Date : 5th January 2006

Place : The Beijing House Chinese Restaurant

Most of the people who've seen The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe have quite enjoyed it. Few, however, have had an experience to match that of Kovo, who has seen the film in the company of an Ahroun who (a) hasn't been to the cinema in half a decade and (b) seems to regard watching a movie as an interactive activity. Throughout the film she's offered a running commentary, reaching a height in the fight scenes, where she appeared to not only be criticising the realism, but also offering hints and tips to the characters involved - regardless of which side they were on. Now that they are safely out of the cinema, she's almost bouncing with enthusiasm. "That was fab!" she says, as they approach their choice of eatery. "Even if Aslan is such a fucking patriarch, and the villain is the only adult female in the show. I mean, choice of female role models, The White Witch or Mrs Fucking Beaver. Be the embodiment of evil, or a nice subservient wifey!"

Fortunately the cinema was mostly empty and Kovo had no problems with KL indulging her need for commentary. "And boring Mrs Macready," he remarks. "The housekeeper." Steering KL into one of the eateries linked with the cinema, Kovo enquires, "Table for two, non-smoking? Great, thanks."

"Oh yes, I'd forgetten about her." KL says, as the two are shown to their table. "Which just goes to show." She throws herself into her seat with the sort of violence usually associated with a fall from a great height. "I wish I could bring Alesia to see it. I don't think she's been to many movies."

"Maybe when she's a bit more disciplined?" Kovo suggests, picking up one of the menus. As it turns out, this is a buffet-style all-you-can-eat chinese joint, so most of what's on the menu is drinks, speciality dishes and desserts.

The Ahroun peruses the menu. "All you can eat?" she enquires, mildly. "Is there not...some kind of limit? One trip to the buffet or something? One plate?" She looks at the menu again. "What do you want to drink? And yes, if it's still on. She's going to need quite a lot of help."

"Apparently not," the kinsman muses. "Then again, I'd imagine most can't handle more than two platefulls, so they're pretty safe on that," he adds. "Is that what you want? One of the buffet orders? What about a drink?"

"It's a challenge!" KL says. "I definitely want one of the buffet things. I don't want to give you the impression that I drink a lot, though, because I just don't." She looks worried, and shuffles in her seat, biting her bottom lip. "Maybe water would be better. Time of the month's still good, but not quite as good as last time."

Nodding, Kovo lifts a hand to flag down a waitress, who comes over somewhat nervously. "Two buffet orders, two halves of amber boch and two cokes," he orders patiently.

KL hunkers down in her seat as the waitress takes the order and directs Kovo, mostly, to the buffet. She doesn't even look at KL throughout the entire transaction. "Do you have any idea how annoying that is?" she growls, quietly, after the waitress departs. "Everywhere I go, people look at me suspiciously and pull their children out of the way." She sniffs, remarkably aggressively. "Just makes me more mad."

"Sorry," Kovo apologises. "I can't do anything about that. Do you want me to go up to the buffet for you?" he offers then, beginning to stand.

"Hell no." KL bounces to her feet. "And I wasn't expecting you to do anything about it. I can't sue everyone in the world." A pause. "Can I? Anyway, I want to pick my food myself." A moment. "I mean, not that I don't trust you," she adds, hastily.

"You could try, but you probably wouldn't get far," Kovo remarks, then nods. "No problem," he murmurs, beginning to move up towards the buffet counters, picking up a plate from the end. His taste runs to noodles it seems, the man taking a spoonful of most noodle-based dishes.

KL's taste runs to everything, and it appears that she hasn't entirely believed the "you can go back as often as you like" statement, because when she returns to the table, her plate is supporting a small mountain of food, carefully constructed and balanced so that it doesn't fall down as she brings it back, but it seems unlikely that piling any more on would be at all possible, even were it desirable. She grins at Kovo. "I like the portion sizes," she says.

Laughing, Iakovos settles down with his own forest of noodles, commenting, "No kidding. Question is, will you have room for dessert?" He smiles and then begins to eat some of the chow mein.

"There's always room for dessert." KL says, digging in to her food enthusiastically. "Dessert goes into a different stomach than main course. That's a scientific fact." She nods firmly. "Proven by many people over a long period." She pauses. "So, I've told you what I thought of the movie, what did you think of it?"

"Personally, I loved it," Iakovos confesses with a boyish smile, between a forkful of lo mein and another of hot rice. "But I'm easy to please when it comes to movies, especially movies of books I read as a kid."

KL nods, between bitefuls of what can only be described as Kung-Pao-Chicken-with-Sweet-And-Sour-Pork-and-Some-Chow-Mein-All-On-The-Same-Fork, and smiles. "I don't get to go to movies much, for obvious reasons. What's your favourite movie ever?" She asks. "And I didn't read much when I was small."

