Time/Date : It is currently 06:11 Pacific Time on Sun Dec 18 2005.

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is clear outside. The temperature is 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 30.03 and falling, and the relative humidity is 87 percent. The dewpoint is 11 degrees Fahrenheit (-11 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waning Full Moon phase (85% full).

Place :Fury House

Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

This is the central hub of the house. From here, you can still see the entrance foyer, as well as the stairway that heads to the second story. Towards the back of the common area is a set of glass doors that lead out to a courtyard. To the east, an arched doorway leads to what apparently serves as a library, office, and workroom, and to the west, an arched doorway leads to what appears to be a kitchen and dining area.
There are several chairs here, simple, elegant, yet functional in their design and intent. The room has a comfortable feel to it, but is a bit ascetic in design. The walls are off-white, the molding dark cherry wood and decorated with acanthus-leaf ornamentation at the corners. A pair of antique spears are hung crossed against each other on one wall, and a wall-relief depicting a scene of Grecian warriors hangs on the other. Above the mantle of the fireplace is a small statue of Artemis, on either side of that, dark metal candlesticks with ivory pillar candles. The entire room is a study in the contrast of light and dark.

The early morning, pre-dawn, light filters into the fury house, the ethereal grey casting light shadows on the floor. KL is sitting in a chair with her feet propped up on a cardboard box full of crockery. She's topless, holding her maroon t-shirt in her hands, fingers spreading apart a rent in the shoulder that is surrounded by some telltale dark stains. She's looking through the shirt, rather than at it, lost in her thoughts.

Footsteps down the stairs are audible more as a creaking from the wood rather than in their own right, as Leslie pads in sock-feet down them. The old, bloodstained U of Iowa sweatshirt from Alesia's cubnapping and a pair of old sweatpants hang loosely off her frame, and she holds her arms wrapped around her against the predawn chill. As she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she pauses on seeing KL there, blinking in surprise. "You're back already?"

"Didn't go, in the end." KL says. "There's something I need to tell you. Need to talk to you about." She holds up the T-shirt, demonstrating the hole in it. "I don't think... I'm not doing very well with Alesia." She looks thoroughly miserable at this thought.

Leslie blinks again, surprise and, after a moment, disappointment coloring her half-lit expression. She doesn't comment on it, though, and the disappointment is gone in a flash she studies the hole. "She attacked you? What happened?" There's an edge to her tone as she finds a place to sit next to you. "And are you all right?"

"We were talking...she said that she might be able to have the scars..." A pause, as KL thinks about the scars on the cub's body. "Might be able to have some of them healed. And we talked a bit about being wounded, and I was going to show her how quickly we heal wounds. Didn't seem to be an unreasonable thing to me." She opens her hands in a gesture of total incomprehension.

"And she attacked you for this?" Leslie's tone is pitched low, but the icy edge to it suggests distinct displeasure. "Or did you ask her to?" She looks at the shirt more closely, then at the topless Ahroun, looking for the matching rent in the skin beneath it. "And why were you shifting in the house? You know Helen doesn't like that."

"Wasn't...really...intending to shift for very long." There's no visible marks on the shoulder of the Ahroun. "Probably very stupid, but I gave her my knife to hold for a moment... and she said that the voices were telling her to attack me." KL looks totally non-plussed. "I don't understand what I've done to make them so angry!" Bitterness in this. "And yes, then she attacked me. And..." KL blinks. "She stopped pretty quick, but she might have ended up beating me. She pulled stuff that I've never seen from anyone." She lifts her leg, revealing a massive hole in the back of the knee of her trousers. "And she was so upset afterwards. She thought she'd annoyed me. I was just surprised and caught off-guard. Not angry at all, 'cept with me."

"I don't care what you've done to make them angry." Leslie's reply is cool, determined, authoritative. "I'm given to understand that she has past lives in her head, which may be the source of the unexpected moves. But they are just that, past lives, and that is no reason for her to be attacking you no matter what those damned voices in her head say. In this life, now, she is a cub, and she will respect her elders." She stands up, restlessly, and stalks into the kitchen. "I'm half-tempted to drag her arse out of bed and make her explain herself," she calls from the other room, from which the distinctive clank of a tea kettle and a rush of water is audible.

"Please don't." KL calls back, standing up and putting her T-shirt back on. "She really was upset at what she'd done. I don't know...I don't think she was in control." The Ahroun has walked to the entrance to the kitchen, to allow for easier conversation. "I think the past lives don't think very much of us. I'm not sure they're helping her much." A pause. "Is that disrespectful?"

