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It's the day after Christmas, mid-afternoon, and Kovo's phone rings with the Fury house phone number showing as the caller ID.

It only takes a few rings before Iakovos picks up, answering with his customary, "Good afternoon?"

It's KL, and she doesn't really trust telephones, and as a result tends to shout down them. On this occasion, she's managing to combine 'loud' with 'nervous'. "Um... is that Iakovos?" she asks.

"Yassu, miss KL," Iakovos greets politely. "It is, yes. What can I do for you?" There's a touch of nervousness in his tone too, but then again he's dealing with an ahroun, so it's only to be expected.

"Yeah...ah...well..." KL says, indecisively. "I wondered..." There's a pause, then the words come in a flurry. "I've got a yule present for you, and I wondered if you'd like to take me out to dinner. I mean if you don't have any money as a result of the house then I can pay..." Her voice trails off as the calm arrives after the storm.

There's an understandable pause from Iakovos, as he tries to decipher the rush of words, and then a further moment for his male brain to come up with some appropriate response. "I....uh, that would be great," he manages to offer, sounding a touch confused. "Did you have anywhere in mind?"

"No." KL replies, blankly. "Um... some restaurant or other? I mean, the only one I know is Garcia's Pizza Parlour, and even I think that's low class. Do you know any reasonable...not too expensive ones?"

"I believe the Rat and Raven does food?" Iakovos hazards. "It's a nice place, though I don't know if it fits your tastes?" he adds, sounding vaguely hopeful.

"I eat anything, really." KL replies, cheerfully. "When you've eaten dumpster pickings, anything else is appetising. Um... when are you free?"

KL is currently in the living room. She's making an attempt at using the phone subtly, cupping her hand over her mouth and the microphone part of the receiver, but given that she's doing her usual thing of nearly yelling at the phone, it's not entirely successful. Anyone listening in - intentionally or not - would have heard her ask the person at the other end of the phone when they were free.

Alesia hesitates at the bottom of the stairs, not hiding but not announcing herself either as she peers at KL.

From afar, Iakovos thinks for a moment; there's the rustling of paper on the other end of the line. "Mmm. Aside from meetings on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, I'm free until the new year."

There's a pause as KL listens to the other end, then says "What about Wednesday evening? I can meet you in town?"

From afar, Iakovos mmm's. "Sounds good to me, what time would suit you?" he enquires, the sound of a faintly papery thud following his words, like the closing of a book.

Alesia moves futher into the room to make sure that KL can see her... as she heads towards the fire place.

Another pause. KL appears not to have noticed Alesia. "Seven?" she says. "That's sort of normal, isn't it?"

Iakovos pages: Certainly, seven is fine by me." The man clears his throat faintly. "I'll see you there, then?"

Alesia picks up a poker and takes a few stabs at the fire place, poking a few logs... as she waits for KL to get off the phone.

"Sure. And I'll bring your present." KL says down the phone. "See you!" With that, she puts the phone down, and smiles at Alesia. "You didn't hear that, OK?"

Alesia peers at KL, "Um, hear what? You... I mean, I don't even know who you were on the phone with." She admits as she looks at KL curiously and tilts her head slight. "Do you have... a date?" She asks still sounding unsure.

The Fury Ahroun looks distinctly uncomfortable, and looks away from the cub. "I don't know. Sort of. Maybe." She shakes her head furiously, but her cheeks are reddening with embarrassment. She sits down in a seat with a thump. "I'm not sure."

Alesia looks a little nervous now, "I... I won't tell anyone if you don't want. I don't.. .I mean some of the other kids in my class sometimes dated but... I never... I mean, I didn't even go to the dances. My father wouldn't let me..." She gives a little shrug, then pokes the fire again, "I hope it goes okay for you."

KL shakes her head slowly. "I think it's a very bad idea indeed, actually. But I need the answer to a question... and I do like the... person... I'm going to see." She looks up. "But enough about my social schedule. Is there anything foodwise you want us to get. I'm happy to make a run to the shop."

