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Time/Date : It is currently 12:30 Pacific Time on Tue Dec 6 2005.

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is foggy. The temperature is 36 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the east at 3 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.41 and steady, and the relative humidity is 96 percent. The dewpoint is 35 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degrees Celsius.)

Campustown: Cup O-joes

Campustown: Cup O-joes

Small, smoky, spendy, this little coffee shop sandwiched between establishments more of the chain-store variety is a slice of pure 90's Generation X available 24 hours a day. Pierced and painted goths bemoaning the uselessness of life rub shoulders with the next generation of yuppies getting their caffeine fix via daddy's credit card, while they wait in line for one of the 20 different varieties of coffees, with flavorings to create even more choice. To double the offerings, any of those can be made with Cup O' Joe's very own Spiked! espresso beans which contain four times the caffeine of normal espresso. For those of weaker heart, Joe's also offers a selection of Nantucket Nectars in every flavor, and Crystal Clear water in five, ranging from plain to peach. Sandwiches made on foccacia bread in such scrumptuous flavors as avocado and sprouts and turkey and pesto can be purchased for the modest price of around five or six dollars.
A semi-circular counter arcs out from a corner of the bottom floor, furthest from and to the left of the front door. As many circular tables as an possibly fit are squeezed into the area between the front window, which is to the left of the front door, back into the room to the counter. A set of stairs begins halfway down the right side of the room, leading up to a cozy "reading room". Under the stairs is an open doorway leading into another room out of the noisy hubbub of the front entrance. In clement weather, six umbrella-shaded tables, capable of seating four people, are out on the sidewalk along the main road of Campustown.
Outside of the shop, SCCU can be reached by taking the main road north, while St. Claire is down I-90 if you head east. A 'sign' by the front door advertises today's specials.


There is little to set Iakovos apart from the general population in terms of looks. Standing perhaps slightly taller than average at 5'11", he is built in the manner of an office worker, slender and underworked as far as muscle building goes. That's not to say he's particularly weak, but no stronger than the average white-collar individual. He has olive skin rather than caucasian, shoulder-length dark brown hair and brown eyes complimenting this to give him a slightly mediterranean look. Facially he has strong cheekbones and a slightly too prominant nose, softened by lips that seem ever to smile.
Today Iakovos is wearing simple but smart attire. A thick woolen shirt with a generous roll-neck and long arms covers his torso, not-quite-grey in hue. Black dress pants adorn his legs, smartly knife-creased at the front. Finally, black dress shoes protect his feet, highly polished. It is not uncommon for him to be carrying a briefcase, and when the weather is unkind, to wear a black duster over his clothes.


Standing a little over five foot tall and slimly built, KL makes a not particularly imposing first impression. In her late teens, she has an air of irritation, and of nervy energy, combined with hostility and restrained aggression.
Her mousy-brown hair is pulled back into a plait that hangs down to the small of her back, and is fastened at the bottom and the top by dark brown leather bands. She would be quite attractive - she has a very cute, upturned nose, and expressive hazelnut eyes - were it not for the anger in her gaze and the sullen set of her mouth. She stares at people - particularly people she doesnt know - with a cold fury, as if waiting for an opportunity to attack them. >BR />KL has pale skin, and on her right shoulder-blade is a two-inch-square tattoo of a winged horse. There isn't much in the way of excess flesh on her, her cheekbones are clearly visible and her bare arms have a tight musculature that speaks of regular and plentiful exercise.
She's rarely still for very long, and while she still remembers to slouch around from time to time, she's less inclined to do it these days, and her natural grace, balance and co-ordination is clearly evident in her movements.
She's currently wearing a pair of blue jeans that are slightly too large for her - it appears only a black leather belt is preventing them from descending southwards at pace. On her top half is a maroon t-shirt which has a picture of a small rabbit with its hands over its ears and the legend "Not Listening" beneath. Over that is a black leather jacket, unfastened and hanging loosely around her torso. On her feet are an old and battered pair of combat boots, that have seen many better days.


A shortish, plump woman seemingly in her early twenties, Anji Kyriacou gives the impression of somehow containing more energy within her body than its size and shape would normally hold with comfort. Perhaps it's the mass of tightly curled dark hair that runs in spring-like coils down to her shoulders that suggests tension. It's held out of her light olive-coloured, round face by a headband. Her brown eyes are bright and her cheeks frame a mouth that's just that little too close to her nose for her to be thought of as beautiful, especially when taken into conjunction with her rather stout form. She might qualify as pretty, though, at least in the eyes of some. She's generally smartly dressed in blouse, jacket and either neat female trousers or a skirt, depending on whim and weather. If encountered in working hours, she may well be wearing a namebadge on her lapel with her name and the St. Claire University logo.

