Time/Date : It is currently 12:00 Pacific Time on Tue Dec 20 2005.

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is a cloudy day. The temperature is 46 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the south at 5 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.97 and rising, and the relative humidity is 93 percent. The dewpoint is 44 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waning Gibbous Moon phase (70% full).

Place : Fury House

Lunchtime, Fury House. KL is in the kitchen, trowelling margarine over two very odd looking slices of bread. The seem to have been carved so that one end is very thin, the middle is very thick and the bottom is only slightly wider than the top. Still, the Ahroun seems happy enough, humming tunelessly as she waves the butter knife in the air.

Alesia finally manages to make it down stairs. She looks a bit sleepy and as if she had one hell of a rough night. She pauses and then looks around. After a moment she makes her way to the kitchen. She looks at KL, meekly from the doorway she peers in to the room.

"Good..." KL's voice trails off as she attempts to find a clock to look at. "Well, good lunchtime, anyway." She seems chirpy enough, smiling over at the cub. "You hungry?"

Alesia gives a little nod, looking a little self conscious and worried. Then she ask softly, slightly above a whisper, "D... did you talk to Helen?" She asks as she enters the kitchen, not looking chipper at all really.

"Nope, haven't seen her. She wasn't up when I got back from my morning run." A bit of a snark here, but it's softened by the smile that crinkles both the corners of her mouth and her eyes.

Alesia hesitates a little bit then says, "She... she was in my room last night... helping me." She says softly then moves to sit on a stool looking at KL, "I... had... um, nightmares..." She says softly as she looks down at the counter.

KL sets the butter knife down and looks worriedly at Alesia. "Nightmares? What of?" She takes a couple of steps towards where the cub is sitting, her arms loosely by her sides.

There's a light knocking on the door from the courtyard.

Alesia sniffles a bit, still sitting on the stool and looking at the counter, "S... stuff..." She seems hesitant to say more but it's clear there's something nasty there from her body posture. "T... told Helen." She says softly, just as there's a knock on the door which almost startles the girl off the stool, but she manages to not fall over as she startles. KL looks over her shoulder at the door. "That's unexpected. We go months without someone knocking on the door, then loads in a couple of days." She shakes her head, and heads to the door to the open it, flinging it wide open and standing confrontationally in the middle of the doorway.

On the otherside is the rather unintimidating form of Iakovos. He's stood there in his smart-casual getup and his briefcase, and actually flinches when KL seems to make a good attempt at ripping the door off its hinges, taking a step or two back. "Um, yassu despinis," he greets in a very hesitant tone. "Have I come at a bad time?"

Alesia glances at the doorway, the girl on the stool looking skittish and weary, as if she hasn't slept much as well as she peers out.

The Ahroun shakes her head. "No. Well, no worse than any other. Come in and meet our new arrival." She steps away from the door, allowing Iakovos easy entry. "How have you been? Have you found somewhere to live? How's the lawyering?"

"The job is fine, and I was hoping I might be able to stay with one of the other Kin for now," Iakovos replies, his tone weary. "I've spent this morning fighting with my bank, with some amount of success. The house is safe." As he's allowed in, he bows towards Alesia, offering a polite, "Yassu despinis," in her direction.

Alesia looks a bit lost as she hears the words she doesn't recognize then cringes as if something loud just went off in the room as she raises her hands to her head. She gulps and then manages a small pained, "H.. .hi..." She doesn't look too steady even though she's sitting on the stool.

KL freezes in place. "Did you say," she says, in a low, very hard-edged tone that's almost a growl, "that the house...that _this_ house...was safe?" She folds her arms across her chest and stares at Iakovos fiercely.

There's another flinch, with Kovo taking a few steps away from KL at that tone. "Yes'm," he voices in a slightly quavering tone, his grip on his briefcase tightening to white-knuckles out of nerves. His gaze hits the floor, not daring to look at the ahroun.

