Time/Date :It is currently 06:31 Pacific Time on Thu Dec 29 2005.

Place :Fury House

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waning New Moon phase (11% full).

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is raining lightly. The temperature is 42 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 30.07 and steady, and the relative humidity is 96 percent. The dewpoint is 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius.)

Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

This is the central hub of the house. From here, you can still see the entrance foyer, as well as the stairway that heads to the second story. Towards the back of the common area is a set of glass doors that lead out to a courtyard. To the east, an arched doorway leads to what apparently serves as a library, office, and workroom, and to the west, an arched doorway leads to what appears to be a kitchen and dining area.
There are several chairs here, simple, elegant, yet functional in their design and intent. The room has a comfortable feel to it, but is a bit ascetic in design. The walls are off-white, the molding dark cherry wood and decorated with acanthus-leaf ornamentation at the corners. A pair of antique spears are hung crossed against each other on one wall, and a wall-relief depicting a scene of Grecian warriors hangs on the other. Above the mantle of the fireplace is a small statue of Artemis, on either side of that, dark metal candlesticks with ivory pillar candles. The entire room is a study in the contrast of light and dark.

Early morning in the Fury house, and the sun is just starting to angle in through the trees of the bawn and around the tape-and-cellophane repairs on the glass door. KL is in the living room, cross-legged on the floor, with a vase sitting in front of her. Next to the vase are three white greek lilies, and she's staring at them as if they've done something wrong.

Alesia is no where to be seen, as she clearly is ignoring for one reason or another the schedule set by her and KL originally today. She's been in a rather sad mood lately more than even normal. So odds are she's still in bed at the moment, or at least up stairs. (Sophie can enter before me.)

A knock comes upon the door. Outside is Sophie, bundled up in her hooded sweatshirt, and carrying an envelope against her chest.

KL stands up, and pulls open the door. "Good morning, Sophie," she says cheerfully. "You're up and about early today. Can I help?" A pause, and she glances back over her shoulder at the flowers. "Actually, you might be able to help me. Did you get many flowers when you were a star?"

Sophie grins a little, "Yes, of course." She glances in to see what is amiss, then smiles a bit wider. "I can help, but I came to visit Alesia- it's been a while, by no fault of hers. You know how I was moping and all, I didn't think it'd be good to hang out like that."

Alesia is still no where to be seen at the moment... maybe doing some moping of her own.

"She's not up yet," KL says, "even though she's supposed to be." A little smile lessens the impact of her words. "Anyway, yes, the stalks of these aren't hard enough." She gestures at the flowers. "And they go all floppy when I try and put them in the vase. Can you make them harder? Maybe little sticks?"

Sophie moves to the vase and settles down into a crouch, putting the envelope beside her. "Do you have a more narrow vase? Or drinking straws. You can lightly band some straws to the stems to help keep the shape. Normally florists have some green wire, but I doubt that is something we can get, so we'll do it the backyard way."

About this time there can be heard a little scuffling at the top of the steps as a sleepy faced Alesia peers down. She's wearing a too large flannel shirt she got some where and some sweat pants and socks as she looks to see who's voices she's hearing. Looks like she just got up moments ago, and he hair is a bit of a tangled mess.

"We've got some straws, somewhere." KL says. "I got them in the summer when I was trying to make milkshakes." She looks nauseated for a moment or two. "Not one of my better efforts, though conceptually lemon milkshake sounds tasty." She freezes at the scuffling noise. "I think Alesia's up," she says, standing and moving towards the kitchen.

Sophie is picking herself up from the floor as this new turn of events comes around. She smiles at the sleepy cub and waves to her on the stairs. "Morning Alesia. I brought you something- I meant to bring it before, during Christmas, but I was being a real sour puss and being all stressed out and stuff."

Alesia looks a wee bit out of it, and probably looks like she hasn't slept much or very well lately. She gives a sleepy wave, "Um, hi." She seems unsure what to make of all of this as she comes down the stairs and when she reaches the main floor pauses and says, "You're... not mad at me?" She sounds like she expects the answer to be yes. It's not hard to figure out she's thought Sophie has stayed away on purpose.

KL rummages through a cupboard and pulls out a box of drinking straws. "Here. How many do you think we need?" She looks at the cub. "Good morning, Alesia! Do you know anything about flower arranging? We're trying to make my lilies stand up."

