Time/Date : It is currently 06:55 Pacific Time on Wed Dec 14 2005.

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waxing Full Moon phase (88% full).

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is a cloudy day. The temperature is 35 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the northeast at 3 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.38 and falling, and the relative humidity is 92 percent. The dewpoint is 33 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius.)

Place : Farmhouse

Alesia is sitting at the table, back to the wall as and hands in her lap, a bit hunched over with a half full glass of juice on the table in front of her. She shrugs, shoulders rising and falling in a slightly exaggerated way, "Lots... not sure how to ask though..."

The back door swings open to admit KL, who stamps her feet on the doormat before closing the door behind her. "It's a bit warmer out today." she says, by way of introduction, before noticing who's in the room. "Touch Deer-rhya! Good morning!"

Touch Deer responds in his same even, formal tone, "Hello, KL." He jerks his chin at the meek, wounded-looking girl at the table. "Have you met young Alesia. She is of your Tribe."

Alesia blinks as she sees KL enter, then gulps for some reason, squirming a little bit but clearly trying not to.

"I was on the pickup team. It was me and Leslie." KL says, with a grin to Touch Deer. "I'll tell you about it sometime." She looks at Alesia, then an expression of concern crosses her face. "What's up? Is there something wrong? Has someone hurt you?"

Touch Deer settles against a wall, quiet for now.

Alesia quickly shakes her head to KL's question, "N... no... Just..." She trails off to mutterings, not that the first two words were loud but they were quite understandable at least. She finally looks up and with a little shrug, says, "Confusing..." As if this one word might explain it all.

The Fury Ahroun nods understandingly, and walks closer to Alesia, laying a hand on her shoulder in a gesture both reassuring and, at the same time, proprietorial. "Yeah. It can be. Is, really. Did Touch Deer mention that he was in charge of all of us? The big boss man?"

Alesia gives another little nod to KL's question, "Um, yeah... and... Pure Tribe..." Which is odd since that's not what TD said at all... he said Wendigo. The cub looks uneasy under KL's touch but then when doesn't she look uneasy? She glances up at KL. "I made breakfast." There are in fact some cooked sausages out, some homemade biscuits in basket under a napkin to keep them warm and a few other things all on the counter.

KL nods, and withdraws the hand, before fetching herself a sausage. "Not bad. Thank you!" she says, through a full mouth. "You meet anyone else yesterday? Anything you want me to explain?"

Alesia thinks about that for a moment then asks, "What are past lives?" She doesn't expand on the question, and her frown/concerned look doesn't change much. In fact at this point it might be questionable if the girl can even smile.

Touch Deer has been gazing out a window thoughtfuly, but turns around at this question, looking KL as she is queried by the cub.

The Fury ahroun frowns. "That's a good question, and not one I can answer that well. Basically, if your ancestors were Garou, some of them might watch over you, give you some guidance. There's a Glasswalker Ragabash - Kevin - he's actually of Get of Fenris descent, and a very famous get of Fenris watches over him." She pauses. "Did that make any sense at all?"

Alesia blinks a few times, her confusion obvious then she shakes her head, "Um... no... but... Kaz?" She says, as if she's not sure of the name, "Kaz said... I might have them..."

Touch Deer looks between the teacher and student a moment, then offers, "They are your ancestors. Senstive people hear their ancestors talking to them, and can even tap the ancient knowledge of their grandfathers. It is not unusual for Wise Ones, like you, to be able to hear them, sometimes even before the Change. There is a Wise One of another Tribe, Gunnar, who hears the voices of many, many of his ancestors, who he calls the Ancients."

KL looks gratefully at Touch Deer. "That's a better explanation than mine, thanks. Gunnar's great. Just sometimes a little hard to talk to." She looks back to Alesia, and waves the stump of her sausage around in the air. "It's something that will become more obvious in time. Though you did mention hearing voices yesterday, so I guess it's possible."

Alesia gives another shrug and looks back at the table in front of her, reverting back to 'silent girl' for the moment. She looks like she might be mulling all this over, but it could just be that she's still confused as well, hard to tell.

As Alesia reverts back to silence, Touch offers, "If you have other questions, now is the time to ask them."

KL nods encouragingly. "Yepyep." she says, before finishing off the sausage with a grin. "Good sausage." She wanders over to the fridge and grabs the milk, then a glass from a cupboard.

Alesia seems lost in thought for a moment then finally says, "Why... why didn't you come... get me... sooner?" There's an edge to this question that hasn't been in the others. She looks up at KL and Touch Deer, mostly at KL, "Why?" There's almost an accusing tone behind the quivering voice, and the girl's body is definately a bit more tense.

Touch Deer falls into silence, leeting KL field this one.

