Time : It is currently 03:21 Pacific Time on Fri Dec 2 2005.

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, MIX PCPN. The temperature is 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 29.60 and rising, and the relative humidity is 93 percent. The dewpoint is 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waxing New Moon phase (6% full).

Place : Garcia's Pizza Parlour


Standing a little over five foot tall and slimly built, KL makes a not particularly imposing first impression. In her late teens, she has an air of irritation, and of nervy energy, combined with hostility and restrained aggression.
Her mousy-brown hair is pulled back into a plait that hangs down to the small of her back, and is fastened at the bottom and the top by dark brown leather bands. She would be quite attractive - she has a very cute, upturned nose, and expressive hazelnut eyes - were it not for the anger in her gaze and the sullen set of her mouth. She stares at people - particularly people she doesnt know - with a cold fury, as if waiting for an opportunity to attack them.
KL has pale skin, and on her right shoulder-blade is a two-inch-square tattoo of a winged horse. There isn't much in the way of excess flesh on her, her cheekbones are clearly visible and her bare arms have a tight musculature that speaks of regular and plentiful exercise.
She's rarely still for very long, and while she still remembers to slouch around from time to time, she's less inclined to do it these days, and her natural grace, balance and co-ordination is clearly evident in her movements.
She's currently wearing a pair of blue jeans that are slightly too large for her - it appears only a black leather belt is preventing them from descending southwards at pace. On her top half is a maroon t-shirt which has a picture of a small rabbit with its hands over its ears and the legend "Not Listening" beneath. Over that is a black leather jacket, unfastened and hanging loosely around her torso. On her feet are an old and battered pair of combat boots, that have seen many better days.


Standing six feet tall and whippet thin, White Rabbit could be easily mistaken build-wise for a scarecrow, were it not for her complete and utter lack of colour. From alabaster skin to ivory hair, eyelashes and brows, lips and all other visible parts other than her eyes, this young woman is utterly bereft of natural colour. Only in her eyes is it a different story, her irises a pale and watery shade of blue, so pale as to be considered white except when placed against the bleached canvas of her skin. The shape of her face is almost elfin, finely boned and fragile-seeming; almond-shaped eyes, slanted cheekbones and a gently pointed chin emphasising her frail appearance. Her hair is long, left to grow without restraint it might seem, creating a thick mane from scalp to thigh when loose, though most often tied back in some way. Bodily she has long limbs, surprisingly muscular for all their overall willowy appearance, elongated finger-digits moving with great precision when needed. Finally, she has a somewhat androgynous flavour to her body, a distinct lack of much in the way of curviture on chest or hip finishing off her alien countenance.
Offsetting her stark appearance and perhaps even taking advantage of it, White Rabbit employs dark clothing, creating a gothic contrast. A black breastband stretches over her torso, covering the vital parts while leaving her upper chest and midsection exposed. Over this a mesh shirt rests, snugly pulled in to present a gridline over her upper body. At the hip a pair of baggy slate-grey cargo pants begin, belted in with three leather straps before hanging in loose folds to her ankle, hiding any definition her legs might have had. In their style they are festooned with pockets, most of these seeming to be empty save for the two at the hip. Just above her ankle the pants tuck into hard leather stomping boots, the kind decorated with metal studs and plates and with ten or twelve eyelets for the lace to snake in and out of. Her hair is braided at the moment, nine or or ten thick ropes beginning at different points on her head, swaying lightly when she moves.

Late. Really late. Garcia's All Night Pizza Parlour spills light out onto the dark and largely deserted streets. KL sits near a table by the wall, chair tipped back so that she's leaning precariously against the brickwork behind her. A pizza so cold that the cheese has congealed lies, half-eaten, on a plate in front of her. She's staring into the mid-distance with blank, unseeing eyes, her brow wrinkled into an absent frown.

Ghostlike in her pale complexion, and gothly with the clothing over it, White Rabbit comes stalking into the pizza parlor. It's not unnusual for Glass Walkers to be up at stupid o'clock, and this one has just found the need for some cheesy sustainance. She heads for the counter, ordering a large kitchen sink pizza, and looking around for somewhere to sit....finding KL. She saunters over that way, though doesn't sit, instead resting her hand on the back of the opposing chair and asking, "May I?" Her gaze is on the table rather than on KL.

Jolted out of her reverie, KL starts, looks up at White Rabbit, then her eyes widen in panic as the legs of her chair slip against the tiled floor. She falls slowly to the ground, her head banging repeatedly against the wall behind her as she makes her stately, but undignified, descent. "Ow." she says, succinctly, from her supine position. "I don't suppose you could give me a hand up?"

Wincing at the crash, White Rabbit leans over the table to offer a white hand to KL. "Sorry about that," she murmurs, a guilty look in her eyes as she easily hauls the Ahroun to her feet.

