Time/Date : It is currently 16:02 Pacific Time on Fri Dec 16 2005.

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waning Full Moon phase (96% full).

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is foggy. The temperature is 33 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 29.99 and falling, and the relative humidity is 88 percent. The dewpoint is 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius.)

Place : Farmhouse : Barn

"Alesia, I know you seem to have had a hard time of things. But, I really think if you let your sisters, and your friends,- even new ones like me, show you some affection, and like, don't hide from it? I think you'll start to feel better." Sophie looks down to the drawing. "For as well as you drew that, I'd say you enjoyed having the wolf around. Even if you weren't sure you realized that."

Alesia is sitting on a bale of hay, next to Sophie. Alesia has a notebook in her hands, hugged to her chest, and a pencil in one hand. She's talking softly with Sophie and looks upset... again. Maybe she always looks upset. She gives a small nod, "It... it was nice... it was... nice to feel like an animal liked me." She says softly then looks down. "Even if it was really you..."

The door to the barn swings open with a thump, letting in a blast of cold air, and KL and Leslie. KL has a scowl etched on her face, and is in the process of shoving her right hand into a pocket, where it would mirror her left. Obviously, she is the one who has shoved the door. "Ah. You're here." she says, on spying Alesia. The two Furies come fully into the barn, and KL moves to close the door behind them.

Leslie is silent as she trails behind KL, tension written into the lines of her body beneath the bulky winter jacket, her expression impassive and controlled and jaw set. She does offer the pair a small smile as she steps past KL. "Good evening," she greets quietly.

Sophie nods to Alesia, whispering softly, "I like you when I am Sophie too-" The barn door opens just then and she turns to see who has come. Her posture grows more concerned and decidedly more submissive as the Furies step in. "I told her that the barn was okay to be in. I'd asked her to draw a picture of me in lupus and said we'd have to do it out here. She's very good at it." This is all quickly spoken out, before she tacks on a belated, "Leslie-rhya, KL-rhya."

Alesia looks up at the two furies and looks like she'd rather vanish into a little ball more than anything else as she studies the looks on the two women's faces. She curls up a bit, around her note book, as she peers at them. "I... I wasn't hiding..." She stammers worriedly, "Honest...."

On seeing Alesia hiding behind her notebook, Leslie closes her eyes and draws one deep breath, then another, not removing her hands from her pockets. When she looks up and opens her eyes, a litle of the tension eases, and her expression relaxes, thougrh it is still closed and revealing nothing. "Alesia, please. I'm not going to eat you, I'm just stressed, okay?" Her voice is even, controlled, a veneer of calm. She takes a few steps towards the pair, nodding towards Sophie and including her in a smile that is meat to be reassuring. "KL, you haven't eaten any cubs lately, have you?"


Standing at an arrogant five foot three inches, this young teenager commands the space around her as if it were in existence solely for her. Her features are flawless: smooth, clear skin, high cheekbones, a button nose and dark, green eyes are set on a slightly ovaled face. Her hair; normally long, dark brown, and slightly wavy - is now cut short into a full face-framed bob, dyed black with blonde chunked highlights. In certain lights a sheen of blue reflects from the hair as well.
She moves with a steady grace; shoulders up and posture tall. Her gaze, often friendly enough, is also one of pride and cockiness, and her smile can just as quickly be turned to a wicked sneer.

Sophie stands up and moves slowly away from the Fury cub, taking a seat on a nearby haybale and reaching down to brush some haybits from her leg. Her gaze doesn't lift to meet either of the elder women in the room.

Alesia gives a small nod then says, "When... when people get stressed... it's bad..." She slowly stands, "Sophie... was just being nice." With that Alesia starts to take off the coat to offer it back to Sophie, as if just having it might be wrong, "Do... do I need to do something?" She asks, looking both worried and slightly confused.

"Nope. Cub is right off the menu." KL replies, her flippancy rather forced. She does manage a small smile at Alesia, but that's about it. The Ahroun takes a couple of steps towards one of the walls, and pushes a haybale against it with her foot. When she's satisfied that it's in place, she sits down and leans up against the wall. There's not much in the way of relaxation going on though - her body seems to be wound as tight as a clock spring.

Leslie glances between the two girls, a frown turning down the corners of her lips. Impatience, firmly controlled, flickers across her yes and is barely audible as an undercurrent in her cool and even tones. "Ladies. Who is telling you that you're not allowed to talk to each other or sit next to each other? Who is telling you that we are going to kick both of your asses if you're seen together? What is your problem tonight? It is true that normally we tae care of our cubs ourselves for the first few weks, and as oon as that becomes possible, that will likely be the case, but in the meantime, there is no reason to cower and shrink simply because one of us walks into the room, do you understand?" Now she looks directly at Alesia, intently. "I'd be curious to see your drawing."

