Time/Date : It is currently 06:56 Pacific Time on Wed Dec 21 2005.

Moon Phase : Currently the moon is in the waning Gibbous Moon phase (65% full).

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is raining lightly. The temperature is 44 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 29.90 and falling, and the relative humidity is 96 percent. The dewpoint is 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius.)

Place : Brownstone

Early morning, and Luna has slimmed sufficiently that wandering around St. Claire is now only a marginally dangerous activity. KL has let herself in to the basement of the Brownstone, and is currently sitting on a chair in the kitchen, drumming her fingertips on the table. She looks...nervy, shifting in her seat repeatedly.

The bedroom door slips open and Emma comes out, already dressed and looking ready for the day. She nods to KL as her hand rubs over her face, further waking her. "Morning. How's it going?"

And then, there's Gunnar. The Godi's not been around the brownstone too much of late; from all reports he's been hanging around in the waterfall at the Caern. Whatever the case might be, though, for whatever reason he chooses this moment to show back up; footfalls thunking heavily along the outside hallway before, in a steady motion he swings the door open and steps within. Pausing upon the threshold the Fenrir casts a slow gaze along the near edge of the horizon; regarding those within the room in passing before stepping fully through the doorway.

"Pretty good, actually. We have a new cub, Alesia." KL says with enthusiasm. "And the Fury House has been saved, so we don't have to move out!" She purses her lips and her tone falls a little. "So that's all good." She looks up as Gunnar enters. "Gunnar! Brilliant!"

Emma gives a half chuckle, "That's good news. Well, for the Fury's anyway. Wish the Get had some goodnews." She shrugs and gives a bob of her head to the Godi.

"I am?" Gunnar returns to KL, in way of question, as he drops that much-abused ALICE pack next to the door. Stalking across the room, he offers Emma a crisply singular nod before settling into that chair in the corner, one arm draping over the rest while the other knuckles up to press against his jawline. Eyes hooding for a moment, his attention seems to drift back to the Fury, before dragging it's way to Emma again. "We do. Poe has recieved his first true wound."

"That's good." KL says, with a smile at Gunnar. "Alesia is a long way from that." There's a pause. "Um...I'm pleased you're both here." The Fury Ahroun says, suddenly nervous, her fingers drumming furiously. "Um...we need to decide what we want to do...as a pack...now that Signe has gone...and Natalie too. I don't think Vex will hang about for long with just the three of us?" She directs this query at Gunnar, one eyebrow half-raised in enquiry.

Emma smirks at the news of Poe, shaking her head. "I um, have been meaning to talk to you all about things too actually."

"Mn. Not likely." Gunnar replies to KL, rather evenly, as he shifts in position a touch; elbows now moving to rest on the armrests and fingers pressing together, just in front of his face, in the manner of a steeple. "We have two options, as I see it; if we wish to keep the pack together, we will require more people, as well as a more clearly defined focus. The other is to dissolve it and find others to join."

The Fury nods slowly. "That was the way I thought it was, too. Well, I'm pack omega, so I don't have much say." A little wry grin. "What do you guys want to do? Recruit or disband?" There's no inflection to indicate which option she prefers.

Emma has grown tense during the discussion and her arms fold over her chest as she stares to the kitchen area. "I.." she stops, clearly stumbling over her words. "I thought about leaving for a time. I mean, leaving St. Claire."

"Mn. If we were to do that, we would first need to decide a number of things - what, specifically, our role is here, our organization, and so forth." Gunnar replies after a breath, though his eyes seem to flick - sharply - to Emma as she speaks. Regarding the woman for a second or two longer, he finally returns with "To go where?"

KL half-rises from her seat, looking at Emma with wide eyes. Emotions visibly conflict on her face - sadness, fear...possibly even relief. When she speaks, it's a very controlled, "Can I ask why?", giving away nothing, but without warmth. "And for how long?"

Emma feels the pressure of her packmates gaze. "Rockford. Mitch and I were going to help move my mom back to Rockford since she is looking after Signe's little one. And- I thought of staying a while, to- well because..." she closes her eyes and looks away, "Because I will go crazy if I stay here."

The Godi's gaze remains on Emma for a long moment, steady - as if lost in thought before, just as suddenly, it draws away once again to focus on the room as a whole, expression neutral to the point of seeming completly unreadable. "Mn. I see. You have spoken with Jamethon, then."