"Is what disrespectful?" Leslie asks, and indeed she seems to be in the process of making tea for herself, if the mug on the counter and the box full of teabags is any indication. The kettle is in the sink, in the process of filling from the tap. "I don't give a rat's arse what her past lives think of us, KL. If they are urging her to attack, then there is a problem there. A big one." She stops, consciously drawing a deep breath, then another, relaxing slightly as he urns of the water and picks up the kettle. "Want some?"

"Please." KL says, with a little nod. "Are you annoyed with me?" she asks, somewhat anxiously. "I've never...been this involved with a cub before. And I don't want to screw it...or her...up." She bites her bottom lip in a concerned expression. Alesia has connected.

Leslie sets the teaketle on the stove and turns the burner all the way up before turning o you, leaning aginst the counter with a sigh. "No, KL, I'm annoyed with her and with the past lives, mostly. And with the whole damn situation." She takes another several deep breaths, clasping her hands in front of her and looking down at the floor in a curiously penitent pose. "And I've been snappish a lot lately, too. I try to keep the Rage in check, and I haven't been doing that very well lately. I'm sorry." The two are talking down at the kitchen, the lights still off as the crepuscular light filters through the windows.

KL chuckles. "Tell me about it." She's leaning up against the entry to the kitchen, still wearing her mutilated clothes from earlier. "It's been easier for me...this month." The Ahroun says. "I mean, I might be being overprotective of her, but I've never...felt as protective of anyone before."

Quite as a church mouse, Alesia has woken and after hearing the some what raised voices... has paused at the top of the stairs, listening, but not making a sound.

"It's okay," Leslie mutters, now quieter, still ooking down at the floor. "I feel the same way. I feel like I've got a once in a lifetime chance, an opportunity both to fix some bastard's mess and show these, "the word she uses isn't in English, but its meaning is clearly pejorative, "of the Sept how to bring a cub up in the old ways. My Greek is only marginal, I can't teach her more than the basics of that. But right now, I can't get her to relax and listen long enough to even explain what a Theurge is. I feel like I'm failing too. I just wish we weren't being evicted right when this happened."

"I know." KL nods. "It's like...having something solid removed from beneath you." She shrugs. "Alesia met Brom the other day. I was there...took me ten minutes to stop standing between him and her." She raises a hand in a palm-up gesture. "Then she said that she was sure he wasn't one of the Get who beat up women, and of course he is, sort of, and off he stomped in a huff."

Alesia cringes as she hears the voices below. Only there's no one to see her as she slowly sits, on the top step, just listening. She wraps her arms around her knees as she slowly gets more upset at what she's hearing.

Leslie looks up at KL, her smile torn between laughter and despair. "Oh no. Please tell me he didn't pull that machismo shit of his." She sobers as she walks over o the cupboard, pulling out a second mug and setting it on the counter. "No, I don't think he would actually attack her. When I first met him, he might have, but not now, not after losing Maggie. He was really wrecked about that cub, KL. He admitted it to me while we were cleaning the turkeys for Thanksgiving." Her tone now holds a hint of compassion. "For all his bravado and usual Get bullshit, Brom is an honorable guy, KL, and if I guess right has too much respect for me and for Touch Deer's rules to lay a finger on a Fury cub. I wouldn't worry about him."

"I know..." The Ahroun says, and then points to her head. "Up here, I didn't for a second think he'd attack her. Certainly not without some build up. But somewhere else...somewhere less logical, I just _had_ to get between them and protect her." She shakes her head. "Never thought I'd be like that."

"We really are creatures of instinct, I suppose," Leslie answers thoughtfully, leaning against the counter. "I feel the same way. I've never really been involved with a cub before, either....back home Fosterns and Adrens did the cub-teaching, and I was usually off with...." She cuts that off abruptly and turns away, lowering her head. "I think she wants to think of me as her mother, she really does, and I'm so torn. Honor demands I tell her the truth, but..." Finally, she looks back again, and her expression is troubled. "I sort of wish I was? So that I could help her? Does that make sense?"

KL nods slowly. "Yes, it does. Do we have any idea who her mother was, because if her pictures are right, she did look a hell of a lot like you." A grin at this. "You don't have any sisters or cousins you haven't mentioned?" A pause. "Um...probably something else I should mention."

A moment of silence from the Philodox, the rumbling of the kettle audible in that silence. It's not whistling yet, but it will soon. "Maybe," she admits finally. "It's got to be from the Menetzke side, though. My mom is blonde." Her smile is faint and tinged with regret. "My dad's side is where I get the Garou breeding and the coloring from, and he's got a huge extended family in Europe. I'm sure my mom is Kinfolk, she has to be else I wouldn't have been born Garou, but I don't think she's clued. Dad's sister is, though, and Aunt Margaret said she told Dad the truth after I Changed. I don't know how well he tok t, she didn't say." She pauses, frowning, her brows furrowing. "What's up?"