Alesia peers at the pair, clearly not party to the full information that might make this news so important. In fact she looks down right confused as she watches the interaction between KL and Iakovos.

There's a long moment where KL stands there, immobile except for a very slow blinking. Then she springs forward, leaping at Kovo, arms spread wide in an - entirely uncharacterstic - bear hug. "Thank you! Thank you - thank you - thank you!" she says, grabbing the kin.

The poor kinsman isn't entirely sure what to make of this. He goes utterly pale as KL leaps at him, quite certain he's about to be disemboweled or decapitated or some combination of the two. The bearhug catches him entirely by surprise, his weedy little form quite limp in the ahroun's grip as he's so very enthusiasticly thanked. Words don't come just yet, since all the air is quite squeezed from his lungs.

Alesia cringes at the open display of affection or thanks from KL to the kinfolk. Her face frowns a bit and she stammers softly, "W... what does that mean?" Clearly trying to figure out what just happened.

KL looks up from her intimidatory hugging. "We were going to be evicted. Foreclosed. Chucked out. That's why everything's in packing cases." She gestures around the main room. "It was one of the big reasons why we took you to the Farmhouse first. But now...thanks to Iakovos here," she releases the poor abused kin and takes a step back, "we can stay!"

Iakovos totters a little way back when he's released, spending a moment trying to get his legs and arms to straighten and breath back into his lungs. "You're...um, welcome," he voices quietly, one hand brushing down his shirt out of habit, the other releasing it's deathgrip on his briefcase and putting the case down against a piece of furniture. "It's still in the same name, so I'll be working on that next, but the mortgage is paid up to the current month."

Alesia looks kind of... well, suprised by all of this then actually gives the first smile that anyone has seen her give since she got here, but it's a little thing. "Th... that's good news!"

KL slumps down, sitting on her bottom, her knees slightly raised, peering at the floor between her legs. She looks up slowly, her cheeks glistening with tears. "It's _fantastic_ news." She says. "It's like having a weight lifted off my chest. A weight that's been there so long that I didn't even know it was there any more." She looks at Iakovos, through red-rimmed eyes. "If there is ever anything I can do for you, just call and I will come running. Literally."

"Uh, you could stop crying," Kovo requests timidly, caught between the male instinct of comforting a crying woman and the survival instinct of not touching an ahroun on such a big moon. "It's nothing, really, I will just need to be living here during the smaller moons, and maybe crashing with someone during the bigger."

Alesia peers at the kinfolk and her smile fades a bit but she's still a little better looking than when the kin showed up. Apparently KL's cheerful reaction has had some effect on her. Then she hesitates and asks, "Are... are you Garou?" Since no one has explained kin really to her yet.

KL rubs her face on her sleeve, then slowly pulls herself to her feet. "Iakovos is a kin. That's someone with Garou blood...our blood - a relative, if you like, but who isn't a Garou. It's all generic, I think." She looks over at Kovo. "Um... you'll need to check with Helen, but I don't see that would be a problem. There's Jess as well, she has a place, I think. Do you need somewhere now?"

"Uh, yeah," Iakovos admits quietly, then turns towards Alesia and bows politely once more. "My mother is Garou, as was my sister. I am not, but I have enough Garou blood in my veins not to be affected by the fear inspired in most humans, and I would not have the same delerious response if I saw you in your war form. That's not to say I woulden't be afraid mind.." Alesia ohs softly then says, "I... I wonder..." But what she wonders isn't said out loud, then she looks down. She gives a little shrug then looks back up at the kin, "Um, thank you... for... for saving the house so... so I can stay here." She seems quite sincere about her thankyou.

"Yep." KL says, with a grin. "You can stay here for ever. Have your own room. I guess." KL makes tracks towards the telephone. "I'll just call Jess and see if she'll put you up?" She flicks through a pad next to the phone. "Number's here somewhere."