"Because we didn't know about you." KL answers, pouring the milk into a glass. "Had we known, then we'd have at least kept an eye on you, and given...what was going on, we'd have come for you sooner. As it was...we came as soon as we knew anything." The corners of her mouth dip down. "I really wish it had been earlier."

The girl's confusion doesn't seem any lessened by this answer. She peers at KL, "B... but how... how did you know? Now?" This question seems more of confusion and frustration as the sharp edge has faded slightly.

"When you were born, a spirit was...asked to watch over you, and let the nearest Garou of our tribe know when you were about to change." KL explains, sitting herself down. "I don't know who did that for you. Perhaps your mother? Anyway, it came and found us the other night, and lead us to you."

Touch Deer finishes his tea, sets down the cup, and crosses his arms with a nod. "That is correct. It's difficult for us to live with our children, often enough, and spirits are bound to them to ensure when they Change, someone is alerted, so they can be brought into their Tribe and trained to join our war."

From Alesia's reaction to KL's answer the answer might as well have been given in Hebrew. She gives another somewhat confused look to KL, her head tilting slighty, but all she offers as a verbal response is, "Um... okay..." Then she looks back at the table. "I missed gymnastics practice." She says as some kind of odd non-sequiter. Touch Deer's answer doesn't seem to do much more to clarify the situation for the girl.

"Gymnastics? Cool." KL says, enthusiastically. "Physical exercise is the best thing. I did karate for a bit, and now I do...the things I do. I run a lot, that's cool." She shakes her head slowly. "Though I doubt you'll be able to go back to school, I'm afraid. Too risky."

Touch Deer grunts faintly. "Your old life is over, and you will never go back to it, not as you lived it before. You will be taught some things, and then soon you will have training. Some of it will be like your class, most of it will not."

If Touch Deer or KL expect the news of her old life being over to draw concern or protests they are likely suprised with the almost violent way Alesia says, "Good." It's spat out almost like a curse word, and yet she still looks back to the table. Still from her posture it's not clear if her word matches her actual feelings.

KL flicks a glance at Touch Deer that isn't _the_ most friendly in the world, but doesn't say anything to him directly. "It isn't all hard work though. There's lots of good things. People who want to be with you. Friends. A chance to really make a difference to the world - a difference for _good_. And we have fun, a lot too."

Alesia gives a bit of a shrug in response to KL's words. The small display of anger having vanished almost completely, replaced by the usual meekness. "...that... that would be good." She says softly, almost a whisper, in reply to KL.

Touch Deer takes his cup to the sink, noting on his way over, "I need to speak with Helen, if you could let her know, KL."

"Of course, Touch Deer-rhya." KL says, with a nod. "Is there anywhere specific that she should go to talk to you?" She smiles at Alesia. "It is. OK, any more questions I can give really confusing answers to?"

Alesia looks back up at KL, thinking a moment then says, "D... do I have to sleep upstairs... with... others?" She seems uneasy about even asking this but manages it despite the obvious uneasiness.

Touch Deer waves around the house to KL's question. "Here is good during the morning, or I can be reached easily enough around the Bawn most afternoons and evenings." He falls quiet again, letting KL field this question.

KL sniffs and considers. "For the moment, I'm afraid so. This is one of the few places where we can be sure you'll be safe." She looks down at the floor. "We did have our own house - for our tribe, but we got served with an eviction notice on the day we came and got you. Leslie and I were packing when your spirit friend arrived. When we've found a new place, then you can move out from here."

Alesia ohs softly and looks back down, wincing for some reason. But she doesn't follow up on that comment, returning to her gaze at the table, her hands in her lap kind of curling around to give herself a little bit of a hug around her stomach.

Touch Deer murmurs, "Exactly what I need to speak with Helen about." At the girl's sullen reaction, he looks out a window then back to the girls with a half-frown. "It's unfortunate, I would rather see our newest cubs held safe in a wild place, but this is the best place right now."

KL nods. "I think everyone would rather you didn't have to stay here, but it's not forever." She folds her arms in front of her chest. "Has anyone mentioned Gaea to you?"

Alesia nods a little to KL's question but still keeps at her spot at the table, still holding herself tightly. She still doesn't look up, nor does she actually say anything, but just nods to KL.

The steps creak softly as Sophie comes down from upstairs. She turns to the kitchen and pauses, giving each occupant a gentle bob of her head. "KL-rhya, Touch Deer-rhya. Morning Alesia. Am I interrupting?"

Touch Deer shakes his head to Sophie, a negative, followed by a quick nod of hello.

"Hi Sophie." KL says, "no, come on in. It's the kitchen, after all." There's a wariness in her expression though, that hasn't been there before. "Who did, and what did they tell you?" she asks Alesia.

