." She takes another scoop of ice cream, and puts it in her mouth. "Part of it was to donate some money, which I've done. And that gets me six months use of the bawn...while I wait for the other thing. Megan was a bit mysterious about it, but I've got to help you with something." She shoots a glance at Emma, "The hospital thing? Anyway, if I survive that, I'm done."

Signe nods easily enough. "Well, joining Havoc pretty much guarantees you'd be involved in the hospital thing, anyway. It's part of my rank challenge." She pauses to finish her ice cream and then leans back to give the Fury the details. "There's a blight in the city, at the hospital. Now, it's big enough that even with all of our strength, we can't wipe it out--at least not in one strike. Megan's ordered me to organize a first strike. Something that will open the door for a sustained attack. It may take us years to clean the whole thing up, but this would be the first dent, so to speak."

The Fury girl nods slowly at this, considering her spoon. "I see. I can understand the 'if you survive' bit now." She looks up, a grin creeping onto her face. "Sounds like it'll be fun." She puts her down into her rapidly emptying bowl. "Can you tell me a bit about HAVOC, please? I mean, Emma's said quite a lot, or I wouldn't be here now, but... it's different from you."

Signe grins yet again at the Fury's reaction. She nods to the question, but then holds up her hand. "First, let me ask you one more thing. Besides us Get, there's Natalie. I don't know if you've met her yet, or not. But before joining, you'd have to talk to her of course. Now, as to, the rest..."

Signe continues on, "Has Emma told you anything about our totem, Vex?"

"I haven't met Natalie yet, but I've been told lots about her." KL replies, with a sidelong look at Emma. "No, she hasn't said anything about Vex." She pushes her spoon around her bowl, picking up the last dregs.

Signe nods again. "He's a Wolverine. And that's not a totem to be taken lightly. From what you've said already, I think there's a good chance the two of you will get along. But there's always a chance I could be wrong. Wolverine is...severe."

"Severe?" KL queries, letting her spoon drop into her bowl with a rattle. She straightens up and looks at Signe with curiosity in her eyes, before running a hand through her hair, smoothing it back into place.

Emma grunts, "Well, he's no holds barred really. I mean, ya know. Go all out. Don't back down." The spoon gets licked.

Signe explains, "He's relentless. Never stops. Never backs down. He shows no mercy, and he expects you to show none as well. He lives for the fight, and for the expression of rage. That rage is something he will impress upon you, too, as one of his children."

KL nods along with this. "I have...trouble backing down at the best of times. I hope he won't have a problem with me." she says, with a hopeful look in her eyes. "Helen said it was a bad idea, me wanting to join, but I think she's wrong."

Emma nods, "She is. You'd be a good addition. She just..." she pauses, shrugging up her shoulders and eating another scoop.

Signe errs on the side of caution. She leans back again, asking, "Why do you think Helen said it was a bad idea?"

The Fury shrugs, pursing her lips together. "She said that Black Furies and Get of Fenris just don't get on. But she said it was up to me what I did." There's a pause, and KL looks down and studies her hand closely. "I think there's a difference between 'Black Furies' and 'Get of Fenris' and _this_ Black Fury and these..." she gestures at Emma and Signe, with a wave of her hand, rather than name them.

Emma grins a little at KL, but otherwise keeps quiet for now.

Signe chuckles to herself, a raspy and grating sound. She nods her own agreement. "We've packed with Furies before. Doc. Ashley. So, yeah. There's a difference." After a pause, she adds, "Well, I've heard enough. I think, as long as Natalie's good with it, we can see about introducing you to Vex, so we can see what /he/ thinks of the idea. Then go from there."

A subtle tension runs out of the Black Fury. Her shoulders relax, and she smiles more freely. "Um... thanks. I'll try not to let you down. And I think I should say sorry." She grins at this, and flicks her hair back down her back before smoothing it roughly into place.

Signe looks vaguely confused. "Sorry for what?"

KL's grin widens. "For the next time I launch a stream of swearwords at you. It's likely to happen, and I'm unlikely to apologise at the time, so I'll do so now in the hope that you won't hit me too hard when it happens."

Signe laughs more fully this time. "No need to apologize for that, as long as you can take it right back at you. Because, believe me, you'll hear it from me, too."

"Oh yes. Though..." KL looks around. "I wonder if this building is strong enough." This is accompanied by a cheeky grin, which disappears instantaneously. "Do you think it was wrong to through mud in Brom's eyes?" Voice down a tone or so, much more serious.

Signe glances around the basement apartment. The old brownstone is nearly sixty years old, and construction back then was solid enough. The additions Signe has added make the basement something of a fortress. It's clear that incidental violence--even crinos garou violence--could be handled nicely by the walls, locks, and steel door. There are no windows, since the apartment is mostly underground. With a grin, Signe says, with regard to the question, "I wouldn't recommend throwing dirt in his face without a real good reason. What did he do, anyway?"

Emma chuckles a little, "He was waving his dick around." She clears her throat, "Or at least that is how Olga would put it. Ya know Brom. All tough, no one can kick my ass, crap." She smiles.

"Well, at the point I did it, he'd nearly ripped my arm off, and he'd slammed my head into the ground, and I'd clawed his ear. So, as I stood up after the time that he dropped me, I clawed some dirt off the floor and threw it at him. He seemed to regard this as cheating." KL explains with a little shrug. "I mean, he then knocked the shit out of me for a bit longer..."

Signe grimaces. "Cheating?" she shakes her head. "Sometimes I don't get his kind. Even though we come from the same place. Don't worry about it, KL. As far as I'm concerned, if he's locking horns with ya, dirt's legal."

Emma looks between the two, a giant smile spreading onto her lips. She seems quite pleased with how things have gone tonight, and as she stands up to clear the bowls from the table, Kl gets a little wink.

KL nods keenly. "Well, thanks again." she says, standing up from the table. "I guess, can we try and arrange to go and see Natalie soon?" She looks at Emma with this question, resting one hand on her stool.

Signe pushes her bowl and plate, and everything else away from her as she stands up. "sounds good," she says, stifling something of a yawn. "I'm going to take a hot shower and then crash. See you both later, ok?"

Emma nods her head, "Yah, just stick around me next time I head there, she's usually around when I hit the safehouse." "-See ya Sig, thanks."

"Cool." KL says, as Signe leaves. "That went well!" she whispers to Emma with exultation. "I want to run around in little circles!"

Emma nods and grins, "Toldja. And Brom is like, well he ain't like us. I think you'll be fine here. I think Nat will like ya too, but she's gonna be less friendly, because Signe wasn't worried about you taking position, Nat might."

KL nods slowly. "Not going to. Bit rude, don't you think? Hi, I'd like to join and steal your job." She stretches her arms and then says "I better head off - meeting someone for coffee, I think. A new Black Fury Kinfolk has hit town."

Emma grins, "Not that you would, just saying that Nat might posture a bit. New kinfolk eh? That's cool, I'll see ya around tomorrow."

"Cool. Seeya, Emma!" KL says, as she walks out the door.

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