Time/Date : It is currently 06:39 Pacific Time on Mon Dec 19 2005.

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is a cloudy day. The temperature is 35 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 29.93 and rising, and the relative humidity is 96 percent. The dewpoint is 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waning Gibbous Moon phase (78% full).

Place : Fury House

The moon is waning and the temperature is slowly climbing. It's not as cold today as it's been, and so Sophie is only shivering slightly outside the door as she knocks. In the distance, wolf tracks are obvious - but they stop, and human prints trace the rest of the way to the house.

The door is pulled open by KL, who swings it wide and then stands in the middle of the doorway with her hands on her hips, ready to confront whoever is rash enough to invade at this hour of the morning. She's not wearing her jacket, being indoors, and there's a rip in the shoulder of her t-shirt that reveals pale skin beneath. On seeing Sophie, her expression thaws. "Good morning, Sophie." she greets the Fianna cub pleasantly.

Sophie startles just a bit at the very Ahroun-ish door opening. She looks up and licks her lips, "Morning KL-rhya. I was just down with my run and thought I'd stop in to say hi. Is Alesia still sleeping?"

"She hasn't got up yet." KL says, with a wry grin. "I threatened her with exercise this morning." She chuckles to herself. "She was keen enough yesterday, but hasn't showed yet today. I'll go and wake her up in a bit, if she doesn't get up by herself. Do you want to come in?" She steps back from the door, opening a way for Sophie to enter.

Sophie nods her head, "Sure, please." In goes the Fianna cub, all manners and respectful. Her feet get stamped lightly on the mat and she closes the door behind her. "Did you go to the revel with the others?" she then queries.

"No," says KL, heading towards a seat. "Something came up." She sits herself down into it with a thump, then props her feet up on one of the full packing crates that litter the room. "How did you find the bread?" she asks, with a raised eyebrow.

Sophie ohs, "The bread Alesia made was very good. I put it in the fridge back at the farm so it'd keep longer. It was really good though." She finds a seat opposite the Ahroun and sits down there, one leg crossing the other and hands to her lap. "I heard one of the Get cubs got to go. I thought cubs had to stay back - not that I am sure I would have been ready enough to go."

KL grimaces. "Doesn't surprise me. We know how well the Get look after their cubs - look at what happened to Maggie." She frowns. "I guess it's up to their elder. I mean, there's no fucking way Alesia's getting that close to danger until she's good and ready."

Sophie nods her head, "Thing is, I think I am supposed to be ready, but I'm not. All the other stuff I am just about perfect on. But fighting? And being able to survive against the wyrm? I don't know if I'd be any help to anyone." Her gaze drops down and she sighs.

The Ahroun grins widely, and not entirely pleasantly. "There's only one way you find that out, you know," she says. "And that's when it matters. I don't think you'll do too bad. If you were an Ahroun, I'd worry, but you're not, you're a Philodox."

Sophie chuckles a little, "Yeah, but some wyrn thing is not going to go easy on me because I'm a half moon." She shrugs, "I practice with everyone I can, and everytime I fight someone new, I get schooled. Bad."

"I see." KL says, looking at the floor. "Who have you fought that you should have beaten? I mean, I don't count. No battle-blooded Cliath or higher counts at all." She twists her palms upwards. "Nor do Ahroun cubs."

Sophie thinks about it and shakes her head. "I don't fight with any cubs. Morgan I am not entirely should would fight me- she'd not try anyway. I play fight with Andrew, but is he so new he's not even had any training, so I don't go all out on him. I've never fought the cubs, I practice with Cole, and Touch Deer. Dillen a few times, and lately, Abraxas."

"Right. So you're complaining to me that you, a philodox cub, can't beat a bunch of cliaths and a _Fostern ahroun_ in a fight?" KL asks incredulously. "That you're even trying is impressive."

Sophie looks at KL and grins, "Well no. I don't expect to beat them, but I don't last more than like two moves before I am on the ground and submitting. If our enemy is as strong as even a Cliath - then I am in trouble."

KL nods. "It's something you should work on. But...it's not that big a deal. Just make sure that, when you find a pack, it's got some Ahrouns in it, and you'll be fine." She smiles. "But not too many Ahrouns, or you'll find that you're attacking everything that moves. And some things that aren't moving, but look a bit shifty."

