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Place : Fury House

Boxes. Cardboard boxes full of stuff. Makes it hard to really feel like this place is home. Still, the furniture is mostly not boxed. So Alesia is sitting on a couch, just kind of staring at the boxes. She seems slightly out of it, but at least she's not frowning. She's mostly just... staring.

The quiet of the house is filled with the resounding thump-thump-thump of someone staggering slowly down the stairs. Eventually, the descender is revealed to be KL. She looks distinctly the worse for wear, bags beneath bloodshot eyes. "Morning." she says, tiredly, on seeing Alesia. "Want breakfast?"

Alesia peers up at KL and gives a little shrug. She seems to pull in on herself, tucking her legs close and hugging them as she spots the source of the thumping. "N... not really hungry..." She says softly, although she definately looks like she could use something to eat.

"What's up?" KL says. "And you so need some breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day!" She stretches her arms above her head and leans to one side and then the other.

Alesia shrugs again, looking kinda lost in the room really, even though she's just sitting there. "Quiet here." She says as she looks around. Her gaze settles on the fireplace, "Can... can we have a fire?"

"Yes, yes we can. Leslie is usually the one to build it, because it soothes her. Do you want to have a go? There's a log pile outside, and some firelighters in the kitchen." KL says with a grin. "Which do you want to fetch? I'll go get the other." She brings her arms down and leans over to touch her toes. "Cripes, I'm stiff this morning."

Alesia slips to her feet and says, "I... I'll go find the um, firelighter things in the kitchen?" She offers as she glances around then waits for KL to say that's okay. It's clear she's not going to move more until KL tells her if that's okay. KL waves a hand. "OK...let's get moving." She heads for the front door, looking back over her shoulder at Alesia. "Set of draws next to the sink. Third draw down. Don't forget the matches too - in the same place."

Alesia heads off to the kitchen, to find the matches and such. She isn't gone long. Still her step isn't fast, more like she's just a bit sleepily moving through a haze. She's definately distracted.

Some small time later KL re-enters carrying a smallish pile of chopped wood. She pushes the door closed with her foot, hopping to press it the last few inches. "I think this is about the right amount. Can always go and get some more." she says, breezily. "Right...wood...firelighters...matches...should be OK." She places the pile down next to the grate, and starts selecting sticks to go into the fireplace.

Alesia sets down the matches and firelighters next to KL then retreats to the couch, not saying a word as she does so. She watches the Ahroun work on setting up the fire, tucking her legs up against her chest again and hugging them. She rests her chin on her knees.

"So..." KL says, as she shoves firelighters beneath the carefully constructed wooden structure. "What's bugging you? You can tell me. I promise that I won't be angry, or take it out on you or anything."

Alesia sniffs a moment then looking down says, "Was... was I bad? Did... I do something bad?" It's clear the girl's body is tense as she waits for the answer, "Am.. I going to be punished? Is... is that why I was brought here?" By the time she finishes that last sentence she's barely whispering.

"Fuck _no_." The Ahroun says emphatically, leaning back on her heels. "You have done nothing wrong at all. But there are some Garou who have very funny ideas about the way things are, and we were worried that they would confuse or upset you. And also...we can protect you better here, and you're less likely to meet someone who doesn't control their rage as well as I do, and that would be bad." She pauses. "Sophie isn't one of those people, by the way."

Alesia hesitates then nods a little bit. The 'violence' of KL's response seems to not comfort Alesia much. "Kaz and Sophie were both very nice... Sophie even... might.. .might be a friend? I... I've never had a friend before." She looks down, her voice still soft.

"Kaz is a little more troublesome - not because she isn't nice, but...well...Bonegnawer." KL says, with a smile. "But Leslie and Helen said Sophie could come here, so the next time I have a chance, I'll bring her out here." She pauses. "And when you've learnt to change your shape properly, and Leslie says it's OK then you can go and see her." She looks thoughtful for a moment. "I'd like to be your friend, too."

Alesia peers up at KL, and hesitates, "I... d.. .don't know... I..." She cringes a bit and looks down again, "I... I was kinda... hoping... maybe... you.. .and.. .and the other Furies might... might be um... not friends but... but different... more..." She shrugs as she seems simply not to be sure what to call what she's trying to say.

"Family?" KL asks. "Proper family, I mean." She moves closer to Alesia, 'walking' on her knees. "I guess we're that. There is one thing... an important thing... that I don't know if anyone's mentioned to you yet?"