"I do not know Jess, but if she is Kin and woulden't mind having a strange man staying with her, I guess that'd work?" Kovo hazards, finding somewhere to sit, hands clasping together in his lap. "Failing that, there's the hostel."

Alesia gets up finally and heads over to a cabinet and pulls out a tin. She sets it on the counter and then opens it and gives a little push towards Kovo, "Ah... I made some cookies... if you want one." She offers rather meekly, as if it's the only thing she really knows to offer. They are peanutbutter cookies and if you like that kind of cookie they are pretty darn good.

KL dials the number, muttering it out loud as she does. She holds the receiver to her ear, and for a moment, there is silence, then "Jessica? It's KL...you remember? I sat on your car?" Her voice is far too loud for talking down the phone, almost as if she doesn't believe that a telephone works, and she's trying to reach the other person by sheer volume.

Iakovos blinks, his expression surprised. "Hey, thanks," he voices to the cub, reaching out to take a cookie, beginning to munch on it happily. "Mmm!"

Alesia looks relieved when the kin eats her cookies. She sits back on her stool, watching him just a little warrily as she listens to KL on the phone.

KL continues this overloud conversation. "Have you got a house yet? Somewhere to live?" Pause. "Fuck! OK, well when you get a place, would you be willing to put up a kin friend? He's just saved our house!" Pause. "You can? Fantastic. And you did! I told you!" Pause. "Sure! Are you busy now? He's at the house - you could swing by and meet him with me to protect you!". Pause. "He's really nice. See you in a few." With that, she puts the phone down.

"You to protect her?" Kovo peers across at KL. "I don't bite! Seriously. Do I honestly look at ALL dangerous?" He gestures to himself somewhat self-depreciatingly with the hand that isn't holding the half-cookie, which is promptly reduced to crumbs.

The Ahroun smiles widely. "She doesn't have a house at the moment, but she has a shop you could kip at, and a motel room, but I suspect that's a bad idea." She frowns. "Anyway, she's on the way over, so you can talk to her yourself. She's nice - I sat on her car bonnet and she didn't say anything."

"Sure, anywhere's fine," the Canadian assures, looking a touch relieved that he might have somewhere to sleep tonight. "I don't want to be any trouble."

Alesia looks at the tin of cookies then back up at Kovo after a moment then gets off her stool and heads to the fridge and says softly, "You want some milk?" The offer is clearly directed at Kovo.

After a short while of conversing, there is a knock at the door, and Jessica waits outside. The heavy rumble of her pick up could have been heard just prior to her arrival.

"That's her." KL says, with a smile at Kovo. "I'd recognise the sound of her gas-guzzling monster anywhere." She pauses. "I didn't say that." Quick strides take her over to the door, which is almost ripped off its hinges in her opening-enthusiasm.

"Didn't hear a thing," Iakovos assures, nodding to Alesia. "I'd love some, thanks," he affirms gratefully, folding his hands together into his lap once more and looking now to the door. Poor door, twice almost torn off it's hinges in the space of ten or so minutes.

As the door opens, Jessica stands there with a mild grin, and a basket of fresh fruit in her arms. "Happy Yuletides and all that. Here, last stash from my garden back in Wisconsin." She hands it over to the Fury and bobs her head, peeking in as she stands there. The rear window of her truck cab is still just some duct taped poly sheeting.

"Wow. Fruit!" KL exclaims, somewhat redundantly. "Come in, come in." She clears the doorway again, and carries the fruitbasket inside. "Iakovos, Jessica. Jessica, Iakovos. I don't think either of you bite. Jessica has a shop which sells something I've forgotten, Iakovos is a lawyer who specialises in saving houses."

"Yassu, Jessica," Iakovos greets, sliding from his seat and bowing briefly to the other Kin. "Thank you for coming over to meet me." He observes her with some curiosity, though it's very reserved.

Jessica grins at the others, "Oh sure, no problem. I'm a bit of a connection freak actually, I like to keep tabs of who is who in the family. It's nice to meet you." She reaches a hand out in introduction to the kin. "It's a garden and feed shop. Just, minus all the chemicals and bad things."

