Time/Date : It is currently 06:18 Pacific Time on Tue Dec 13 2005.

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waxing Full Moon phase (81% full).

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is foggy. The temperature is 26 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 30.32 and rising, and the relative humidity is 88 percent. The dewpoint is 23 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 degrees Celsius.)

Place : FarmHouse


Standing a little over five foot tall and slimly built, KL makes a not particularly imposing first impression. In her late teens, she has an air of irritation, and of nervy energy, combined with hostility and restrained aggression.
Her mousy-brown hair is pulled back into a plait that hangs down to the small of her back, and is fastened at the bottom and the top by dark brown leather bands. She would be quite attractive - she has a very cute, upturned nose, and expressive hazelnut eyes - were it not for the anger in her gaze and the sullen set of her mouth. She stares at people - particularly people she doesnt know - with a cold fury, as if waiting for an opportunity to attack them.
KL has pale skin, and on her right shoulder-blade is a two-inch-square tattoo of a winged horse. There isn't much in the way of excess flesh on her, her cheekbones are clearly visible and her bare arms have a tight musculature that speaks of regular and plentiful exercise.
She's rarely still for very long, and while she still remembers to slouch around from time to time, she's less inclined to do it these days, and her natural grace, balance and co-ordination is clearly evident in her movements.
She's currently wearing a pair of blue jeans that are slightly too large for her - it appears only a black leather belt is preventing them from descending southwards at pace. On her top half is a maroon t-shirt which has a picture of a small rabbit with its hands over its ears and the legend "Not Listening" beneath. Over that is a black leather jacket, unfastened and hanging loosely around her torso. On her feet are an old and battered pair of combat boots, that have seen many better days.


Long dark black hair frames the fair-skinned face of this teen girl. There's a bit of firmness to her jaw line and her brown eyes bracket a thin lipped mouth and a smallish nose. Alesia's frame is a bit thin or lithe while still maintaining a hint of classical features. Her frame is thin and almost wiry. There's almost a sadness in her eyes and her mouth looks like smiles might be foreign to it. She stands about five and a half feet tall. She has no piercings or jewelry.
Alesia is wearing a loose sweatshirt that's an off grey and looks like it might have been picked up at good will. Her pants are blue jeans that while tight only show that she doesn't have much in the way of curves, but more look like they are tight because she grew some since they were bought. Her shoes are a bit out of date as well, with one shoe having some duct-tape holding the toe together from the inside if you look closely but otherwise could pass for just a pair of really worn shoes.

Early morning, St. Claire. Outside, the sun has just begun to suggest the possibility of rising. Not that that's going to be particularly visible, as a dense and freezing fog covers the land. In the living room of the farmhouse, KL sits quietly. A large, darkwood bow is on her lap, and she's working some wax polish into it with a small rag. The polish tin sits open on the coffee table in front of her, next to a glass of milk.

Alesia tiptoes down the stairs, quiet as a a church mouse. She looks slightly groggy, but oddly alert despite that. She pauses as she spots KL. There's an obvious nervousness about her posture as she eyes the room, as if making sure the only person here is KL, and there isn't a small horde of people like there was yesterday night.

It takes a moment or two, but you can almost see the hairs on the back of KL's neck rise as she becomes aware of being watched. She looks up, and makes eye contact with Alesia, her face breaking into a warm smile. "Hiya." she says quietly. "Not surprised you're up this early. Want a drink or anything?"

Alesia seems unsure what to make of the offer. She frowns slightly, and then after a moment of hesitation gives a little nod. The girl doesn't seem to be the most vocal and there's still a look of confusion in her eyes. Clearly the shock of last night hasn't quite worn off yet.

"Juice, milk, water?" KL asks, setting the bow down carefully on a nearby chair and putting the lid on the polish pot. "I think the house is stocked with all of them. Have a seat, I'll be back in a moment."

Alesia takes a seat and then tilts her head, looking still rather confused that people are doing things for her. Meekly she says, "Um, juice please?" She eyes KL as if she just isn't sure what to make of the woman.

