Date: It is currently 07:46 Pacific Time on Sun Jun 12 2005.

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is clear outside. The temperature is 48 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the south at 10 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.08 and rising, and the relative humidity is 86 percent. The dewpoint is 44 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waxing Crescent Moon phase (35% full).


The lane wends its way back and around the farmhouse to here, where it widens into a broad, grassy sward contained only by the woods which encircle it on three sides. Buildings break up the purity of the landscape: an open-sided structure which serves as a garage and the big barn, empty of livestock, to the east. A good-sized vegetable and herb garden furrows the land south of the barn, while a pyramid-like pile of rocks, of similar consistency to the gravel of the lane, rests a few yards south of the garage.
North of the buildings, the fields have long been fallow, hastening a conversion from farmland to natural prairie. A sliding glass door allows admittance to the farmhouse, the interior obscured by Levolor(tm) blinds in a wood-grain pattern. The lane leads out around the house to the southwest. The discerning can just barely pick out the beginnings of a faint path into the woods towards the southeast.


At a little over five foot tall and with a slim build, KL is hardly awe-inspiring on first sight. She appears to be around seventeen years old and still carries a teenager's air of disenchantment and irritation.
Her mid-length mousy-brown hair is today held in a neat plait that hangs down just below her shoulders, and is held at the end with a brown leather band. She would be quite attractive - in particular she has a very cute, upturned, nose - were it not for the sullen and aggressive set of her mouth and the hostility of her gaze. Her hazelnut eyes look out with disappointment and poorly hidden anger, as if the world were a holiday villa that didn't match the travel agent's description. Her skin is oddly pale, and on her right shoulder-blade a two-inch-square tattoo of a winged horse is visible. Physically, she's well proportioned, and her bare arms show a tight musculature that speaks of regular exercise.
She's got a habit of slouching and of leaning up against any available support. When she forgets to slouch, however, she moves with a surprising degree of grace and compact poise.
She is wearing a white T-Shirt which has been freshly cleaned, a pair of white cycling shorts, white sports socks and a pair of white trainers which have seen better days. There's a large bandage wrapped around her left forearm.


A magnificent bird, covered entirely in a glossy blue-black plumage. Two bright black eyes look out at the world from just above a powerful and heavy beak. Bellow the beak there is is a well-developed ruff (hackles) of fine feathers that cover the throat. These are fluffed up, or flattened, depending on the bird's mood. From beak, to her wedge-shaped tail, Finds-Stories is two feet in length. While her wingspan is an impressive five feet.

Morning in St. Claire, a clear, bright morning. The newly-risen sun glints off the dew that has yet to burn off. It's not warm, yet, though the signs are set fair for it to get quite hot later in the day. KL, making the most of the early morning cool (and making the best of her own insomnia) has jogged up to the farm, and is currently sitting propped up against the side of the barn drinking water from a bottle.

It is already starting to warm up outside and for those in the city, a heavy blanket of smog coats the city. Out here, the pollution is less visible, if still present to a certain degree. A large black bird glides on the light wind and alights on the top of the farmhouse. Walks across the roof with an ungangly gate, then peers over the edge of the shingles and into the attic window.

The Fury doesn't immediately notice the bird, as she's busy inspecting the label on the bottled water. "How am I supposed to know what the right amount of calcium in water is?" she mutters to herself. "Stupidity." She puts a hand down to the floor and pushes herself upright, looking around slowly, stretching the muscles in her shoulders. Eventually (fear the observational skills) she notices the black bird. "Hello!" she says, more to herself than anything else, though it's probably easily audible.

Finds-Stories looks away from the window and caws rather loudly at the Fury, followed by an extended 'grrrrrk'.

The Ahroun takes a couple of steps towards the bird. "Now, are you the raven-changer that was mentioned at the moot, or are you just a large black bird?" she muses. "And how can I tell the difference?" She stops roughly halfway between the barn and house and folds her arms, still studying the bird on the roof with curiosity.

Finds-Stories gruuuks again, neck feather's flairing around her neck. She is paying a fair bit of attention to the Fury, so that could be a sign.

"Hmm." KL murmurs. She waves and puts on a very fake smile. "Hello birdy!" she says, in the kind of voice that people use when they're patronizing children. "I think I've got some cookies here if you want some." She turns around and rustles in her backpack, left leaning up against the wall of the barn, until she stands up again, holding a pack of chocolate chip cookies in her hand. "Yep, I do!"

Finds-Stories snorts, neckfeathers puffing out anymore. The bird hisses loudly and partially spreads her wings.

"Is that a yes or a no?" KL asks, cocking her head on one side. "Well, if it's a 'no' then I'm going to have one myself, as I think I can get away with that without putting on too much weight." She pauses. "Excepting, of course, that preoccupation with weight is a symptom of...something...something...patriarchal society." With that, she opens the packet and takes out a cookie, which she chomps noisily.

"Well, you know, I am not really all that child-like. There is no real need to speak to me as if I am one," Val huffs slightly, having taken on her homid form. "Have you seen Sophie? New cub. Bit of a bother, really. seems to be having some problems adjusting."