KL looks down at the floor, then back up again. "I told her that we loved her." The Ahroun says. "I don't know if that's a word we're supposed to use or not." She's blushing fiercely, her normally pale cheeks a virulent shade of crimson.

Leslie's voic,e floating up the stairs is genuinely puzzled. "What's wrong with that? I'd say that's accurate. I mean, we're not going to go flirting with her or anything, that's against the Litany and I know your tastes don't run to women anyway. You're talking about sister-love, right?" Just then, the kettle starts to whistle, and Leslie walks back over to the stove and pulls the kettle off. "We live and die with and for each other and for Gaia, KL. That's a bond nobody outside the Furies is ever going to get. What, are we not supposed to use the word love because we turn into something nine feet tall and furry when we get pissed off?" The plash of water as she pours the two cups is barely audible over her comments.

"No..." KL says, looking very confused. "We're not supposed to use it because we might end up...you know. And anyway...what do you mean by..." Her voice trails off as she head-shakes in total confusion. "Tastes?" She's still blushing, though it might have faded slightly.

Alesia sits a bit forward on her step, trying hard to hear the words that are being said, particularly KL's words. Her body is tense, and a look of worry on her face as she strains to hear more.

Leslie sets the kettle back onto the stove with a clunk and turns to face KL, her own smile fading into pensiveness. "My elder back home, Sara used to tell me as a cub that there were lots of kinds of love, and only one of them had anything to do with sex. I know better than to think you're going to break the Litany by making any of those kinds of moves towards Alesia." There's an undercurrent in that suggests she'd better be right. "A lot of Furies think that as long as there's no chance of metis babies, it's OK, but I don't hold with that. But there's nothing wrong with loving your sisters. It helps keeps us sane. A mother's love for her child is surely the most sacred thing there is." She is silent a moment. "I'm sure that's the kind of love you're talking about."

"Of course it is." KL says, with absolute conviction. "And haven't we had this conversation before? When you told me not to do anything about..." Her voice trails off, and she looks mildly horrified for just a split second. "When you said that you thought that was a breach of the litany." Bit of a hasty correction. "And as I said, I told Alesia that _we_ loved her."

Alesia gulps hard as she listens, perhaps missing some words here and there but catching most of them. If she wasn't tense before she is now.

Leslie stifles a chuckle as she goes to plunk a teabag in each mug. "Yes, we have. And yes, I announced at Moot the other night that we were going to start enforcing the Litany again. It was both fun and sickening to watch some of the Sept agree, some look confused, and some squirm. I'm going to assume that nothing actually happened and ignore what you just said." She picks up both mugs and offers one to KL. "I see nothing wrong with telling Alesia we love her. At least coming from me, it's true enough, and thelady of the Moon knows the girl needs some love right now. She's had a rough time of it, and the Garou life isn't a whole lot easier. The least we can do is give her something to compensate."

The Ahroun nods and accepts the proffered cup of tea. "It may not be a lot easier, but it's a fuckload more fun, and more rewarding." she says, definitely, before becoming hesitant. "And...um...I could do with talking to you about the other thing at some point." She looks down and away. "Trying to sort my head out and all."

"Yeah, it is," Leslie murmurs quietly, suddenly subdued. "It's not what I saw myself doing, as a kid...but it's so much more important." She tugs at her teabag , letting the infusion strengthen and staring into the mug as if for answers. "We should probably get Alesia up. She was asleep when I got back from the Moot and I didn't get to talk to her very much last night. This Truthcatcher thing is turning into a real nightmare, but someone's got to do it." The last part is said with the air of someone squaring her shoulders and facing hell head-on. "They still want me to help with Beatrice, too, as well as the crap going on at SCCU. I wonder who this Josh Jackson person is." Leslie adds quickly, "And of course we can make time to talk. I'll do my best."

Alesia pauses, then stands. She's a wee bit unsteady on her feet but heads down the stairs. While she's not noisy on the stairs she's clearly hearable. as she makes her way towards the kitchen and the two elders there.

"Isn't he the basketball player who went apeshit on the court a couple of weeks ago?" KL asks, sipping at her tea. At the sound of footsteps on the stairs, she looks over her shoulder. "Sounds like you don't need to expend the effort. That's not Helen."

"Hockey," Leslie corrects absently, looking towards the entrance to the kitchen. "Yeah, we think he's our ticket to locating the fomors on campus. We think the beer hey were drinking might have something to do with them being tainted. "Alesia, is that you?" she calls, a litle bit louder. She looks back to KL again and seems about to say something, but then shakes her head and looks back into her tea.