A couple of moments pass, and KL returns with a glass of orange juice and a plate with a couple of bagels on it. "I got some food, too, in case you're hungry." she says. "I am, so I'll eat them if you don't want them." She sets the items down on the coffee table, then takes a seat so that she's sitting at right angles to the cub. "Is there anything you want to ask? I'll answer any question I can."

Alesia looks at the juice for a moment then picks up the glass and takes a sip. So far the girl seems incappable of smiling. She looks back up at KL, a frown returning to her face, "Ah... questions?"

"Sure, questions." KL says, from her position seated at 90 degrees to the cub. On the coffee table are a glass of milk, a pot of polish and two bagels. "What the heck is happening? Why have you kidnapped me? When will you let me go? I don't know how much Helen and Leslie told you last night."

Alesia is holding a glass of orange juice, holding it with both hands as she sits in her chair and is a bit hunched over. She peers back at KL, a small frown on her face, "Don't remember... everything... about last night." She admits as she looks back down at her glass of juice.

"OK. Well...when Leslie and I arrived at your house, it was empty." The Fury Ahorun seems to be picking her words carefully. "But when we went down into the basement - your room? - you were in the corner, obviously very upset. Was...the man...who lived there your father?"

The frown on Alesia's face seems to harden a bit, "Yes. He's.... dead now. I... killed him." Clearly she remembers some things. "I... lost a finger." She peers at her left hand as if perhaps the finger should still be missing but for some reason, well the girl does seem to have all 10 fingers.

With a thunder of heavy boots on the porch as precursor, the front door jerks open and a figure bursts in, followed by another. Both are panting as though from exertion. "Wheeeee," gasps the older of the two women. "That was a close run thing."

Sophie grins a little at the Fang and nods, "Way better than I used to be at that. No more.. ohh hey." She looks over to the women gathered inside and instantly drops her tone down. "Morning."

The arrival of other people, and in such a loud and unexpected way, causes KL to flinch. Which is hypocritical in the extreme, as that's her usual method of entering buildings. She nods in reply to Alesia, and stands up slowly, a hand raised in a soothing motion. "Good morning Clemency, Sophie." she says with a little smile. "Come in - this is Alesia. Leslie and I found her in a bit of a situation last night."

The smaller girl on the chair holding her juice also flinches as the two figures burst in. She winces and peers at the pair, her grip on her glass tightening a bit. She starts to bite at her lower lip. It's clear Alesia is on edge and skitish at the moment.

Clemency pauses for breath in the middle of the hallway and gives the unknown girl a good, hard, intrusive stare. "A situation?" she queries, glancing at KL a moment before her eyes return to Alesia. "What /kind/ of situation?"

Sophie clears her throat slightly, "I think she means that she is new." The ex-star gives a smile and nod to the wary looking girl. "It gets better Alesia, I can say from experience." She stands next to Clemency then, trying to catch her breath more quietly now.

The Fury Ahroun sits back down slowly, and gives what's obviously _supposed_ to be a reassuring smile at Alesia, but it comes out as slightly freakily cheery. "Yes. That's right." she says. "We're pretty convinced she's one of ours." She points at herself. "And...you do look a lot like Leslie, you know."

The intensity of Clemency's examination and the some what freaky smile of the other Fury leave Alesia squirming a bit in her seat. She gulps and then takes a sip of her juice as if this is some way to avoid having to say anything at the moment. The girl does look slightly shell shocked even this morning.

"Hot dog," exclaims Clemency. "So she does. So you do," she repeats, this time directly to Alesia. "Could be her kid sister." She gives the girl a smile that's almost a carbon copy of KL's: cheery on the surface, but with suggestions of menace and darkness behind. "So," she goes on to KL, "has she...?" And she mimes with her hands some small object either exploding or else growing quickly much larger.

