Jessica is just making her way out of the farmhouse, her steps confident and her posture in a state of looking pleased. The big black Chevy truck sits in the driveway, still crackling on occasion as the engine cools.

Up the path from the lane jogs KL, her easy stride covering the ground with efficiency. She's not really looking where she's going, as usual, and doesn't notice the truck until quite late. Her head swivels to stare at it as she runs past it, and she slows into a walk, curiosity etched on her face. She hasn't noticed Jessica at all, apparently.

Cole stretches his arms over his head as he makes his way toward the porch from somewhere in the direction of the fields. His attention is caught by the new truck, as well. He glances towards the porch, shading his brow.

Jessica moves towards the truck and gets her keys ready, stopping when she spots the other running up towards the porch. She gives a polite nod and a smile, noticing for right now, only KL. Cole's approach is out of her vision.

The Black Fury finally notices the owner of the car, and raises an eyebrow. She gives a sharp nod in response to the greeting, but no smile on her face - instead a look of hostility. "Hello." she says, stepping to interpose her body between car owner and drivers door. "Don't think I know you?" It's _just_ a question. Any flatter and it would definitely be an insult.

Cole walks around the corner of the house, catching sight of the pair already there. Kathryn gets a nod and a ghost of a smile. When his gaze falls on Jessica, he raises a brow. He hears KL's question and waits silently, at ease.

Jessica takes a step back, almost as if relinquishing her right to the vehicle in the stead of the other. "No, sorry. I only just arrived. I was meeting with Touch Deer this morning, I am Jessica MacLean."

A squint in response. "Do I know that name?" KL asks, more to herself than to Jessica. "Jessica..." She's not moving herself out of the way at all. Realisation dawns. "Wait. Do you know anyone called Anji?"

Cole relaxes noticably when it becomes clear that Jessica has some business being at the farmhouse. He offers the kinfolk a smile and nod, moving to sit on the rail of the porch. He doesn't seem particularly keen on leaving at the moment, curiosity aroused.

Jessica looks at the other as well, now that she's noticed him. Another nod is given, "I met with Anji yes, she was going to pass the word along that I was in town. Just arrived from West Allis, Wisconsin. I have kin there."

"Cool." KL's frozen hostility thaws, and she cracks a smile. "I'm KL, Ahroun of the sisterhood." There's still just the tiniest hint of wariness, but her expression is warm enough. "Welcome to St Claire." A vague hand wave to indicate the area. "So, who've you met?"

Cole's voice is added to the conversation. "Yeah, welcome to our home sweet home."

Jessica smiles much more relaxed now, her shoulders even easing to a more comfortable position. "Thank you. It's good to be here, I think?" She chuckles and reaches out to offer a handshake to the Ahroun. "KL! Yes, Anji spoke of you. I've met with your alpha Touch Deer, and Shelley- the albino?" She voices this softly, "And just recently Brom."

There are few ways to get KL to switch mood instantly, but saying the word "Brom" is one of them. Her brow creases into a frown and, though she shakes the proferred hand, she immediately folds her arms across her chest. "Yeah. Brom." Her frown eases. "Anyway, have you been to the house?" She glances up at Cole. "Heya."

You paged the room with 'On reflection, that's a lie. There are, in fact, quite a lot of ways to get KL to switch mood instantly.'.

Cole leans forward at the mention of an uknown albino additition to the Sept, cocking his head like a curious dog. He then shakes it when he hears Brom mentioned. "That must have been fun. Meeting Brom, I mean." He lifts his chin to KL. "Afternoon," he returns, amiably enough.

Jessica chuckles a little, looking between them both. "It was the first Get I've met of the male variety. A bit brutish, but he offered me help on the work my new house will need." She eyes Cole then, grinning, "I didn't catch your name? -And no KL, I've not been to the house."

"It's not far from here." KL says. "I could show you if you'd like. It's nice, though we're in serious danger of losing it, I think." She pauses, looking confused. "What month is it?"

Cole hops down, dusting off the legs of his jeans as he does. "Cole, Galliard of the Fianna. I'm guessing you're kinfolk?" He takes a step toward the pair as he speaks. "I'm guessing Black Fury, since KL's heard about you. I'd have picked you as Fianna, though, just by looks." He shrugs and grins, then gives KL a blank look. "It's November. The twenty-third, I believe. And what's this about losing the house?" His brows draw down.


A taller woman standing at perhaps 5'6" and built like someone who has spent a lifetime being active. Auburn hair, with a gentle wave to it, reaches just past her shoulders, but is often kept pulled back during various activities. Her eyes are green and her skin of average tone, not pale nor bronzed. Petite lips and a rather plain nose finish off the portrait of her face.
She moves with a steady gait, not really graceful, but certainly nothing clod-like. She seems well adjusted to tasks involving her hands and carries a certain dexterity about her. Her style of clothing leans towards rugged and outdoorsy, and practical over fashionable.