Alesia peeks into the kitchen and nods, "Yes... it's me." She says softly. She glances at KL, "I... I'm sorry about before... I... I told you I didn't mean to.. attack you." She says as she looks down. "I... I'm glad you're okay..." Alesia looks rather... almost sad really.

"There really is no harm down." KL says, with a grin. "Do you want a cup of tea? Leslie's just boiled the water, so it should still be OK for another cup?" She looks at Leslie as her statement rises in inflection to become a question. "And good morning, as well." "Yes, there should be plenty. Good morning, Alesia." Leslie's expressionand bearing become just a little more reserved, a little more formal, a little more thoughtful as she straightens, mug held in both hands. "I have a question for you."

Alesia hesitates, looking rather... well, now perhaps scared, as she turns to Leslie and nods, "Um... okay?" She says softly, her body tensing some what reflexively as she takes a mini-half step backwards. Her attention mostly on Leslie at this point.

KL moves to make a cup of tea, even without Alesia's confirmation. Fortunately, there's very little that even KL can screw up with "put teabag in hot water", and thus a steaming mug of slowly brewing tea is soon available.

"It's not so bad as all that, really." Leslie smiles in a way meant to be reassuring as she frees one hand from the mug to tug at the teabag. "What did you attack KL with? The knife she handed you?" The questions are neutral, intent.

Alesia blinks then shakes her head, "No, the knife was only a distraction." Then the girl looks a bit startled, as if she hadn't even realized that until she said it. She frowns, then says, "I... I didn't want to attack her." She says some what in protest, "I... I told her that and she said to... and..." She looks rather intently at a spot of floor in front of her, not able to keep her eyes on Leslie as she speaks.

KL snorts, and offers the cup to Alesia. "Technically, all I was going to ask you to do was shove the knife in me once. I didn't actually get the chance to say that before the knife was flying towards me." She's very good-humoured about it, smiling at the cub in as reassuring a manner as she's capable.

"Well, if she says to, you should do it," Leslie replies quietly. "As KL said, there is no harm done, and if she asks you to do something, it's for a reason, understand?" Her tone is firm, controlled, but not entirely unkind. "If she asked you to, then that's reason enough right there to do it."

Alesia nods, "I... I stopped too... when she said to stop." She says as she remains relatively focused on the floor, her body tense and her hands tucked behind her as her head is bowed slightly. She gulps, "You... you said to listen to the voices..." She points out, while still looking like she's expecting to get hit at any moment. "I... I'm very sorry. P... please..." Her voice chokes up a bit as she gulps and cuts herself off.

"Please what?" KL asks. "Alesia. Please trust us." She looks a little upset herself, her brown eyes wide. "We aren't... well, Leslie and Helen and me. We're not mean and nasty. Occasionally a bit snippy, but not mean."

"For what?" Leslie's voice is calm, even, patient. "You did as you were told, and everything is fine. I just had to be sure I understand what happened before I went off, okay?" She pulls the teabag from her tea and leaves it in the sink, taking a sip. "You did just fine. KL is right, we really do heal at an astonishing rate, given the right conditions. Some things take a litle longer to heal, like silver, but they'll heal, too, faster than any human would. It's no bad thing." She draws a deep breath and lets it out, nodding in agreement with KL. "We do get upset and snippy, particularly under Luna's full face, and we're more vulnerable to stress and upset than most people are. But we're not mean."

Alesia tries to compose herself but clearly isn't doing a very good job. "Y.. .you s... saved me and... and I screwed up... I'm... trying really hard not to... b... but if... if you... you have to... p.. punish me... p.. please... d.. don't send me away..." The assurances that she's not done anything wrong don't seem to have much effect, seems like she's rather sure she's screwed up. She's not crying yet, although it looks like it wouldn't take much to push her to it.

KL reaches out to take Alesia by the shoulders. "Alesia." she says, looking directly into the cub's eyes. "There is literally nothing you could say that would make us send you away." The Ahroun says, slowly and clearly. She straightens up and lets her arms drop.

"That's not how we punish our own kind, Alesia." Leslie looks over at KL and draws a deep breath. "We don't send people away. Not for any reason. Especially not cubs like you." She takes a sip of her tea, sober eyes still on the cub. "You are our sister, and you are Garou. We will not send you away. We're not humans, and we aren't a dime a dozen. You are irreplaceable to us, and as you learn more about who we are and who our enemies are, you'll understand why."

Alesia nods a little bit, looking some what relieved by this reassurances from both the other Furies. She hesitates then very meekly asks, "T... then what.. will be my punishment?" She looks between KL and Leslie as she asks the question, and from the way it's asked and her look it's clear she expects some punishment... and that it probably won't be a slap on the wrist.

