Place : Brownstone : Basement

Time : It is currently 12:26 Pacific Time on Wed Apr 20 2005.

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waxing Gibbous Moon phase (77% full).

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Brownstone -- Basement Apt.(#3328RJ)

The basement of the brownstone has been split into two sections. The stairwell leads down into the northwest corner section, which contains the boiler room, furnace, and the elevator shaft. The rest has been converted into another apartment, and Signe's made it into a rather fortified one at that. The only entrance is through a re-enforced steel door with no less than three dead-bolts. There are absolutely no windows at all in any of the four concrete and brick walls. It's a rather stark but functional space. Overhead, the air ducts and plumbing pipes are exposed, while the cement floor is covered by a ragged dark wine and gold Oriental throw rug. A makeshift shelving unit of two-by-fours and cinder block has been erected along the length of the wall with the door, and it houses a stereo, tv and old vcr. Directly opposite this is a beat-up leather couch and two mismatched recliners. The kitchen is small but functional, with a round wooden table and four chairs. Half of the back end of the building has been walled off for a private bedroom, while the rest is open to the living area. This space has been converted into a home gym--complete with wrestling mats, weights, and a full weight boxing bag.

"Now you see part of the reason I wasn't so keen on him joining Havoc," Nat says, tossing her coat after Emma's hat and running a hand through her hair. "Like I told Signe: Vex says 'no mercy'. He doesn't say 'be stupid while you're at it'." She and the Get are standing just inside the door. "But huh. I suggested he join Requiem when he was pounding his chest and trying to impress me. Maybe now they'll be useful."

Emma nods her head, "He's not used to big cities. I told him, if he's willing to listen to me, I'd help him learn to be subtle without turning into a pansy." She grins a little, settling down and leaning against the counter."

From outside comes the sound of the lift operating, followed by footsteps across the floor outside, and a firm knock on the door, four sharp, staccato raps.

"According to him," Nat begins, then stops, frowning, at the knocking. "You expecting someone?"

Emma pauses and looks over, shaking her head, "Not really." She steps to the door and peeks out the peephole, grinning widely. "Awesome. It's KL," she announces as the door is unlocked and opened. "Hey KL, c'mon in. Natalie is here, you two can finally meet up all proper like."

The Black Fury stops trying to look casual while waiting for the door to open and smiles at Emma. "Hi Emma." she says, taking a couple of steps into the room before turning to look at Natalie. "Hiya." she says, "Pleased to meet you - I've heard so much about you." There's a sort of forced note in her voice, a slightly nervous tension that's echoed in her stance, her left arm reaching across her chest to clasp her right upper arm.


Nat stands a few inches over average height for a woman, about five foot eight. Everything about her is square: her face, her jaw, her shoulders, her torso. There is a modest curve to relieve her figure, a hint at a waist but little beyond that. Her hair's a medium brown, perhaps a hand length long and purposefully tousled. Blue-green eyes are widely set underneath a pair of thickly stroked eyebrows; the square shape of her face and jaw emphasizes the large proportions of her nose and lips. She wouldn't catch any eyes except for that little niggling feeling of 'predator' in the way she looks at people, and the suggestion of prior and pending violence in the small scars pocked across her face and hands. Her accent is flat Midwestern unobtrusive, her age roughly twenty.
Dark indigo jeans nearing an honorable retirement top dark brown steel-toed work boots. The jeans aren't low-riders, or flared, or fashionably ripped, but the sort you'd buy off the shelf at any Fleet Farm. Her tee-shirt is pale leaf green with a splat of blue-steel 'lead' centered on her belly and the faded words 'OILE I LEA' above.


5'2" of youthful energy packed up into a body all too willing to use it. Emma would be described as pretty if she were cleaned up and dressed the role, but all too often the scrapping tomboy paints herself with bruises instead of blush.
Somewhere in her mid-teens, her features are strong but decidedly feminine. High cheekbones and full lips work well to compliment her almost button nose and deepset eyes, while dark, ash blonde hair frames her face. While not straight, it is not curly either, and untied it reaches down past her shoulders. Her eyes are a cool blue, reminiscent of a bright summer day - but like the weather they seem to hold an amount of unpredictability. There is a hardness to her gaze, and while her smiles can be warm and sincere, they are well guarded.
Her posture is an odd mix of insecurity and confidence -or at least what might be confused as confidence. She seems surefooted and comfortable with herself, but exudes a certain edginess to those she might see as a source of ridicule.