Iakovos considers the question over a few mouthfuls of assorted chinese fare, finally offering up, "Flight of the Navigator. It's an old sci-fi movie...great story. Good effects too, can only /just/ see the strings."

KL shakes her head. "Haven't seen it." She shovels more food into her mouth. "Mine's 'Matilda', but I haven't really seen very many, and I haven't seen that one since I was nine. We went to see it on the opening weekend." Worryingly, she appears to have sweet-and-sour sauce on her nose, and to have not noticed this.

"I don't think I've ever seen it," Kovo muses in kind, pausing to clear his throat and touch his nose meaningfully. No, these arn't baseball indicators either. "You ah.."

"I am what?" KL says, fork pausing as she looks wide-eyed at Kovo. "And does your nose itch or something?" There's a long pause, and then she twigs. "I've got sauce on my nose, haven't I?" she says, forlornly.

The kinsman nods briefly, offers a wry smile and then resumes digging into his own food, lacking any kind of splotch or stain on his face or clothing. Tidy eater!

KL goes very red, and quickly wipes the offending liquid off with her napkin. "That...wasn't very sophisticated, was it?" she mutters. Like many people, she seeks refuge in a bottle - in this case, of Amber Bock, which she pours with exaggerated care. "So... yeah, Matilda. It's about a kid who gets herself adopted away from her evil father."

"Clever," Iakovos replies, head canting a little to one side as he listens, waiting for KL to go on. While listening, he polishes off the rest of his plate's contents and contemplates going up for more.

The Ahroun is probably about three-quarters of the way through demolishing her mountain, and is showing no sign of letting up. "Yeah, she ends up being adopted by a woman called Miss Honey, who's really nice. I guess it's not great literature, but it is fun. And all the villains are really nasty people, who deserve everything that happens to them."

Nodding, Iakovos sits back to give his stomach a rest and watch his tablemate. "Sounds like a great movie," he murmurs, smiling slightly. "The kind they should show at Christmas."

KL gives a little shrug at this. "Don't have a TV. Don't want one. They rot your mind." She finishes off the last of her food. "You sure about being allowed to go back for more?" she asks. "It's just, chinese food is very more-ish, and I was very hungry." She looks at the plate. "Obviously." She leans back on her chair, mirroring Kovo, and smiles at him, not saying anything for a moment.

"Absolutely sure," Kovo affirms, standing and taking his own plate. "Shall we?" he then invites, gesturing with his free hand to the buffet counters again.

The Ahroun heads around the buffet with slightly less enthusiasm this time, probably due to the quite frankly vast quantity already weighing her down. She's much more sparing, selecting dishes rather than going for the one of each approach she took before. When she returns to the table, she's carrying something well short of the mountain - perhaps only a low hillock. She doesn't tuck in immediately though, instead resuming her study of the kinsman, a half-smile on her lips.

For his second course, Iakovos picks out mainly fruity foods; sweet and sours and the like, coming back with a plate that spans almost every colour with it's contents. He sits and begins to eat, oblivious to the Ahroun's scrutiny for now.

"I was right." KL says, in a non-sequitur par excellence, and then tucks in to her food without saying anything more, though occasionally shooting little glances up at Kovo, waiting for some kind of reaction.

"Mm?" Iakovos blinks at the Garou. "About what?" he asks after hastily finishing a mouthful of sweet and sour pork, lifting his glass for a sip of cola.

KL pauses, and cocks her head on one side. "I told Emma you had nice hair. I was right." She quickly looks back down at her plate, and concentrates on winding noodles around her fork.

Brows raising, Iakovos ventures, "Thank you." A boyish smile crosses his lips and then he looks back down to his food before wondering, "Emma is...?"

"Packmate." KL says, quietly. "Or, rather, ex and possibly future packmate." She grins. "Get. But nice." She glances around, checking that she hasn't just done something stupid. "Best friend, really. We were talking about you. Though I didn't mention your name."

Iakovos ahs quietly, nodding. He's heard of the female equivalent to the barking chain, and so comments no further on it. "Thank you, then." He resumes eating his meal quietly, but the perceptive might notice the faintest hint of a blush in his olive cheeks.

In no time at all, KL has demolished the second plate of food, and eyes the buffet in indecision. "I think I've had enough," she says. "Apart from dessert stomach, of course. How about you?"

Polishing off his last bit of sweet and sour chicken, Iakovos nods his agreement. "Sounds like a plan. What dessert did you want?" he prompts, lifting a napkin to clean off fingers and lips.