KL's brow furrows, and she looks over at Leslie, and subtly (well, subtly for KL), tweaks the hole in her t-shirt, and raises an eyebrow. She doesn't say anything, though.

A hint of humor is visible in Leslie's reserved expression, but it vanishes againh as she appears to consider gravely. "For the crime of doing as you are told, you are required to stop apologizing and drink your tea." Her smile emerges again, and is warm and sincere. "And that is my final word. No more talk of this. I need to go up to Kent Crossing and try to find Runs-the-Gauntlet today. I've got some questions for her, too. Alesia, I ask everybody questions. It's part of my job. However, it's one of the gifts that I have been taught that I know when I am being lied to. That's also part of my job."

Alesia seems utterly confused by Leslie's reply. She finally takes the cup of tea and says, "I... I just... it's hard. I..." She moves over to lean against a counter as if just because she is a little wobbly, "I finally um... decided.... that my father... wasn't really... punishing me." She takes a little sip of tea, as if to pause for a thought then adds, "I'm not sure what I think it was, but not punishment. But... but I still find myself thinking of things I do wrong as needing punishment." She admits, "So... I guess I expected... something like that."

KL pulls herself up on the counter, her feet danging in front of one of the cupboards. "Damn right it wasn't punishment." she says, a hint of anger creeping in to her voice. "Fucking bastard." This is said quietly, almost muttered, though it has too much vehemence for it to have had any hope of being inaudible.

"Good," Leslie says firmly and at once. "I'm glad we've got that one straight. No, Alesia, the Garou are not for the most part subtle, and we are no exception. There's no guessing with us. If you do something wrong, you will know, quickly, and you will be punished for it, usually immediately and if it's serious very quickly. That is how Garou law works. It's quick, severe, and usually without appeal. There's no guessing about it. Has anybody told you about the auspices?"

Alesia nods a little bit at both the Furies' words then says, "A little. I'm a Thuer... um, Theurge." She gets the pronounciation wrong the first time but corrects herself. "There are five of them..." There's a little pause then she says, "I was at the top of the stairs. I... heard you say you were... annoyed with me." She says to Leslie. "I'm sorry I was listening... I always listened before I went upstairs at home... to make sure I wasn't going to get into trouble for..." She gives the smallest shrug, "For going upstairs..." She doesn't expand at that and her cheeks are a little red, "S... so I... I thought I should tell you... that I heard..."

KL raises an eyebrow at this, but remains silent and seated on the kitchen counter. She kicks her feet idly against the door beneath her, making a repetitive thumping noise. Her eyes are on the cub, and her expression is not unsympathetic.

Leslie litens in a silence that is suddenly cool and collected, her smile fading but not vanishing entirely. "Oh really. I was. Now that I have heard what you have to say and I understand the incident, I am not. There will be no further discussion." She doesn't raise her voice, but the cool authorty suggests that she expects to be obeyed. "While you were with your father, that was not unreasonable. Here, it is not necessary. I want you to make yourself known instead of listening in, from now on. You are Garou, and you have nothing to fear from us. No tribemate of mine needs to hide from her own sisters.

Alesia nods to Leslie's words, "I... I'm trying to... change. Habbits for years... are hard to change. I'll try. I... I told you both because... I felt bad and wanted you to both know what I had done... I'm not trying to spy... I just... it's... he... he'd hurt me really bad if I messed up so...." She looks down at her tea, the flush fading, "Thank you both... for... helping me." She says quiet sincerely, then ohs as if she just remembered something, "I made bread!" She says as she looks around, "I made some fresh bread." She goes over and pulls it out of a rarely used bread box, "I made three loafs. I gave one to Sophie to take back to the farmhouse..."

KL stops thumping her feet against the cupboard and peers over at the bread, suddenly very interested. "I have _no idea_ how to make bread." she confesses. "That's really impressive. And Sophie was here?"

"Thank you for being honest, Alesia. That is as it should be." Leslie peers over as Alesia goes diging through the bread boxes, brightening considerably. "You made bread? Gaia's love, it's so nice to have a sister who can cook worth a damn. Do we still have butter, KL? I'm starved. Now, dd anybody explain to you what a Theurge is and what they do?" She glances over at KL as she asks a different question, noddng. "As long as one of us is around, Helen said she didn't have a problem with it."

Alesia nods, "Sophie just stopped by for a little while. She couldn't stay long, wanted to make sure I was okay." She almost looks pleased by the reactions to her having made bread, but still not quite a smile, "I've done all the cooking for..." She thinks a moment, "For... the last 7 years? I did some before that but it was a lot harder." She gives a little shrugs, "Theurges... they um, do spirit stuff. Andrew said that we're really good in the um, oh... the..." She frowns as she tries to think of the right word, "The place Dakota was going to take him after the meeting thing the other night... the place I asked you if I could go with?" She looks a bit frustrated at her own inability to remember the right word, "And something about being like um spiritual things?"