Sophie glances to Leslie, "Sorry, I just, I feel like I am in the way when you are here. I know that tending to the cub is your business." She looks then to Alesia, giving a soft, quick smile. KL gets not a glance though.

Alesia offers the coat to Sophie and if she doens't take it, Alesia will lay it on the hay next to Sophie. She looks back at Leslie and says softly, "When I saw someone looking as mad as you two come in here... it... it normally was a very bad thing. I'm sorry... I just... It made me think of bad things." She looks down, at her notebook then slowly opens it and offers it to Leslie. Inside is a hastily done but pretty good pencil sketch of Sophie in wolf form. If Leslie happens to notice the page before that, it's a drawing in much greater detail... of Leslie. Or rather, almost Leslie, with longer hair, and slightly younger. It's obviously drawn with great care.

KL gives a little snort from her position slumped on the haybale. "Luna's very fat." she says. "I get angry at anything." Her eyes focus on Alesia. "I'm not aware of anything you've done wrong." she says.

"KL's just about nailed it," Leslie agrees, coming closer and peering at the drawing. "Wow, Alesia. I wish I could draw like that..." She trails off as she studies the other drawing, her smile fading. "Your mother?" she asks quietly.

Sophie looks up from her place on the other haybale, watching carefully in that way where she tries to make it look like she's not watching.

Alesia nods a little bit, "Yes... what I remember of her." She looks up at Leslie, "You... I just.. I mean... you look so much like her... I..." She starts to choke up a bit, and looks down, "It's hard not to think you're her...."

KL shifts on her bale, her hands dropping to grip into its edge, causing straw to fall out and to the ground. She looks away from everyone in the barn, suddenly discovering that staring at the punchbag is a worthwhile activity. Slowly, she turns her head back, her eyes moist.

Leslie is silent for the space of about two heartbeats, then sits down cross-legged at Alesia's feet, resting her hands in her lap. As she sits, she happens to glance in KL's direction, and her brows furrow, but she turns back to Alesia, looking up at her. "Would it help you to think of me as being like a mother to you?"

Sophie remains as silent as a stilled mouse, her eyes on the conversation, but everything else remains without noise or motion.

Alesia takes a step back, looking rather unsure of herself and looking down at Leslie. She sits down on the bale of hay behind her without even looking at it, "You... you aren't really... though... are you?" The way she asks it it's clear she desperately wants to believe Leslie /is/ her mother but just hasn't admitted it for some reason.

KL remains silent, her eyes wide and her lips pressed together. Her hands work slowly at the straw - she's well on her way to wrecking a perfectly respectable haybale - and she taps a foot slowly, as if the very act of motion was important.

"I'm only 25, Alesia. I'm not old enough to be your birth mother." Leslie's tone is very gentle, her earlier tension apparently forgotten, though it's still visible in the fire behind her eyes. "But...a mother is far more than the person who gave you life. Your mother is the person who gives you your life, and all that goes with it. From the sound of it, your mother did all that and more. But...she's not here, so KL and Helen and I are going to have to do in her stead. If it makes it easier for you to think of me in that way, then...I don't mind. I'm a mother figure for a lot of people here." This is accompanied by an amused grin. "It's part of who I am and what Io."

Sophie continues to listen to the conversation, eyes wide and body still. The cub has grown a bit of wisdom in her stay here, and seems well aware that she should be a silent barn fixture for this exchange.

Alesia is sitting on a bale of hay in front of Leslie. Leslie is sitting on the floor cross-legged with a notebook in her lap. KL is over on another bale of hay on one wall, slowly shredding it with her fingers. Sophie is to one side, watching all of this some what wide eyed. There's a pause at Leslie's offer and Alesia doesn't seem to know what to make of it. Then... after a moment she says, "My dad... wasn't very good family..." She says in almost a whisper, "Maybe... maybe I need... something... more... than... family." She almost chokes up on that last bit, eyes down cast.

Helen pushes open one of the doors to the barn, having heard familiar voices inside as she walked by. "Hey," she says quietly, pausing at the door, not quite knowing if she should sit down or just stand there.

KL looks up at the new entrant, then down at the wrecked edge of the haybale. "Hi Helen." she says, standing up slowly and then leaning over to turn the haybale over, so that the damaged edge is not visible, before sitting herself back down on it and returning her attention to the two Furies in the centre of the barn.

"Most men are good family only to their dicks," Leslie observes in a murmurm, talking mostly to herself, staring in silence up at Alesia, a flash of annoyance returning to her eyes. "What miserable timing for all of this. Alesia," she adds, now directing her words at the cub, "you don't even really know who we are yet, and that is largely thanks to some damnably bad timing in our affairs." She looks up at Helen, and manages a small smile amid the frustration. "Hi Helen." She pauses a moment, then turns back to Alesia. "We're not the same as the family you have always known. If my guess about your mother is right, we are your mother's family, and more. Will you give us a chnce to help you?"