"Thanks." The Fury Ahroun says, once she has righted herself. "Surprised to see you here." She pulls the chair up and re-sits down, waving a hand at a seat opposite. "Feel free." It's been barely a minute since she fell, but apparently learning from experience isn't one of her strong points, as she tips the chair back again, once more leaning up against the wall. "I take it no more news about our University friend?"

"No, though I did see something on the news that bothered me," White Rabbit replies, sitting down opposite. "One of the university sports jocks flipped out on another sports player. He swang him around as easily as you or I might throw Anji, if we were so inclined." She folds her hands over her stomach, adopting a comfortable slouch. "Why surprised to see me?"

"It's three in the morning." KL comments. "I'm surprised that anyone's awake. Fuck, I'm surprised _I'm_ awake." She looks forlornly at the pizza in front of her. "Do you want to order fresh, or finish mine? It's gone a bit cold, I think." She prods it with a finger, and it behaves rather more like a hockey puck than a melted-cheese delicacy. "Very cold." As if the information has been slow processing, she looks up. "That's interesting. Perhaps someone should pay him a visit?"

"I've ordered a kitchen sink. You're welcome to have some of that, rather than breaking your teeth on that thing," White Rabbit offers, then nods. "Maybe. I don't remember what his name was, but I'm sure it'll be in the university paper."

"I didn't mean me. Someone nice." KL says. "Or at least, someone who he's not likely to hide behind a couch to get away from." She folds her arms over her chest. "I didn't get a chance to talk to you much at Anji's. Too busy trying ooze-o." She grins at the memory. "Where're you from?"

"Originally, Colorado," White Rabbit murmurs. "But having spent the last six years travelling along the eastern seaboard and across the top below Canada, I don't really have a specific 'from' any more. How about you? You don't sound as if you're from Greece."

"Nah." The Fury says. "Never been there. Mean to, at some point. I'm a fellow Coloradan - originally from Denver." She waves a vague hand. "Probably never going back there." She pauses. "I don't look very Greek, do I? Mum's Dad is from that part of the world, but he died before I was born, I think." She shrugs. "Never really cared that much."

"Springfield," White Rabbit offers drily by way of reply. "I don't suppose it really matters how you look, as long as you follow the guidelines expected of you," she adds thoughtfully. "Well, as long as your looks are normal, anyway," she adds with a slightly self-depreciating smirk.

KL inclines her head in agreement. "Guess so. Wouldn't mind looking all Xena, though. That would be cool." A pause. "Though probably draughty in a Washington winter. With the leather armour and everything." She smiles at her own joke. "My...boss has left." She offers. "There's a vacancy in my...organisation. At the top. Don't know what we're going to do."

Shelley looks somewhat clueless. "Xena?" She rubs a hand back over her brow, idly pushing one of her ropelike braids back from her face. "Well, I only know of you and Tr-....Leslie, so I guess it's going to be either you or her?" she misinterprets.

KL looks confused for a few moments, then realisation dawns. "Not that organisation. Signe has left town. And you know, Xena. Lucy Lawless." She mimes throwing something with a discus-like motion.

"I don't know anyone called Signe. Or Lucy." White Rabbit strikes out, but fortunately is saved from making another silly comment as her pizza arrives. It's large, and has pretty much everything on it, hence why she called it the kitchen sink. "Help yourself," she offers, pulling a slice free for herself, spending a moment fighting off stray cheese strings.

The Fury pulls up a piece of pizza. "This thing has meats on it I've never even heard of." she says, appreciatively. "Of course, pizza is Italian, and that's a part of Greece, so it's bound to be good. I am thinking about applying for..." She takes a huge bite of it, and continues to talk, her voice somewhat muffled and distorted by the food in her mouth "...promotion. If I still have an...organisation...to be part of."

"Well, there's enough around to need organising," White Rabbit voices, cottoning on to the auspice thing and then taking a big bite of her own slice, 'mmm'ing contentedly.

KL looks utterly blank, at this, half-eaten pizza slice frozen a foot from her face. "Enough what?" She leans forwards, checking for other inhabitants of the nearby area. (None). "In non-code," she whispers, "My pack alpha has left, we don't have beta anymore, and if there's still a pack to be part of, I'll challenge for alpha."

The confusion clearing up, White Rabbit ah's softly. "And if there isn't?" she prompts quietly, between mouthfuls of cheesy kitchen-sink goodness.

"Find a new one." KL says, leaning back and finishing off her pizza slice. "Better to be in than out and all that." She shrugs. "I did the loner thing for a while. Hated it. It's not natural."

"I know," the albino sighs. "I was in one right up until about a month ago. I miss it like hell."

The Fury looks understanding (in an ever so slightly patronising way). "Well, I'm sure you'll find some...employment...here." she says, resorting to rubbish code again. "Look - I've got to get back home at some point soon, but we'll hang out again, OK?"

Nodding, White Rabbit sits back, pulling free another slice of pizza. "Alright, sleep well when you do," she offers.

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