Alesia thinks hard then says, "You... you and Leslie said some stuff about it... the first night... or Helen... maybe..." She says softly to KL's question, "Don't... remember..." She looks up at Sophie, and then quickly back down. Alesia looks tired and frayed, and has a bit of a 'wounded animal' look to her but there are no obvious wounds.

Sophie purses her lips sligthtly as she looks at the cub, then turns to the fridge to rummage around. "She's like the far opposite end of the spectrum, compared to how I was when I first got here."

Touch Deer clears his throat a bit, then suggests, "Why don't you introduce yourself, Sophie?"

The Fury Ahroun grins at Sophie and raises an eyebrow. "Alesia hasn't mentioned a desire for ice with mint in, yet." she says, before turning her attention back to the Fury cub. "This is the fundamental truth. Well, one of them. Gaia is the spirit of the world." She screws up her face. "This is probably a bad explanation. Leslie could give you a better one - ask her later. Anyway, our job...our purpose, is to protect her from the forces that would destroy her."

Alesia glances up at Sophie, then Touch Deer and lastly looks up at KL. A small frown on her lips, "I.... can't even protect myself..." She says softly, with a clear look that implies 'How could I protect something else?'.

Sophie looks to Touch Deer, "I met her already, unless you mean the full bowl full of introducing type?" She grins at KL, "Yeah, well. If we had mint here I'd keep an ice pack handy for those very occasions."

Touch Deer ohs wordlessly to Sophie, and leans against the wall, quiet and thoughtful once again.

"There are more ways than obvious ones." KL says, miming punching in the air. "And you aren't expected to be able to do anything for quite a while yet. What happens is that we spend a fair while teaching you stuff, helping you find out stuff, then there's a sort of exam. If you pass that, you get to help out with the cause. The exam's called 'Rites Of Passage' - there's a bit more to it than just a test - it's like growing up. And before you do that, we call you a 'cub'. When you pass, you'll be a cliath - which is like the first rank, like me. And eventually, I hope to be a fostern - which is the next rank - like Touch Deer-rhya. But I need to do lots of good things first." She pauses for breath, after what was a massive and probably confusing infodump.

Sophie nods to Touch Deer and goes back to being quiet and fussing with cartons in the refridgerator. "I told her about ranks yesterday, because out of nowhere she asked me what rank Athro was. And Kaz thinks she might have some past ancestors in her blood- or something."

Alesia nods and softly says, "And... athro... someday... right?" She glances at Sophie when she says this as if there is some connection there then looks back up at KL. Then in a moment of self-evaluation she says, "I hope the test isn't soon...." The words are soft as she looks back down at the table.

"Not for a while yet. How long has it been for you, Sophie?" KL asks, raising an eyebrow in a questioning expression. "It's months, at the very least. I think I took about nine months, but I was very stupid and badly behaved."

Alesia gives a little shrug, but doesn't add anything after Sophie and KL's words. She goes back to her sullen table staring self.

Sophie nods her head, "Six months here, but I didn't have a tribe when I first showed up, only a big attitude." She grins a bit and shrugs.

KL smiles. "And _you_ didn't destroy any buildings, unlike an Ahroun I could touch with a fairly short stick." She leans back in her seat and sips from her glass of milk. "This is...about as difficult a time for you as you'll have. It's a horrible confusing mess, full of strange people who will tell you conflicting things. But it does get better."

Alesia sneaks a peek at Sophie, then looks back at KL. "It is very confusing." She says softly, "The voices don't help at all."

Sophie looks up and nods, "What does the voice say? Is it saying something now?"

KL looks encouragingly (if, perhaps, a little over-intently) at Alesia. "It's OK to tell us, I think." She sets the milk glass down and props up her chin on one hand, looking interested.

Alesia thinks a bit, "It's... not like someone whispering... more like... thoughts." She admits softly, "And... angry thoughts, upset cause.... cause...." She trails off, not quite able to finish the sentence.

Sophie looks over, "Because what? Why are they angry?" She takes out the milk finally and pours herself a glass, remaining at the counter to drink it.

Once more KL looks encouraging. "Even if it's me that they're angry at, I'd like to know."

Alesia hesitates then says, "They... are mad... cause... cause they say you should have been there sooner... cause... cause..." She starts to cry, the girl apparently fragile enough that this is hard on her, "Cause they wanted me to.... runaway and I didn't...."

Sophie looks from the girl to the Ahroun and goes wide-eyed. "She had a kinfetch didn't she?"

"Yes, that's how we found her." KL says. She looks a bit embarrassed for a moment, then continues. "But we were a long way away - at the Fury house, and she was in southern St. Claire. That's a fuck of a walk." A shrug. "I would have been there sooner, if I'd known what the situation was, and also if Leslie and I had recognised the kinfetch spirit for what it was. We were a bit slow on the uptake there."