Sophie laughs aloud at this admission from the Fury Ahroun and her demeanor changes all at once. "You know, when you guys first decided to bring Alesia back here, and she had asked if I could visit- I thought you were going to stare a hole in my head. I figured the Furies were all upset at me and angry. But you're really pretty alright when the moon isn't so heavy."

"Nah, I'm a class A bitch most of the time." The Ahroun says, frankly. "But no, we were never angry about you. But there are people hanging around the farm that we don't want Alesia near, for the moment. For lots of reasons." She pauses. "I wonder if I should let her sleep in for a bit longer? Or wake her now?"

"Can I ask which ones at the farm? Just curious really. -And I'm glad that it wasn't me. She's really not so bad, just, kind of like a feral cat." Sophie chuckles, "She wants to like warm up to us, but she's just so skittish."

KL nods. "She's been badly...treated in the past." The Ahroun shrugs. "People like Abraxas, Brom, Clemency. None of them bad people, or bad Garou, but either dangerous or not ideal to be hanging around a confused Fury cub."

"Oh geez, I hadn't thought about Brom. I guess when you say farm residents, I think cubs only. The others are all in and out, but yeah." Sophie tucks her feet up under her and lets out a short sigh. "Last night Andrew got all tangled up over Beatrice. Sometimes I think things aren't strict enough around here."

"Leslie would be inclined to agree with you." KL observes. "And I'm not sure that I would dispute her view." She folds her arms lightly over her stomach and leans back, tipping the chair onto its rear legs. "Any news about your rite?"

Sophie nods, then shrugs a little, "Cole says soon. That I should start preparing - and that I should be sure that Morgan and I are 'good' with eachother. Which is fine for me, but sometimes I think that she just." She bites her lip, "I want her to be ready, but I don't think she is. The other night, she hid behind the couch because Brian-rhya showed up. And she was too afraid to come out even after he was gone and Leslie told her to. She's - alot like Alesia sometimes in that she is just so afraid of everyone in authority of her."

There's some faint sounds of movement upstairs, if you have really good ears, then a short while later a sleepy looking Alesia makes her way down the stairs. But sleepy is the least of things, she looks a bit pale, and her face is a bit red. It's clear she's been crying recently. Her eyes are a bit puffy and red and she looks like of shaken up a bit. As she comes down the stairs she pauses at the last step, peering at the pair here.

"Yeah, I know. It's difficult to get through to her sometimes. She hid in a pile of straw when Touch Deer came in, once." KL says. At the sound of footsteps on the stair, the Ahroun cocks her head on one side. "Sleeping beauty awakens." She turns and smiles at the Fury cub. "Good morning, Alesia!"

Sophie looks up at the stairs and smiles, "Morning, I came by to bring thank you's from the farmhouse. Literally, the cupboards and counters themselves said thanks for bringing in something that smells so yummy."

Alesia looks anything but a 'beauty' today. She stands there there for a moment, sniffling a bit. She looks like she's back to that 'skitish' thing being talked about just a bit before. She's tentative and doesn't say anything at first. Her eyes looking between Sophie and KL, as she hesitates there on the last step.

KL takes her feet off the packing crate they've been resting on, and swivels round on the chair to face Alesia. "What's up?" she asks. "Have you smashed anything? Broken my bow? Sold my arrows for a handful of beans?" Forced flippancy, maybe, but a long way from approbation.

Sophie remains quiet as she sits there, a third party guest to the Fury-themed house. She glances at KL for just a moment, before turning her gaze down to stare at her own fidgeting fingers.

Alesia looks down then mutters something that odds are no one hears. She finally takes that last step, off of the stairs completely. Then she shakes her head, "D... didn't b... break anything." She stammers softly. The light tone KL is struggling with isn't echoed in Alesia's words. Clearly something has her upset though.

"What's the matter, then?" KL asks, marginally more concerned. She shoots a worried look at Sophie, before turning back to the cub. "As I've said before, if you don't tell me, I can't fix it. Or them. Whatever."

Sophie glances up then, risking the chance she might be stepping on toes, but offering a voice to the nervous cub. "It's always good to talk about what bothers you. Otherwise things can never get resolved."

Alesia stammers a moment then says, "I don't understand anything!" She says, obviously very upset, "I made it all bad cause I told Kaz stuff I hadn't told Leslie yet and now she's mad at me and... and thinks I don't like her!" And with that she sits on the bottom step with a bit of a thump, burrying her face in her hands.

