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Place :Fury House

Alesia is gone for a little while but does return pretty quickly. She apparently found a KL upstairs and so returns with her, "Clemency wanted to see you." She explains to KL, "Um, she's down stairs."

KL has, apparently, been taking a bit of a midday nap, and comes wandering downstairs after Alesia, rubbing sleep from her eyes. "She did, huh?" she mutters to the cub on the way. "Stay back, this could get ugly." As soon as they reach the common area, however, she's wide awake, almost quivering with tension as she approaches the Silver Fang. "Good afternoon, Clemency." she greets, politely enough.

Clemency stands when KL comes downstairs. "Good afternoon, KL," she responds, with equal politeness, though there's still something of the snoozing predator in her body language and the way she looks at the other ahroun.

Alesia is careful to stay behind KL, although a bit to the side so she can see everything, "I didn't see Leslie." She adds softly to Clemency, "She might be out on the Bawn?" Then Alesia goes quiet and watches the pair.

KL glances over her shoulder at Alesia, and gives a little nod, before turning back to face the Fang Ahroun. She ostentatiously folds her arms across her chest and moves her feet so that they're shoulder-width apart, her weight forward on her toes. "How can I help you?" she asks, unable to keep the tension entirely out of her otherwise even and pleasant tone.

The tension in the room just keeps swelling. "Wanted to talk to you," Clemency says with outward pleasantness. "Last time we spoke, things got left kind of up in the air. And I don't like things being up in the air. Unless they're some Wyrm scum being dangled from a pole and hit with sticks like Benito Mussolini."

Alesia remains silent and to the side although she does spare a glance for the blanket and sketch book she left on the couch, then looks back to the two elders.

"Last time we spoke," KL says, "I ended up shouting obscenities at you, and you threw some of them back at me." She stares at Clemency for a moment, and then shifts her weight perceptibly back onto her heels. "I got you a present, sort of." Sudden change of tack, sudden change of tone - a hint of regret here, and much less confrontational.

"Yeah. Yeah, we did, didn't we," Clemency agrees. "And you know what the crazy fucking thing is? I can't even remember why. Was it something about the tire fire? Or... oh, I don't know." She looks down. "Sort of?" she asks with a hint of trepidation.

Alesia seems to be taking her cue from KL, and so when her elder relaxes a bit so does Alesia, as she moves a bit further to the side, slowly kind of heading towards the couch, but very slowly, as she watches the pair still.

"It was something about Luna, I think." The Fury Ahroun says, with a grin. She unfolds her arms. "Well, I don't have much money, and I'd be a bit disgusted if I were you and I got these as a present, so sort of." She disappears off to, of all places, the kitchen, and returns holding something fairly heavy and loosely wrapped in two different styles of wrapping paper. The parcel is about a 8 inches square at the base, and maybe 10 inches tall. And it clanks as she hands it over. "There you go. Sorry."

Clemency doesn't respond for a few moments, but then her face splits into an exuberant, delighted grin. "So you're not still mad at me?" she says, sounding both surprised and pleased as she starts shredding the wrapping paper away from the mysterious gift, bits falling on the floor like confetti as she looks delightedly between Alesia and KL.

Alesia finally gets over and picks up her sketch book and quickly closes it, hugging it to her chest with both arms in a kind of hug as she watches the two smile and Clemency open the gift.

Inside the wrapping paper is a four-pack of bottles of Coors - chilled down by having had the whole parcel sit in the fridge.

"We are the awesome claws of Gaia," KL says, very softly. "And you know that I don't hold grudges - not about full moon blowups like that. Hell, I'd be holding grudges against everyone in the fucking sept if I did. So, no, I'm not mad at you."

"Awesome is right," Clemency crows as she divests the hapless package of the remains of its wrapper. "I'm still kind of sorry it happened, but I can put it in the past if you can, KL. Now, what... have... we... here...?"

Alesia looks oddly relieved for some reason at the talk and reactions of the two ahrouns, and takes a deep breath and gives a little soft sigh as she retreats a bit to lean against a wall, not leaving the room and still holding her sketch pad.