"Umbra." KL says, with a little definite nod. "You don't have to do all the cooking now, though any break from my "Pasta Surprise" will always be welcome, and received gratefully." She emphasises the last word, as if it's really important. "And yes, we do have some butter. Probably. I mean, it's probably still butter, not cheese. Or is it milk that turns to cheese?"

Leslie shrugs eloquently at this, wrinkling her nose. "I don't know, but if anything but cheese in that fridge looks like cheese, throw it away before it sprouts legs and tries to scuttle away. And yes, the Umbra. In brief, it is the task of the Theurges to maintain our spirit connection to Gaia. They are the ones who are knowledgeable in spirit ways and how to interact with and honor them. That stuff is something none of us can teach you, because none of us are Theurges. We all have other tasks. KL, what do you think of the idea of us asking Dakota to teach her auspice stuff? The only other two Theurges that I know know what they're doing are Get. I haven't talked to Helen about it, but we should."

Alesia listens to all of this and bit by bit seems to relax some. Which is kind of nice to see. Alesia nods, "There's some butter. I cleaned out all the bad stuff so nothing should be out of date. There was some stuff back in there that was rotten. Um, if... if I make a list of food to buy can someone go get it?" She says, a little unsure of herself. "I like to cook. It makes me feel useful. If... if you guys like my food then I'd like to cook it for you."

"Well, Gunnar's a packmate, but I don't think I'd recommend him as any kind of teacher." KL says. "And yes, sure, if you make a list I can go and get it. Make it real clear, though, as it's difficult for me to ask shop workers for anything." She pauses, and flits back to the original topic. "I guess Dakota is the least bad option." The set of her mouth suggests that it's really close.

Leslie takes another long sip of her coling tea and leans back against the counter. "I think she's okay," she remarks non-committally to KL. "I'd prefer a Fury, of course, but I'll take what I can get right now. As for groceries, I have to go to Kent Crossing today anyway, like I said. I'll see if Yi can tell me where a grocery store is. I have a little bit of money and I can get something by tonight. Make me a list of what we need, Alesia?" Another sip of the mug, and then she puts it down. "But yes, there are five of them. Helen's a no-moon, or a Ragabash. They're the scouts, the spies, the questioners. They tend to skirt the bounds of the permissible and broaden our horizons, although sometimes they step over the line. Helen'll probably teach you how to track, for example. KL here is an Ahroun. She's born under a full moon, which makes her a warrior. She'll definitely be the one who teaches you to fight, althugh any of us can teach some things." She looks at KL for confirmation.

Alesia nods a little bit, as she listens to KL and Leslie then says, "I'll try to learn anything you want to teach. I'm not that good in school, but I'll try." She pauses then asks, "Is there any place I can try to do gymnastics things? I used to do gymnastics almost every day... and, I kinda miss it." She asks as she looks betwee you both, "I mean, if... if that'd be okay and... if there's a place?"

"Gymnastics?" KL asks, looking confused. "Do you mean vaults and bars and things? If so, no. If you want some space to exercise, though, there's a closed courtyard out back. That's where I practice archery and exercise occasionally." She glances up at Leslie. "Not sure how much I can teach her, after what happened last time. Though...maybe I need to teach _her_, rather than have someone else help."

"Gymnastics?" Leslie echoes, surprised. "Yeah, that'll keep you in shape, but I don't know that we have anywhere that'd work for that. We can't do anything permanent until we get our housing situationsorted, though." She nods to KL. "Probably. If she herself isn't fit for it, all the knowledge in the world won't make her muscles respond when it counts. It's a different kind of exercise. Hell, I'm out of fighting shape myself. I could use some brush-up." Her grin is both an inquiry and a challenge.

Alesia thinks a bit then nods, "But if maybe you had a pipe... up about... six feet up? I could do the rest on normal things." She ventures softly then glances between the two of you and frowns, "Um, but... but I don't know how to fight." She says softly, "I... I have to learn to fight?" She sounds a little unsure about that.

"Yep. Though theurges tend not to be in the frontline, everyone needs to know how to protect themselves." KL ponders for a bit. "You mentioned wanting a daily schedule of some sort the other day. Is that still the case?" She looks with hope at the cub. "And is any of that butter likely to move onto the bread?"

Leslie nods agreement with KL. "For planned strikes, you probably won't be in the front, but things happen. And yeah, KL, that is probably best." She looks up at the clock, and sighs, "I should get going to Kent Crossing if I'm to be back with groceries before nightfall and I'm walking. If you make that schedule, KL, don't forget to leave time for shifting, wolf stuff, and the Litany. I assume I'll be doing the Litany part, but the rest I think anybody can teach."