Sophie blinks at Alesia and then shakes her head slightly and with a fond smile, "God no Alesia. I was being a jerk and didn't want to spready my Holiday Scroogeness around. I'm sorry. Come down and help us?" she asks, then looks to KL again. "A straw for each lily and you can arrange them however you want, or we can use one straw for a few of them."

Alesia frowns slightly, "I... haven't been very well behaved." She gives the slightest quick glance at the missing doorway covered in plastic then glances back at KL and shakes her head, "No." She says softly, "We never had flowers." Then she moves a few steps closer to Sophie, "So... you... aren't mad at me?" She says as she looks a little hopeful but still like she needs reassurances.

"I've never been given them before, either." KL says, pulling three straws out of the box and then putting the box back in the cupboard. "So it's a voyage of discovery for me. And what have you been badly behaved about? Are you worrying about throwing Cole through the window again?"

Sophie is first shaking her head at Alesia, "No, I am not mad at you. Honest." Then as she situates to help KL and the next bit of information is announced, she halts and glances to the cub. "You threw Cole- *my* Cole- through the window?" Her eyes land on KL though for the explanation.

Alesia flushes a bit and gives a little nod to Sophie even though Sophie is staring at KL instead. She takes a half step back and watches the other two, clearly a little nervous by the reaction from Sophie, as she glances down.

KL flushes and ducks her head. "Sorry, thought everyone knew. That's why Leslie and Helen are asking un-invited guests to stay away for a bit. You're invited, obviously, I guess." The Ahroun holds up the straws. "Flowers?" she says, hesitantly.

"What happened?" she glances again to Alesia, clearly torn in how she wants to react. Had it been anyone else, she might have laughed it off with bemusement- but this is her tribemate. "Cole is no pushover, was it her Coach and not her?" she questions KL with this.

Alesia has gone slightly pale and takes a few more steps back. Clearly the inquisition by Sophie is upsetting Alesia, although she says nothing at the moment sparing only a small glance at KL before looking back at the ground. Her body is getting tense as she bumps back into the stairs.

KL shrugs. "Wasn't here. Alesia can explain." She doesn't seem to regard it as a particularly big deal, and moves over to the flowers, holding one of the three lillies in one hand and measuring the drinking straw against it. "Need scissors. And string," she decides.

Sophie glances back to the backpedaling cub. "Relax Alesia, I am just surprised. It happens to all of us- I just want to know what lead up to it. You know?" She looks to the flowers then, hmm'ing thoughtfully, "Or light scotch tape."

Alesia stammers out, "He.... he tried to touch me. I... saw my father and.... it...." She cringes and trails off. She sort of clenches at the banister but doesn't go up the stairs, just sort of grabs at the wood as if to stabalize herself.

"It's OK." KL reassures Alesia, looking up from her flowers. "OK, light scotch tape and scissors we can do." She darts back into the kitchen to fetch them. "This is such a fuss! Not a very practical present, are they?"

Sophie frowns at Alesia a little bit, "You're scared of men aren't you? You know not all men are bad- come to think of it, not all women are good." She glances to KL and bites at her lower lip. "Why don't you guys do that Rite on her?"

Alesia actually ends up sitting down on the first step, kind of curling up a bit but not retreating any further in actual distance. She hugs her knees to her chest and peers at Sophie through hair that flops down over her eyes. She gnaws at her lower lip but says nothing at this point, just a little ball of 'tense' it seems.

"Which rite?" KL asks. "And...um...whilst I know that it was your tribal alpha that got thrown through the window, you're walking close to a line." She seems friendly enough, though more flippant than before. "And can you please help me with the flowers?"

Sophie looks to KL with a sour face, lowering her voice, "Well you can't hide her from men her whole life, and that's really not cool that she can just spaz out and think they are someone else. Cole is about the most decent guy in this sept." She utters this all in a hushed whisper, then replies in a more audible tone, "The one they used on Beatrice. The Break with the Past thing."

Alesia seems to be still rather upset, holding her knees a little tighter. She finally manages to stammer out, soft enough it might be missed if no one is paying attention, "Leslie... gonna... do a rite..." She looks quite intently on the floor, the girl clearly beating herself up some about the incident if nothing else.