It's a minute or two before half twelve, and Iakovos has settled himself down. He's got a coffee with him, and a spray of autumn Anemone flowers on the tabletop in front of him; the bright purple and white blooms so common in Greece here serving as a marker of who Anji is meeting. A briefcase is by his feet, and he's just taking a moment to look about the place.

A female student heads for the door, then, on opening it, hurriedly steps back and to the side, allowing two new customers to enter. The expression on her face is one of mild fear and discomfort, though on first glance there seems little overly special about either of the two newcomers. One is a girl in her late teens, shortish, with brown hair pulled back into a plait. She has an expression of suspicion and irritation on her face, and scans the room, staring at anyone brave enough to make eye contact. The other is a slightly older woman, with a mass of black curly hair and a more well-cushioned frame than her slim companion.

The smaller, plumper one of the duo scans the room and focuses in on the man with the briefcase and flowers. She walks over to his table. "Iakovos? Anji," she introduces herself, and indeed her namebadge proclaims her to be Angela Kyriacou.

As he is approached and the other Kin gives her name, Iakovos stands and makes a short bow to both women. It's not elaborate or overdone, just a slight angle from the waist over one hand that's on his stomach, and then he sits, gesturing for Anji and her companion to do likewise if they should wish. "Kalisperas, Anji, and your friend also," he greets, glancing towards KL for a moment, then away again.

KL sniffs at the formality of the bow, and slumps into a seat as if she's just been shot by a sniper. "I'm KL." she says, looking darkly at Iakovos, before scanning the rest of the clientele with another glare, folding her arms over her chest and leaning back on her seat.

Anji remains standing. "Getcha coffee? Tea?" she chirps to KL and Iakovos. "You two can sit here, I'll get them."

"Not for me thank you," Iakovos replies, gesturing to the still full mug in front of himself. He offers a polite smile to KL as sh eintroduces herself, offering in return, "Iakovos Apostolides at your service, despinis."

"Coffee, thanks Anji." KL says, with a warm smile entirely at odds with the frostiness (if not outright hostility) that she projects towards Iakovos as soon as her attention returns to him. She acknowledges his introduction with a curt nod, and there's a lengthy (and slightly uncomfortable) pause while she stares at him. "So, what do you do?" she blurts, eventually.

"Law," Kovo replies mildly, looking at KL but avoiding eye-contact. "Family know; marriage, divorce, custody, that kind of thing." His hands clasp together about his mug somewhat tightly, the only sign that he might be a little nervous.

Anji returns with two lattes and takes the third seat at the table, passing one coffee to KL. She smiles pleasantly at the olive-skinned man. "Welcome to town," she says. "You two getting on okay?" She seems all smiles, in direct contrast to the ahroun.

The ahroun, who is not behaving particularly well, it must be said, sips her coffee thoughtfully. "He's a lawyer." she says, in the sort of tone that one would usually use to say something like "he trades arms". She executes another glare/survey of the room, then returns her attention to the table. "He hasn't run away yet." she adds, the corners of her eyes crinkling with amusement.

"I am not a particularly brave lawyer, alas," Iakovos laments, his tone slightly humerous. "Were it even another week from now, I might indeed be vacating this table about now, to try again when things are quieter." He doesn't move to drink any of his coffee yet, letting it warm his hands for now, attention turning to Anji. "Thank you, miss Kyriacou."

Anji looks at Iakovos with new-found interest. "And you're just visiting here, or are you staying?"

KL's aggressive hostility thaws a little, and she takes another sip of her coffee. She doesn't say anything, waiting for his answer to Anji's question, but she does sit up straighter in her seat and pull it a little closer to the table.

Considering, Iakovos admits, "I'd quite like to stay a while, truth be told." Only then does he sip his coffee, taking his time over the gesture and seemingly enjoying the rich taste.

"Then you're not coming here because you've a position lined up?" Anji seems a little disappointed. "What area of law do you specialize in?"

"He said he was a family lawyer." KL interjects. "I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I didn't think the pa... the legal system was particularly good and stuff."

"There is a branch of the company I work for here," Kovo replies with a slight smile to Anji. "They have been told to expect my arrival for a meeting on Monday morning if the move is finalised, though all things are subject to change until then." He then looks to KL, adding, "Well, it's not great, but it's better if you know what you're doing with it. Most families don't, which is why people like me take up this kind of job."