KL does a double-take, and then colours, looking seriously embarrassed. "'snot my fault. 'Talking to Raven-changers' isn't exactly part of the standard training, y'know. And I wasn't entirely sure whether you were one, or just a rather big jackdaw." She folds her arms in front of her chest, still staring up at Val. "And no, I haven't seen Sophie. Have you tried looking in the bathroom? Last time I saw her she had locked herself in there and wasn't coming out. She needs a reality check or two."

Val sighs softly, as she dangles her feet over the edge of the roof. "Well, thats not terribly good news. She is quite annoying, I will admit that much. I was quite ready to throttle here, before I got her to your people and that's not something I am particularly prone too. Had her own little TV show, so is rather used to everyone doing everything she says. Seems to believe that it makes her better then everyone else as well. Quite a fustrating thing to deal with, really. Killed her co-star by mistake, at the very least, that is what the evidence sugests. Not that she remembers, which isn't unusual, from what I've learned. Just was realy suspicious of her when I found her wandering in the woods with no clothing. Had just been expecting to find a body, really. Get and exclusive, which would have been rather good for the bank balance."

"I believe that she's spent most of her time irritating people who could quite easily rip her head off, which implies a level of stupidity few of us, self included, are capable of." KL says. "And she whines and then orders people about. She was in a TV show? That would explain..." Her voice trails off, deep in thought.

Val nods, feet swinging. "Yep. Played a character named 'Jenna Willams' in a Western called 'Warring Doves' that was made by one of those family network channels. Was on a canoe trip, when she didn't show up at a checkpoint. Was in the papers and the like, espically when her male co-star was found dead. Papers said he was mauled by a bear, but I have my own suspicions. I was expecting to find her dead as well, but I found her all naked in the woods. Which was rather odd, so I annoyed her to see what would happen. It being a full moon and all. Got my answer fairly easier and arranged to get her here, with a certain amount of difficulty."

KL nods slowly. "I presume someone has already thanked you, but thanks anyway." She ponders for a moment, looking down at the floor and kicking at it with an idle trainer. "Are the police after her at all? Statewide manhunt? All points bulletin?"

Val scratches at her neck. "Well, they were at first, but that has simmered down somewhat. Espically after finding her co-star. Most believe that if the bear didn't get her, she died out in the woods somewhere."

"Still. It's going to be difficult for her to go back into the city without being recognised, for quite a while." KL says, a tinge of sympathy creeping in to her voice. "The rate she's going at the moment, she's not going to do that well out here either."

Val shrugs, legs swinging some more. "Did try explaining things to her a little bit, bit I'm not exactly the best person to be doing that.She thinks she is better then everyone else and that is her bigest problem."

The Fury nods. "Yep. And I don't know how to fix that. I mean, I could violence her a bit, but that just makes her act like more of a princess." She shrugs and unfolds her arms. "Not our only problem cub at the moment, but one of the loudest."

Val lightly shakes her head. "Really do find it rather amazing the way you seem to deal with many of your cubs. Ours grow up knowing what they are and we don't have the rather nasty habit of loosing track of them. Unless they are stolen, of course, which is looked on very poorly."

"Yeah. Bloody lost cubs. Terrible things." KL says, with a sarcastic lilt to her voice. "Dunno. Cat's out of the barn now, and there's no use in shutting the door. Or something." She tilts her palms upward. "Just gotta deal."

Val smile a little crookedly. "Well, yes, I suppose so. Still, think you'd keep slightly closer tabs on family."

KL's lips compress slightly, and her cheeks pale. "Yeah. Maybe." she says, with a hint of snap. She turns away and paces around in a little circle, re-folding her arms across her chest. "So. Anything else I can do for you?"

Val hmms and leans over the edge of the roof, trying to peek in to the attic window again. "Well, no, not really. Was just hoping to look in on Sophie. She how she was making out, since I did find here and all that. I've already told some of your about that rather nasty Smog Bane near I-90, that suspicious looking ice elemental in the city, still think that thing is tainted, and that suspicious buisness with the hospital."

KL looks interested. "Smog bane I knew about. Hospital I know about. But ice elemental? Where?" Her incipient anger dissipates instantly when confronted with her curiosity. And the prospect of a fight.

Val hmms, looking up again. "Oh, well, in the city. This rather seedy taco-place around Regan. Seems to be tainted, at the very least, that would be my best guess. Has some sort of brownish-black gunk on it. Seems to like the umbra back room of that taco-place."

The Fury nods. "Not sure exactly whose territory that's on, but I'll make sure it gets looked at. Who else have you told about it?"

Val yawns, brielfy looking up at the sky. "Olga. Birdseye."

KL nods. "OK. Well, thanks. Obvious you want to go." That curtness is back, and the arms go back across the chest. "I'll tell Sophie to look out for you?"

There is a faint sound of a young male voice approaching, only audible because the owner is apparently chanting softly to himself as he walks up from the direction of the fields.

Val cocks her head to one side rather sharply. "Well, yes, that wouldn't be a bad thing." Looking up rather sharply, the small woman squints in Tenzin's direction. "You have a visitor."

