Time :It is currently 08:35 Pacific Time on Sat Jun 11 2005.

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waxing Crescent Moon phase (28% full).

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is partly sunny. The temperature is 53 degrees Fahrenheit (11 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the south at 8 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.94 and steady, and the relative humidity is 83 percent. The dewpoint is 48 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius.)

Place :Bawn : Central Forest.

Bawn: Central Forest(#2876RA)

The forest is dark and quiet. No, not quiet. Listening. The ancient firs rear up all around, branches interwoven in a dense roof of dark green. Fallen needles lie in a thick carpet on the ground, heaped up around the drifts of undergrowth clinging to the scarce patches of light reaching the forest floor. Every sound seems muffled, and the sharp scent of pine hangs in the air like the clouds of midges that swarm ceaselessly beneath the branches. Even the many deer who roam here seem to step more quietly than usual, and the songbirds seldom sing. The forest spreads out around you in all directions.


A medium-sized she-wolf with a midnight black pelt streaked lightly with silver on her belly. In this form, Escapes-From-Money's athleticism is more obvious, and she moves with a combination of speed and compact power. She has a few scars across her back, one of which seems to have healed poorly, leaving a bare patch of skin. There is an air of dissatisfaction and irritability about her.

Touch Deer(#3395PVce)

This young Native American man walks with a sure confidence and grace common among his people. His midnight-black hair reaches down to his shoulders, and a buckskin headband keeps his bangs at bay. Handsome in a rugged, masculine way, his face is bronze skinned, with a short nose and coffee-colored eyes particular to the people of the American Southwest.
His Clothing consists completely of deerskin and is handmade in the traditional style of the Lipan Apache (+detail Clothes), and around his neck hangs a very out-of-place necklace (+detail Necklace). The parts of his body visible despite the clothing (upper chest, forearms and hands) are horribly scarred. Hideous patches of pink, black, and red tissue dot most of these exposed areas, and anyone would easilly surmise that the rest of his body (except his neck and face) are equally gruesome.
Despite his scarring, his body seems healthy looking; he is muscular but trim, and sports a robust complection. He seems aware to an extreme degree, seeing and sensing disturbances in his immediate and distant surroundings like a trained scout. From his belt hangs a small, utilitarian stone knife, and a medium sized pouch, and a war club. Around his shoulders a large bag hangs, beautifully constructed from buckskin and moose hide. When he speaks, his voice comes covered in a thick Native accent.

Touch Deer is jogging through the brush and trees of the Bawn. He's caught sight of a young woman's trail. For whatever his reason, he's decided to find the owner, and the perceptive Ahroun has been moving quickly to follow the prints as they wind their way through the forest. Skilled in following tracks by sight as much as by lupus-nose, it isn't long before you hear the fast-paced sounds of someone heading your way.

Escapes is pacing slowly through the bawn, tail held dead level, nose down towards the ground as she stalks mostly imaginary prey. As the sounds of someone nearing reach her ears, said organs perk up and swivel, and she freezes mid-step, before turning to face the direction of the oncoming pursuit.

Touch Deer stops his run about 20 yards off, slowing down to a stroll. "Hey kola?" He calls out before coming into view. After a few seconds, the man that called out comes fully into view, head damp with some perspiration. He wipes stands of black hair off his forehead, smiling and continuing forward.

The Fury paces slowly towards Touch Deer, before yipping in recognition and shifting up into Homid. "Touch Deer-rhya." she says, with a little bow. "Good to see you. Were you looking for me, or just hunting in general?"

Touch Deer rubs, then scratches, his left breast under his buckskin shirt. "Aye, looking for you. I need to invite you to another battle, one I'm leading against the Smog bane that Brom spoke about at last Moot. We're in dire need of some warriors good with a bow, like yourself.

KL grins tightly, and folds her arms over her chest. "Assuming that Signe and Helen don't have any objections, I'm in. I don't just do bow, you know? That's a new thing. I'm better at claws and rip-rend-tear. But whatever you want. Are you leading it?"

Touch Deer says "Yes I'm leading...and quite frankly, I don't know of many people besides yourself that know /how/ to use a bow. We need distance fighters. The bane is powerful and has shown itself capable of reforming. Requiem damaged it but it retreated, reforming across the umbral highway where the pack couldn't follow. If that happens again, we'll be relying on you and whoever else I find that can shoot with bow or gun to take it down for good. And, I'm trying to find a Crescent that can make some bane arrows. They're very useful against foes like this."

The Fury Ahroun nods slowly. "Seems reasonable. Is there anyway we can prevent it from moving?" She grimaces and scratches at the mud with a trainer. "I'm so not a Theurge. And when were you planning this?"

Touch Deer says "The only way to stop it, that I know of, would be the gift for commanding spirits. I'm hopeing Jamethon or that new Gnawer that spoke at the Moot about a Vision know it. Other than that...hit it very hard, very very fast. I'm trying to organize everyone and have a war party ready by the coming full moon. A new Red Talon has just arrived and given chiminage in the form of two Talens of protection...and she's agreed to join us and lend use of her Talens to us. But the spirits inside them will flee after a month's time, so we have to move quickly if we're going to be using them."

"I see. Well..." An expression of concern flits across KL's face. "You can reach me either at the Fury house or via Signe or Natalie if you need to. Other than that, it sounds like a worthwhile fight."

Touch Deer nods with a broad grin, and puts out a scarred hand for a shake.

The Fury reaches out and shakes on it, her hand noticeably small compared to Touch Deer's. "Right. Any other business?" she says with a grin.

Touch Deer says "Just try to get the word out, I want everyone that can fight there, besides Guardians. And I'm still trying to find Jamethon, so if you see him, tell him about my plans and that I need to find him."

KL nods an agreement. "Are you hanging around the bawn at the moment? Or is there somewhere else you can be found?" she asks, raising an eyebrow enquiringly.

Touch Deer points to the east. "Yeah, around the Bawn or over at Rainbow Lake. I also head to the farmhouse every two or three days to check on the cubs."

KL grins. "Always entertaining, that. Cool. Well, thanks for asking me, Touch Deer-rhya." She's obviously trying very hard with the 'being respectful' lark, and it sounds kind of forced and unnatural. Still her pleasure at being asked is obviously genuine.

Touch Deer turns on his heel, off to find some more fighters, most likely. He waves as he turns, "All good medicine, see you at the battle..." And suddenly he's on four paws, a burn scarred wolf padding gracefully of towards the East.

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