At a little over five foot tall and with a slim build, KL is hardly awe-inspiring on first sight. She appears to be around seventeen years old and still carries a teenager's air of disenchantment and irritation.
Her mid-length mousy-brown hair is brushed back out of her eyes and behind her ears. It's not exactly styled, as it appears to have been hacked at without any hint of hairdressing expertise, but it's at least had contact with a brush at some point recently. She would be quite attractive - in particular she has a very cute, upturned, nose - were it not for the sullen and aggressive set of her mouth and the hostility of her gaze. Her hazelnut eyes look out with disappointment and poorly hidden anger, as if the world were a holiday villa that didn't match the travel agent's description. Her skin is oddly pale, and on her right shoulder-blade a two-inch-square tattoo of a winged horse is visible. Physically, she's well proportioned, and her bare arms show a tight musculature that speaks of regular exercise.
She's got a habit of slouching and of leaning up against any available support. When she forgets to slouch, however, she moves with a surprising degree of grace and compact poise.
She is wearing a faded and beaten up pair of blue jeans that are just a little too large for her, and have holes in the knees, a pair of worn combat boots and a faded red tank top with "And your little doggy too!" emblazoned across the front. The tank top has a badly-repaired tear across the chest, causing the word "little" to be have its second "t" deformed. Similarly, the jeans have a set of unrepaired holes on her left thigh, pale skin showing behind the rents.

Natalie doesn't look particularly welcoming - at least, the woman isn't open and friendly. She's waiting for the Fury's entrance with her feet shoulder-width apart, thumbs tucked into the front pockets of her jeans, and eyes fastened squarely on the newcomer. "Good things, I hope," she says, but her tone doesn't match the usual lightness the words are delivered in. Once Emma's gotten the door closed she makes the introduction formal: "Natalie Baker, called Holds-the-Line, Cliath, Galliard, and Elder of the Glass Walkers here in St. Claire. I'm also Havoc's Beta. You're... the Ahroun Emma's been talking so much about?"

Emma clears her throat, eyeing KL with a winning look, "Yeah, of course all good things. Right KL?" She moves to the kitchen and into the fridge, "I'll get us some water or soda, what ya'll want?"

"Just water, thanks." KL says, shooting a glance at Emma before refocusing on Natalie. "I assume so." she answers, releasing her grip on her arm and placing the hand on her hip. "I'm KL Cole, called Escapes-From-Money, Cliath Ahroun of the Black Furies. And yeah, pretty good things, and not just from Emma."

Natalie relaxes at the Fury's words, or perhaps when her eyes flick away from the Galliard's. "Water's fine for me too, thanks, Emma." Despite it not being her place, she jerks her head to invite KL to the sofa, claiming the far end of it for herself. "Emma says you're thinking of joining Havoc, huh?"

Emma returns with the waters and hands them over, looking between the two of them with a curious gaze. She keeps her mouth shut for now, but seems very interested in gauging Natalie's reaction.

"If you'll have me." KL says simply, waving a hand in an open gesture before taking the water and sipping it. "I've met Signe and Gunnar, and obviously Emma." She takes another gulp from her drink, and looks back at the pack Beta and, obviously very consciously, takes her hand off her hip and puts it behind her back.

"And what do they think of you? --Thanks, Emma." A nod for the Get and she turns her attention back to the brown-haired Fury. "I remember Emma was going to take you on some patrols, get you used to the territory. What do you think of it?"

Emma clears her throat, "She did well with me on our last round. Saved my ass." She smiles at the Fury and then uncaps her water bottle, chugging it down.

KL grins at the Get girl. "Yeah. You have interesting alleys." she says, turning back to the Glasswalker. "As bits of city go, it's OK, I guess. Patrolling was fun, even if most of the things I was jumping at were shadows."