Alesia winces at the mention of 'family' but doesn't say anything to that. She looks at KL, as the Ahroun knee walks closer. "What?" She asks meekly as she watches the woman. From the look on her face it's clear she expects it to be something bad that's about to be said.

"That we love you. You're one of us, and we'll protect you and look after you." The Ahroun nods for emphasis. "And though there will be times when we argue, times when you hate me...Leslie...Helen...everybody, that won't change. Garou argue all the time. It's sort of natural for us." She gives a self-mocking sort of smile. "But yes, we love you, and we're so glad that we found you."

Alesia blinks, clearly caught off gaurd by KL's words. She looks confused and unsure what to make of it. She blinks a few more times then looks down, "I... I'm glad you found me too." She admits, very very softly as she hugs her knees even tighter to her body.

KL puts a hand on Alesia's leg. "Good. And there's no need to be scared while you're here." She leans back. "Can I ask you a weird question. What makes you angry? I don't mean miserable or upset, but really annoyed."

Alesia does her best not to pull back when KL touches her. But it's clear that's her first impulse. She thinks a moment then says, "I... I'm mad my... my mom didn't save me... I.. I'm mad... that..." She starts to get a bit choked up, having a hard time speaking, "I... I'm mad that... that..." She can't get any more out as she buries her face against her knees.

The hand goes back onto her knee. "It's OK." KL says reassuringly. "You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to." She looks over at the fire. "Shall we get this baby burning?" she asks, with a fake "western" accent.

Alesia only manages a nod then suddenly stammers, "D... do you know about the scars?" She looks up at KL, eyes wide and a bit feral. There's a slightly crazed look to her as she asks KL the question so abruptly.

"Yes, I know about them." KL says. "I saw them when we found you. Though I don't know what was used to cause them, I know who did it." She looks very grim. "Several times, I've nearly gone and fished that bag out of the river, purely so I could stamp on it a bit more."

Alesia ohs softly and looks down at the floor again. "I... I showed Leslie some of them." She says softly as she seems to have forgotten the fire completely at this point. "She... said... she'd ask someone... maybe.. maybe try to fix some of them... like... like fixed my finger..."

KL nods. "It's possible, I think. It's all a bit complicated, and not stuff I really understand. The problem might be that they were caused before you shifted." She strikes a match and lights one of the firelighters. "You saw Sophie shift?" KL asks, in a bit of a non-sequitur

Alesia nods a bit, "Sophie and Andrew and Morgan too." She admits as she watches KL light the fire. "I... I think being a wolf... would be nice. It'd be warm... with fur?" She says softly.

"It's great. But that's not what I wanted to show you now." KL says. "Promise you won't run away? This might be a bit scary?" She leans over and blows on the fire a couple of times, causing it to glow more fiercely. One of the flames from the lighter licks around a log, and slowly the log starts to catch.

Alesia gives a little shrug, as if she's not promising anything but then says meekly, "W... won't run..." AS she watches KL work in front of the fire.

The Ahroun hitches up her trouser leg to reveal a knife in a scabbard. She takes it out and holds it out, hilt first, to Alesia. "Take this." she says. "It's not silver or anything, just a normal knife."

Alesia hesitantly accepts the knife and stares at it for a moment. She freezes and looks a bit like a statue as her fingers slowly tighten around the hilt. She suddenly looks completely lost in thought.

"How does that make you feel?" The Ahroun asks, cocking her head on one side. "Holding a weapon?" Her voice is quiet and her pose non-threatening. She slowly rolls her trouser leg back down.

Alesia stays motionless for a moment, for a very long moment. Her fingers are wrapped around the hilt in a good grip, her knuckles going slowly white from the pressure on it. Mentally the girl looks a thousand miles away.

KL waves a hand in front of the cubs face. "Hello? Alesia? Where are you?" Her words are humorous, but her expression is concerned. She leans over to peer into Alesia's eyes.

Alesia slowly recovers, and looks back up at KL. "W.. .what?" She stammers as she looks back down at the knife, "I... the voices... it..." She gulps, "S... sorry."

"Oh. What did they want you to do?" KL asks, sympathetically. She kneels back down, clasping her hands together in front of her. "What I wanted to do can wait for a minute."

Alesia hesitates then says, "Attack." Well, since there's pretty much just you here, it doesn't make it hard to figure out who they wanted to attack. She keeps a firm grip on the knife. Then looks down.

KL looks a bit upset at this. "Did they tell you why?" she asks, folding her arms over her chest. "What do they think I've done wrong?"

