Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is partly sunny. The temperature is 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the southwest at 3 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.11 and falling, and the relative humidity is 86 percent. The dewpoint is 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius.)

Time/Date : It is currently 15:17 Pacific Time on Wed Nov 30 2005.

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waning New Moon phase (4% full).

Place : Anji's Apartment

It's lateish in the day, getting on for 7pm. Anji and White Rabbit are sat together on the couch watching ancient cartoons - Dangermouse, Nightmare, Button Moon - all the classics, and chatting animatedly about the cartoons of yesteryear, which Anji remembers and White Rabbit has seen often enough to wish she'd been around for the origionals. Pizza is on it's way, ordered about half an hour ago and due within the next ten minutes.

Anji, having ordered the pizza, recalls that there's most of a bottle of ouzo opened (how long ago it seems!) this morning and gets up from the television to retrieve it and find clean glasses.

From without, comes an almost well-mannered knock at the door, accompanied by a very quiet "Anji? You in?" Both are only just audible over the noise of the television.

"Want me to get it?" White Rabbit asks of the kinswoman, though doesn't rise from the couch unless she agrees. What she does do is reach for the remote control, hitting the 'mute' button.

"That's not pizza, unless KL's taken a job delivering it. In which case, heaven help the customers. Let me." Anji trots past White Rabbit and to the door. "KL? Any news?" she asks slightly nervously, though nowhere near as shattered as she seemed last night.

"Nothing worth reporting, sorry." KL says. "I just thought I'd drop in...seeing I was in the neighbourhood." She looks down and away as she says this, shifting nervously from foot to foot. "Didn't realise you had company." Her gaze rises and stares at White Rabbit, a hint of hostility creeping in to her expression.

Rising from the sofa, White Rabbit looks at KL for a moment, though does not meet her gaze. Instead her eyes rest on the woman's shoulder, safely lower and out of the way of anything even remotely challenging, her posture submissive through she doesn't go right out and openly submit in case this visitor is just an aggressive human.

Anji speaks in a hurry before the situation can escalate. "KL, this is White Rabbit of the Glass Walkers. She knows Jessica, and it was she who came back with us to the site... the site of... to the parking lot last night. Rabbit, this is my kin KL, who I've known for longer than anyone else in town."

KL nods and grins at Anji. "I'm not going to start a fight in your apartment." she says. "Not at this time of the month, and not unless you've got more flat-pack furniture to put up." She takes a couple of steps further into the room and turns to Rabbit. "Hi. Do you want the proper intro? And do you have anything I can steal to eat, Anji?"

"There is pizza on the way," White Rabbit offers to KL, as she sinks to her knees with her hands behind her back, head jerked back so her chin is up, throat and belly exposed. Utter submission, albeit very awkward coming from a homid body. "White Rabbit, metis. Knife-moon Cliath of Cockroach's Brood," she offers first.

Anji's face sets into something like horror as White Rabbit goes into ostentatious submission and she freezes nervously.

"KL Cole, Cliath Ahroun of the Black Furies." The fury ahroun replies. "Pizza? It's terribly bad for you, and is probably of the weaver. Can I steal some?" She grins widely at this feeble joke. "And...thanks for helping Anji and Jess out."

Holding the pose a moment longer, White Rabbit begins to get up carefully and slowly. "It is only right that a noble full-moon should join us in tearing into the Weaver's makings," she affirms. There might be a hint of humor in her tone as well, but it's very faint, very cautious.

Anji looks from one garou to the other leerily. When it's clear that there is no actual bloodshed about to occur, she untenses some. "There's also ouzo," she mentions. "Rabbit and I had some already, but there's plenty left, KL. You must deserve it by now."

"Sure. What's ooze-o?" KL asks, sounding the syllables carefully. She smiles at Rabbit, then glances at the television. "Wow. TV. Can tell you're a Walker. Hmm. Knife-moon. Would you be interested in a scouting trip, assuming I get the go-ahead from Mr. Deer?"