"You're not used to cities, then?" The Galliard continues her third-degree, folding her left leg up and tucking it underneath her. "Where are you from, originally?" A glance up at Emma, and she gives the girl a wry little smile.

"Denver," KL says with a shrug, "but it's been a good five years since I spent any real time there - before I firsted. Most of the time, I was out near the Rockies, so I'm a little out of practice at being an active Garou in the city. I mean, I've slummed around in them enough, but at patrolling and stuff, I'm rusty."

Natalie unscrews the top off her bottle, still watching KL. "All right. And I'm sure you know Vex is a Wolverine. Are you going to have problems with that? 'No Mercy'."

This gets a genuine snort of laughter from KL. "Probably not. 'Backing down' and 'stopping' aren't things I'm exactly famous for." she says. A thoughtful look crosses her face. "Still, I guess that means you have to be a little careful about when you start."

Natalie says "Exactly." She toasts the other girl, then glances up at Emma again before looking back at KL. "For instance. You're hanging out at, oh, some little restaurant. Couple guys come in waving guns around and announce they're robbing the place. What are you going to do?"

KL bites her bottom lip. "Nothing unless they open up." Brief pause. "Too many people around. I'm not the police, either. Maybe follow them when they leave, if I've got some responsibility, or I think there might be a reason to get involved. Then we can go in and deal, or get someone to report stuff to the police." She blinks a couple of times. "And I'd hate every second of not doing anything."

Natalie's glance back at Emma is decidely approving; she 'toasts' the Get with her bottle before taking a swig. "And -that- is why Brom leads Requiem, instead of joining Havoc."

Emma chuckles at the Walker, her smile growing in sincerity and size. "Good call KL, and yeah, it does suck. About as much as getting shot in the gut." She smirks dryly at this, but her overall mood seems to be one of approval and excitement.

KL grins tightly, and looks across at Emma. "Of course, there's a difference between what happens when it actually happens, and what happens when it's set as an exam question but," she gestures at herself with the half-empty water bottle," I'm still alive, and I haven't ripped the veil to shreds yet." She looks up at Natalie. "You won't know you can trust me for sure until you fight alongside me."

Natalie nods at KL, settling back against the arm of the couch. "I know. But I've already got a better feeling about you than I did Brom. It helps that you didn't come storming in here waving your dick." A smirk for that, and she gives Emma a jerk of her head. "Come sit, Emma. Then you can finish telling me about the pool hall."

Emma grins at this and smiles in the Fury's direction. She comes back to sit down, leaning back with a pained stretch. "What else ya wanna know about it? I don't think I am being looked for or nothing, I just want people to forget they saw me there, two people got hit and no one checked into the hospital- it just opens up all kinds of weird." "-Or get my hair to grow back and not look like such a freak. That'll help me stop sticking out like a sore thumb too."

"The pool hall?" KL queries, squatting down and laying a hand flat against the floor. "I read something about that in the paper. Was that you?" she looks at Emma with an eyebrow raised.

Emma smirks. "No, it was Brom and his little Fenris' runners." She pauses, "And you know, I swear, Fenris is going to get pissed at me for saying it like that. Two guys came in to rob the joint, armed. Brom stood up and Dillen and Kenneth got into place. Me? I sat my ass still, one, too many people, two, the boys had it covered. Well shots went out, I got hit. Brom shoved a pool stick into the guy and Dillen stabbed the other. The one died... so now it's a big fucking mess."

"Ah." KL says. Conflict rages across her face, concern and worry warring with a schadenfreude-inspired grin. Eventually, she manages to school her expression into a bland neutrality. "That sounds more likely. What's the problem? No-one shifted, surely? And there's no question of them being arrested?"

"One person died, that's the problem," Natalie explains. "So the police are looking for whoever did it. Homicide, you see. And since Emma was there..."