"I was just thinking," Anji says, sipping her coffee, "that some legal help might be very valuable to us just now, with respect to your house, KL."

As if someone had electrified the chair she sits in, KL sits bolt upright, eyes wide in surprise. "You're right! Though I don't know if he knows about house law." She looks at Iakovos with a wide smile. "Do you? We have a problem with the house...sort of an inheritance issue."

"Not so much property law, but I have had some experience with inheritance cases," Iakovos remarks. "Was there a will left by the previous house owner?" He then pauses a moment, amending, "Perhaps not for discussion here, since these matters can be awfully dry."

Anji nods firmly. "Very dry indeed, and more suitable for discussion when you've recovered from your arrival. But soon, perhaps? It's pretty... pressing."

"I dislike sleeping under hedges." KL adds, quietly, before continuing more normally. "Anji didn't mention where you were from, before?" she says.

"I am Canadian by birth, though my mother's family are almost entirely based at Agrinon, in Greece," Iakovos replies, gesturing absently with one hand. "I have come here from Winnipeg."

Anji giggles briefly. "I'm sure we could sit down and work out how we're all related to one another if we had time and inclination. My family are Greek immigrants to New England."

Kl waves her hands around vaguely. "I'd have to talk to my parents if I wanted to find out my background." she says, with the expression of someone who's just bitten into a lemon. "But some of my Mum's family are from that part of the world." A shake of her head. "You got a place to stay?"

"I think we'd both have headaches by the time we were done," Kovo remarks drily to Anji, "But yes, you're probably quite right." He takes another gulp of coffee, then nods to KL's question. "Yes, I've booked into a hotel for the next few nights while I arrange proper accomodation."

Anji nods. "Okay. You've got my number if you need it. I'm most always around for people like you." She winks one eye in a manner that might, in other circumstances, have seemed coquettish.

KL looks askance at Anji's expression, and then inspects Iakovos as if assessing him for sale at auction. She's not being particularly subtle about it, either. Obviously having decided something, she slumps back in her chair and looks dejected.

A brow is raised at Anji's wink, though Kovo simply nods and murmurs, "Thank you. No doubt I'll be calling in a day or two once I'm settled." KL's scrutiny makes him look a little nervous, the man releasing a breath he didn't know he was holding when she finally sits back.

Anji sits back and drinks coffee. "KL," she says, "I've not seen Helen or Leslie in a while. You're more likely be able to find them than me. Will you spread the word to them?"

"Yep." KL says agreeably, from her seat. "They'll be pleased to know about a new relative in town, I'm sure." She smiles at Iakovos. "Especially one who doesn't throw a screaming fit on meeting me." She finishes off her coffee and sets the mug down on the table with a thunk.

"Any later in the month and I might just," Iakovos remarks drily. The tinny sound of 'Greensleeves' begins to play from his briefcase, the man's brows furrowing as he leans down to get his phone from it, examining the front. "Work already?" He looks to the two women. "Would you please excuse me?"

Anji makes a wordless, positive noise through a mouthful of coffee.

KL nods briskly. Though there is a wrinkling of her nose as she looks at the mobile phone, but it's gone in a moment.

Standing, Iakovos moves away towards the door so he's not shouting down the phone or putting off his tablemates, answering in a professional-sounding voice as he walks off.

Anji finishes her coffee. "I should get back to work," she says to KL. "Thanks for coming out here and for not being mad at me over that mix-up with the guy in Denny's."

"is he - " KL stabs a finger at Iakovos' seat " - attractive? I saw the way you looked at him."

"Attractive?" Anji seems genuinely surprised. "Nunno! I only just met the guy! If I was looking hard at him it was because it's been so long since I saw anyone from the family who wasn't a girl."

"Oh. Right." KL says, disappointedly. "Well, if you see any men who are, could you point them out to me?" she continues, quietly (but probably fairly audibly, as she doesn't do subtlety very well.

The man in question, who isn't a girl but also isn't that attractive, continues to talk on his phone quietly, oblivious to the conversation.

Anji turns and looks full face at KL. "I guess," she mutters. "I don't exactly have a good track record, as you must be aware."

KL looks directly back at Anji. "Oh. Yeah." she says unconvincingly. "It's just..." a helpless gesture with an upturned hand. " know."