"Hey..." KL says softly, standing up and walking over to the cub. "Come and sit down, and tell us what happened. And...it doesn't matter what you did, Leslie does still like you, I promise. Even if she's annoyed, that doesn't change."

Sophie gives Alesia a gentle look. "Hon, it's ok. Lots of raised voices, and no grudges. Like me and Clemency. Or even me and KL here."

Alesia looks up at KL, new tears on the fury cub's face, "S... she was really mad... and... and I don't know how to do anything right..." She say, clearly a bit dejected. "I mess up everything. I don't do anything right...."

KL nods slowly. "Look," she says, crouching down. "Everyone screws up. I do it all the time. The only thing to do is to say sorry, and then try not to do it again." She smiles, and lifts a hand to stroke the cub's hair in an affectionate gesture. "And if Leslie doesn't forgive you there and then, I'll be really surprised. And then I'll punch her through those windows over there." Perhaps not the best choice of joke, but very KL.

Sophie watches again in silence, trying not to crowd on the pair of Furies. She keeps her eyes down at her lap, but she looks at them from under her lashes.

Alesia is still sitting on the bottom step, and as the tears roll down her face she says, "Leslie... d... doesn't like me... she... she's always mad at me... she... she..." There's a pause, and it's clear the girl is trying to figure out how to say what she's trying to say, it's also clear that even saying this much isn't easy for her.

"She...?" KL prompts. There's a little dangerous edge creeping into her voice, as if she's not much liking what Alesia is saying. She lifts the hand that she was stroking the cub's hair with off and puts it on her own knee.

There's a hesitation as Alesia struggles with the right word then comes up with, "Cold..." She stammers out, "...distant..." There's another pause then she sniffles and looks up at KL. "I... I'd do.... anything for her!"

Sophie bites at her lip and looks to KL, a deep frown on her face. She squeaks out a tiny little comment though, voice a near whisper, "Alesia, some people aren't good at really displaying their feelings. That doesn't mean they don't have them." She pauses, then looks over, "Do you like me Alesia? Would you be surprised to hear that sometimes I don't know if you really do, because you don't ever smile or laugh when we are togther?"

"I see." KL says in a noncomittal tone. "She can seem a bit distant, yes." She nods at Sophie. "SOphie's right. You remember when you were eavesdropping on Leslie and me? Did you hear the bit where we both agreed that we'd quite cheerfully fight anyone to protect you? She didn't say that out of some sense of obligation, you know. And yes, she's a bit stern and a bit serious sometimes. She's got a lot on her plate at the moment. More than most could cope with."

Alesia frowns, as if this was a new thing for her but still, a deeper frown as the tears keep coming. She stammers a bit then says, "B... but... I..." She looks over at Sophie, looking unsure of herself. "I... I do like you..." She hesitates then looks back at KL, "I... I didn't hear that part." She admits, "I... I want to... to be good but... but I don't know what to do... I just..." She chokes up a bit, then goes back to burying her face in her hands.

Sophie gives KL a shrug and looks down again, "Did you want me to leave for a while KL?"

"Not unless you want to." KL replies, over her shoulder. She looks back to Alesia. "Here's what you do. You stand up. You dry your eyes. You come and talk to me and Sophie for a bit. Then when you see Leslie, you apologise for upsetting her. That's it. That's really all there is to it. Do you think you can manage that?" In the course of this little speech, she's stood up, and taken a couple of steps back away from the cub. "And when you've done all that, I'm going to run the legs off you."

Alesia wipes her face on the back of one of her sleeves and looks up at KL. She looks unsure to say the least. She looks over at Sophie then back at KL. Sniffling she gives a little nod, despite looking rather unconfident at this all. She doesn't try to talk though. After a moment she does try to stand, getting up from the bottom step where she was sitting.

Sophie lets out a sigh of relief and nods, "I'd like to stay. Maybe I could go with on the run too? I cut this morning short a bit because I got too sweaty and then grabbed a chill. Hey, KL. Do we get sick ever? I mean, I get cold. But it's not like the cold can hurt us, can it? We can't die from it, can we?"