Sophie looks between them all, her features showing a hint of sympathy. "Have you gotten to the explanation part of things yet KL? Or has anyone?" She moves in a little more and offers another smile to Alesia. "Can I get her something to eat if she'd like?" she asks of the elder women.

"I don't know, Sophie. And yes, she did. Though I don't think you remember it, no?" She looks up from Alesia to the other two women. "I'm trying to take things slowly, not explain everything in an incomprehensible lump." She gives a wonky smile at this. "It's not really my strength, this. But I'm trying."

Alesia keeps that frown on her face and finally looks up at the three as they seem to get closer or at least keep looking at her. Finally she says, "I... Killed my father." She doesn't say much more, as she watches for reactions, as if she expects some kind of attack or something. Clearly Alesia is more than a little nervous.

Clemency removes her glasses and stares at the girl once more, as though comparing how she looks with them on and without. Alesia's words make her instead raise an eyebrow and give a long slow whistle of... is it surprise, or is she impressed? "Now is it just me," she asks, "or don't you sound too sad about that?" Her eyes flicker to Sophie and back.

Sophie looks between the Ahrouns and lets out a sigh, "You Fat Mooners ought to go to tact school." She moves closer to Alesia, slowly and calmly. "Can I sit here? Would that be okay?" she asks this more for good measure, and less for actual permission. "When I first came here, things started the same way for me. And probably, for most of us to be honest. Something extreme occured that we hardly remember." She settles down in a seat near the newly arrived. "Last night, did any of the others say anything to you about what happened?"

"Good riddance to bad rubbish." KL says, with a little growl. "I saw what he had stashed under his bed." She looks almost physically ill at the thought of it. She frowns at Sophie's comments, but doesn't say anything about them, instead awaiting Alesia's answers.

Alesia doesn't seem up to refusing much of anything and gives a rather non-commital shrug. Although it's not clear if her shrug is to Sophie or Clemency. "Don't remember how... but... lots of blood." She looks down at her half full glass of orange juice in both hands, "He was... mad, cause dinner wasn't ready... and... then... blood..." She shivers a bit, and closes her eyes, her body tensing.

Clemency glares at Sophie. "Shut the fuck up, bitch," she invites huffily. "You can tell me what to do after you've rited. If you dare." She seems about to say more but forces herself instead to look away and back to the increasingly volatile-seeming Alesia, retrieving her look of affable menace. "Excuse me," she apologises belatedly. "I don't always take well to criticism. Just the way I am. Nothing meant by it, I assure you. Now don't you make yourself relive what happened just yet, if you don't feel up to it."

Sophie recoils from Clemency's scolding, shoulders dropping and gaze lowering. She lets out a sigh, stands up and aims for the kitchen. "You know, I killed my best friend when this all happened to me. I didn't believe any of it though until Alicia-rhya forced me to change again and I was more aware." She glances at the girl, "We're werewolves, but our proper name is Garou." That admitted, she casts a glance at Clemency and slips into the kitchen.

KL also glares after the departing cub, and hisses her annoyance. It takes a moment for her to regain control of herself, but eventually she manages it, and turns to face Alesia. When she speaks, it's with her voice level and friendly. "This...isn't going so well. Did you know that bit of information before? Leslie did mention it last night." She leans forward a little, as if preparing to bounce onto her feet.

The glass of juice slips through Alesia's fingers, bouncing once on the floor then tipping over and spilling the remains of it's juice out. Alesia's hands meanwhile come up to either side of her head, as she lowers her head a bit more and says sharply and loudly, "Shut up!" She rocks a bit, "I don't want to hurt anyone! Shut up!" It's unclear who her comments are actually addressed to. In fact the whole thing seems a bit odd.

Clemency doesn't seem at all concerned about the cub's reaction. "Nobody's going to be hurting anybody," she drawls in exaggeratedly calm tones. "Now hush your mouth, child. For all her tactlessness Sophie is right. You are. And her. And me. And my friend here." She gestures to KL. "That's the first bite you have to swallow. It's one that takes some chewing, I allow. But once you get it down, all the rest of it tends to follow behind it kind of easier."

