Place : Brownstone, Basement Apt.

Brownstone -- Basement Apt.(#3328RJ)

The basement of the brownstone has been split into two sections. The stairwell leads down into the northwest corner section, which contains the boiler room, furnace, and the elevator shaft. The rest has been converted into another apartment, and Signe's made it into a rather fortified one at that. The only entrance is through a re-enforced steel door with no less than three dead-bolts. There are absolutely no windows at all in any of the four concrete and brick walls. It's a rather stark but functional space. Overhead, the air ducts and plumbing pipes are exposed, while the cement floor is covered by a ragged dark wine and gold Oriental throw rug. A makeshift shelving unit of two-by-fours and cinder block has been erected along the length of the wall with the door, and it houses a stereo, tv and old vcr. Directly opposite this is a beat-up leather couch and two mismatched recliners. The kitchen is small but functional, with a round wooden table and four chairs. Half of the back end of the building has been walled off for a private bedroom, while the rest is open to the living area. This space has been converted into a home gym--complete with wrestling mats, weights, and a full weight boxing bag.

The brownstone has been cleaned up as best as it can be, and being that those who live there are familiar with the cleaning tactics of such a career, it's really not so bad. Carpeting has been pulled up again and the distinct aroma of ammonia still hangs in the air. Emma is crashed out on the couch, belly down and wearing a loose tank top. Her back is bandaged, but still seeping and the tv is on very quietly.

From without, there is a loud banging on the door, so loud that it almost seems as if someone was trying to punch their way in, rather than merely enquire about entry.

A stiff Emma gets up and moves to the door with a tired growl. After sneaking a peek, it is opened up and the girl moves back to the couch without much fanfare. "You need to get a damn key, you're in the pack, I think it's alright if you come and go as you please now." She eases herself back down, again, belly downward and lets out a sigh. "Signe's mate- if you can call him that, is dead. As an FYI."

The Fury Ahroun inspects her hand, which is turning red after all the banging. She looks up at the news, eyes widening with surprise, then takes in the smell and appearance of the basement. "Oh." she says. "I see." She peers, concerned, at Emma, and takes a couple of steps closer and crouches down so that she's on the same level as the Fenrir "Did you get hurt bad?"

Emma lets out a sigh, "I feel like a Garou-sized scratching post." A hand comes up to rub at her eyes, "I tried to keep Signe off him- Dillen was /supposed/ to be taking care of her, after he disregarded my call for him to help the already throated kin. Instead, I went to help him- and this is what I got for it." She shrugs slightly, "I'll be okay."

"Fuck..." KL says in a low voice. "I won't ask too many questions." She lifts a hand toward Emma then pulls it back, to rest on her own knee, then looks away. There's a long, pregnant, pause as she obviously tries to find something else to talk about. "I might be homeless again soon."

"You're not going to be homeless KL, you are family. If not to the Furies, then to Havoc." She sighs then, "But why? Something happen?"

"Yeah. Nobody's paying the mortgage on the Fury House." KL says, shifting back so that she's sitting on the floor, knees pulled up in front of her. "There's a chance we can sort it out, but if not we'll lose it." Her lip pulls back into a sneer. "Mortgages are of the Wyrm."

Emma frowns at this, "That's not cool. Anyone that can pitch money in to it? Or buy it or something? Maybe the new kin you were telling me about can help." She shifts a bit again and lets out a grunt. "Ya wanna do me a favor while you're here? I think I could use a new wrap on this back."

"Sure. Bandages where?" The Fury stands up, looking around the room. "Yeah, I've set her on it. And there's always the big red emergency button behind the glass that says 'break in dire circumstances only'."

Emma nods her head, "Top cabinet, left of mirror in the bathroom." One leg comes up, her knee bending, to swing back and forth and get some motion. "The Get need a place of their own. This building is okay, but too small. You can't cram Get like you can sardines."

"I think there are traditional Furies who'd think that was a great idea." KL says, with a grin. She walks into the bathroom and collects the bandages from the cabinet. "OK, I've got the supplies. Let's get that old one off you."

Emma gives a nod to the latter part first, reaching down to help tug the shirt up and out of the way, causing it to lie bunched at her neck. The gauze is pretty thoroughly used up, and below it lies the repeated abuse of Defiant-Storms fierce claws. Some are healing along quite nicely but a few spots are still deep and oozing. "Think what was a great idea? The Get having their own place? You mean like, their own place in Iceland, then, right?" She chuckles slightly.

"Nah. Lots of Get in a tin can. Probably at the bottom of a big pit." KL lifts the gauze clear of the wound and studies it carefully. "I think you'll live, though she sure as hell wasn't pulling her punches."

Emma gives KL a fierce, but playful little growl. "You'd miss me if I was stuck in a tin." She rests her cheek down against her arm then, letting the other tend to the bandaging. "Yah, she was not in a good state of mind at the time. Though it's nice to know I am tough enough to handle being her rag doll for a good.. oh musta been thirty seconds. I think I've toughened up. Last year, I'd have been done for at twenty."

KL gives a little snort of laughter. "I'd like to spar with her at some point. It'd probably be educational." She carefully wipes the area around the wound with an antiseptic wipe. "In the painful sense." She wraps the fresh bandage in place. As she does so, her hand rests on Emma's back for just a fraction of a second longer than is strictly necessary, before being removed. The Fury is silent for a while, concentrating on the bandaging work. "There. All done."

Emma is a good little patient, remaining still and quiet. "Yeah, when she's done being pregnant you should. She's a good teacher. A good mentor really, I'd be lost without her." She rolls her shoulders a little and gives a nod, "Thanks. Didn't want Dillen messing with it again. Little punk." She laughs, "I hate boy Garou, really I do."

"Preaching to the choir here, sister." KL says, standing up again. "I mean, I end up shouting at everyone, but boy Garou, especially boy cub garou, really get my goat." She snorts. "Of course, I can beat them up, so that's not a problem."

"I think that's my problem, I get so uptight about worrying they might beat me, that I just want to beat them down all the time. Sorta got expelled from school right before I firsted for doing that. Fucker deserved it though." She sits up then, letting out a slow breath. "You think you can cover my patrol today?"

"Yeah, sure." KL says. "Always willing to stalk the streets causing people to cross to the other side of the road to avoid a seventeen-year-old girl." She folds her arms, an expression of amused satisfaction on her face.

Emma smiles, "You're so nuts KL. Heeey, if I give you a twenty, want to bring a pizza back for us? I think I am going to catnap in Glabro and see if I can't get a bit more recovered."

"Cool. Any toppings in particular?" KL says. "And don't worry, I can spring for it. And shifting to Glabro is probably a good idea. Even if it does fuck up my neat bandage work."

Emma blushes a little, "Oh, it'll be subtle, I'm short to begin with. They'll hold." She hmms, "Whatever you like on pizza, I'm easy. Thanks KL. Oh, take the key up on the counter too. Making me get up before, geez."

"Well, I could have battered the fucking door down." KL says, without much sting. She looks over at the very thick door. "Well. Yeah. Probably. Given some time."

Emma laughs once more, "Yeah, lots of time. Alright, back to zoning for me. Be safe KL." She nestles down more into the couch and closes her eyes, apparently deciding to leave the bandages put and spare KL's work.

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