Anji frowns. "I don't know," she contradicts. "But perhaps you ought to tell me at home sometime if it's getting you in a flap. I know you well enough to know the signs."

The Ahroun pouts - not _entirely_ unattractively. "Haven't ripped anyone up. Haven't sweared. Haven't screamed, thrown a fit, thrown a chair, challenged anyone or anything." She mutters. "What signs?"

"Sworn," corrects Anji reflexively before answering the question. "Uh. Would you believe you get these two little crinkles in between your eyes? Just there?" She indicates the spot on her own face. "Always the first sign you're stressing. I'm not trying to be a bitch, KL. I just need to know the hints. You know why."

KL considers this. "Different sort of stress. Not about to do anything stupid." she says eventually. "But interesting to know." She peers at Anji. "You do know that I'm usually pretty much in control, these days, don't you? I know I get snappy, but I don't lose it very often at all. Comparatively."

Anji nods, and looks grateful. "Compared to some women I used to know back home who had the same star sign as you," she says, "you're a pussycat. I'm careful round you, but yeah, I trust you. A lot."

Finally the conversation comes to an end, and Kovo turns the phone off before pocketing it and returning to the table. "Apologies for the interruption," he murmurs before sitting, his expression slightly embaressed. "I thought I'd turned it off already. Won't happen again."

"Not a problem," Anji says, "but I do have to get back to work or I'll be late. I'll speak to you both soon, I hope." She arises and makes for the door.

After Anji has left, KL turns to Iakavos. "There's something bad happening around here - people getting attacked and stuff. So I'm sort of keeping an eye on things." The second half is much quieter than the first. "I'm really worried about Anji, and Jess - she's another relative." She screws up her mouth, and looks concerned. "So...I don't know what kind of info you get, but can you keep a look out for anything odd?"

"Sure," Kovo affirms, nodding and eyeing his coffee, which is now cold. "I'm going to get another coffee, can I get you anything?" he then offers, gesturing towards the serving area.

"Slice of cake?" KL asks, with a guilty expression. "Don't get to eat much cake." She grins conspiratorially at Kovo, before having a quick look out of the window, and around the coffee-bar.

"What kind do you like?" Kovo asks, returning that conspiratorial grin with one of his own. "I don't either myself. Mother was death on it." He slips out of his seat, waiting only for her choice of cake before heading off to the counter.

"Um... chocolate? Or carrot? or lemon? or..." KL's voice trails off. "Whatever looks evilest." she decides. "I'm supposed know...wherever it dwells. Even in cake."

"Quite so," Kovo agrees in parting, and then away he goes. Only to return with two plates of the most evil-looking chocolate sponge cake, all decorated with chocolate cream, chocolate shavings and a squirt of normal cream on each plate besides. "I think this looks suitably malicious. It could strike at any moment," he comments as he offers the plate over, his tone mock-serious.

For a moment, as KL takes the plate, it looks like she's about to just shove it in her mouth, but manners win out, and she instead arms herself with a fork. "It's nice." she says, through a cake-mouthful, waving the fork in the air. "But it's very bad for you. Like pizza." Somehow, in this effort, she's managed to get cream on her nose, and she doesn't appear to have noticed.

Somewhat more sedate but enjoying the cake just as much, Kovo takes small forkfulls and doesn't comment on the spot of cream. He does however clear his throat faintly and touch his own nose.

"Wha...?" KL asks, pausing mid-forkful. "Is that some secret signal I'm supposed to know?" She looks at the cake on the fork, then back up at Iakovos. "Nobody who buys me cake can be bad." she says, with a little grin.

"No, it just means you've got cream on your nose," Kovo replies with a cheeky grin, then taking another bite of cake for himself. Two Furies eating cake together, how surprising that one of them is male!

"Oh." KL says, wiping it off with her hand. In no time at all, the cake has vanished, and she looks forlornly at the plate. "Nice, but gone too soon." She licks the fork and then studies it. "Do we have a way to get in touch with you?"

"Well, you could always kill another bit," Kovo offers, then nods. "Yes, Anji has my number, I can give it to you as well if you'd like. Once I've gotten somewhere perminant to stay sorted out, you're welcome to have the address as well."

The door to the small sandwich shop opens to reveal Alicia, followed by a number of cat calls behind her. College Boys! Ugh. Geezus. She looks a tad flustered as she moves, pulling her brown and blonde streaked hair back behind her. Wearing a pair of baggy jeans, a simple haltertop which matches and a large leather trench coat, she at least looks comfortable, despite the cold air outside.