KL peers at Clemency, as if waiting for some kind of reaction or recognition. She bites her bottom lip and shifts from foot to foot nervously, never taking her eyes off the Fang.

Clemency 's smile broadens. "You can't go far wrong," she says, "buying me drink. Now do I take it with me and look for Leslie, or can I stay awhile and talk a little shop with you about the tire fire? Or should that not be discussed in front of cubs' ears?" She turns her toothy grin on Alesia for a second.

Alesia looks unsure for a moment then softly says, "I can go if you two need to talk about um, non-cub stuff." She offers, as she glances to KL for the ruling on this.

KL glances at Alesia. "I don't think it's bad to talk about it in front of Alesia," she decides, "but I don't really have much in the way of news. The scouting party isn't going out until the coming full moon, and that means that we'll be very lucky to get to dealing with it before six weeks away. Which is fucking shameful, if you ask me, but then I'm just the hired muscle." The Fury Ahroun finishes with a bitter little growl.

Clemency's mouth twitches. "Too long," she agrees. "Why the hell can't the fighters go straight in after the scouts, one-two," she mimes a left and a right punch, " and that's it all over with, huh?"

Alesia just watches for a moment then says, softly, "Why can't the scouts go... um, sooner? Like when the moon is only gibbious? Then... then the fighters could go in when the moon is still full?"

KL tips her palms upwards. "I know, I know," she says. "I can push Alicia a bit, to get the scout team going in just ahead of the moon. We might be able to move quickly then. That thing's been burning for way too long." She shakes her head. "But I'd rather go in late and ready than early and underprepared. I want this thing over with, and I'd rather not lose anyone else."

Clemency nods sadly. "Hate to say this, Alesia, but that thing already put paid to one cub, we're virtually certain -- one reason we want to go in and kick it apart is to see if we can find Maggie's remains. The Umbra is a freaky place even at full moon, and the further away from full Luna is, the more outright weird and totally unsafe it is to linger there."

Alesia ohs softly and looks kind of disappointed like she got something wrong. She softly adds, "Sorry... just... thought maybe..." She gives a little shrug, "Could you maybe um, look from afar? Like with a telescope? Or... does it not work that way...?" She sounds less sure now, just like she's hoping she can be some what helpful.

KL grins over her shoulder at the cub. "Good questions, don't worry. And...well, yes, I guess. But there's no substitute for actually getting someone in to have a look, and then come back." She shrugs. "And Alicia's in charge, and that's what she wants to do."

"Besides," Clemency adds, "the Umbra is weird enough that you can't rule out looking through a telescope and pointing it at the fire, and seeing the back of your own head instead." She hefts the Coors. "Now," she says thoughtfully, "who wants one of these apart from me?"

Alesia gives another little shrug and says, "Never been to the umbra. Leslie said I might get to go with Dakota and Andrew after the moot but it didn't happen." There's a little pause then more to herself she says, "I did get to go to the Caern though. That was really nice." She looks almost whistful as she talks about the caern.

KL looks interested at the thought of beer, but then shakes her head. "Given what happened last time, and the fact that it's early afternoon, I'm not sure that it's a good idea." She smiles. "I don't want to get too drunk in front of Alesia, either."

"OK," Clemency suggests. "Why don't we put these in the fridge here and I'll come back over sometime, and we can hit them up later."

Alesia looks at the beers and frowns a bit, but doesn't say a word to that. Something about the alcohol has her a wee bit tense though.

"Sure." KL says. "And Clemency...I really am sorry for going off at you like that, before." She looks down at the floor. "I was being a bit over-protective, I think."

"Quit apologising," demands the Silver Fang. "If anything I was more blameworthy. But I'm not going to get into a pissing match with you over who wasn't to blame more. The matter is closed." She draws a vertical line with her hand in the air. "Now, I'm going to try and track down Leslie, before I go even more batshit than I already am."

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