The Fury's eyes remain fixed on Emma's face, and she seems to have settled on sadness as the overriding emotion, as they are moistening. "You should do...whatever you have to do," she says, eventually. "But...crazy? Why?"

Emma pinches her voice together and sighs, "No, I've not spoken with James, not like he'd care one way or another anyway." She tenses, her jaw clenching. "Crazy because I don't very well belong here. Not here in St. Claire, not in this pack which has done nothing but fall apart since we got into it, and certainly not here with the Get!"

A slight creaking of the chair is the only sound from Gunnar's corner for some moments, as his hand drops down to the armrest, fingers curling against it. The Godi says nothing for a good long few moments, his expression almost passive. Eventually, though, that low snarling growl rasps out; thin, and almost tangibly chill. "Perhaps you are right."

A long pause. KL stands absolutely motionless for what seems like an eternity, unblinking. "Gaia watch over you, Emma. And I will always be willing...no...I will always be ecstatic to pack with you, if you decide to come back, or we meet again." She tears her gaze away, physically turning her back on the Get Ahroun, so that her face is pointing to the chair behind her. Her back rises and falls as she breathes deeply, and in fits and starts, but she makes no noise.

Emma seems to find her rage fueled by all the emotions settling in the room. "Fuck you Gunnar. If you guys wanted a perfect little Get soldier, you should have cared when I was a cub. I sat in that farmhouse rotting until Signe came. And now she's gone, why the fuck would I stay here? To get bullied by you and Brom? To hear how awful of a Get I am? That's just great, very appetizing." She glances to KL, sighing with frustration. "That's it huh?"

"I was not here when you were in the farmhouse, if you remember." The Godi replies evenly. "However, I am finished wasting my time with you. You refuse to acknowledge your acomplishments, and expend your energies only on mewling about how insignificant you are. You cry about how you fail to measure up; yet do nothing to raise yourself to any sort of standard. It grows... tiresome. If you wish to leave, do so. I have said what I need to say on the matter."

KL looks back at Emma, and her eyes are red-rimmed. "No, that's fucking not it. Don't go. I don't want you to. I don't care if we don't fucking pack. I don't care if you decide to go and live under a fucking hedge and never fucking shift out of lupus like fucking Circle Keeper. But the thought of going months without seeing you is fucking awful. But if that's the decision you've made, then that's fucking fine." She takes a deep gulp of air that's almost, but not quite a sob. "And I do agree one thing with Gunnar. You could be the best fucking Ahroun in this sept if you wanted to be, if you fucking well let yourself be."

Emma growls at them both, eyeing first Gunnar and then KL. Her fists tighten and she looks about to charge the both of them, before she stops and turns to the door. "You know how many people I begged not to leave? I'm done with it. Easier to leave than to be left." She grabs the door handle and flings it open, exiting the brownstone in an extremely dangerous mood.

Appearantly, Gun's not one to be made a liar of - he responds to Emma's outburst with a slight snarl and sidelong glance, but otherwise says nothing at all; his gaze dragging away once more to settle in, appearantly, somewhere in the distant horizon.

KL, on the other hand, has a slightly different reaction. She's frozen in indecision for a moment, one hand poised in mid-air. Then, finally, she's stirred to action, chasing after Emma as quickly as she can.

Emma is just about to reach for the door outside when KL comes chasing after her. The young Ahroun is coiled like a bent spring, and her breath comes in heaving, heavy snorts.

The Fury Ahroun dives forward, intending to rugby-tackle the Get girl and prevent her from leaving the Brownstone. There is the slightest possibility that this might slam Emma into the door, but KL isn't otherwise trying to hurt her.

Emma is not expecting that, and indeed the Get is taken down. Luckily, quick reflexes bring her arms up and block her face from meeting the wood. The sound alone is a heavy thud, that is followed by a growl of pure barely restrained rage. "What the fuck!?"

"No way you're running out on me like that, Get bitch." KL says, still holding on to Emma's legs. She doesn't seem angry or upset or anything, and looks up from her position laying on the floor and grins at the Get girl. "If you're going, you're going with my goodbyes, not my swearwords, ringing in your ears."

Emma looks back at the Fury and lets out a deflated sigh. Her eyes clench shut, "This isn't easy for me KL. God, you're the only one I don't want to leave behind." She moves to sit up, taking in a staggered deep breath.