KL puts the fruit basket on the counter, and turns to the kin. She points at Alesia. "This is Alesia, who's a cub, and who we're very pleased to have here. And pleased to have a here to have her at." From the number of times she's said this, it's obvious that this is a very big deal indeed to the Ahroun.

Clasping the hand, Iakovos looks a touch uncertain briefly, undecided, before settling for shaking it. Kissing it might get him a slap, and bowing over it would almost certainly get odd looks down here. "If you have space for me there, I would be very glad of it," he voices quietly.

Alesia looks some what uncomfortable as she's introduced. She looks like she'd rather hide really, but gives a meek little, "Hello."

Jessica gives it a firm shake and smiles. "If you're a lawyer that's good at saving houses, how are you at getting paperwork cleared? I've a farmstead that I've put a deposit on and now the banks are taking their sweet time." She glances to KL and then the cub, nodding her head, "Hello Alesia. Say, what size do you wear for clothes?" Then she turns to KL, "Provided it would be alright if there were a few presents wrapped with her name on it this weekend?"

KL raises her hands. "Well, it is Yule, or midwinter Solstice, so I think gifts are OK." She shakes her head quickly. "Fuck. It's ages since I had anyone to get presents for. Wow. Requires some thought."

"My field of law isn't property, unfortunately," Iakovos amends. "I do family law; marriage, divorce, custody, that sort of thing. I could try and look to see if there's anything you could do to speed it up, but it's not my speciality, I'm afraid." He offers a slight smile though, seeming to relax now that he's not the only Kin here.

Alesia looks wide eyed and having everyone around her clearly has her a little ill at ease but she holds her own, staying on her stool as she watches the adults talk. She blinks at the question, then lets it go as other people start talking around it... not looking like she wants to interupt.

Jessica smiles at KL and then looks to Iakovos, nodding lightly. "I'm sure it will work out in time. Did you just get in to town?" The kin woman slides her hands into her back pockets, looking rather comfortable in her own skin, despite the present company kept.

KL lets the kin talk for a few moments, without her interfering with their conversation. She leans up against the counter, eyes on Iakovos, a look of mild confusion on her face.

"I've been here a while, but...eh, circumstance," Kovo replies quietly, glancing over at KL and noting her expression. "What? Did I say something wrong?" There's a note of apprehension in his voice now.

Alesia is sitting on a stool just watching the adults talk, silent and to the side.

The sound of a small car's engine outside presages the arrival of Anji. She pops her head cautiously round the door. "Whoa, is this a clan meeting I'm missing?" she asks as the rest of her body follows.

Jessica frowns a little, glancing between the male kin and KL. When Anji enters, she is more than relieved to have a more familiar face. "Hey hon."

"No." KL says to Kovo. "Nothing wrong at all." She grins at Anji. "Well, sort of. More a kin-bake. Have you met Alesia?" She waves a hand. "And Iakovos has saved the house!" She turns to the cub. "Alesia, could you fetch some glasses from the packing crate over there, and get out some orange juice from the fridge? This needs celebrating."

"Anji," Iakovos greets. "Yassu, it's good to see you again." He retreats to his seat, attempting to look as small as possible once he's settled, confusion in his expression as well now.

Alesia nods and hops up to follow KL's orders. Alesia looks like she hasn't slept well in days and perhaps a bit pale and beleagured. But still she snaps to it under KL's request.

Anji's round face beams like a full moon, except less dangerously to garou. "That's wonderful!" she squeals. "One of the reasons I was coming out here was to see if anything needed packing and storing... the other was to check on Alesia." She sends a would-be friendly smile after the cub as she heads to the crate.

Jessica watches the cub move off to get the request filled. "New huh?" she asks of KL before turning to Anji. "Seems like we are multiplying overnight here. It's good to see a solid connection lining into place here. Iakovos is going to crash at the store front for a while. Hopefully the house deal goes through for me- and then I'll recruit your help for packing and moving."

