Time/Date : It is currently 11:05 Pacific Time on Fri Dec 2 2005.

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waxing New Moon phase (8% full).

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is a cloudy day. The temperature is 33 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 29.76 and rising, and the relative humidity is 96 percent. The dewpoint is 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius.)

Place : Safehouse

Safehouse: Common Area

The foyer of this house is set off from the living room with its octagonal bump-out by a four foot high halfwall. Stairs lead up from the foyer, turning and disappearing to the right, and a wooden door with a keycard lock claims the wall opposite the living room. The rest of the main floor is taken up by a small bathroom across the hallway from a dining room which is separated from the kitchen at the back of the house by another half-wall. The decor is decidedly sparse - white walls, beige carpeting in the living and dining rooms and down the hall, unremarkable vinyl in the foyer and kitchen.
A used couch and a pair of recliners are grouped around a coffee table in the living room, with a foursome of wooden chairs claiming the bump out for quieter conversation. The dining room boasts a white laminate table with four aluminum and vinyl-upholstered chairs - too new to be 'vintage', too old to be trendy. The appliances and cupboards in the kitchen are new - or at least refurbished to look like it - and a door leads out to the backyard from there.
Up the stairs are a number of empty rooms where anyone affiliated with the Sept can crash and an office for private meetings. The Glass Walkers have their own area accessible via a locked door off the foyer. The main doors themselves lead back out to the front porch of the house.

Sitting on the couch in the common area is Kevin, a carrier bag in his hands which he's twisting back and forth idly, a gloomy expression on his face. Twist, twist, twist.

Any quiet contemplation he may have been interested in, is shattered by a thumping on the door. The invention of doorbells appears to have passed by the knocker completely. Or she's antisocial. Take your pick.

Kevin tosses the bag wearily aside and goes to answer the door. "KL?" he says on seeing the source of the knocking, with noticeable lack of enthusiasm.

"Hey Kevin." KL says, not having noticed his mood. "I brought some coffee, for old time's..." Her voice trails off into nothing. "What's up?" she asks, stepping inside and closing the door behind her.

Kevin closes the door. "It's that obvious, is it?" he asks. "Sorry." He pushes his gloom from him with an almost visible, physical effort and resumes something of his normal mien. "What can I do you for today? I'm still not going under that silver knife."

KL grins. "You ever going to let me forget that joke?" She wanders in and slumps down onto a sofa, throwing the bag next to her. "Well, first you can tell me what the matter is, then I can ask you for a favour, and then I'll answer whatever question it was you wanted to ask me when we sparred a couple of weeks ago. How's that?"

Kevin frowns as he tries to recall, then grits his teeth as he (presumably) does. "Oh. God. Yes. That question, the one I was too wimpy to ask in the end. That one?"

"That would be the question. Too wimpy or too in pain, I couldn't decide at the time." KL flashes a smile at this. "So, what was it? The Ahroun is in for advice, queries and commentary." Though her words are flippant, her tone is less so - she sounds concerned, and she's leaning forward, propping up her chin on her hands.

"You have great timing," Kevin says, gloom returning to his voice. "I was gonna ask... ah. Gonna ask," he repeats, redoubling his resolution, "what... girls like in a relationship."

"Ah." KL replies, her cheeks flushing red. She looks away, and down at the floor. "Um..." she tries. "Uh...why are you asking me?" The inflection is neutral, it's unclear if she's asking for the reason behind the question or the reason for it being asked of her.

Kevin grunts. "There are three women, apart from the one I'm asking in relation to, that I know well enough to try and ask. Natalie's several hundred miles away, and Emma threw a fit at me when she found out the girl is Walker kin and not Get. You're the third." He's also gone extremely pink about the cheeks.

"Right. So, you're reduced to asking the...Black Fury." KL says, still looking away. She screws her face up, and then looks up. "There isn't an answer, Kevin. Or, rather, there are as many answers as there are fish in the sea. Or rabbits in the woods. And I'm only guessing, because I've never had...never been in a relationship." She tips her palms. "But, I can think of one thing that any girl...or sane boy should want in any relationship."

Kevin flushes a little more at the reminder of KL's tribe. "Oh, come on, KL!" he snaps. "I may be clueless about... love and things but even I know that the guff about you all being butch dykes is a load of lies put about by tribes who aren't keen on you." He pauses and eyes KL. "Well, what's the one thing?" he asks, a little ungraciously still.