KL stares at Sophie for a very long time, straightening up and folding her arms across her chest. "Alesia likes you. That gets you some priviledges here. I like you. That means that at this exact instant, you aren't on the Cole flightpath. But you do not come here and say that. Alesia has done nothing outside what most cubs do, when they aren't locking themselves in fucking bathrooms. And we will raise our cub, in our way, and perform what rites we see fit. Is that...quite...fucking clear?" Her voice is level, and quiet, almost a growl. and her fingers clench her upper arms tightly, outlining themselves in white on her skin.

Sophie lowers her gaze and her posture shifts almost immediately. Her hands fidget with the straws and she remains quiet for a moment. The silence is broken by a heavy sigh and a slight underlid glance to the other cub. "Sorry."

Alesia still looks kind of messed up as she sits there on the stairs. It's unforunate but true that a 'Sorry' doesn't fix her posture or such. She does give a little look up, her body still tense. Then she squeaks as her voice kind of cracks as she says, "I... I'm sorry... shouldn't have thrown Cole. T... tell him I'm sorry..." Then she buries her face again into her knees.

KL nods, acknowledging the apology, and instantly relaxes. "Right. Now, will the two of you please help me with my flowers before they melt. Or wilt. Or whatever it is flowers do when you don't put them in a vase with water in." She looks back at said flowers. "I've got straws, tape and scissors. This is like kindergarten all over again."

Sophie turns her glance away from Alesia then and looks to the task at hand. She brings a straw up to the first stem, "I'll hold it, you tape it. Where did you get them from? Flowers are nice gifts."

Alesia remains on the steps for the moment, only glancing a little to watch the pair work with the flowers, clearly listening but not moving yet.

KL coughs. "Um...they were given to me," she mumbles, looking anywhere but at Sophie. "And yes, they are rather nice. These are greek. I guess not actually because that's a long way away, but perhaps their grandparents were greek or something, which makes them rather like me." She wraps the tape around the stem and straw combination, rather untidily, and then picks up the tape roll. "Damn. I've lost the fucking end, again," she says, turning the roll round as she searches for the recalcitrant terminator.

"Oh, well who gave them to you?" She continues to hold the straw in place, waiting patiently for the tape to be refound. "Did you cut their stems at an angle? That helps them get the water better, keeps them alive longer." Sophie seems to have already put the slight verbal debate behind her, and upon looking up, she nods to Alesia, "Maybe you should help her find the tape end, I bet Ahroun fingers are all rough and tough, and hard to do that kind of thing with."

Alesia seems utterly lost at the way the pair have gone from friendly to almost at blows and back to friendly in what seems like a heart beat to her. She frowns as she peers at the pair, clearly struggling with this. She slowly gets to her feet, looking unsure about things then carefully, as if walking on egg shells, walks over towards the pair.

KL hands over the tape with relief. "Now you know why you got your present late," she says to Alesia. "I threw this out of the window four times, and at one point I ended up stamping up and down on the wrapping paper swearing at it." She ignores Sophie's 'who' question entirely, and instead answers the 'stems' one. "No, I didn't. Can you use the scissors to do that? I didn't realise that I needed to."

Sophie nods her head to the stem request, and takes the scissors to lightly cut each one at an angle. "So, who?" she asks again, voice light and curious. "Did you find the end Alesia?" she asks of the other cub, now watching her with the tape.

Alesia quickly finds the end with her nimble fingers. She's good at this sort of thing and so hands the tape back with a little nod. Still she's quiet now, not saying a word since the last bit of blow up. She looks slightly confused and a bit distracted really.

KL stares at the flowers for a few seconds, then mutters "Kovo" very quickly, before returning her attention to the stem-and-straw operation. "What's wrong, Alesia. Don't worry about having your head bitten off or anything. Has something bad happened?" she says, in a louder voice.

Sophie doesn't go goofy with the final release of the name. She just nods and smiles, "That's cool. Deneb once gave me flowers, it was very sweet of him. I gave him a pocket knife in return." She grabs another straw and puts it up to the next stem. She glances to Alesia, but offers none of her own words of advice or cheer.

Alesia peers at KL then mutters something about, "Thought it wasn't a date..." But she seems to be just thinking out loud as she watches Sophie do her thing with the flowers. Alesia just seems more out of it than normal at this point, looking confused and tired mostly.

KL goes scarlet. "Well. Wasn't. Was. Don't know. It's all complicated. But he did give me the flowers." She's staring at them, because looking at either of the two cubs would be too mortifying for words. "Does that work? Can we try it in the vase?" she asks, studying the reinforced lily.