KL carefully puts down the water bottle, which up until now has remained clutched in her hand, and loosens the bandage around her arm. "Really?" she says, turning to face the direction that Val is looking in, an air of readiness about her.

Tenzin seems in good spirits, coming from the fields. He has his walking stick in hand, using it more for some sort of cadence to his movement rather than for assistance. He slows up, just slightly, upon seeing the two women. When he's within a reasonable distance, but not to close, he stops, drops the stick to the crook of his arm, folds his hands at the center of his chest, prayer-pose, and says, "Greetings."

Val wriggles her fingers at the new arrival. "Hello there. Well, afraid that I must be off. Things to do and all that." That said, the small woman stands and then jumps off the edge of the farmhouse roof. She is a bird before she hits the ground and flies away with a series of loud caws.

KL looks up for a moment, and watches the bird go, before re-focusing her attention on Tenzin. "Who are you?" she demands, her hands on her hips, looking suspiciously at him.


>There is nothing terribly remarkable about this dark-complected pre-teen boy. His head is close-shaved, only a faint stubble visible, and it has clearly been shaved that close for a while, as the skin showing is the same deeply tanned color as his face. He seems quiet, reserved even, often simply watching and listening to things that go on around him with a deep, if not slightly detached at times, interest. The slight almond shape of his eyes mark him as Asian, though perhaps not what most people think of as such. The most striking thing about him is his clothing... the vivid saffron garb traditionally seen by most Westerners as belonging to Hari Krishnas and Kung Fu flicks. For now, though, the loose and billowing outter robes are gone, and he wears just the deep orange leggings, loose for movement in the thighs, but wrapped tightly about his lower legs, with simple sandals upon his feet. Another piece of the light rust colored fabric serves as a one-shouldered tunic, tucked and belted at the waist. He carries a beaten up knapsack of sorts, tightly woven, threadbare in some places, patched in others. A set of dark-colored wooden beads is wrapped loosely about his left wrist, and a couple of other sets of beads, one of which appears to be made of small bone-colored carved skulls, sometimes peek out of his robes as he moves.

The boy seems only slightly put-off by the strange bird-who-was-a-woman, looking more mildly amused than startled. The demanding tone of the other woman snaps his attention back to her, however. He bows, a bit more deeply this time, "Tenzin Dawa." He pauses, before saying anything further. Granted, not just anyone would be standing in the barnyard, but it is best to think before one speaks. Another bow, "I am a cresent cub of the Children of Gaia."

There's a subtle relaxation in KL's stance at this introduction, and she nods a more generous greeting. "Hi. I'm KL Cole, sometimes called Escapes-From-Money, Cliath Ahroun of the Black Furies." She gestures at the farm behind her. "You living here?"

Tenzin points more towards the Barn, and even beyond, to the woods. "Around here, yes. I have only recently returned from a visit to the Sept of the Western Eye. I do not often stay in the house itself, though." He smiles at the relation of her deed-name, perhaps finding some Zen within it. "My only other name at this moment is Little River, given to me by Auggie-rhya."

"Pleased to meet you." KL says, with a grin. "That was a raven-changer, by the way." She gestures up at where Val had been. "First one I've ever talked to." She turns away and picks up her bottle of water, opens it and takes a drink, tipping her head back, plait falling clear of her back.

Tenzin shades his eyes briefly, as he turns his head to look at where the bird took off from, "I see. Or rather..." he turns back to the Fury and smiles, "I saw. That is the first I have seen." He ponders a moment, "First I have ever heard of, for that matter." He shrugs, chuckling softly, "The more one learns, the more one finds that there is to learn."

KL smiles in response. "That's true enough." She pauses, takes another swig of water. "So, anything I can help you with? Information I can give? You sound like you're pretty up with everything."

Tenzin taps his walking stick against the insole of his sandal, "Touch Deer-rhya has charged me with learning as much as I can about the construction of wind talens and bane arrows. He told me one of the most powerful of my auspice here in this Sept is one called Jamethon. Do you know about these things, or how to find this Theurge?"

KL blinks. "I see. Interesting!" She grins widely. "I suspect I know which archer might be firing the bane arrows you construct." She looks around. "As for Jamethon, he can often be found around the Caern, I think. But if not... dunno."

Tenzin tilts his head curiously, "And that archer would be?"

KL pats her chest. "Me. I think. Touch Deer-rhya ran me down yesterday and asked me to be in on the attack on the smog bane."

Tenzin folds his hands, palms together, again, and bows his head. "I see. I hope that my efforts will be able to serve you, and this battle, then."

The Fury grins. "If it's any use to you, my bow is 50 lbs at 28 inches, which is pretty standard for a hunting bow. I hope you can find it out, as it might get a bit exciting if they don't work." She stretches her shoulders out. "Anyway, I really need to head off, as I need to prevent my house from being repossessed."

The boy-monk bows more formally this time, "It was nice meeting you, KL-rhya. Good fortune to you."

"Drop the 'rhya' to me, Tenzin. Good luck in your endeavors. And I hope you get to rite soon." KL replies, with a grin and an inclination of her head. She picks up her backpack and slings it over her back, then checks the laces on her trainers, before setting off in a south-westerly direction, her easy running motion covering the ground quickly.

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