KL walks over to the seat she recently vacated, and plops herself down. She points at an nearby seat, and looks at Alesia meaningfully. "Um... We aren't susceptible to normal diseases, no. You won't get the flu or anything like that. However, I seem to recall stories of nasty mutated diseases, sometimes deliberately done by our enemies. So don't think you're invulnerable. Not sure about complicated things like AIDS, either."

Alesia manages to make her way to the seat, and slumps into it. She still looks a mess. She sniffles a bit as she looks between KL and Sophie. Then she curls upr legs up to her chest and hugs them, as she gnaws on her lower lip. She watches the other two garou, not saying anything for a little bit despite the original words of KL about her coming to talk to Sophie and KL.

Sophie hmms at this, "Well, until I know for sure what happens, I'm coming in when I get cold, or taking to the fur." She glances over at Alesia again then looks to KL. "I've an idea. Alesia come here and stand by me would you please? Just right here next to me." She says this with a smile now.

KL watches interestedly. "You can still get cold, and that isn't very pleasant," she comments. "I don't know about cancer either, and don't expect to live long enough to find out."

Sophie looks to Alesia and nods. "Ok, hands at your sides, chest up, tummy in. Pretend your like a soldier." She grins a little, then nods to KL. "I'll let you know when I get that old what happens. -And now, we used to do this on the show when we had new kids around, playing temporary parts. They'd always be so nervous. We'll start with just our introductions, and I want you to try and copy how I say my introduction, but saying yours. Copy the tone, the fluctuation, the hand gestures. As much as you can think to remember to copy. In other words, I want you to do an impersonation of me."

This stated, the Fianna puffs up her chest, lifts her chin a bit, and with all the Irish Pride in the world, lets her introduction ramble off. "Sophie Warren. Turns Like the Seasons; Halfmoon cub of the Fianna, and a fine pleasure to meet you." She ends it with an over dramatized bow, then tips up with a wide smile.

KL chuckles, and applauds Sophie. "Bravo!" she says, and stands up herself. "Kathryn-Laura Joanne Cole, Escapes-from-Money, Cliath Ahroun of the Black Furies, packed under Wolverine as part of Havoc." As she finishes her introduction, she looks downcast. "For the moment, anyway." She turns to Alesia. "Your turn."

Alesia hesitates and stands up a bit straighter. She glances at Sophie, watching her give that introduction then watching KL. She frowns slightly then focuses and says, "Alesia Ottis." Then she seems to realize she has no garou name to say. Her frown deepens a bit then she stammers, "Ah... um, Thuerge (yes she does mis-say it) cub of... the Black Furies." No actress is Alesia, and she definately misses the smile part at the end.

Sophie doesn't jump to criticizing her, and instead comes to stand around her side. She starts pushing her shoulders back lightly, "More proud looking, you are trying to mimic a Fianna here, not a drowned slug. Have you ever -seen- how hoity Fianna can be? And let's see, you need a name, even if just for this game. What do you think KL?" she asks curiously of the Fury.

KL sits back down slowly. "I think you need a cub name," she says to Alesia. "But I don't think I have final say on what it is. Give me a moment." She leans forward, holding her chin in her hands, deep in thought.

Alesia peers between Sophie and KL. She tilts her head, "Cub name?" She asks softly, wiping the last of her tears away for the moment. Sophie's distraction tactic appearing to have worked.

Sophie nods, "Like, well to be honest, they usually are not the most fond of names. My first name was Nose-in-the-Air, because I walked around looking down at everyone like I was some Princess. After a few months, Cole renamed me Turns-like-the-Seasons, because I came in during the summer, all snotty and spoiled, and as summer turned to fall, and the seasons changed, so did I. I had learned a lot and been humbled. A lot. You're pretty shy, so something that reflects quiet or shyness would fit, but it's up to KL and the other Furies."

KL nods. "They aren't always insulting, though. Kevin was Long-Climb-Ahead." Her brow is furrowed, and she's obviously pondering this very hard. "Hmmm," she says, eventually. "I'll talk about it with Leslie and Helen, obviously. But for today, why don't you be Woken-From-Nightmares?"

Alesia ohs softly then shrugs a bit, "J.. .Just a name." She says softly, as if a name isn't very important. She looks at Sophie then says, "Do... I have to do it again?"