Emma shakes, "I shifted in the alley and went nutso on Dillen. But no, no one shifted in sight. Just that a whole pool hall full of folks saw Brom and company go after these guys. Good Samaritan or not, they were just robbers, and now Brom and Co. are technically murderers. Makes it worse that White Bear has 'banned' Brom from the bawn, so where the hell is he supposed to go until this cools down?"

KL grimaces. "I see the problem." she says, shifting her weight further back on her haunches and taking a final gulp of water from the bottle. She doesn;t offer anything more than a shake of her head.

Natalie shrugs and takes a long pull from her bottle. "That's Fenris for you - no offense, Emma. And we can't point many fingers - Havoc's nose isn't exactly clean. I don't know how Signe wants to handle it, though. I think Brom needs to keep his head -down- for a couple of months, but from what I saw of him I don't think he will. And he's not exactly Mr. Inconspicuous either."

Emma nods. "It'd be good to get him outta the city for a while. But where? Like I said, the whole White Bear showdown thing is keeping him pinned in limbo land. Anyway, it's cool you two finally met up face to face. Hey maybe KL can take the rest of my patrol with ya today. I'm feeling kinda off."

"If it was anyone else..." KL says, with a little shrug. She looks at Emma with some concern. "What's up? Apart from this pool hall thing?" She cocks her head on one side, studying the Get Ahroun carefully.

"Buy a wig," Nat suggests, tossing another glance Emma's way. "Or some hair dye. Both. It's going to be a while before you're back in full coat."

Emma grimaces. "I don't want a stupid wig, and I'll be damned if I go all goth on you guys." She grunts, looking to KL. "Jus' paranoid people are gonna recognize me and then the cops will be asking questions."

Natalie flicks an irritated hand at the Get that would - if they were in arm's reach of each other - knock the girl's cap off her head. "I said /hair dye/, not /lifestyle change/. Cripes, Emma. Then if you aren't going to listen to advice, just sit here and mope."

KL grins at Natalie's reaction. "Yeah - you'd look cool as a brunette, Emma. Artificial intelligence, and all that." She looks brightly at Emma, and indicates her own hair with her hand.

Emma just gives them both a little smirk and a growl, "Oh shut up you two. Geez, it took you all of fifteen minutes to start ganging up on me." She settles her hat down on her more firmly and folds her arms over her chest. "Brown, blonde, red or green, it's still freaking short!"

"So get a wig," Nat says again, fumbling around on her lap and frowning. "Dammit, where'd that thing go? --Anyway, with a wig your hair can be long. Duh. And you can get more than one, too."

KL doesn't say anything, but remains in her crouched position, watching the interchange with interest.

Emma snorts, "No. I am not wearing a wig. It wouldn't stay put and it's for old people. Can we drop this now?" she huffs, standing up and pacing back into the kitchen to throw out her empty water bottle. "What did you lose?" she asks of Natalie.

Natalie says "Then stop whining about your hair. --Bottlecap." She rocks up onto one hip and twists around to peer under herself, then scrabbles to pluck the offending white object out from under her leg. "Hah. There it is. --All right, KL, let's go stretch our legs. We," a jerk of her head toward Emma, "only really got started before we came back here. I want to check out the Black Drop. Things have been a little woogy around there for a few days."

"Woogy?" KL enquires, standing up with a little bounce. "And how likely is trouble?" She hitches her jeans up a little, then straightens her t-shirt and pushes her hair back behind her ear. "Ok. Ready."

Natalie rolls easily to her feet, then shrugs. "Not that likely, but there's always surprises." She nods back at Emma, then crosses to fetch her bomber jacket, absently screwing the cap back on her bottle at the same time. "I'll take good care of her, Emma. Don't worry. C'mon, KL. Let's go show these city slickers what a pair of bitches can do."

Emma lets out a laugh at that, "Thanks Nat. Glad ya took to her better than ya did Brom." She jokes lightly and then gets to fixing something to eat. "Have fun kids."

KL takes a couple of steps over towards the bin and throws her empty bottle carcass into it. Having done that, she turns to Natalie and nods her head to the door. "OK, let's went."

The patrol proceeds without incident, the Black Drop coffee shop being checked out, and the two conversing about various issues.

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