Sophie looks between the two with a sudden grin. "Hey, you could call it a date just by saying two people met up. Girls go on lunch dates, or coffee dates. So sure, it was a date. Doesn't have to be anything more or less if you want." She looks to the flowers and nods, "Put them in gently, and fill the vase about three quarters of the way."

The Ahroun peers at Alesia, still red, though confusion is bulldozing a path through her embarrassment. "Who was that?" she asks. "And why? I mean, he's nice and everything, but what do they know? And I know that's going to lead to an argument.

Alesia is next to Sophie and KL as KL messes with some lillies and a vase. Alesia seems still out of it and not really directly reactionary to KL's query but adds, "Should have kids." Still that same kind of distant voice, seems not much like Alesia's.

Sophie looks between the two, not uttering a single word now. She does, perhaps in a moment of clairvoyance, stand up and take the newly vased flowers to the window and away from KL's immediate reach.

The sound of a car engine dies away outside and there comes a polite tap at the door. "Anyone home?" calls Anji's voice.

KL is distracted from whatever she was about to say to Alesia by the Anji's intervention. She stands up, and opens the door. "Good morning, Anji!" she greets, with a little wave. "How are you?"

Alesia hesitates then takes a few steps back, and still looks rather lost in a haze that could easily be confused as a drugged haze really, the same kind of sluggish reactions and dull look to her face.

Sophie looks up to the door and gives a polite nod to the newcomer, setting the vase this way and that until she has it just right. Then she moves to Alesia, after picking up the envelope, and hands it to her, "This is for you, by the way."

"Morning, KL!" Anji returns the ahroun's greeting. The kin seems in a very bright mood as she enters. "How was your Christmas? And who's your friend?" She glances at Sophie.

KL pushes the door closed. "Yule was very nice, thank you. I have a present for you upstairs." She nods at Sophie. "This is Sophie, Philodox cub of the Fianna, who's been lovely to Alesia, especially when she was at the farm. Sophie, this is Anji, one of our kin and a librarian at the University."

Alesia accepts the card from Sophie but seems unsure about what to make of it. As if she's not even sure what it is. She frowns a little, still looking lost at the moment. Her eyes narrow slightly as she seems to be mentally struggling with something.

Sophie looks over to the kin and stands up to offer her hand, "Sophie Warren, Nice to meet you miss." She glances to the cub then and cants her said, "Go ahead and open it. It's a card for you, with a special note inside."

Anji takes Sophie's hand firmly, squeezes and releases. "Nice to meet you, Sophie. Good to see you too, Alesia... and I have a little something for you and for KL here in my bag, as it happens..."

"Oh, wow!" KL exclaims. "Nearly nobody has got me a present so far, I'll just get yours." She turns and dashes up the stairs, making a noise faintly reminiscent of a herd of wildebeast on a charge across the veldt.

Alesia frowns a moment again then ever so slowly opens the envelope for the card. She slides it from it and looks at the outside of the card then slowly opens it. She stares at the card and from her look it's unclear if she understands what she's seeing at the moment.

Sophie looks to Alesia, "What's wrong? I know I am nowhere near an artist like you, but I didn't think the tree was that bad. It's a Christmas card, and a note as to what my gift to you is."

Anji giggles slightly as KL rushes off. "Never does things by halves, her..." she says to nobody in particular, before realising that Alesia's expression is not a happy one and frowning in momentary confusion.

Alesia mutters something softly, "Not... read..." Her brow furrows slightly and she seems to struggle with the card for a moment as if trying to bring it into focus. She's still acting like she's a bit drugged.

The return of the wildebeast herd heralds KL's arrival back in the living room. "Here!" she says, screeching to a stop in front of Anji, and thrusting out a package that looks like a box wrapped by someone who was both blind and recently lost a hand in a tragic accident. "Happy Yule!"

Sophie hmms softly and moves back to Alesia. "You went to school didn't you Alesia?" She points to the card and the words, "Merry Christmas Alesia, thank you for the beautiful poster. I want you to have my coat. Let it keep you as warm as it has kept me. Love Sophie."

Alesia starts to cry, without much warning. "I... I can read... just... words not right..." She says as she flushes, holding on to the card a bit tighter. Then she sort of slumps against Sophie, her crying getting worse as she seems to just sort of crumble right in front of everyone.