Alesia shakes her head, "Some of them... are just very upset." She says softly, "I... I think they are very very mad..." She winces then stammers, "I... I'm sorry..."

"_You_" KL says, with a stab of her finger in Alesia's direction. "Are not responsible for what they say to you." She grins. "Anyway, you're going to do what they tell you, this time." Her body swells as she shifts up to Glabro, her muscles growing in size and mass, and her features becoming more bestial. "This form is called Glabro. It is stronger than homid, but from a distance does not look inhuman."

From afar, Alesia nods, "Just... KL Icly should be about to be surpised as Alesia starts to do things combat wise she has no right knowing.... Past Lives 5, with an ahroun Athro as the primary.

When you say to Alesia she should do what the voices say, there's a bit of a change in the girl. As you shift up to Glabro the knife is already in the air, end over end towards your dominant shoulder (If you're right handed, your right shoulder). If that isn't suprising enough right behind it is a leaping Alesia. For the moment the girl is still in homid, but there is an absolutely feral look on her face as one of her fists comes in just moments behind the knife to try to catch you off guard with a rather nasty upper cut.

KL is surprised by the ferocity of the attack, but it doesn't take long for her to react. Surprisingly, though, she lets the knife hit her in the shoulder with a thunk, blood spraying through her t-shirt. The cub's fist gets evaded as the Ahroun sways out of the way of the blow. Then she launches a counter-attack, intending to drop the cub to the ground as quickly as possible. In a blur of motion, she reaches out to grasp the cub in a bear hug, and turn her over her leg.

If this were a normal cub, that would easily have worked but things aren't normal here at all. The blurred motion grabs blank air, as the girl rips through her clothing in what clearly is a rage shift, and drops to lupus, meaning her torso simply isn't any where near where KL is grabbing. As if that weren't bad enough, the new lupus form seems outragously fast and in seconds is trying to bite KL's hamstrings on her left leg as the wolf's body swings around.

KL lets out a shout of surprise and pain as the cub's teeth bite into the back of her leg. She spins around and drops down onto one knee, trying to drive a blow onto the spine of the lupus. At the same time, the cub will find herself very off-balance, suddenly tumbling to the ground as the Ahroun uses the gift known as "The Falling Touch".

The wolf twists, avoiding the worst of the blow to her spine, but... the blow glances enough to let falling touch take effect, sending her off across the room a bit. This has the effect of taking a rather sizable chunk out of the back of KL's leg, which the wolf spits out as she gets back to her feet. She stands firmly on all fours, lips curled back in a snarl as she looks like she's checking out the situation at the moment. As a review KL has a chunk missing from the back of her right leg and a knife still sticking in her right shoulder, so there's quite a bit of blood flowing, although none of it aggravated. Meanwhile the lupus that is Alesia might be bruised but has no obvious cuts and looks ready for round two, but isn't attacking yet.

KL holds a hand up. "Stop." she says, somewhat warily. "Before this gets more serious than it needs to be." The blood flowing down her leg slows and the wound starts to nit back together as she stands still. That knife is still sticking out of her shoulder, though.

For a moment it looks like the wolf is going to ignore you. Then the body of it sort of shudders, as if the 'driver' of the body is struggling to keep control. The fierce dominant posture vanishes, replaced quickly by what can only be called a confused wobbly posture, more like a deer figuring out her feet for the first time than a lethal killing machine. But behind that there's still a hint of something behind it, as if that fierceness has just sunk slightly below the surface... but isn't gone completely. The wolf gives a tiny almost pathetic sounding whine.

"Can you shift back to homid?" KL asks. "And then I'll show you what I wanted to show you?" She's still very wary, tension visible clearly in her glabro-enhanced muscles. The leg injury is almost gone now, only the rent in her trousers and the bloodstains that serve as testiment to the wound that was there before.

Night seems confused, she takes a tentative step forward, which is very sharply contrasted to how that wolf form was moving just moments ago. The shreds of Alesia's clothing are all over the place after the violent rage shift. The wolf seems unsure for the moment as if this was not something that was completely clear. There's a pause then slowly the girl returns ot girl form. This presents a /whole/ new batch of problems as the now nude Alesia sits there on the floor, splattered with some blood, which while it's your blood is still blood. She looks pale, as if she's in shock. And again the scars are easy to see as she curls up as if to try to hide.