Sophie grins and nods, "But let me go first, and you practice mimicking me again. And pronounce it Theurge." Then she ahems, and puffs her chest out, again going through the introduction, words rolling off her tongue as if she were the Queen of Egypt. "Now your turn, and don't be shy. Let it all out, pretend you are the most important person in the world and you are shocked that we don't know it already."

The Fury Ahroun nods approvingly, and watches Alesia. The corners of her mouth are lifted into the hint of an affectionate smile, and she seems to be fairly cheerful.

Alesia focuses a bit, her brow furrowing as she concentrates. Then her face changes a bit, just... looking a bit odd, and her posture changes a bit then she says with an odd accent, "Megara, Talons-of-Gaia, Ahroun Anthro Black Fury." The words are oddly clipped, then the hardened look vanishes and more of a face of shock crosses Alesia's face. Her body posture sags and she blinks, "Ah..." She says as her look of confusion is replaced by one of rather worry and perhaps fear.

Sophie blinks a little, and without skipping a beat hurriedly says, "Well that was better at least." She then turns all her attention on KL, and gives her a look of 'your mess, not mine.'

The affectionate smile disappears quickly from KL's face, to be replaced by momentary shock, and then a weary nod. "Ah. So that's who I fought the other day," she says, drily. "Do you want to have another go, Alesia, and this time introduce yourself, without anyone else butting in?"

Alesia looks, well, confused would be minor for it. She stammers, "Wh... I..." She looks between the two, "That... that wasn't right... I..." She gulps, "I'm s... sorry?" She says as she looks between Sophie and KL. "I..." She looks down, "I can't do anything right..."

Sophie firms her lips into a line. "Do you think Beethoven played the piano right his first few times at it? Doubtful, it takes practice. Which is why we are up here working on it. I know for a fact you can do things right. You baked one hell of a loaf of bread. I can't do that. WhenI got here, I couldn't even cook peanut butter and jelly. No lie! I always had other people get me my food, I couldn't do anything on my own. But I pratticed. Now c'mon. Shrug it off and try again."

KL nods. "And Alesia, never feel you have to apologise for what those who watch over you do. Though it would be best if we could be allowed to teach you to the best of our abilities - however fucking mediocre they may be - without them getting in the way." The swearword seems a little out of place, as if thrown in there on some kind of weird schedule.

There's clearly some internal conflict going on with Alesia, as she struggles with this for a moment then says, "Shut UP!" Her words are harsh, but it's also pretty clear they aren't directed at KL or Sophie as she cringes, "Quiet... quiet...." She says softly, then she looks up, still definately shaken a bit, and she looks a bit pale too, "I... I was thinking really... really hard about how to... to say it right and... and th... the words just... just came out..."

Sophie hmms and nods, "Then don't try so hard, here, we'll do yours together. Say it along with me okay?" Sophie pipes up and begins slow enough for the other to follow allong, "Alesia Ottis..." she stands tall and proud and nudges the girl to follow along.

KL nods encouragingly. "You can do this, Alesia." she says, enthusiastically.

Alesia looks still shaken but at Sophie's prompting and KL's encouragement she gives it another try, "A... Alesia Ottis, Theurge cub of the Black Furies." Then she adds as if she forgot with everything else going on, "Woken-From-Nightmares." She adds quickly.

KL claps her hands again. "Well done, Alesia. Sit back down if you want to." She glances at Sophie, then back to the Fury cub. "So...um...can you tell me how long you've known Megara?" she asks, curiousity etched on her face. "I've never even met an Athro, let alone fought one."

Alesia takes the offer and does sit back down, and curls back up as well. She peers out at KL and Sophie, mostly at KL. "Long time." She admits, "B... but not so much until... until the month before... before um... that night...."

The Ahroun nods again, her lips pursed. "She...and the others?" A mild query. "Will be of great help to you. But they can't do everything for you, and they may not always be right." A pause. "I'm not right most of the time, so I don't see how they can be. It would be nice to be able to talk directly to them," she muses, stroking her chin. "I wonder if that's possible."

Alesia shrugs, "I... I don't know. They sometimes whisper or mutter and sometimes yet in my head... I don't... don't really... um, control when they do things." She admits, "A lot of times they all talk at once and it's... loud and noisy and I can't think straight." she says softly as she looks down at her knees, "They don't always agree... sometimes they argue..."