Anji takes the package from KL, drops it on the table without even looking at it, and makes a beeline for Alesia. "Oh, girl," she says soothingly. "Come here, come here." She gives Sophie a concerned look as she tries to put an arm round the weeping cub.

The Black Fury Ahroun looks at Anji, then at the present, then at Anji, then at the present, head moving like someone watching a very slow tennis match. She folds her arms over her chest, and takes a couple of deep breaths, not saying anything at all.

As Alesia sort of crumples into her, Sophie looks up with a half shrug, and casts a nervous glance to KL. A silent, 'what did I do wrong?' kind of gesture. She looks all the more relieved as Anji comes over, and while she doesn't push the crying cub away, she does give room for the tribemate to handle most of the consoling.

Alesia just sort of folds up on herself heading towards the floor in a kind of crumpling motion barring help from Anji or Sophie who are both right there. She says nothing, just pretty much crying now, heavy sobs really as the tears roll down her face.

Anji drops down to floor level with Alesia, glancing at the two other garou present in an unspoken question that, given words, would be something like "what the hell got into her?" She holds onto the cub, arm round her shoulders, trying to console her.

Anji's not going to find the answer from KL, who is staring at the present now, having stopped switching between the two. The arms wrapped round her chest rise and fall as she takes deep breaths, which whistle between her clenched teeth.

Sophie rubs at the girls back for just a moment, then stands up. "It's okay Alesia." She shrugs again and glances to the kin and Cliath, "Should I um, go?"

In a rather sudden move Alesia screams at the top of her lungs, "Don't Touch ME!" And in a flurry of arms tries to push Sophie and Anji away, as she makes a run for the stairs.

Anji goes over onto her ass with a thud and sits there looking astounded as Alesia flees.

KL sighs. "I'll go," she says, relaxing her pose slightly. "No, it's fine for you to stay, Sophie." She ignores Anji entirely as she follows Alesia at a much slower pace than the cub. Still, unless she's going to climb out of a window, there's not much chance of the cub evading her.

Alesia is quickly gone up the stairs, and then a door can be heard as she vanishes into a room upstairs, but not slammed, just shut.

Sophie is pushed back a hair as well, though with her having already stood up, it saves her a butt-landing. She reaches a hand down to Anji to offer her help up. "She really worries me sometimes, but it's not my place to say anything." She sighs, "If I stop coming, it will make her feel bad, but she's starting to scare me."

Anji takes Sophie's hand in gratitude, and regains her feet, by which time Alesia has vanished up the stairs and KL is well on her way after her. "We have to keep trying," she says resolutely. "If we don't, that nasty bastard who hurt her will have won, and I'm not having /that/."

Sophie folds her arms over her chest, "Well maybe I should stay then, so that when she comes back down, she see's that it's not a big deal." Another heavy sigh and the Fianna tries to change the subject. "Do you think you could check a few books out for me since you work in the library?"

KL returns fairly quickly, boots clumping on the stairs. She doesn't look overly happy, still. "Best to let her have some time to herself, I think," she says. "It's...not really her. The ancestors who talk to her really aren't helping very much."

"Ahhh... I should have guessed..." Anji says, annoyed with herself. "Ancestor spirits can make for no end of weirdness. My mom has a couple. Yes, Sophie, of course I can. What books did you need? Remember, my library is most all academic texts and so on."

Sophie looks to KL and narrows her brow, "Can I ask a question without stepping on any lines right now?" Anji gets a nod, but the details of her request are left unanswered just now.

"Sure." KL still doesn't seem to be particularly happy, but she's not actively fuming now. "What can I do for you?" She's still not looking at Anji.

Anji takes the opportunity of KL's attention being elsewhere to retrieve the ahroun's present. She feels it, and gives it a gentle shake, possibly trying to guess what's inside.

"Those past lives she has- why wouldn't they help her be stronger, instead of sending her into these fits? And how do you get them to stop that?" After Sophie dumps the questions on the Ahroun, she turns to Anji. "History stuff on Ireland and the Celts."

KL sniffs. "Well, they are trying, but it's like having loads of different people - they all have different ideas about what the best thing to do is." She grimaces. "I don't envy her it, even if it does help her out sometimes. Don't shake it too hard, Anji. And in answer to your earlier question, that rite severs _everything_ from the past, including tribe. There's a different rite that Leslie knows that's more appropriate, and we're going to do that at the right time."