KL rolls off of Emma's legs, and neatly swivels round so that she's sitting on the floor, elbows resting on her knees. "I know, and I'm sorry I'm reacting badly. If you've got to go, you've got to go. And you should do what would make you...and Mitch...happy," she says, with a sad little smile. "But I will miss you."

Emma quickly wipes a hard fist at her eyes, as if that might look less like crying and more like, punching her own face? She swallows, "I don't fit in here KL. I'm a crappy Get, a crappy packmate, a crappy Sept member. I don't do anything, and everyone else can do it better than me." She sighs, "I'm fucked up. I- I don't think I even want to be Get anymore."

"Best news all week." KL says, though not unsympathetically. "Do you want to renounce, then? Big decision, if so. What tribe would you join? And I don't think you're 'crappy', but if you want a break from here, somewhere to start over, then I don't think that's a bad idea. For your confidence, if nothing else."

Emma shrugs her shoulders, "I don't know. There are only so many tribes that would take in an ex-Get. I could go Gnawers, but that don't feel right. Furies maybe. Less chance of having Brom as your tribal poster boy that way." She chuckles half-heartedly. "I'm just a shadow here. A runt of an Ahroun, and a Get that has it all wrong. I can't even keep my head screwed on straight anymore." She tucks her legs up to her chest and buries her face into her knees, "It scares me KL."

KL extends a hand and touches Emma's leg, just below the knee. "For as long as I've known you, you've never thought you were good enough," she says. "You've always been wrong. If you need a change of scenery to make you see that... to make you see what I see, then that's fine. If I were Fury elder, then I'd welcome you. But I'm not, and I don't know what Helen would think. Or how that rite works, actually."

Emma nods her head lightly, "I figure, I'd go back home, help mom settle in with the baby. Then, find a sept around there to hang out at. Do some work, be myself and see how it goes. I just," she looks up then, eyes teared. "Ashley left to do the same thing, and I hated her for it. And before that, there was Doc, who died in front of me and before my Rite even, Tabia just up and disappeared. I'm being a damn hypocrit turning around and leaving you like this."

The Fury Ahroun leaves her hand where it is for the moment. "Don't worry about it. I'll find another pack, something else to do. There's a bit of an Ahroun shortage at the moment, so I'll probably be fine. I'll miss you, and I'll miss Vex, but I'll get over both. Look, you have the phone number of the Fury House? I'm not good on phones, but I'll try for you. Give me a call when you get out wherever it is you're going."

Emma nods her head, "Yeah I have the number there, and can give moms number too." She turns a little then, moving to embrace the other Ahroun in a full hug, tight and sincere. "See, Get aren't supposed to do this," she laughs with a heh. "God, I wish you could come with me. I hate this."

"I wish you weren't going." KL says, returning the embrace. "I've got a new cub to look after, a raid to lead, so much stuff to do. And I wish... I wish you could be there to do it with me. But..." she's welling up with this. "... I want you to be happy, and to do whatever you need to do to _be_ happy. Even if that means leaving."

Emma presses the hug tighter, "Maybe it won't even be for that long. Who knows. I promise to keep in touch KL. I promise." Her eyes pinch shut as she remains in the hug for a while longer, "And don't you dare get yourself killed on me."

"You too. Bitch. You get killed and I promise I will come and piss on your grave." KL says, affectionately. She pulls back slightly, and looks Emma in the eyes. "When are you going?"

Emma shrugs, "Not till after Christmas. Mom didn't want to travel during the stress of the holidays." She leans back against the door, sighing, "Fucking Gunnar. He can take his viking council and shove a longboat up his ass."

KL laughs at this. "He's not so bad. A bit like a strong wind, irritating, possibly dangerous, but manageable and predictable." She smiles. "It's the unpredictable ones you have to watch out for. Like me." A wide grin.

Emma smiles lightly, "You're not so hard to predict." She stands up then, "Will you come out for a jog with me? I don't want to go alone."

"Sure." KL says, pulling herself up onto her feet. "Always up for some exercise. Helps the blood flow to the brain you know. People who don't exercise go stupid." She nods firmly, as if this was absolute and unimpeachable fact.

Emma grins again and nods, "Thanks KL." That said, the Get pulls herself together and heads out the door, breaking into an easy paced jog and looking to keep her friend at her side.

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