KL is bright, bright red, and once again unable to look at Kevin. "Honesty." she eventually manages to say. "Not just truthfulness, but honesty. If they want to be with you,then they want to be with _you_, not some fake, some pretence, that you put on. That's what people mean when they say 'just be yourself'. Be honest about who you are, and enjoy someone else's company." As she talks, the blush fades a little, and she just manages eye contact at the end of it.

"Well, that makes sense," Kevin allows. "But it kind of depends on you being sure what 'yourself'," (he waggles fingers in the air to denote inverted commas) "is." He pauses. "I've sort of got... no, damn it, I /have/ got a girlfriend."

"Good on you. I hope she's good enough." KL says. "And no, it doesn't. All it depends on is you stopping being hyper-aware of everything you say and do, and instead just relax, like you would with anyone." A pause. "Like you're being with me, now. Does that make sense? Honesty in this sense is just not pretending."

Kevin mmmms. "Yeah. It makes sense. But last night something happened that kind of shook everything about and I don't know if it'll ever be the same again..." He pauses, takes a deep breath and plunges in. "She got... attacked."

Snap. Everything shuts down. Blushing, talking about relationships, everything. KL is suddenly all business. "She did? Where? How? And has anything been done about it?" she fires rapid questions at him.

"Last night. At the university. Some freaky guy got into her dorm. She's okay... physically anyway." Kevin chews his lip. "She's been crashing out upstairs."

KL nods slowly. "Two of our kin were attacked the other day. There's something very bad happening at that University right now." She shakes her head slowly. "It needs dealing with real soon."

Speak of the devil. Footsteps on the stairs gradually resolve themselves into Aimee descending from the upper floor of the house. The kin's usual darker-colored attire has been altered by a ludicrously pink tee with a silver glitter star spread across its front. It looks like she literally just woke up because her hair is askew in its ponytail and she's rubbing sleep out of still-red eyes. The sound of voices doesn't quite register yet but she stops at the foot of the stairs and yawns widely.

Kevin looks completely panicked for a moment as he hears Aimee's footsteps on the stairs, and stares at KL in a "What do I do?" kind of frantic manner. But as she comes into view he jumps up and trots over towards her. "Aimee," he says. "This is going to sound like a crazy question, but how'd you feel today?"


Standing about five-four, Aimee is in no way an imposing person. Cute to a fault, her slim frame and gentle proportions make her out to be quite the mild-mannered girl. A round, sweet face bears a slender nose, and a generous, yet slim-lipped, mouth. Fine brows arch above almond-shaped eyes of soft blue with thick dark lashes. Pale skin only seems to accent the gentleness of her features. Mid-back length hair is a light amber-brown on top with a thick layer of black peeking through beneath. Slender arms, legs, and torso attest to some passing acquaintance with regular exercise.
A dark red turtleneck is topped by a long-sleeved shirt in a slate blue grey. The shirt has a collegiate style look with the letters 'STFU' on its front. Below this combination is a pair of faded black wide-leg jeans and a barely seen pair of thick-soled black shoes with scuffed toes. A thin gold chain with a small rose-shaped pendant is around her neck.

Aimee lowers one hand at hearing her name and smiles a little when she sees who's saying it. "Hey, Kev...I feel tired, like I didn't sleep enough. Angry, too. Though, that's only since I woke up and remembered last night." she says softly, definitely more subdued than she usually appears to the Ragabash.

KL, sitting on the sofa, looks at the new arrival with curiosity. She doesn't say anything, but puts on something obviously meant to be a reassuring smile, and straightens up in her seat.

"Did the police have any idea who the bastard was?" Kevin asks. "And, uh, can I? Get you anything?" There's a definite hint of overcompensation in his bright tones and caring attitude right now.

Aimee shakes her head slowly and rubs the last of the sleep out of her eyes, moving the hand to scratch her head. "No...nothing. He was wearing a skull-faced mask and he went out the window before anyone else could see him." Considering the question, she steps up close and regards Kevin soberly. "A hug?"

The Fury on the sofa suddenly discovers that anywhere is a better place to be looking than at Kevin and Aimee. She looks round frantically, spies the plastic bag she came in with, grabs the coffee pack from within and studies the contents with rapt attention.