KL collects the glasses from Alesia and starts pouring orange juice into them. "Anyone _not_ want some juice? I would offer something stronger, but I don't think we have any. And lots of you drove." She looks around the room. "Wow. So many people."

"Juice sounds good," Kovo voices towards the ahroun, looking with some amount of concern at Alesia, though not addressing the cub just yet.

The cub just seems out of sorts, oddly not upset or really mostly just confused and out of it. She finishes helping KL with the classes and then sits back down, gnawing at her lower lip

"Oh, I need to get going actually. Jake is at the shop and I really dislike leaving him there for long. Iakovos, would you like to follow me, or just take down my number and directions?" Jessica does take a glass of juice though, drinking it quickly and waiting to hand it back.

"This would call for ouzo or champagne," Anji says excitedly, "but I don't have either, and yes, KL, I drove. If any of you need crash space now the moon's going back down, I can look after one... two at a push if they're friendly. How did you pull it off, Iakovos?"

"I'll take directions from you, if you don't mind," Kovo addresses Jessica, standing up and reaching for his briefcase, to get out writing materials. "Largely by persistance, Anji. Truth be told, a bank doesn't care who pays money in, as long as it's paid in, so I worked around that basis to transfer money into the mortgage for the house. It's still in the origional name though, so I need to work on that next. See if I can get some advice from one of my collegues."

Alesia just seems to be quietly watching all that is going on, and watches Iakovos and Jessica leave, then turns her attention back to KL and Anji.

KL hands around the remaining glasses of orange juice, and raises one herself. "To the Black Furies?" she proposes, somewhat hesitantly.

Taking his juice and lifting the glass high, Iakovos supports, "To the Black Furies." Note-taking finishes as Jessica makes her exit.

Anji grins at Jessica as she leaves and hefts her own glass. "To the Black Furies," she echoes, then goes on. "To Pegasus who saw us safe through what looked like a disaster. To Iakovos who pulled it out of the hat. And to Alesia... our future." Her eyes twinkle as she looks to the cub.

The cub looks a bit uneasy at Anji's toast and looks at her own glass for a moment before taking a little sip. She looks a bit lost in thought or it could be a show to hide something else. She gives a little sigh then drinks some more of the juice.

KL quickly drains her glass, and then looks - somewhat forlornly - at two slices of rather stale-looking buttered bread on the side. "Oops," she says. "Knew there was something I'd forgotten." She grabs a piece of fruit from the basket Jessica brought, and looks around. "I'm going to jog down to the store for some milk," she announces, waving at the blackboard in the corner. She glances at Alesia. "Need anything?"

"Do you want me to go?" Kovo asks of KL. "I don't mind, and I have the car with me." It's a polite gesture, much as any Kin might offer, since he seems to have that certain subserviant mindset that henpecked males develop.

Alesia shakes her head at KL's question, "Ah.. n.. no thank you."

"I'd offer you a ride," Anji says, "but I know you well enough that you'd prefer the exercise. I'm sure Iakovos and me can watch over Alesia while you're gone."

"Thanks Anji." KL smiles at Kovo. "No, thanks. In KL-speak, all that translated as 'Luna is still quite fat, and my skin is getting itchy and if I go and _do_ something, nothing bad will happen." She heads to the exit. "See you in a bit." With that, she opens the door and heads out.

Ah'ing softly, the male Kin nods and sits back down, cradling his glass of juice in both hands. "So...um..." he begins, trying to find a topic of conversation that the two women might enjoy, failing completely to come up with anything.

Alesia finds herself with the two kin and blinks a bit, "S... so neither of you are... um, Garou?" She asks softly.

"Nah, my mom is, and my cousins, but I'm just a regular old human," Anji confirms. "Except I'm allowed to know things regular old humans aren't, because it'd be a bit difficult to keep it from me in the circumstances."

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