From in the kitchen, Sophie peeks out around the wall, wincing slightly. Softly she mutters something over to herself, loud enough to be heard, but not discerned. The faucet follows and she returns to the living room with wet rag in hand. Without word or gaze to the others, she starts cleaning up the spilled drink.

KL looks a bit sad at Alesia's outburst. "Nobody ever does." she says. "All this must be such a shock. I remember it was for me." She shakes her head, causing her plait to waggle ferociously. "And it's OK to be upset, as well."

Alesia looks like she's trying to compose herself but having some difficulty. She winces, and mutters something that really doesn't make sense in that it doesn't particularly sound like it's words. The poor girl looks like she's pretty shaken up. She peers at Sophie who's in front of her with the rag, while still holding her head with both hands. As she does so some confusion spreads over her features, replacing the angry sharp outburst of just moments ago.

"Thanks, Sophie," Clemency bids the philocub crisply, all efficiency again as though she hadn't just snarled at her half a minute ago. "So how's that information going down, Alesia? Sticking in your throat much?"

Sophie gives a faint nod, sopping up the juice and putting the glass on the coffee table for the time being. Once the rug is situated, she stands up and goes back to the kitchen with the empty glass and the soaked rag. She returns with a newly filled glass of juice and hands it to the cub.

With a jump, KL kicks herself up to standing, hands on her hips, eyes wide with anger, staring fiercly at Clemency. "Last night her fucking abusive fucking piece of shit for a fucking father with his fucking porn collection fucking stashed beneath his fucking bed fucking pushed her into fucking changing and fucking shredding him into a thousand fucking pieces, and she does not fucking well need your fucking 'tough love' fucking stuck in your throat shit this fucking early the next morning." She draws breath. "I don't fucking well tell you what to fucking well do with Justin so you can fuck right off doing so with her."

Alesia doesn't seem up to taking the glass from Sophie, still holding her head with her hands. When KL explodes in explitives Alesia jerks and curls up a bit more, each harsh word making the fury cub jerk a bit. She never manages a response to Clemency before KL's rant. Alesia goes a little pale at all of this as well, although curled up like that it's hard to tell.

Clemency's face starts to turn an ugly shade of dusky red, and her eyes seem to turn to chips of burning coal behind her glasses. Well before KL finally comes to a stop she's whirled round, fists clenched tight, and is stamping towards the door. Opening it, she pauses, quite obviously with the intent of declaiming a verbal parting shot. "That's the last fucking time I try to help your fucking tribe, you fucking insolent dyke bitch!" she screams. Then she steps out and the door is slammed shut with a bang loud enough to make the whole house rattle.

Halfway through the flurry of Ahroun anger, Sophie reaches for the cubs hand, "Hey, c'mon upstairs with me for a bit. Okay?" As Clemency retorts even as angrily as KL's serve, she urges the other to follow her. "It's quieter," she promises.

KL takes a few deep breaths, and slowly takes her hands off her hips. "It's OK." she says, quietly, sitting back down on her seat. Her eyes are watery, and she looks really unhappy. "That's one of my better friends here." she says, by way of explanation. "Sorry." she says to Alesia. "You didn't need to see that."

Alesia seems unsure if she should go with Sophie or not. She doesn't stop Sophie from taking her hand, that's for sure so as Sophie urges her to her feet to lead her along she actually gets to her feet, and gives a deer in the headlights look to KL. There are a few tears on her face, just kind of 'there' having rolled down her face.

Sophie pauses as the eruption seems to exit the room. She looks to KL, "Thought it would have been better to go someplace quieter while you and Clemency-rhya had your conversation." And then, as if not wanting to earn her own portion of the Ahroun's fury, she takes the hand she holds and hands it over to the Fury like returning a borrowed book.