KL nods. "No, one piece is enough. Two would be unnecessariuly indulgent." She looks up at the calls from outside. "Wow. Alicia!" she calls. "She called earlier and I said I'd be down around here somewhere." She leans over to Kovo and whispers very quietly, "Child of Gaia. Fostern. Important."

Nodding, Kovo looks towards the woman KL called towards, brows raising slightly as he takes in the figure. Waiting until Alicia comes over, the man rises, nodding politely to the Fostern and asking both women, "May I get either of you a drink?"

There is a bit of a pause as Alicia hears her voice, jerking her head over untils he settles her gaze upon KL. She offers up a quick smile, then lets her eyes settle upon Kovo as she heads over. "No thank you." She says simply, brows knitting some. "..another new person to the big family?" She asks the pair.

"Black coffee?" KL asks Kovo, hopefully. "Yes, he's a relative of ours, new in from Winnipeg. Which is somewhere north, I think." The Fury Ahroun points to a seat. "How are you?" she asks politely.

Nodding, Kovo absents himself to the counter again, buying coffee for KL and bringing it back over in short order. "If you don't mind, I'll head off I think," he murmurs, though it's more a request for permission by the tone of his voice, the man leaning down to collect his briefcase from the floor beside his chair.

"Ah." Alicia says, shoulders settling back. "You don't have to go." She says off handedly. "What she and I gotta talk about can't be said in public, so...." She trails off.

KL looks at Kovo, slightly worriedly. "It was lovely to meet you, and thank you for the cake and the coffee." she says. "I'll get on to Anji to invite you over to her apartment and we can have dinner and a proper conversation, no?" She takes a big gulp of coffee, then a _very_ worried look crosses her face, tinged with panic.

"Unfortunately I have a lot to sort out with hotels and such," Kovo murmurs quietly. "I do have my car outside though, if either or both of you would like to be dropped off somewhere less public for your discussion?" He is, if nothing else, obliging.

"I got a red pony outside waiting for me." Alicia says as she shrugs her shoulders back, then says. "I'll leave KL here some phone numbers of some people I'm sure you'd want to get ahold of, to help you get.. integrated if you are up to the task." She says, then reaches into her pockets, pulling out her keys. She flips them about in her fingers, rattling the metal.

The Fury Ahroun nods. Her eyes are watering profusely, and she waves her hands helplessly, before eventually swallowing. "Little hotter than I was expecting." she says, redundantly. "I think...I think we can wander ourselves - I don't want to get too far from campus at the moment."

Iakovos nods again, straightening. "A pleasure meeting you, KL, and you also ma'am," he voices to the two women, before beating a swift retreat.

Watching him as he goes, Alicia cuts her eyes back to KL, a smirk crossing her lips. Instead of commenting, she rocks her shoulders back. "Alright, lets get straight to business, c'mon." She says with a tilt of her chin, heading for the door.

KL takes a final sip of her coffee, then follows in a hurry, leaving her seat pushed back from the table. Once they are outside, she waits until they are safely away from prying ears, before asking. "What can I do for you?"

"Now that I'm back from California and seeing the sad state of affairs the Sept is in, I'm stepping things up a notch, big time. As in, I am putting foots up people's asses and then twisting the boot sideways if you know what I mean." Alicia says in low tones as they walk. "I hear you got your hand in the tire fires?"

The Fury nods. "Maggie - Fenris cub - got killed there. My intent was to put together a scout team and go and have a look as soon as Luna was fat enough to make going into the Umbra relatively safe. I was going to grab a Theurge as well as some Ragabash, as I want to know whether the area can be cleansed without having to deal directly with whatever's causing them to keep burning so long."

"Gotcha, I'm one step ahead of you then. Yi, Helen, Masao and Dakota signed up for the task, and Dakota is going to build some talens to help them out in case shit hits the fan." Alicia says with a dip of her head, flashing the Fury a quick grin. "Of course, Touch Deer then told me that you were going to make plans, thus why I'm talking to you now in case we end up inadverdantly pissing each other off."

If KL is pissed off, then it doesn't show much. "Fine. No problem with me going along? An Ahroun or two is always useful in case the sneaking sort get into trouble. I'm good cavalry."