Alesia quickly scribbles down some thinks on a piece of scratch paper to give to Leslie as she starts to get ready to go from the looks of things, "I... I'd like some schedule. Maybe... maybe not as tight as my old one, but some idea of what I'm supposed to be doing would help. I feel kinda lost, so... that would be good." She hands the paper to Leslie, and very basic things are on it, like some spices, meat, flour, milk, eggs and the like, nothing overly fancy. Then she scoots over to the fridge to get out the butter. "Here... if you put it in the oven, the bread, not the butter, for a minute, it'll be nice and warm."

KL slides down off the counter, shoves a hand into a pocket and pulls out a small fold of bills. She flicks through them, and peels thirty dollars off, and offers it to Leslie. "Have a contribution for the food." she says, before looking at Alesia. "Don't forget milk." she adds, hurriedly.

Leslie takes the paper and peers at it, nodding after a moment. "Yeah, it's on here." She folds the paper and stuffs it into her pocket, then takes the money and stuffs that into her pocket as well. "Thanks. All right, Gaia light your path, both of you." She draws a deep breath, squares her shoulders, and with a wave, makes her way out of the kitchen. The front door closes not long afterwards.

Alesia turns to look at KL, "Um, I really am sorry about before. I shouldn't have... attacked like that. It just... kinda came over me."

"How many times do I have to tell you it's OK. Now, let's sort out some kind of daily routine." KL says, grabbing a piece of paper for the purpose. "What time do you usually wake, naturally, I mean?"

Alesia nods a little bit and thinks about that, "Um, 6 AM usually, or a little earlier. I have... um had to get dinner ready for my father. He works the night shift. Worked..." She shakes her head a little, "Verb tenses..." She mutters then sighs, "But yeah, usually about 6 AM."

There's a polite knock on the front door.

"Good." KL says, approvingly. When the knock sounds, her head swivels towards it. "Who can that be?" she says, suddenly wary. "Hmm. Don't move." She heads for the glass doors, pushing them open and sliding quietly into the back courtyard, intending to creep around to the front of the house and get a look at whoever it is without opening the door.

Alesia stays in the kitchen, peering towards the front door but not saying a word as KL heads out to investigate. Instead She starts to rummage in the kitchen, pulling a covered bowl out of the fridge.

Kaz just stands at the front door, looking cheerful, a small bag in hand. She's not particularly looking around for creeping people.

On seeing Kaz, KL walks up to the porch, abandoning any hint of stealth. "Hi Kaz," she says. "Long time no see." she puts her key in the lock and opens the door. "Come in. Sorry for sneaking up on you, but...new cub...eviction...you know." By the time the pair might make it back to the kitchen Alesia has gotten two cookie sheets out and looks like she's oiling them and putting little gobs of something from the bowl that had been in the fridge on it.

Kaz actually looks startled at KL's appearance, and then grins. "Yeah, paranoia's sometimes important." She calls, "Yo, kid!" as she wanders inside. Then she offers KL the bag. "Bagels?"

The Ahroun peers into the bag, and sniffs cautiously. "Bagels!" she pronounces, having checked that they aren't mouldy or anything. "Alesia! It's Kaz." she calls out, before leading the Gnawer into the house. "Come on through - we're in the kitchen. You've just missed Leslie."

Alesia looks up and say, "Oh, hi Kaz." She is busy spreading out little teaspoon lumps two inches apart on the cookie sheet. The girl seems pretty relaxed, probably more so than she's been seen by Kaz ever before, but still she's not jumping around or smiling. "You okay?" She asks as she keeps working on her cookie sheets.

Alesia looks up and say, "Oh, hi Kaz." She is busy spreading out little teaspoon lumps two inches apart on the cookie sheet. The girl seems pretty relaxed, probably more so than she's been seen by Kaz ever before, but still she's not jumping around or smiling. "You okay?" She asks as she keeps working on her cookie sheets.

Kaz says, "I brought some bagels over. Figured y'all might want, uh, processed food with processed cheese spread on it." She herself is fairly relaxed, despite the moon. "I'm good. Gettin' some Uktena t'talk t'my cub, see if they'd work f'her. How's tricks with you guys?"

"We're OK." KL says, pulling herself back up onto the kitchen counter. "Not looking forward to finding a new place to live, but otherwise OK." She looks over at Alesia. "What are you cooking?"

