Time/Date :It is currently 07:41 Pacific Time on Fri Dec 30 2005.

Place :Fury House

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waning New Moon phase (3% full).

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is raining lightly. The temperature is 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 29.34 and steady, and the relative humidity is 93 percent. The dewpoint is 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius.)

It's early early morning, the sun isn't up yet. Alesia is standing by a window peering out at the darkness. She's fully dressed and sipping a cup of something hot, probably tea. There are no lights on so Alesia can see outside, but a small fire is burning in the fireplace.

Remarkably late for her, KL comes down the stairs and a rather slow wander. "Good morning, Alesia," she greets, politely, rubbing sleep from her eyes. "This is the latest I've been up since the fight against the smog bane, when Clemency and I got drunk afterwards."

Alesia blinks, "I already slept and woke up again." She says as she turns to look at you. "Um, KL? I have a favor to ask. Something... that might make some of the voices calm down. See they... they are saying things that are pretty... um... disturbing and.... can... can I go to the Caern?"

KL stops where she is, folds her arms, then goes very still, staring at a wall with a distant look on her face. Seconds drift past, and she remains unmoving.

Alesia hesitates as she watches you, "It... see... they..." She frowns, clearly not quite sure why what she's asked for might be a problem. Worriedly she adds, "It's okay if I can't... just... it's that some of the voices want to be sure that...." She hesitates as if she's afraid to finish the sentence.

Eventually, KL thaws. "Yes," she decides. "I think you can." She pauses. "But I should warn you that I'm nervous about it, and any hint of...out of control behaviour, and I will drop you and bring you back here in a flash. Clear?"

Alesia thinks about this then nods. "Yes. Please.... if I do anything strange.... or wrong... please do that." She says firmly, "I don't want to cause trouble but... but I do want to see it if I could?" She sounds hopeful. Then there's a pause, "Do you want to tie my hands or something, just to be safe?" She offers, clearly quite serious about not wanting to be a problem.

KL grins. "It wasn't your hands I was going to tie, but your eyes. In a blindfold, I mean." She considers. "I think it's safe. But you must...must...do what I say. When do you want to go?"

Alesia ahs and nods, "Okay." She says softly then thinks, "Could we go now? Or do we need to wait until a special time?" Despite her knowing about 'caerns' it's clear she's not really up to speed on what they are in reality.

"We could go now. It's likely to be quite quiet." KL says. "There's no particular time that's better or worse than any other." She shrugs and moves towards her discarded jacket. "Get your coat."

Alesia grabs her coat which really is Sophie's coat in a quick flurry of getting ready. She says, "Just tell me what to do." She's all business now, read to do whatever ordered from the looks of it.

"Well, it's quite simple." KL says. "We walk out through the door you damaged, and then hang a right." She slings the jacket over her shoulders, and heads in that direction. "Coming?"

Alesia ahs and flushes a bit, "Okay."

Alesia hesitates as she looks around. There's a sense of just absolute wonder as she pauses at the edge of the caern, eyes wide. Tension that's been there since you've met Alesia seems to fade slightly hinting at what might some day be of the girl. She looks around slowly, as if afriad to miss anything then softly says, "May we go to the center there? By the large white rock? I think I could see more of it better from there?"

It's been a long walk from the Fury House to the caern, a long walk that seems to have been punctuated by random changes in direction, as KL suddenly decides to turn left or right. On at least one occasion, it looks like they've walked through the same clearing. Nevertheless, eventually, the pair of Furies have reached the caern. KL crouches down, and beckons Alesia closer. "This is what we fight to defend," she says, in a hushed voice. "This is one of the few pure places in the world. The only one in the state. A place of power, and one of beauty. Can you feel it?"

Alesia nods slowly, "I can... and... and it makes some of the voices quiet." She's almost whispering like she's in a library. She gulps as she looks around, "It.... it's soo.... wonderful. So... peaceful. Thank you very much for bringing me here. Can we stay for a little while?"

KL smiles indulgently. "Yes, we can. Though don't do anything for a bit. Stay close. This is a place where the...umbra, the spirit world, touches the realm - the mundane world, more closely. It's not necessarily safe. And also, you might fall down a hole."

Alesia moves even closer to you, within inches as she takes your warning very seriously. She actually offers to take your hand, reaching for it. "May we go down to the stone in the center there?" She asks softly again, still taking it all in wide eyed.

The Ahroun tenses, but nods slowly. As she stands to lead the cub to the centre, it's obvious that she's carrying herself sort-of tucked in, as if she's about to leap onto something, or someone.

Alesia is making no odd moves and holds on to your hand as you move slowly to the center. She hesitates and then says, "Is it okay to touch the stone?" Her words are whispered like she's afraid she's asking the wrong thing. She gives your hand a little tight squeeze.

"Yes, go ahead." KL says, with a nod, her hand pressing reassuringly (for both of them) around the cub's. "I don't come here often enough," she mutters. "Too worried about running in to the wrong people."

Alesia nods a bit then with the hand not holding on to yours reaches out to touch the white stone. Her small hand first brushing against it like she's afriad it will bite then after that pressing her palm flat against it, feeling it with her fingers and hand. She closes her eyes listening to... something it seems then seems to actually relax. "It... is so very peaceful here. I wish I could stay here forever. The voices don't yell at all... I... don't know why but I feel... I can't describe it. I feel safe but more, like..." She gives a little shake of her head, "Like I belong here."

KL smiles, somewhat relievedly. "Yes. We all do. Imagine if the whole world was like this, Alesia. Not just a few small places, but everywhere." She spreads an arm (the one that isn't holding the cub's hand) out across the landscape. "And then imagine if this place _didn't_ exist." Her tone gets darker. "There are people, creatures, powers out there who work endlessly to cause that to happen. To take places like this, and poison them, and twist them to darkness. To fight against that, to protect here...and maybe one day to work towards the other. That's what we exist for, Alesia."

Alesia nods slowly as she opens her eyes, "I want to just run around but... yes... that would be bad." She turns and looks up at KL letting her hand leave the stone, "Thank you for bringing me here. I hope I can come back soon. Can we stay for a while?"

"It's a long walk. There's no need for us to hurry back." KL says, sitting down slowly. She looks up at Alesia, and smiles. "Sit down. Close your eyes. Stop looking, breath deeply, and feel the place...get it inside you."

Alesia nods and sits down beside you, indian style and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. She closes her eyes and just starts to meditate really, breathing slowly and trying to absorb all the calm around her, as if she wants to store the calm inside herself.

KL closes her eyes, and matches the cub's breathing, and for a while there is nothing to be heard but the sounds of the caern, and the deep, regular breathing of the two Black Furies.

Alesia sits there, silently except for her breathing. The peace seems to just flow through her as she slowly slacks and slumps like she's at peace really for the first time. No voices yelling, no bad memories haunting her. And as she sits there slowly tears start to roll down her face. Not sobbing and not of fear or anger or pain but tears of release, tears of peace.

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