"Alcohol," the metis supplies. "It tastes a bit like liquorice." There's another knock at the door, one more officious. "Ah. Pizza. Want me to get it?" White Rabbit offers a second time, more secure in the knowledge that it's the food-boy.

"That'll be just right," Anji says to the metis, passing her some money to pay the delivery man.

Outside the door however, is both the delivery man and a Jessica. She smiles as she exchanges some of her own money with the pizza dood, then takes the pizza boxes in her own hands and waits for the door to open up.

KL finds an unoccupied piece of floor and sits down on it, pulling her knees up towards her chest and not looking at the door, trying to look as unnoticeable as possible.

Taking the money offered by Anji, White Rabbit answers the door to...Jessica! And a retreating pizza man. Confusion reigns on the Walker's face for a moment. "Um, come in?" she voices to the kin, observing that she is carrying the pizza. Assuming she's paid, since the delivery man is leaving, White Rabbit offers Jessica Anji's money. Phew! Confusing.

Anji seems confused a moment, "Jessica? Are you okay?" And as the door's shut, "Did the police speak to you?"

Jessica smiles as she comes in, "Thought I'd come see how you were doing. Got a party in here?" she asks cheerfully enough. She refuses the offer of money and hands the pizza over. "They did. I gave them a vague detail of what happened and that's that. A tall, strong man wearing a mask of some sort, threw something heavy at the car and broke the window."

KL looks up as soon as the door is closed and nods at Jessica. "Sounds convincing." she says. "Anyway. I have a more important question. Why does the mouse have an eyepatch?" She gestures at the television. "And what is that thing with it? And can I try the ooze-o?"

"Because he's /Dangermouse/" White Rabbit informs, as if that should explain everything. Having liberated the pizza from Jessica, the metis takes it over to the kitchen countertops, popping the lid and inhaling deeply of the scent that rises from it once this has been done. "Oh yes. This is one battle I will /very/ much enjoy."

Anji holds the bottle up. "Ouzo is our tribal drink!" she proclaims, and pours KL a generous tot. "I'm guessing it's, like, a mouse version of a battle scar. Did you tell them we went back?" she asks Jessica.

Jessica nods. "So as not to get confused stories in case anyone saw. I said we went back to check on the security guard, and that's when we saw him... and then sped off to the station." She sets down on the couch and lets out a slow breath, "They gave me a number to a counseler," she chuckles. "In case I was feeling overwhelmed."

KL studies the glass in her hand closely, then takes a rather incautiously-large sip. She coughs, gasps for breath, then tries to turn it into a grunt (unconvincingly). Eyes watering, she studies the television - rather than looking at anyone else in the room. "It's very liquorice." she says, eventually, before taking a much smaller sip. "But I think I like it."

"Where do you keep your plates?" White Rabbit asks of Anji, beginning to seperate the pizza slices with deft fingers. "And who wants how much?"

Anji smiles at KL's discomfiture. "It's not soda, just a sip at a time is best. Plates are in that cupboard there... Damn, I didn't mention the going back in case they were even more suspicious of us than they were always gonna be," she says to Jessica. "And I forgot all about the window -- did you get it replaced before they saw it?"

Jessica looks to the booze being passed, "Ouza hmm? Where'd you get that from Anji?" She looks to the pizza and hmms, "I didn't figure in on the pizza so you guys take your fill." She looks to Anji and frowns, "No, I am still going mock convertible. But I wouldn't worry about it, two young women nearly assaulted, -very likely they'd be a bit scatter-brained."

"I'll just have a couple of slices." KL says, taking another sip of ouzo. "It's not as bubbly as beer, but it's more of a challenge to drink." She says decisively. "But it's not as cold. Hmm. On the other hand, it's quite cold outside, and it's more warming."

Fetching out plates, putting a couple of slices on three of them, White Rabbit passes one each to Anji and KL, before taking the third for herself and tucking into one of her slices with an obvious hunger.

Anji tucks into pizza too. "Well," she says, looking round, "we're all still here and not dead or in jail, so I'm gonna call this last few days not /quite/ a total disaster."

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