Kevin, a little more cautiously than his usual way perhaps, scoops Aimee up into a caress. "Oh damn it," he says in a voice that's more than somewhat like a sob. "If I'd had any clue..." The hug persists for several seconds before he seems to remember the Fury on the couch. "Oh, Aimee. Do you know KL? She's ahroun, and she's way cool."

Aimee leans against Kevin for those few seconds, then lifts her head and turns it until she can see the aforementioned 'KL'. "Mmm, don't think we've met. Um, hi there, KL. Nice to meet you." She looks a little puzzled and moves her gaze between the two, "Did I interrupt anything?"

KL puts the coffee-pack down and looks up again. "No, we haven't. Hi there. I was just about to ask Kevin to come and have a poke at something on the outskirts of town. In a couple of weeks, that is." The Fury shrugs. "And he was telling me that you'd been attacked. A couple of Black Fury kinfolk - Anji and Jessica - were attacked in the parking lot the other day."

Kevin keeps one arm round Aimee as he looks at KL. "What's on the outskirts of town that I should be looking at?"

Clomping out from the Walker-specific area comes White Rabbit, a drink in one hand. She pauses upon spying people here, nodding respectfully to Kevin and then KL, before offering Aimee a slight smile.

Aimee's eyes widen and she chews on her lip, "Anji got attacked, too? Ack. I'm glad Leslie could get me here, I wouldn't have wanted to impose or nothin' in that case." Raising one hand, she covers her mouth and looks down for a few moments until the clomping gets her attention. Brightening a little, she returns the smile and lowers her hand. "Hey, Shelley."

"Morning." KL says to White Rabbit. "I didn't manage to get home." She looks back to Aimee and Kevin. "There's a tire fire burning out of control. A cub, Maggie, was killed there about a week ago. I'm going to be trying to sort it out, as it doesn't appear anyone else is. And I need a scouting trip first. Which means Ragabash." She stands slowly. "Amongst others."

Dismay spreads over Kevin's face yet again. "Maggie? Aw, /no!/ She was really worried, and I told her so was I, and I was okay, so she would be too..." His eyes close in resignation. "Okay, you got me. Why not for a couple of weeks... oh. Umbral? Right." He releases Aimee. "I'm going to go wrangle some coffee. I'll be /right/ back," he promises earnestly.

"Aimee, has Kevin passed on what I asked him to give you?" White Rabbit asks the kinswoman, before looking to KL. "No? How come? Decided to go play pizza-hockey instead?"

Aimee looks a little reluctant to be let go, but she nods gamely and smiles bravely. "All right, I'll be okay." Her hand snags his and gives it a squeeze before he heads off. The question to her earns another puzzled look and a shake of her head, "No...I only came downstairs a few minutes ago. Kinda been sleepin' last night off."

"I realised I was too tired to be safely allowed on the roads, and went and crashed at the Brownstone." KL says. "Might as well use it while I can." She frowns at the thought that accompanies this, then looks up at Aimee. "I know Leslie and Helen are working really hard to track down the people behind these attacks, and I'll be around to..." She pauses, a thought striking her. "Could you get me a pass, or something, so that I could be on campus legitimately?"

"Hmm. Back in a second." White Rabbit takes her clomping boots on a walk back into the Glass Walker area, the sound of her passage quite audiable until the door swings closed behind her.

Aimee rests the palm of her hand against one side of her head and takes a few breaths before answering. "Sorry...got a little overloaded there for a second. Um...I don't know if -I- can get you a pass, but as long as you're not on campus during curfew hours you're fine. I'll check around for you, though, when I'm there next. As it is, I'm ditching class today because of all this crap."

KL nods. "Curfew hours is exactly when I'd want to be on campus, though." She bites her bottom lip and twitches her nose, idly scuffing one boot against the floor. "Dang. I look too conspicious in lupus as well."

Presently, White Rabbit comes clomping back out, a shopping bag in one hand. "Catch," she voices to Aimee, bundling it up and tossing it lightly towards the kingirl. It's only a light thing, soft and relatively easy to catch.