"Heyheyhey!" KL says. "I'm not mad at you." She kneels down, and puts a hand on the naked girl's shoulder. The fact that (a) she's still in Glabro and (b) there's still a _knife_ in her shoulder possibly make this less reassuring than it might otherwise be. "I guess I'm really not much good at this teaching shit." she says, miserably. "This wasn't what was supposed to happen at all."

Night starts to cry, sobbing uncontrollably. Her body jerking a bit with each sob. She looks so vulnerable right now, and as you get closer the mix of scars is a bit clearer... looks like some of them are circular, more like burns, perhaps from a cigarette and then there are others that are more like cuts or lines. The girl is curled up so her back is mostly what you see and that looks like where the majority of the scars are, but there are some on her front that you spotted before. If the girl is hearing you at all is hard to tell with her sobbing like that.

KL pulls the knife out of her shoulder, with a brief wince. "Owie." she mutters to herself. She strokes the sobbing girl's arm slowly, while her skin knits itself back together. Once the wound is healed - about three seconds after the knife is removed - the Ahroun shifts back down to homid, all the while making soothing noises and remaining in physical contact with the cub. "It really is OK."

Alesia sniffles a bit, "I... I'm bad... I... I hurt you... I..." She cringes, not even looking at you, "You... you said to... but... and the voices... said... and then... and my dad..." She's not very coherent at the moment, as she stammers between sobs, "D... don't wanna... don't hurt... bad...."

"I'm not hurt anymore." KL says. "We heal real quick in other forms. Real quick. Have a look." She taps the cub on the shoulder. "And I'm not mad at all. Really. And you aren't bad."

Alesia is curled up very very tightly but does lift her head to peer at KL, KL who is still clothed and while splattered in her own blood looks remarkably healthy. This brings a look of utter confusion to the poor girl. She stares, still crying but not trying to talk anymore as tears stream down her face. That combined with her nude state and her scars and the blood splattered on her creates a pretty sad image before you.

KL pulls the rip in her t-shirt apart, licks her finger and wipes the blood away from the wound site. Nothing remains. No scar, no line, no mark, just smooth, pale skin. "See?" The Ahroun says. "No damage done." A sniff. "Other than to my T-shirt. and my jeans."

Alesia watches KL and gives a little nod, tears still rolling down her face. She tries hard to stop, rubbing her face with the back of one arm, but that smears some extra blood on her face. She gives another nod then stammers, "S... sorry... I... I should have... st... stopped them..."

"Perhaps." KL says with a grin. "But it was an interesting lesson. I can see you're going to be fun to spar with. Do you know the name of the one who was...fighting me?" The Ahroun asks carefully. "And do you want to go and have a shower. There's some spare clothes lying around if you don't have any."

Alesia gives a little nod, still crying softly. But it's unclear what she's nodding to. She makes no move to get up though, still curled up tightly in a ball. Alesia seems rather lost really, confusing back on her face.

The Ahroun gives another gentle pat on the arm. "It really is OK, you can come out of your ball, you know. Come and sit here by the fire."

Alesia is reluctant to get up but does slowly. She looks horrified and scared, and a bit cold. She sits where ever KL indicates, shivering and shaking a bit. She looks like she could use a blanket or towel and doesn't say a word for the moment.

"Why so scared?" KL asks, leaning towards the cub, putting a hand on her shoulder and looking into her eyes. "I'm not mad with you at all. At myself, yes, but that's nothing new." She smiles. "You did nothing wrong. Though...are you any good with a needle and thread?"

Alesia wipes a few tears away and gives a little nod in answer to the needle and thread question. She sniffles a bit then says, "I... I hurt you..." She looks pretty upset with herself from the sound of it.

"I told you I wasn't hurt any more, and it really doesn't matter. Most Garou take lumps out of each other from time to time. It's really, really, nothing." KL says, She slides a bit closer, and moves to wrap her arms around the cub in an obviously genuine, though slightly awkward, hug.

The hug isn't returned although it isn't rejected either. It's more like Alesia doesn't really know how to respond. She sits there, shivering slightly as your arms wrap around her. Then after a moment she stammers, "D.. didn't want to hurt you... not like..." She doesn't even finish that sentence but changes it to something new, "You... you're okay now... right?"

"Never been better." KL says. "Really. Though you could help me repair my clothes later, as I'm rotten with a needle and thread. You think you shed some of my blood? You should see me sewing!" She chuckles at her own comment, and maintains the hug. "Now...go and have a shower, and find some clothes. You must be freezing."

Alesia does seem to be freezing and at the suggestion doesn't hesitate to dash off in search of the bathroom to go clean up and get warm, then find clothes.

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