The Fury Ahroun takes the hand, and holds in gingerly. "Sit down," she says, lightly. "Sorry again. One of the things about us is that we are very affected by Luna - the moon. She grants us many things, and the cost is that, when the she's is fuller, we get angry more easily. And...I lose my temper very easily anyway. I don't stay mad for long, though." She looks hopeful, as if this somehow mitigates her poor behaviour earlier.

Alesia finds herself being led around and then sits down again. She wipes away her tears with the back of one sleeve then still frowning slightly finally says, "It... is very... hard. Some of the voices..." She shakes her head then cuts herself off, as if she's said too much. She ends up looking down again, looking nervous and worried.

Sophie looks to KL, "What do you want me to do?" She frowns at the cub, feeling a wave of pity after the girl and then stands up, "I'll be right back." Up the stairs she goes, bathroom faucet on, and cupboard slamming. She returns with a cool, moist face cloth and hands it over, "Dab your face off then put it around your neck to cool you down. Used to work when I got overheated on the set."

KL leans forward. "Voices?" she asks gently. "What sort of voices?" She seems perfectly under control and even-tempered now, as if the anger of moments never existed. "Thanks, Sophie." she says, when the cub brings the towel.

Alesia accepts the cloth, seeming again perplexed at all the attention. She does wipe her face with it then after a moment of hesitation does what Sophie suggested, putting it on the back of her neck. Then she says, "Soft voices... whispering..." She gives a little shrug. "Not... um..." She glances around, clearly uneasy even talking about it, "You... will think I'm crazy."

Sophie shakes her head, "We're all a bit crazy around here, so it's completely normal and no one will think you nuts." She pushes herself back to the chair then and clambers up into it, feet up and knees to chin.

"No, I really won't." KL says. "Usually, by the way, you're the one who claims we're crazy." She grins at this feeble joke. "And I absolutely promise that I won't go off like that at you." She thinks for a few moments. "This week. For sure. Certainly not today."

The front door opens up for a pair of Stag's daughters, though they were born with the blood of unicorns. Alicia and Dakota are chatting to each other softly. They seem dressed for the cold morning, and there is the smell of warm cocoa in the air from the mugs they carry.

Alesia is sitting in a chair next to KL, and across from Sophie. She's got a damp towel on the back of her neck and looks kind of pale. She nods once then says, "Sometimes... voices... I hear them in my head... She says things, sometimes..." She frowns a bit, "Why would I think you're crazy?" She seems off balance and more than a little confused.

Sophie looks to the door and gives a subtle nod, "Morning."

"Well, I'm the one telling you about werewolves and the moon and things..." KL's voice trails off as she sees the new entrants. "Good morning Alicia-rhya." She says, very politely indeed, her eyes dropping to the floor.

"Good morning everyone. Has anyone had breakfast yet? I'm in the mood to cook." Alicia says, before blowing across the top of her warm cup, taking in a deep breath of its flavored scent. "Alesia, nice to see you again. How's the finger?"

Dakota sips at the mug in her hands, chatting away in a very excited voice. "...can you believe it... asked for me personally!" At least, she talks until she spies people here and looks up to see who. Her eyes finally settle on Alesia, squinting slightly at this new person. "Aah... new person."

Alesia seems unsure what to make of KL's sudden change in posture and attitude. She looks up at Alicia and says, "There... I... didn't dream it being gone?" She still seems confused, but clearly recognizes Alicia. "You made it come back..." She peers down at her left hand, touching her pinky tentatively.

Sophie looks between all those gathered and nods her head at Alicia. "Haven't eaten yet, and the kitchen seems unharmed by any one elses attempts to do just that. I don't know if she'll have an appetite, but it'd probably do her wonders." This said with a nod towards Alesia.

KL jams her jaw shut, clenching her teeth tightly together, and doesn't say anything at all, just remains frozen, looking down at the floor, hands on her knees with her knuckles showing white from the pressure she's applying.