Alesia shakes her head, as if trying to correct something. "N... not earlier that night... way... way earlier..." She says between small sobs, as she starts to cry more, tears rolling down her face.

The next words are soft and aimed to KL, "You said her dad was a real bad sort right? The voices must be angry she had to live like that- I guess. But wasn't your fault, right? A kinfetch goes, when it goes?" Sophie narrows her eyes in thought and shakes her head, "She needs like, therapy or something I bet. The old lightning guy used to have a good shrink, he was always nuts."

The Fury Ahroun sniffs with irritation. "We can't change what's happened, and they should know that." She hugs herself tightly across the chest. "I would, quite literally, kill to be able to have known, to have met you sooner. But I couldn't, and I can't now. All I can do now is look after you the best way that I'm able. And I'm sure Leslie and Helen would say the same."

Alesia sniffles a bit, holding herself and rocking slightly, but not saying much at this point. She's shivering a bit even though it isn't cold in the warm kitchen.

Sophie looks between the two and grits her teeth. "I'm going to go. You don't need a third wheel in here, and you're work is already cut out for you. Maybe when she settles in more I can help her get used to stuff." She glances at the distraught cub, "But not now."

"OK Sophie." KL replies, looking up. "Thanks." If she's noticed Sophie's irritation, she doesn't say anything about it. The Ahroun extends a hand and rests it on Alesia's shoulder. "Things really will be OK," she says reassuringly.

Alesia blinks then looks up at Sophie. Tears still falling down her face but she says, "P... please... stay?" There's a pleading look to her eyes, "I... I like having you around..." Which probably sounds odd but considering the girl's current state it's likely she's not thinking clearly. Then she looks at KL and nods, "I know... it's just.. .so hard to stop crying..."

Sophie is caught off guard by the cubs request, and her features instantly soften. "Uh." She looks to KL and shrugs, "If KL-rhya thinks it's for the best, I guess I can stay." Which in Sophie terms means: Wow, she wants me here? Better not make it look like that means anything, but yeah, of course I'll stay.

"Yeah, it's fine." KL says to Sophie. She keeps her hand on Alesia's shoulder, just gently resting there. "And I know it's tough, but really... things do get better really quickly. And will do. Promise."

Alesia nods a bit, sniffling as she tries to stop crying and wipes her eyes and face on the back of her sleeve. "Thanks..." She says softly, particularly towards Sophie's willingness to stay it seems, since she's looking at Sophie when she says it. Then she looks at KL and nods, "I... hope so."

Sophie comes back in now and moves to sit at the table, "Maybe I could tell her it was when I first got here? If I pick and choose what I talk about?"

Morgan blunders in through the sliding glass door, looking somewhat sleepy-eyed. One of her arms is holding the oversized coat closed, so that her second pair of limbs is hidden from prying eyes. There's a piece of straw sticking almost straight out from her already messed hair.

KL nods. "That's a good idea, Sophie." Her brow furrows. "I probably need to head off for a bit - I'm supposed to be in the city in a couple of hours, and that might mean getting a bus." She looks at Alesia and grins, "I might ask you what Sophie tells you later."

Alesia ohs softly at KL's words and nods, "I'll... try to remember." She says softly then gives a hopeful look at Sophie, sparing a glance towards Morgan. The hopeful look isn't a smile but it's better than a frown.

Sophie looks over at Morgan and smiles, "Hey Morgan, want to join us? I was about to tell Alesia of my early cubhood adventures! Have you two met officially?" she then asks of the two cubs. A nod is given to KL. "I'll try to stick around while I can KL. Keep her company."

Morgan moves closer, though at a significantly more cautious pace than when she entered. Alesia is given a single, furtive sort of look, directed mainly at the level of her chest. "Is no introduce," she replies.

KL stands and takes a couple of steps nearer the door, but remains in the room for the moment, watching closely and not saying anything, a curious look on her face as she flicks her eyes between Bug and Alesia.

Alesia watches Morgan then glances at Sophie, "Are... introductions a big thing?" She asks then gives another little sniffle.

Sophie nods her head, "I'll start first, then Morgan can go. See, as Garou we have a few sets of names, so that we know eachother even in other shapes. I am Sophie Warren, called Turns like the Seasons, a Philodox cub of the Fianna. Your turn Morgan."

Morgan rocks her head back and forth once, then straightens a very little bit as she states, "Am Bug. Fianna Metis Galliard Cub. Also call Morgan Whelan, human name."

Sophie notes here, "For now Alesia, you'd just introduce yourself as Alesia, whatever your last name is, cub of the ... Black Furies. Have they told you your auspice yet?"

KL waves a hand and steps through the door, though not without a concerned look back over her shoulder at the inhabitants of the kitchen.

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