Aimee makes a thoughtful noise and rubs at her head, "I'll see what I can do. Can't make any promises, though. They've gotten real tight on security on campus." Blinking at Rabbit's return, she holds out her arms to catch the package. Unbundling it, she looks the thing over and grins brightly. "Hey, thanks! That's real cool of ya." she says, shaking out a pair of pants similar to the ones the albino wears, albeit smaller.

"Thanks." The Fury Ahroun says. "I'm already tired of these bastards attacking people, and I'd really like to be able to do something about it." She sits herself back down on the couch with a bounce, and stretches her legs out in front of her, plonking one boot on top of the other with a thunk. "Good to know that they are trying to do something, though."

"Dunno if they're your size, but I figure it doesn't matter if they're a bit big," Shelley remarks with a return smile. "Saw them as I was walking through town earlier and figured I'd snaffle a pair before I forgot about them."

"I gave Leslie the shirt I was wearing last night, the one that skull-faced mother-fucker tore through. Hope she gets something good out of it." Aimee says, a little vitriol tinging her voice as she drapes the pants over one arm. Grinning widely to Shelley, she shrugs and eyes the pants again. "If not, there's the wonderful magic of belts. I've learned to make just about anything fit these hips. Thanks."

KL nods. "I'll catch up with Leslie later," she says. "Co-ordinate our efforts." The Fury stretches her arms up above her, then puts them behind her head. "Even if you can't get me in in curfew, I'll persuade Emma to come and patrol the campus with me a bit, during the day."

Patting her hips, where three belts truss her own pants into place, White Rabbit nods her shared understanding of the trouble getting things to stay up.

"Every little bit helps in the end. I really hope you guys catch that asstard." Crossing to one of the recliners by the couch, Aimee curls up in one and leans back to relax. "As it is, I hope they don't make me pay for either a new window or a new door for my room. Thank gawd he didn't hit my computer, that's a bundle right there."

The Fury snorts, though doesn't say anything about that. There's a brief pause. "Kevin's worried about you." she says, eventually. Her glance at Aimee becomes a little more serious, a little more searching. "And he's very worried about what 'the right thing to do' - " she makes quote motions with her hands "- is. I told him to just be honest, but I'm not sure he understood."

Kevin emerges from the kitchen with three coffee cups on a tray, with cream and sugar separate. "Here we go," he says, "tuck in. I didn't make you one, Shelley, I wasn't sure if you wanted tea instead? If you do want coffee there's more in the pot."

"No, I'm fine thank you," Shelley replies with a smile to Kevin. "I tend to prefer cold drinks, unless the coffee has liquor in it," she adds with a slight, wry smile.

Aimee gives KL a very understanding look and smiles knowingly, bobbing her head in a small nod before Kevin returns. "Thanks, hon. Now I can wake up and feel fully cogitated. Goodbye fog of sleep."

KL returns a conspiratorial grin, and grabs a cup of coffee. "Nobody makes coffee like the Walkers." she comments, waving it airily, and nearly spilling some. "Oops. I usually have milk when I'm at home. Kevin, I'll have a chat to Brom before we...and whoever else I can persuade...do anything - I'll need his permission to steal you."

"There's milk in the fridge," Kevin says. "Most of you US types seem to take it with cream instead -- I've fallen victim to your bad habits."

Aimee says "Sugar. Just sugar. More coffee than anything else." Aimee says, cuddling her cup and leaning back in the recliner. "Thanks, sweetie. I appreciate it.""

Folding her arms and finding a bit of wall to lean against, as per normal, White Rabbit murmurs towards Aimee, "I'd like to have a chat with you later, if you don't mind. Nothing desperate, but whenever you've got half an hour or so."

KL looks a bit confused at Kevin's milk comments, but takes a big gulp of her coffee. "Hmm." she says. "Getting near patrol time. I should be off, I think. Nice to meet you Aimee." She drains her cup, and places it back on the tray.

Aimee looks up a bit and nods to Shelley, sipping her coffee and making a pleased noise. "Sure thing." Switching over to KL, she nods and smiles amiably. "Nice to meet you, least it's a good meeting. Walk safe."

"The only time an ahroun isn't safe is when she's toe to toe with the Wyrm himself," White Rabbit remarks with a wry smile. "Gaia's blessing, KL," she bids as the woman moves to head out.

"You too." KL replies, as she heads for the exit. "Both of you." WIth that, she opens the door and exits into the early afternoon...cloudiness.

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