"It's what I do, Alesia. I heal." Alicia says with a smile to the cub, then nudges Dakota as she heads for the kitchen. "Hey KL, stop acting like that around me, you're starting to make me feel like Signe, or Megan. I'm hardly the type that requires submission everytime I walk in the room. I'm making pancakes, I hope you like blue berries in them guys." She says, her voice a bit tense as she heads into the kitchen.

Dakota seems to choose to linger around the living room. "So... anything good going on this morning, or is it quiet as usual?" Asks the theurge as she heads for an open chair.

Alesia starts to her feet, as Alicia offers to cook. She starts out loudly, "I..." But cuts herself off then much softer says, "I'm... supposed to do the cooking..." She looks rather worried at the fact that Alicia is offering to do it. She looks incredibly self conscious all of the sudden.

Sophie looks to KL curiously, noting the tension in the Ahroun. But it is Alesia's sudden move that grabs the whole of her attention. "Oh man."

"You _do_ _not_ have to do the cooking here. Unless you want to. Or someone asks really nicely." KL says, with a vehement, dismissive gesture. "None of _any_ of the stuff you were made to do before counts now. Clean slate. Start over." She looks very earnest. "I really mean that. The old stuff, before? Only keep the bits you want to keep. Leave the rest behind."

The Elder pauses for a moment in the door way as she turns to face the others in the living room. She opens her mouth to speak, then clicks it shut when KL starts to talk. Instead, she pushes herself further into the kitchen, starting to root about in the fridge.

Sophie interjects, "Uh, KL-rhya? That's not entirely true. Not while one is a cub anyway... the ask nicely part?" she shakes her head. "And all the cubs have chores around here."

Dakota leans back in the chair she occupies. "Whoever you were isn't who you are now. This is the time to be someone brand new. As far as chores, Sophie, as the acting caretaker right now I prefer it, but I much rather do the work if all of you are busy learning. That means more to me than who does dishes."

Alesia looks rather perplexed both by KL's statement and a bit by Sophie's words. Then she glances at Dakota. There's a small pause then the new cub kind of slumps, clearly confused, back into the chair she just rose from. Silent for the moment.

KL sniffs. "Maybe it's just that I don't like cooking much." she says, after a moments consideration. She looks at Sophie. "_Respect_ means asking nicely, in most circumstances. If people aren't asking nicely...I mean at first, obviously, then perhaps you ought to mention it to other people." She looks at Dakota for confirmation.

"Setting our hopes on a big snow tonight, we'll wake up to a world of white and it's gonna be a Christmas, to remember. Light up the fire, play some Nat King Cole, always sentimental and don't you know that its gonna be a Christmas, to remember." Comes the voice of Alicia from the kitchen, the words of Amy Grant familiar to anyone who has turned the radio on in the past two weeks. She sings with a bit of hidden passion, her trills and notes hitting just the right highs and lows. "I know it's true, time doesn't stand still. Many things can change, but we know some things never will."

Dakota nods her head to KL's statement. "Respect those beneath you. That means if people are ordering you around like a slave, make sure to bring that up. Just because someone has a higher rank does not give them free reign to treat everyone under them like servants. You cubs have enough to be keeping busy with, besides doing the work of those perfectly capable of doing it on their own."

Sophie folds her arms over her chest, "Well I guess I got the extra special treatment when I was a cub. Whatever." She stands up then and moves towards the kitchen, "I have things to do. I'll leave you all to settling the princess in."

Alesia seems not to have turned on a radio recently so gives a quizzical look towards the kitchen and then back at KL. "Won't.... the police come for me?" She finally asks. There's a way about her speech that seems a bit flat of affect, as if not quite all there at the moment sometimes and this is one of those times. She glances at Sophie, her head tilting a bit, "Princess?" Confusion spreads anew on Alesia's face.

"She's very good." KL says, obviously impressed, as she follows Alesia's gaze to the kitchen. The Fury Ahroun bites her bottom lip and thinks. "I don't think the police will come for you. I did my best to clean up the house, and hopefully didn't leave too much in the way of evidence behind. It'll be a while before anyone notices he's missing, and then there's nothing to trace you to here." She shakes her head slowly. "And if anyone's in trouble, it'll be me, and I'm kind of used to that."

