Time/Date: It is currently 07:31 Pacific Time on Tuesday (pay attention - this is important) Nov 29 2005.

Weather: Currently in Saint Claire, it is a cloudy day. The temperature is 37 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the east at 13 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.79 and falling, and the relative humidity is 93 percent. The dewpoint is 36 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase:

Place: Brownstone, then streets outside

Brownstone -- Basement Apt.(#3328RJ)

The basement of the brownstone has been split into two sections. The stairwell leads down into the northwest corner section, which contains the boiler room, furnace, and the elevator shaft. The rest has been converted into another apartment, and Signe's made it into a rather fortified one at that. The only entrance is through a re-enforced steel door with no less than three dead-bolts. There are absolutely no windows at all in any of the four concrete and brick walls. It's a rather stark but functional space. Overhead, the air ducts and plumbing pipes are exposed, while the cement floor is covered by a ragged dark wine and gold Oriental throw rug. A makeshift shelving unit of two-by-fours and cinder block has been erected along the length of the wall with the door, and it houses a stereo, tv and old vcr. Directly opposite this is a beat-up leather couch and two mismatched recliners. The kitchen is small but functional, with a round wooden table and four chairs. Half of the back end of the building has been walled off for a private bedroom, while the rest is open to the living area. This space has been converted into a home gym--complete with wrestling mats, weights, and a full weight boxing bag.


5'2" of youthful energy packed up into a body all too willing to use it. Emma would be described as pretty if she were cleaned up and dressed the role, but all too often the scrapping tomboy paints herself with bruises instead of blush.
Somewhere in her mid-teens, her features are strong but decidedly feminine. High cheekbones and full lips work well to compliment her almost button nose and deepset eyes, while dark, ash blonde hair frames her face. While not straight, it is not curly either, and untied it reaches down past her shoulders. Her eyes are a cool blue, reminiscent of a bright summer day - but like the weather they seem to hold an amount of unpredictability. There is a hardness to her gaze, and while her smiles can be warm and sincere, they are well guarded.
Her posture is an odd mix of insecurity and confidence -or at least what might be confused as confidence. She seems surefooted and comfortable with herself, but exudes a certain edginess to those she might see as a source of ridicule.


Standing a little over five foot tall and slimly built, KL makes a not particularly imposing first impression. In her late teens, she has an air of irritation, and of nervy energy, combined with hostility and restrained aggression.
Her mousy-brown hair is pulled back into a plait that hangs down to the small of her back, and is fastened at the bottom and the top by dark brown leather bands. She would be quite attractive - she has a very cute, upturned nose, and expressive hazelnut eyes - were it not for the anger in her gaze and the sullen set of her mouth. She stares at people - particularly people she doesnt know - with a cold fury, as if waiting for an opportunity to attack them.
KL has pale skin, and on her right shoulder-blade is a two-inch-square tattoo of a winged horse. There isn't much in the way of excess flesh on her, her cheekbones are clearly visible and her bare arms have a tight musculature that speaks of regular and plentiful exercise.
She's rarely still for very long, and while she still remembers to slouch around from time to time, she's less inclined to do it these days, and her natural grace, balance and co-ordination is clearly evident in her movements.
She's currently wearing a pair of blue jeans that are slightly too large for her - it appears only a black leather belt is preventing them from descending southwards at pace. On her top half is a maroon t-shirt which has a picture of a small rabbit with its hands over its ears and the legend "Not Listening" beneath. Over that is a black leather jacket, unfastened and hanging loosely around her torso. On her feet are an old and battered pair of combat boots, that have seen many better days.

The apartment is mostly quiet this morning, save for the sound of Emma sleeping on the couch. She is caught in a cycle of dreams again it seems, eyes twitching under her lids and muscles tensing.

The bane of any sleeping Garou is the early-rising packmate. Regrettably, one of these is currently hammering on the door, and yelling "Hello! Anyone home?" loud enough to wake the dead, let alone a dreaming Ahroun.

That startles the Ahroun awake- and in fact sends her rushing to the door with a growl.

"I left my key at home." KL says, when the door is open. "Did I wake you?" This is accompanied by the wide-eyed innocence of someone who knows the answer is "yes", and who gets up stupidly early herself.

Emma opens the door and lets out a groan, wiping a hand over her face. "It's alright, was dreaming anyway." She steps back to the couch and flops down, leaning back heavily against it. "What's going on?"

KL pauses, and looks confused. "It is Wednesday, isn't it? Early patrol day?" She closes the door behind her, and then bounces into the middle of the room. "What do you think of my new jacket?" she asks, doing a piroutte to show it off.

Emma ohs and nods, "Right right. Uh. Nice, where'd ya get it?" She starts looking about for her shoes and belongings. "I guess I'll shower when we get back. Why clean up to get dirty?"

"Goodwill shop over there somewhere." A vague gesture that incorporates half the city. "Yeah. I know we just walk around, but I always end up feeling so grimy after a patrol." She pauses, and frowns. "I heard about Maggie, by the way. Sorry."

Emma shrugs. "She wasn't my cub. We butted heads more than anything else. And with the sorry state the Get are in here, she's probably better off waiting for her next life." She laughs, "I hope I am Fury in my next life. Or doesn't that work like that?"