Furrowing her brows, Alicia says. "How 'bout this? You lead the strike team if you feel capable enough. My only hesitation about having any Ahroun, even one as qualifed as Touch Deer going on a scouting party, is that full moons bring attention to themselves by spirits, without even trying to. I asked the New Moons to go in, and come out, quick. They are ganna bind mirrors to their person to use as a quick escape route since the gauntlet is going to be a shit storm." The Gaian says with a soft huff. "Which is what I believe probably killed Maggie in the end, was that she had no real exit. The fact she was sent in there alone was ridiculous. What I'd like -you- to do, is once we get information from the Scouts, is to build a team of capable warriors and make plans on how we are going to strike once we get there. I think in the end that will be more important, and.." She ticks off. "Will give you a nice bundle of renown as a capable Ahroun."

KL nods slowly. "I'm not doing it for the renown. I'm doing it because it needs to be done, and I'm doing it because...well... I liked Maggie." She grins. "But yeah, OK, I'll lead your strike force. Let me know when the scout team comes back. You might consider asking Kevin, though. He's pretty cut up about Maggie dying, and I think he'd like the opportunity to do something about it."

"Which is why I'm not asking him." Alicia says with a shrug of her shoulder. "Glass Walker's are not known for their umbral abilities, even in the city, that and I don't need Fenris boy playing cowboy and going nut job on a bunch of spirits. Less people we send in, less casualities we have." She motions to you to keep coming. "So, the story on campus is that possible wyrm infestation caused by consumption of booze, right?"

KL keeps up, with an easy walk. "I don't know about caused, but it all seems like a frat gone badly wrong. Just a question of trying to find out who and what. I'm hanging about in a hope that I can be close enough to get to whatever attack happens next. It's tricky, though, because I get kicked off campus at night. They've got this curfew going on."

"Well, at least thats something. Better a curfew and more beefed up security." Alicia says as she glances about the campus, letting out a breath. "Try and get yourself invited to a frat party then." She says, turning towards the Fury. "Wear a skimpy shirt, bat your eyes, hit up one of the dumb jocks, promise him a blow job or something stupid which he'd get all giddy about, then dump him at the party and sniff about. Used to work for me back in my Cliath days." She says with a slight smirk. "Frat parties don't tend to listen to curfew, and Rent-A-Cops aren't going to bust 'em up."

"It might be worth a try." KL says, thoughtfully. "I do have clothes... I could wear. Though often it's difficult to get people to come near me." She glares balefully at a couple sitting a good thirty yards away, minding their own business. "I'd hate to get invited to the _wrong_ frat party, though."

"Get with Leslie and pick her brain, she seems to know quite a bit of what is going down, if anything, I'd say she has a personal vendetta against these guys and their booze. Shit, I love Furies." Alicia says with something wild in her grin. "By the way, found out Dakota and I got Fury blood in us. Her mentor tracked our bloodline back a few generations." She pops KL in the shoulder playfully. "So, sis, that guy looked.. cute, sort of, though he could use a hair cut. You weren't.. asking him out on a date or something back there, were ya?"

KL looks astonished at Alicia. "No!" she protests. "And I didn't think he was cute! He's nice, though. But not my type, I think." There's a hint of anger creeping into her voice, though she's still just about smiling.

"Ah. I see." Alicia says as she offers up a quick grin. "Well, he sure seemed polite and well mannered. Never met a male Fury kin before."

"Not met that many myself." KL admits. "And he was nice. And he bought me cake, which always gets people on my good side. If I have a good side." She shakes her head. "Thanks for coming down and meeting me, by the way. If you want to summon me, phone Anji or the Brownstone or the Fury house, and I'll come running. Possibly literally."

"Ah, so, the way to a Fury's heart is through cake. He has been well trained too I see." Alicia chuckles quietly. "And, you're welcome. I didn't want anything to be a surprise in your lap. I'm /really/ fired up right now that this is still a problem for us, and I'm afraid its just going to get even worse." She hesitates for a moment, then clamps herself up. "So, I'm going to take off I guess. Oh yah.. here." She shifts her wallet out of her pocket, then takes out a buisness card. "Got Jer's number on it, pass it off to mister not that cute and let him know he can get networked if he wants."

"OK. I will do." The Fury Ahroun says. "Thanks, Alicia. Let me know when the scouts report." She shoves the card into a pocket, then grins. "Never finished high school, you know. They'd probably kick me off campus if they knew."

"I never finished high school either." Alicia says as she nudges the Fury. "Thank you for meeting with me, and I will keep in touch. Also, I'm glad to hear that you are willing to step up, we need more Ahrouns like that." She starts off now, jingling her keys as she goes, wiggling her fingers in a wave.

KL waves in reply, and goes back to looking casual and hanging around the campus.

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