KL studies the menu quickly. "Um... how about toffee apple? I think the apple cancels out the unhealthiness of the toffee, so it's an entirely neutral food." She grins widely. "Don't you think?"

"Any dessert involving fruit is automatically good for you," Iakovos voices. "Personally, I'm going for the ice-cream sundae. It's got a strawberry on top so it's obviously a health food."

The Ahroun laughs at this. "You've met my branch of logic before!" She straightens up in her chair. "Of course, most of the time I eat really healthily, and I exercise loads, but it's nice to have treats occasionally."

"My sister subscribed to it as well," Kovo admits with a wry smile. "She was also a firm believer that if you cut a dessert up, like slicing up a pie, the calories leak out." He tries to flag down a waitress, getting one after a few minutes of work.

"Tell me about your sister?" KL asks, when the waitress is gone - taking their plates with her. "What's she called?" She leans forward, resting her arms on the table.

"Her name was Thea," Iakovos replies, looking out over the room as he speaks. "She was of the same phase as you, and just as energetic."

KL nods, understandingly. "I hope she died well," she says, eventually, looking serious. She glances down at the table, and rubs a finger across its surface. "Can we go somewhere, after?"

What could be termed as a fierce smile crosses Iakovos' lips for a moment - fierce on any other man, perhaps a little lacking on him. "She did," he nods. "Sure, where did you have in mind?"

The Ahroun pauses and looks around the room. "Somewhere rural?" she asks. "Maybe on the way home?" She sits back further into her seat, and peers around to see if dessert is anywhere close.

On cue, the waitress delivers the desserts ordered, Iakovos taking his sundae and idly picking the strawberry off the top, offering it over to the Ahroun across from him. "No problem."

KL looks at the strawberry, a frown creasing her brow, then she leans forward and takes a bite from it, leaving half of it in Kovo's fingers. She withdraws and looks up at Kovo, smiling. "Mmm!" she exclaims.

Laughing at the Ahroun's exclamation, Kovo eats the other half and begins digging into his sundae with a will. "See how healthy we both are?"

"Yeah." The Ahroun says, with a little laugh. She picks up her toffee apple by the stick and studies it, turning it over. Having decided how to attack it, she lifts it to her mouth and bites into it, cracking the hard toffee coat with a loud snapping. "Wow," she says, after finishing her first mouthful. "Interesting!"

"The food that you can use as a weapon," Iakovos observes, watching the wary first attack. "I'll stick to icecream, I think." More of the frozen sundae is demolished, the kinsman eating with an obvious enjoyment.

KL eventually finishes the toffee apple - or at least, reduces much of it to shards, and drops the stick on top of the remains. "Not sure I'll have another one, but I'm glad I had that," she decides, before leaning back, putting her hands behind her head, and watching Kovo and his ice cream, her mouth curving into a contented grin.

It's not long before Iakovos' tall dessert glass is empty save for a few lingering smudges of icecream. "I think I might've eaten that too fast," he hazards, scrunching up his face. "Brainfreeze."

"Headache?" KL asks, sympathetically. "It'll go in a few minutes. Do you want coffee or anything?" she says, tipping her head over to one side enquiringly.

Nodding, Iakovos murmurs, "Sure. Strong, black, lots of sugar."

"Fantastic." KL says. "Now you get to order it." She grins, somewhat bitterly. "Though I could try and get the waitress over, if you like?" She turns and glares at said, inoffensive, waitress, and makes a little beckoning motion with her hand. "I'll have mine black, no sugar," she says to Kovo.

The waitress hesitates before coming over slowly, clearly reluctant. "Two coffees, both black, one with three sugars one with none," the greek man requests slowly, just getting past the frozen headache.

Once again, KL remains silent through the ordering process, a small raincloud almost visible above her. When the waitress has departed again, she straightens up again. "Does it bother you? The reactions I get?" she asks, quietly, but aggressively.

"It would have, five years ago," Iakovos remarks. "But not now." He sits back, folding his arms loosely over his chest. "Why do you ask?"

"Why five years ago?" KL asks. "And because... it bothers me. Not normally, you know. I cope. But when I'm with you, I worry that you're going to be ashamed to be seen with me, because people -" her voice drops to a whisper "- turn away and won't come near. And I just don't fit in." She's leaning forward, so that her whisper can be heard.

"I wasn't used to hanging around with family, then," Iakovos explains softly. "I'd spent most of my life in schools, colleges and university. Coming out of those establishments to be around you guys took a lot of getting used to. I don't mind it now, though. Not in the least." He offers a reassuring smile, and then one of his hands halfway across the table, palm-up in offering. "Don't feel judged by what these people do," he murmurs, the jerk of his head indicating the rest of the patrons in the restaurant.