"No idea. Though I think you get to go to the homeland, or something." KL says, shaking her head. "Sorry state of the Get? You can't just be talking about Brom again?"

Emma laughs. "Maybe. Just my madness I guess - maybe I am part Fang." She reaches down to a sweathshirt on the floor and makes quick motion of switching out of t-shirt and into the new one. "I stood up to him the other day. But I still don't feel much like I have this Get thing down pat. And now with Signe taking off."

"Signe leaving?" KL looks depressed at this. "Doesn't leave us much of a pack, does it?" She looks away as Emma changes, though she flicks a regret-filled glance back once, then wanders over to a wall and leans nonchalently against it.

Emma shrugs. "What can we do about it?" She sighs, looking to the Fury, "I don't want to lose you KL. I've lost too many from my pack. Maybe she is just busy and still recovering from having her kids. Maybe things will be fine."

"I'm not going anywhere in a hurry." The Fury says, smiling. "But we're going to struggle to keep Vex without more people. Perhaps we could recruit someone?" She shurgs. "No idea who, though." A contemplatory moment. "Do you know anything about this tire fire, Emma?"

Emma shakes her head, "Not a clue. I've been, I don't know. Brain dead lately? There are some up and coming cubs. Justin, the Fang. He's on his Rite. Don't know if he'd be interested in a war pack, his rite is sort of, wussy so far."

"I ran into him. Went down to the Odeon - I wanted a brief chat to Olga, but met him." KL smiles at the memory. "He wanted to know if I had a clue for him because I had a tattoo. Very odd. Tire fire?"

"You do?" she asks in regards to the tattoo. "I didn't know that. What of, where?" Emma lets out a slow sigh and keeps walking.

"Pegasus. On my right shoulderblade." KL says. "Wanna see?" She grins mischeviously, and looks around the street, checking for lowlife spectators.

Emma nods her head, "Yeah. Does that ya know, stick with you all the time? Did it hurt? How'd you get it without freaking?"

KL flicks her coat off her back and tucks it under an arm, then pulls the shoulder of her T-shirt back to reveal the tattoo. She turns to show it to Emma, then re-clothes herself. "It's not really visible most of the time, but I guess it's still there. Yes, it hurt, though not a lot, and by going at the best time of the month, and having someone to talk soothingly to me all the time." She grins. "I'd like to get another at some point, just not sure of what."

Emma grins, "I kinda want one." She smiles, "But I don't know of what either. I have the one Gunnar gave me, but that is all ghetto style." She laughs.

The Fury grins in response. "Tell you what. If we can think of something appropriate, we could both get the same one?" KL asks, raising an eyebrow enquiringly. "I mean, not if you didn't want, obviously. And I really do need to know if you know anything about the tire fire."

Emma laughs, "I don't know anything about the tire fire. I haven't even been there. And yeah, that'd be cool. Maybe some sort of symbol that works for both of us."

"What does ragey-clawy death look like, anyway?" KL asks. "As to the tire fire, I'd like to sort out dealing with it if possible. I thought about getting a couple of ragabashes and theurges, with some ahroun back-up, to have a look around it on the other side." She's deliberately keeping her voice low. "I thought I'd ask you and Gunnar first, then sort myself out the rest of the party. Assuming Touch Deer says yes, when I ask him."

Emma nods her head, "A wolverine KL. A wolverine." She smiles smartly at this, then shoves her hands into her pockets. "Is anyone else working on the fire? I heard it was ugly bad both sides. We need to find a way to sort out what needs be done without risking our numbers in the scouting part of it."

"I was hoping Touch Deer would tell me if someone else was on it." KL says. "And yeah, if it's been going for that long, it's going to be horrible. Which is a reason to take care, not a reason to not do anything. I'm kind of hoping we can just nick in, perform a fucking huge cleansing, then nick out, but I suspect it's not going to be that easy. If Touch Deer says 'yes' then I'm not going to lose anyone on the scouting mission. I'd rather come away with nothing than have someone killed."

Emma nods her head, "Just let me know how I can help. Did you talk with TD yet?" The two begin their patrol, lightly talking as they meander their pathing.

"Not yet. Next on my list." KL says. "I'm guessing he'll be near the caern, and if not, I'll leave a message at the Farm." She peers down an alley way. "Is it me, or is it worryingly quiet around here at the moment?" Emma looks a bit, "Seems like it, but it's been quiet a lot lately. You getting wigged out?"

"Expecting to be jumped at any point." KL agrees with relish. "Could do with the exercise." She looks hopefully across the road at a couple of kids, who refuse to meet her gaze and decide they need to be somewhere else. Rapidly. The Fury sighs dramatically. "No fun."

Emma grins at the other, "You crack me up. Why don't we head down to the farm now, we can scrap out there. I'll give you some exercise."

"Doesn't look like anything else is going to be happening." KL says. "You got transport, or is it the long walk ahead of us? I can leave my note for Touch Deer when we get there, actually."

Emma grins, "I can call Mitch. I'll sit in the middle." She offers all too eagerly. "Wanna go now? It's quiet, like you said. And anything that could happen dayside, is stuff we have issues dealing with."

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