Alesia gulps then nods hard, at Leslie's question then stammers out a sharp, "Yes!" Her eyes go a bit wide then she instantly cringes back a bit, perhaps scared of her own eagerness. She adds more softly, "P... please? I'll try really hard to be good... honest..."

Helen, who has been quiet apart from her greeting, suddenly blurts out, "We gotta take Alesia to the House. We shouldn't be talking about this stuff here." She glances to Sophie with an irritated look before turning her eyes back to the three other Furies.

KL has only just got herself seated again, but immediately bounces up to standing. She looks between Leslie and Helen, then at Alesia. The corners of her mouth twitch up into a little smile. "OK, Helen." she says, carefully watching the cubs' reactions.

"Can we?" Leslie looks up at KL and Helen both suddenly, hope suddenly lighting the brown eyes. "Can we do that with...you know? We do have a little bit of time, I guess...but is it enough?" She glances back at Alesia, just briefly.

Alesia actually turns and shoots Sophie a look of worry then looks back at Helen, Leslie and KL. Alesia cringes slightly but doesn't say a word, letting the elder Furies discuss whatever it is they are discussing, as she listens closely.

Helen says, "We've got about a month. That's time enough. We can't have Alesia stay here anymore. It won't help her any, it'll just hurt her." She isn't even looking at the new cub; her attention is focused on Leslie and KL. "So... I think we should take her over there." Finally she glances to Alesia and offers her a vague smile. "Don't worry, we're just taking you someplace...safer."

Sophie doesn't say anything, but gives a gentle smile to Alesia, trying to send her silent reassurance.

"Someplace a bit quieter, too. And you might be able to have your own room there, for a bit." KL says. "Certainly fewer people coming through. Nicer furniture, too."

"I concur," Leslie replies to Helen, getting to her feet and offering Alesia back her sketchbook. "Let's go, then. I should arrive at the caern early..." She stops and looks between Helen and KL. "I cannot miss the Moot tonight, Helen-rhya. I have given my word that I would hear the silver issue at the Cracking. Can one of us sty with her and help her get setled?" Helen thinks a moment. "I need to go to the moot too, as the elder of our tribe," she says carefully. "Uh. KL. Would you mind watching over Alesia while we go to the moot?"

Alesia seems some what worried as she listens then says, "C... can Sophie come... visit me? Maybe? Sometime?" She glances at the other girl the back at her elders. But Alesia's words are so soft that if the other Furies are talking they might miss it completely.

Sophie takes in a slow deep breath, tensing slightly as Alesia asks. She doesn't look at any of the Furies now, but remains still and gazing downward.

"Sure, Helen, Leslie. We'll grab her stuff from the farmhouse and I'll take her back home." KL says, with a nod. "I don't have any pressing reason to be at the moot." She glances at Sophie. "Sophie has been lovely." Noncomittal in tone, but friendly enough.

"I have no objection, but the decision is Helen's." Leslie stands tall, now, a good deal of her tension returning, though not all of it. "I've had visitors every now and again, Helen-rhya, mostly looking for advice. My only preference would be women only."

Helen shrugs. "Sophie can visit," she says. "If it'll make you happy, Alesia. I don't like visitors, but...we can make an allowance for now. Not like we've got the place for much longer anyway."

Sophie looks at the Fury women, clearing her throat slightly. "If it's a place of special import to you, I understand the limits of who is permitted there. Perhaps if Alesia would like it, you could bring her out to the farm when she'd really like to visit with me?"

Alesia looks some what relieved at the news she will at least get to see Sophie again. She accepts the notebook back from Leslie as she stands and takes a breath, "I'll go get my stuff from the attic..." she says as she heads towards the barn door.

"We can discuss that later, I think. Helen, we had better hurry." The tension in Leslie's frame increases as she glances towards the door. "KL, Alesia, we'll see you later, but we're going to have to run to make the Howl as it is." She dusts herself off and starts for the door. "I have to go throughthe farmhouse, Hlen, I'll catch up. I left the bone in there. Sophie, are you coming?"

"I'll come with you." KL says, following the cub. "I think you'll like the house. We might not have it for much longer, but it's very nice. And we have a fridge. With food in, often."

Sophie nods to Leslie, "Yes, I'll run with you." She grabs for her coat, then stops, "Can Alesia use this until she's settled with her own stuff? I can travel in lupus to keep warm."

"I'll be waiting for you then," says Helen. "And yeah, Alesia, make yourself at home. KL will show you around and stuff." She smiles at the cub and glances to Sophie. "If you wanna come visit Alesia, feel free, okay?"

"We'll probbly be in warform for much of the night anyway. KL, I'll come back at the end of the Moot so you can at least Revel with the others. Gaia light your path. With that, Leslie turns for the door, about in the same state of mind as when she entered.

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