Anji stops shaking the present, with the air of a schoolgirl caught out in a misdemeanor. "Can I open it? Or do you want yours first, KL?"

Sophie nods her head at KL and lets out a sigh, "I don't mean to trigger her into those moments KL, it's getting hard to figure out what is safe and what isn't around her. And I think, maybe I should not come here unless one of you are here too."

"I think that's sensible, Sophie, though please keep coming. She does like you, and I don't think she's had many friends of her own age." KL says. She smiles at Anji. "Open it, before you destroy it with curiosity! And _then_ give me my present."

Anji unceremoniously rips at the paper, eager to check what's inside. "For my own opinion, I think our tribe could do with more interaction with the rest. I hardly know any garou but the Furies," she offers as she opens the present.

Sophie sits there, now feeling a bit like the odd ball, as she watches the others exchange gifts. She doesn't look unhappy, just uncertain what to do or how to act. "I could introduce you to Twist Anji. He's a kinfolk of our tribe."

Inside the wrapping is a presentation box containing two ouzo glasses, neatly cushioned on a red satin backing. "Is he the smithing one?" KL asks, "Because if so, I'd like to meet him." She watches Anji intently, waiting for a reaction.

Anji makes a small squeak of excitement. "KL! That's lovely!" She carefully puts the glasses down on the table once more and advances on the ahroun, arms wide in an obvious precursor to a hug.

Sophie looks between the two with a smile, clearly enjoying the show of friendship and affection. "Are those like shot glasses or something? They are far too small to hold the proper amount of Guinness obviously." She gets up to move closer and look into the box.

"They're ooze-o glasses." KL says, spreading her arms too, and allowing Anji to hug her. "Or at least that's what the sign and the man in the shop said, though to be honest, he would have said almost anything to get me to leave."

"Traditional Greek liquor, Sophie," Anji explains as, having enthusiastically squeezed KL, she digs in her bag, taking out two wrapped parcels, each with a tag. "This is yours, KL. The other's for the cub... if she ever comes down again..." she says as she gives KL the smaller one.

KL eagerly tears into her present. Given that the only other present she's received in the last five years is beginning it's brief trip down wilting lane into rotting dell on the sideboard, it's not particularly surprising that she's keen to see what's inside this one.

Sophie chuckles, "Ooze-o huh, sounds like, well it doesn't have a very pleasant ring to it's name. Is it sweet or bitter?" She glances back to the card she had brought for Alesia, and picks it up, setting it on a nearby table before returning her focus on the two girls.

Anji smiles knowingly. "Sweet, at first, anyway... it'll knock you spinning if you underestimate it, though." KL's little parcel contains a small box, and inside that, is a metal brooch, in the shape of a bow and arrow. It's silver in color, though doesn't give off any sign of being made of the actual silver element.

"That's really nice. I wish I had it last night!" KL says, touching it slightly warily. "What's it made of?" she asks, when it doesn't burn her finger off. "Hmm. Arrow of..." Her voice trails off in thought.

Sophie looks over, "Oh, is that white gold? I love white gold, that's very pretty KL." She smiles back to Anji, "You have good taste. I wonder of Ooze-o would knock a Fianna around, or be like liquid candy to them."

"Costume jewelry, I'm afraid," Anji confesses. "Couldn't afford gold, and silver was out. I think it's steel. But I liked the design, it made me think of you." She smiles at Sophie's compliment. "I'm surprised the Fianna don't know ouzo. Maybe we should turn up to your next party with some."

"Thank you, Anji." KL says, sincerely. "Hmm. I need to head out for a bit - got some stuff I need to attend to. Sophie, please feel welcome here, and I'm sure Alesia will appreciate your card and gift when she's a little more together."

Sophie nods her head to KL, "Alright. I'll stick around while Anji is here I think- at least." She grins at the kinwoman as well, "I think you should! It would be a lot of fun. Oh hey, about the books. Do you have something like that in the library?"

"Like what?" Anji asks, sounding slightly confused. "Alcohol? Jewelry? -- Bye, KL... see you later I hope."

Sophie laughs now and shakes her head, "No, Irish history. Geography of the Isle maybe, ancient Celt stuff. Things like that."

"Bye Anji." KL says, picking up her coat, opening the door and stepping out into the cold morning sun.

"I'd expect so. I'll check once I get back to work," Anji promises.

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