Alesia looks at the sheets then says, "Peanutbutter cookies. You have to chill them over night... so... I thought I'd bake them this morning." She says softly as she finishes the two sheets and slides them in then sets a little timer. Then Kaz gets far more of Alesia's attention and she frowns slightly, "Um, something about your cub and work and ah.. Uktena?" She says clearly confused by Kaz's words, but then says, "Would you like some tea or something?" The offer is clearly to Kaz since KL and Alesia already have tea.

Kaz flops into a chair, and produces a Coke out of her pocket. "Nah. But thanks." She nods. "Uktena's one of the tribes. My cub ain't really my cub-- she's a new cub, with no specific tribe, an' she's gotta find one before she Rites. She thought the Uktena sounded interestin', so I'm pokin' them t'see if they'll talk t'her." She adds, "Anyways, I don' wanna interrupt you guys if you was doin' stuff."

"We weren't up to much, just sorting out a schedule for Alesia to follow." KL says, picking up the piece of paper she discarded when Kaz knocked. "What say we start each day with some exercise - perhaps a little run, some calisthenics. You can show me some gymnastic stuff, I'll show you some stuff I know? Then breakfast and a shower?" KL asks the cub, with a raised eyebrow. "Most days I'm likely to be about in the mornings."

Alesia nods to KL's questions about the schedule, "That'd be fine." she says softly then she glances at Kaz, "Another cub... with... out a tribe? How do you not have a tribe? Um, could she be a Black Fury?" The cub looks a little confused if only from lack of knowledge.

Kaz says, "Well, it's a long story in her case." Which, evidently, Kaz isn't going to tell. "There's a lot of times, though, where a cub won't get a kinfetch put on 'em at birth, so you won't know which tribe they belong to. A kinfetch," she adds parenthetically, "Is a small spirit that goes and gets us when th' cub's about ready t'change. Anyhow, so Beatrice don' got a tribe, an' she don' look like any of the other tribes I can think of, so basically, she's gotta explore th' ones that'll work for her. So she /could/ be a Fury, sure. If you guys wanted to talk th' idea up t'her."

KL jumps slightly, as she realises which cub Kaz is talking about. "Leslie was going to talk to her about it, at some point, I think," she says. "Though that was before..." A gesture at Alesia. Her attention returns to the piece of paper. "Right. I guess some kind of learning thing after breakfast, then lunch, then another learning thing, then you can have the rest of the day to yourself? Sound reasonable?"

Alesia nods a little bit then looking between the two says, "I don't want... me being here to hurt anyone else." She says softly, "I hope if she'll be okay?" She frowns slightly then says, "Um, that sounds pretty good KL." She nods, "I'd like to learn how to turn into a wolf. Sophie showed me her doing it but... I don't know how." Never mind she did it the day before with KL in the room. She looks back at Kaz, "Did... I have a Kinfetch?"

Kaz looks blank. "I dunno, did you? Did she?" This question is directed at KL "Thing is, the other tribes work good for other people, too, so even if th' Furies can't cope with another cub 'cause you're around, she'll be learnin' shit an' all that. But if Leslie /does/ have time," she adds, to KL, "It surely wouldn't be a bad thing t'talk t'her. The kid's all hot f'th' Uktena, but they're... a hard bunch, sometimes."

"Yes, you did." KL answers the kinfetch question. "It was a cat, and it came all the way out here to find me and Leslie." A grin. "Took us a while to recognise it for what it was, neither of us being spirity sorts." The Ahroun shrugs. "I'll mention it to Leslie. Don't worry about it, Alesia. You're being here does change some things, but I don't know how much it affects things." She peers into the main area. "We could do with some sort of blackboardy thing, I think."

Alesia glances at the main room then says, "Do I need to start packing though? If... if we're moving we should pack and... and not get a chalkboard." She says as she ponders a bit and doesn't press at all on the question of the last cub. By this time the smell of warm cookies is starting to fill the room, warm and peanutbuttery it's a scent that's hard to miss or ignore.

Kaz mutters, "'Scuse me," and wanders off to find the facilities.

The Ahroun watches Kaz go with some bemusement. "Strange lady. Nice, though." she says when she's gone. "And we're here for another three weeks, give or take, so there's no immediate panic. I think I'll knock up some kind of blackboard when I get a spare moment. We can always take it with us, wherever we end up going."

Alesia nods a little bit, as she turns her attention to the cookies, getting them out on to cooling sheets and turning the oven off. The cookies left out to cool on wire racks. "Do... do you think I'll be okay, KL?" She asks suddenly as she looks up at the Ahroun, "I mean... I'm trying really hard but it isn't easy..."

"I think you'll be fine." KL replies, reassuringly. "It may not be easy, but I think you'll be more than fine. Oh, and in answer to your question, yes. That was one of the things that Leslie wanted you to learn - how to change forms, or 'shift'."

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