A sniff of rueful laughter from KL. "Must be a bit odd," she says, with a sympathetic look. "Like having me and Helen and everyone standing over you arguing about what's best for you?"

Alesia nods, "Y... yeah..." She says softly, "Only... only um, harder... cause... they don't listen to me much and some of them yell at me every time I cry." She says more softly as she hugs her knees.

"Which, of course, makes you want to cry even more?" KL says, cocking her head to one side. "I can see that that's very difficult. The only thing I can suggest is that you be prepared to shout at them in your head too, and try and use them as advice and guidance, but not... not let them get in the way of being you? Does that make any sense? Of course, it's easy for me, as I've never spoken to an ancestor or anything. I get scared speaking to a totem spirit like Vex."

Alesia shrugs a little bit then says, "I... They... they were some help when I... was... dealing with my dad. Sometimes..." She says softly, "I... try not to... show when.. .when they bother me... cause... cause everyone will think I'm crazy."

KL nods briskly. "It's probably for the best, though I don't think many people around here would think you were crazy. Not if they knew - have I mentioned Gunnar to you? He's a packmate of mine, and the ancestors talk to him all the time too."

Alesia nods, "Someone mentioned him to me..." She says softly. "Don't remember if it was you." She shrugs a little bit then says, "I... I think it was Megara who... used the knife... who... bit you..." She says as she peers at KL. She seems to have completely forgotten Sophie was even in the room.

"Yes, that's what I guessed." KL says. "I don't suppose she's mentioned why she wanted to do that? Or was it just helping you to attack me?" She doesn't seem to be annoyed about it, though her fingers have found the unrepaired hole in her t-shirt, and are absent-mindedly teasing at it.

Alesia nods a little bit, "She... she was mad... that... that I didn't hurt my dad sooner. She... wanted... to... fight. When... when you said to... you gave me the knife... you said..." She cringes a bit, "You said to listen to them and she... she wanted... I think she wanted to make ... you..." She pauses, unsure then stammers, "She didn't want to hurt you. She could have... she says, I think... she... she wanted..." She shakes her head, clearly getting more aggitated, "To show..."

"To show me that she could? To show you what you could have done?" KL asks, intently. "Either one seems to have been quite effective. I don't suppose she'd fancy teaching me a few tricks sometime?"

Alesia hesitates then says, "I... I don't think it works like that. I... can't say 'tell me this'... I can't... I can't make her do anything... I can't make them do anything and they... they don't listen to me... "

"Oh, I see," says KL, somewhat disappointedly. "Do you mean that they don't hear you, or that they just don't listen?" She pauses. "And, by the way, if you can tell me..." she glances at Sophie, "what did you tell Kaz that you hadn't told Leslie?"

Alesia thinks about that a moment, then says, "They... don't listen, mostly." Then she curls up even more, closing her eyes, not answering the second half of the question.

"OK." KL says, in a brisk tone. "That's ten thousand questions over with. How about some exercise? I fancy a nice...long...run." She bounces to her feet. "Get all the cobwebs out?"

Alesia glances between Sophie and KL, unsure still. But she slowly uncurls, "Running... um, okay..." She says softly.

"I'll tag along in lupus, and Alesia can use my coat still then." Sophie finally chirps up and gets back to her feet. She glances to KL, "Oh, what are the rules about shifting here and around here?"

"Helen doesn't like it much." KL says, as she heads for the door. "So I'd wait until you were out of site of the house first, if I were you." She pauses. "And Alesia - if you're suddenly thinking "that's something else I've done wrong", stop it. It's a silly rule, and I'll take any consequences for breaking it."

Alesia clearly was thinking that. So when KL says to stop it it catches Alesia off guard and she blinks. "Um.... okay..." She says softly. Then she slips on the nice coat Sophie let her borrow. "I'm not used to running lots. We run some in gymnastics but... not like... long runs."

"Better get used to it." KL says with the evil grin of someone who is very much used to it. "Quite often we don't have any weavery transport around, so we have to run with the legs Gaia gave us." She opens the door and breaks into an easy jog down the path, looking back over her shoulder at the cubs. "Come on, then!"

Alesia blinks and stammers, "Weavery?" But she doesn't follow up that question as she starts to job behind KL. She's in good shape and despite her issues with wobbly legs while upset she's smooth and actually pretty graceful as she runs along.

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