Alesia thinks about this a moment then says, "No... I don't think so. I mean... I think we have good stuff. I just..." She hesitates then says, "Could... could you get junk food?" She asks as she looks a over at you unsure, "I mean.... like... chocolate or something?"

"I could, yes." KL says, non-committally. "I guess, provided you don't overdo it, that's fine. Though... bad food contaminates your body." She waves a hand in a vague gesture. "But yeah, I'll get you some chocolate, if you like."

Alesia thinks a little bit and then says, "It's okay... I mean if you don't think it's good for me." She says softly not pressing at all, and immediately retreating on the topic then glances at the phone, "Who were you talking to?"

"Nah, it'll be fine. I can't see you becoming fat on one bar of chocolate." KL says. "Any particular sort? Favourite brand?" She entirely ignores the phone question, not even registering that it had been asked.

Alesia shakes her head, "Um, no... I mean, I don't know. I never got much chocolate. I only got it at school and on halloween." She moves to sit on the couch and sighs. She hesitates then says, "KL, do you have any questions for me about stuff? I've been trying to think through things and... and I don't really know what you guys might want to know and so... it's hard to know what to share."

The Ahroun sniffs at this. "Not really," she says, eventually. "And I'm leaving all that sort of stuff up to Leslie and Helen. They're better at it than I am. I'll just try to tell you as much as I can, whenever it seems relevant. Or whenever you ask a question."

Alesia hesitates then says, "You seem to be a lot different from them. I... just I mean I kinda think you'd be more... or less um, less distant sometimes and... I just thought..." She shrugs, "I'm sorry... I guess I'll talk to Leslie about it then... maybe... or Helen but I think she's always mad at me."

"If there's something you want to tell me," KL says, "I'm listening. And I won't get mad at you. But I do tend to look at things in a very simple way, and that might not be the best thing." She sits upright, looking at Alesia. "So...what is it?"

Alesia hesitates, "I don't know. I mean... there's so much and it's just... troubling." She shrugs, "Do you think I'm going to be an okay Black Fury?"

KL grins at this. "I don't know. It's too early to tell. But I think you'll be fine, because you want to be. It's usually the people that... don't want to be any good, who think they're treated unfairly, that don't do so well." She shrugs "You'll need a bit of luck, you'll need to work hard, pay attention, do your best. But I think you'll be absolutely fine."

Alesia nods a little bit then says, "Did Leslie talk to you yet about... the rite she wants to do? She said there needed to be at least one other person there and that it couldn't be a cub. I... asked her it it would be okay if it was you and Helen both..."

"I haven't had a chance to have a conversation with her yet." KL replies. "Which rite is this? And I'd be more than willing to do whatever was necessary, whatever you wanted."

Alesia gives a little nod, "She says it's called um, Soothe the Scars? It... it's supposed to help me with... things. She warned me that if we do it she'll... know everything about... well everything. But... the people there won't. She said that you'd be there for... support and... and incase anything goes wrong I think." She gulps a bit then says, "I get the feeling things can go wrong. I'm kind of worried."

KL nods reassuringly. "Things can go wrong, occasionally. But I'm sure Leslie knows what she's doing, and I can deal with most forms of interruption or irregularity." She pauses, cocking her head on one side. "Not a rite I've been part of before, but I'll be there. Thank you."

Alesia nods a bit, "I... I just think that if you three are all going to be my family... it'd be good if you were all going to be there?" She says hopefully, "I... I like the idea of having you as family... if... if don't mind me thinking of you all like that?"

"No, I don't mind at all. I'm glad you feel that way about us." KL replies, obviously pleased. She stands slowly. "I should go hit the shop. Chocolate bar...anything else?"

Alesia shakes her head, "No I don't think so..." She stands up as you do, and looks slightly embarassed, "Um, but... I'm glad it's okay with you."

"Good." KL says. "Back in an hour or so." With that she heads to the door, once more humming tunelessly.

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