KL nods, and looks fierce, but whatever she's about to say is overtaken by the arrival of the coffees. The Ahroun sips hers experimentally, then reaches out and swaps the two cups over. "Wrong way round," she says, by way of explanation. "I can imagine... it must be as difficult for you as it is for us when we first find out."

Iakovos nods, taking his coffee and sipping, exhaling contently. "A little," he agrees. "I imagine. I can't remember a time when I didn't know, though. I was told very early on...maybe seven or eight years old?"

A nod, then KL takes a big gulp of coffee. The resultant expression on her face indicates that she's substantially misjudged the temperature of the liquid, and her eyes water as she copes with the burning in her mouth. Finally, she lets out a long slow exhalation. "Owie. Nice, but hot," she says. "It came as a shock to me, when I was thirteen. But I think I've told you that before."

The man nods again. "What is it like?" he wonders softly, his tone suggesting he's never dared ask the question before. "To be.."

"Great." KL says. "But not without drawbacks. Powerful, strong. A real sense of belonging, too. But also lonely, and isolated, and different in a bad way." KL's very serious now, looking across the table directly into the eyes of the kinsman. "And sad, too. Lose too many friends, too often."

"I know how the last part feels," Iakovos murmurs softly, holding the gaze before looking away, knowing too well that it's a bad idea to maintain a stare with an ahroun. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry? Why?" KL says, with a small smile. "For asking a good question? Don't be." She shakes her head. "And...don't be scared of me. Please."

Iakovos smiles slightly. "Just being practical," he offers, looking back to the Ahroun, at her face even, though not in the eyes. "Please say you understand?"

"Understand? Yes." KL says, not without a hint of bitterness. "But I don't have to like it." She slumps in her seat, thoroughly miserable for a moment. "Do you like me?" she asks, suddenly. "I mean, I'm not sure I do, most of the time. I'm a bit clumsy, and I don't do real world things -" she gestures around the room "-very well. I can't wrap presents, I can't cook, I can't sing, I can't dance. The list of things I can't do is almost endless."

"I do," Iakovos remarks. "I can't whistle, and I can't open pickle jar lids either," he adds with a wry smile. "To be honest? I don't really care what you can't do. Just what you can. I mean, you give great hugs, if somewhat random and unexpected," he adds, recalling the day KL found out about the house.

"I can open jars!" KL says, immediately more cheerful. "And yeah, you'd better watch out for those hugs, because they're rare. Usually, people have to buy me a house to get them." She grins. "OK. Tell me other good things about me. If you do well, I'll tell you some about you." Her miserableness of moments before seems entirely forgotten.

"Is that something like a tornado?" Iakovos laughs. "Random, violent, unexpected and usually involving a house?" He sips more coffee. "You're very good at running, and much more devoted to exercise than I would be in your place. You have very nice eyes, and you're the perfect height, too."

KL looks down at her feet. "I don't have red ruby slippers. Nor, I stress, want any. Perfect height for what?" A pause, and she looks up at Kovo. "You make me feel like the world is a little bit safer, and a little bit saner, than it usually does," she says. "And you seem to know just what to say, at the right moments." A thought strikes her, and she grins widely. "You manipulate me," she accuses, playfully pushing the tip of her tongue out between her lips. "You use your lawyerly skills and manipulate me."

Iakovos laughs. "But of course," he agrees, mock-bowing from the waist. "It is well known that the subset of humanity known as 'lawyer' is impossible to resist, for his charms work both inside and outside of the courtroom."

The girl Ahroun takes a cautious mouthful of coffee, and finds that it has cooled enough to drink comfortably. "I don't know about species," she says quietly. "But I find this one quite hard to resist." She blushes, and looks away from Kovo, and down at the floor.

That brings a blush to Iakovos' cheeks as well, the kinsman at a complete loss for words. He too looks down, focusing on his coffee, taking a long few moments to chase up some semblance of composure.

KL obviously feels that she's said something wrong, because she still refuses to look at the kin, and instead concentrates on the difficult and complex activity known as "drinking some coffee", and lets the silence grow, perhaps uncomfortably.

"Thank you." Iakovos' response, delayed in coming, does sound genuine. "Nobody's ever said that to me before." He offers his hand over towards the Ahroun, putting it just inside her field of vision.

KL looks up at Kovo, and takes his hand with hers, her skin slightly warm against his. She smiles, and her eyes seem unusually moist. "Well, nobody's ever been me before," she says, with a grin. "Shall we get out of here?"