A lathe-turned wooden railing runs the length of the porch save where the steps are, well-worn with use. To the right of the stairs, a wide swing is suspended from the overhang which shelters this area; to the left, a small table is the centerpiece for several chairs pulled around it, all of which face out to the front yard and the fields and trees beyond. The bright colors of fall lend an atmosphere of wistful remembrance to this place, a memory of the summer past, and the knowledge of winter to come. Fallen flower petals dust the earth around the base of the low shrubs surrounding the porch, their delicate brittleness testament to the closing of the cycle.
An aging screen door newly refurbished stands between the heavy inner door of the house and the outside air. Four steps lead down to the lane, a number of pots with small flower seedling carefully arranged alongside them.

Jessica looks to them both, giving Cole a knowing nod. "Nearly full blooded Scots. Story goes that a pack of my Fury Ancestors hit the Isles during the Scottish Revolution. Been history ever since. -Why are you losing the house KL?"

"November? Fuck!" KL says, looking surprised. "We almost definitely shoud have been evicted by now. Because the person who owns it is dead, and has been for a while, and no-one has been paying the mortgage, and none of us can afford to. Though there was some plan to save it. I'll have to ask Anji about it. Kevin - he's a glasswalker - is from Scotland. Or nearby, I think. He's British, anyway."

Cole looks alarmed. Talk about now knowing who puts a roof over your head! "You're shitting me!" The Galliard shakes his head, as if to deny it. "I thought some kinfolk was paying for it at the moment." He sucks in a deep breath and slowly lets it out. Jessica's story gets a nod. "Well, that'd explain it then, huh?" He's slightly less cheerful than a few moments before.

Jessica huhs, "What house, and what are the payments? I'm in the process of buying a farmstead not far from here, and I told Touch Deer that my shop on the city limits would be open to all Garou needing a stop over."

"It's the Fury house." KL says, with a small nod. "It's all Greek and everything. Very nice. I guess it's Helen's territory, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind me showing you it, and you'd be welcome there any time. And what sort of shop? And I have no idea what the payments are, because they're a number and all I can recall is 'big'. The paperworks back at home." Rapid fire sentence, subjects tripping over themselves in a rush to get out. KL puts her hands on the bonnet of the truck and levers herself up, so that she's sitting on it, without any sign that she knows this might be a slightly irritating thing to do.

Cole relaxes. "Oh, the Fury house. I thought you meant the farmhouse." He gestures with his hand behind him. He falls silent after that, letting the Furies speak.

If the kin took any objection to the deflowering of her truck -and judging by the immaculate condition of it, the truck may very well be 'her baby' - she does not voice it. A brief glance is given to the Ahroun before she simply nods and continues on with her conversation. "Well, I can help out as needed, once my shop opens up I'll have some income. Or, I can make use of the house I am purchasing as a place for you folks to stay."

"Cool." KL enthuses, sliding down from the car. If she was making a point, it's not very clear what it was. Still, the truck appears undamaged, though there's a couple of sweaty handprints that have been left behind on the pristine gloss. She looks up at Cole. "Sorry, probably wasn't being very clear. I have no idea who owns the Farmhouse. Aubrey?" She looks back to the kin. "You didn't say what sort of shop it was?"

Cole shakes his head, giving a grin. "No worries. I just jumped to the wrong conclusion, missed, and fell flat on my face. I think a kinfolk of hers owns it, at the moment. That's why I was alarmed to think that the person who owned it was long-dead." He looks back to Jessica. "What sort of shop is it going to be? We've got a new kinfolk named Twist. Opening up a silversmithy in town."

"A silversmithy?" comes Jessica's rather shocked surprise. "I'd not think the Garou would be so excited about a shop like that? My shop is a garden and feed supply store. Only, natural and wholistic. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Which, by the by, if you find anyone offering free manure, that'd be a handy tip off for me." She smiles, "The less of that stuff penetrating our soils the better."

"Cool." KL says, again, though her enthusiasm might have dimmed slightly. "I don't really know any farmers. Or where you'd get manure from. Other than the rear of animals, obviously." She seems rather lost in her own curious train of thought. "Is there any milk?" she asks Cole. "We've run out again."

Cole nods to Jessica. "Twist's a responsible guy, and he's careful. He works with other metals, too. I'm not going to exactly do a jig about having a few hundred pounds of silver fifty feet from my face when I visit, but it could come in handy, someday." He grins, shrugging it away. "No idea bout the manure, sorry." Cole blinks at KL and nods. "...Yeah, in the new fridge. A little two percent and a new gallon of whole."

Jessica chuckles at the Ahroun as she hops to another topic. "I was just on my way out, is there anything I can bring back next time I come around? Oh, and how far is the Fury house KL? Would you like a ride there?"

The Ahroun looks dubious at this, and glances at the car. "It's not far. I'm not a big fan of cars." she says. "But you should know where it is, so yes, I'd love one this time." She walks around to the passenger door. "I'll come back to steal the milk later." she says to Cole.

Cole smirks. "Sure thing," he says to KL. "But I didn't hear that you plan to. The cubs'll throw a conniption fit if they don't have milk for their wheaties." This is...probably a joke. He offers a nod to Jessica. "Well, it was nice meeting you, Jessica. Nice seeing you again, KL."

Jessica nods her head and opens her car door, nodding to the other to hop on in as well. "Thanks Cole, it was a pleasure. Hope to see you again soon."

"See you, Cole." KL says as she slides into the car and waves goodbye. There's a certain amount of bouncing on the seat and curious poking in the glove compartment, just for good measure, before they leave.

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