The song stops suddenly as Sophie speaks, as if the needle was just pulled off a record. Alicia lets out a loud breath. It seems obvious the Galliard is either tongue tied, or struggling for control over what could possibly be a tidal wave of words that is threatning to spill forth.

Sophie looks over her shoulder at Alesia, shrugging and smirking. "Forget it." Then she is in the kitchen and pushing through towards the back door. Out she goes, and can be last seen striding into the barn.

In the back of the house, Sophie slides open the door in the kitchen, passing through into the back yard.

A corner of Dakota's mouth is tugged back at the words of Sophie, but she says nothing and turns her eyes back towards Alesia. "Don't worry yourself about it. You'll be safe, especially out here."

Alesia seems left a bit more confused by Sophie's sudden departure and then looks back at KL. "What... do I have to do?" Her brow furrows just slightly and her nose wrinkles slightly, as she peers at KL. She keeps acting like she's waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"For now?" KL asks. "Nothing particularly. Listen to me, to Leslie, to Helen, to Dakota." She nods at the Theurge. "There's a couple of other people as well. Talk to us too. We'll try and tell you a bit about what's going on...what you are and so forth. After that...well, there's lots of stuff. What's your birthdate?"

The Galliard has gone back to cooking after giving Sophie the evil eye once she heads out of the house. After a long sigh, she goes back to singing, a bit softer this time as she begins on her pancakes.

Dakota pushes herself up and out of the chair she occupies, giving herself a stretch. "Hey Ali', I think I'm ganna go for a run before breakfast, stretch out and get some air. Keep my 'cakes warm, will ya?"

Alesia gives one brief nod to KL and after glancing towards the kitchen and then Dakota slumps back fully into her chair. Her body goes a bit limp. She takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out as if trying to calm down.

"What's up?" The Fury Ahroun asks, head tipped on one side. "Can't fix anything if you won't tell me?" This is said very lightly indeed, almost sing-song in its tone, and the smile on her face seems genuine enough.

"Hey Alesia, if you want to 'help', I wouldn't kick you out of the kitchen." Alicia calls out, followed by a jab to Dakota. "Ha! If you miss out on pancakes while I'm so close to finishing, then that is your bad."

Dakota huffs out as she heads for the kitchen, snooping into her cousin's space and eyeing the pan. "Fine. Got any done? I'll walk with 'em."

Alesia gives a little shrug, "I'm kinda lost." She says softly, "I should be getting ready for school... making dad dinner... cause he works nights and sleeps days..." She's using the present tense on her dead father. "I have to make sure meals are ready on time..."

"Or...what?" KL asks, carefully. "And it's OK to be lost. It's disorientating, confusing and strange. And most people around here know that." She looks around the farmhouse. "Just remember that you're safe here, and we'll look after you."

Scooping a pair of pancakes onto a paper plate for Dakota, Alicia gives her cousin a bump of the hip, grinning wryly. "Go on your run, get, leave, scram." She says teasingly.

Dakota beams as she collects up the pancakes, hoisting one up to take a bite before heading to the back door. "See ya, cousin. Have a good one, all!" She calls out to the two in the living room before heading outside and towards the woods.

Alesia watches Dakota go, then looks back at KL. She doesn't answer the question though. At least not directly as she says, "He just wants me to do things right..."

"That's fine." KL says. She glances out of the window. "Hmm. Look, I have to go off to the...house we had up until yesterday, and grab some stuff. You going to OK here until Leslie or Helen surface?"

Alesia thinks about this a moment then nods, "I... think so. I won't... do anything. I'll just wait."

"Cool." KL says, and reaches out a hand to pat Alesia on the shoulder. "You'll be fine. And I'll be back before too long, I hope." With that, she stands, picks up her bow from its resting place, and heads for the door. Her milk glass stands, empty, on the table. Apparently she does expect _somebody_ to pick up after her.

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