The kinsman nods, squeezing his date's hand and beginning to stand. "Certainly. Did you want somewhere rural in particular, or just any old bit of land?"

"It might be nice if there were some trees." KL says, standing with him. She seems unwilling to let go of Kovo's hand, collecting her jacket with her spare hand and then slinging it over her shoulder. "And somewhere private."

Leaving bills on the table to cover the amount for the meal, Iakovos heads on out to the car with KL in tow. "Nice place to eat," he decides. "Might have to go there again sometime."

"Lots of food." KL agrees, still holding his hand. She lifts the paired mitts up. "Are you going to need this to drive?" she asks, with a mocking little grin.

"Yes, but you can have the other one when we get to the car," Iakovos offers with a grin. "It's automatic, albeit ancient. I'll manage with just my left hand once we're going." He seems genuinely accomodating, enjoying the hand-holding.

The pair are mostly silent in the car, KL apparently not wanting to distract Kovo from driving any more than holding one of his hands so firmly that it seems that she thinks that by letting go she'd run the risk of falling out the car. She alternates between peering out of the window and looking at Kovo. "Any idea of a good place to stop?" she asks, eventually, breaking the silence.

"There's a half-decent park near here?" Kovo offers. "It's got about a mile of trees and stuff. Would that do?"

"Perfect." KL says. "I don't need that much space." She shifts about in her seat, and looks nervous. "It's not that big a thing, you know," she says. "Just... you know."

Well, obviously he doesn't know, because Kovo has no idea what KL wants the woodland space /for/. But he nods, and at length the car pulls up in a gravel car park at the side of the green space, woods perhaps a minute or so's walk away. "Here we are." He kills the engine, but doesn't move to release the Ahroun's hand yet.

"OK..." KL says, looking around. "We're going to have to get out of the car," she tells Kovo, with a grin. "So... we're probably going to have to let go. Or I can hack your arm off, but I don't think that's ideal."

"Probably not ideal, no," Kovo affirms, releasing his grip and opening his door to get out. Assuming his hand is returned, that's exactly what he does, closing the door behind him.

KL slides out of her door, and shuts it behind her. "OK," she says, slighty dubiously, walking around the car. "You're going to have to wait here for a few moments. That OK?" She lifts a hand and places it lightly on his arm.

"No problem," Iakovos agrees, eyeing the ahroun curiously but not asking the obvious question. "I'll be right here." He folds his arms and leans against the car.

KL smiles, and turns and walks away, stepping behind the nearest significant copse of trees. Some couple of minutes later, a low dark shape detaches itself from the copse and moves silently towards Kovo. As it draws closer, its lines resolve into a black she-wolf, scar tissue visible on her back. She pads up to stand a couple of yards in front of Kovo, and lifts her nose and tail proudly, as if displaying herself for inspection.

"KL?" Iakovos enquires very quietly, head canting one side. "Hey, you're a stunning wolf you know. What happened on your back?" He offers his hand down for the ahroun to sniff, though doesn't attempt anything as silly as trying to pet her.


A medium-sized she-wolf with glossy fur and a purity of line that indicates recently-achieved adulthood. She has a midnight black pelt streaked lightly with silver in the belly area. A few scars disturb the lie of the fur across her back, one of which seems to have healed poorly, leaving a bare patch of skin showing pale against the surrounding dark. There is an air of dissatisfaction and irritability about her, her yellow eyes are filled with rage as they stare out at the world.
In this form, Escapes-From-Money's athleticism is more obvious, and she moves with a combination of speed and compact power. There is a hint of classic Black Fury in her form and shape, though it has been heavily diluted by other stock.

The wolf peers at Kovo, then pads closer, sniffs the hand, then licks it, her tongue slightly rough against his fingers. She then rubs herself against his leg - though it's a gesture halfway between affection and ownership, before withdrawing to a slightly greater distance, and looking back at the kin, her ears pricked forward alertly.

"Heh, thanks," Iakovos voices at the lick on his hand and the rub on his leg, a silly grin showing briefly at the affectionate gestures. "I'm glad you let me see you like this," he adds as the wolf withdraws a bit.

Escapes shakes her tail, and then stalks away, back towards the same copse of trees that she emerged from. Another couple of minutes pass, and KL returns, buttoning up the front of her blouse as she comes, her jacket over one shoulder. "Sorry for all the rigmarole," she says, "but these clothes aren't dedicated, and Helen doesn't allow shifting in the house." She smiles and leans against the car next to Kovo. "So, what did you think?"

"Like I said, you make a beautiful wolf," Kovo murmurs with a warm smile. "What happened on your back, if you don't mind me asking?" he then prompts, offering the Ahroun his hand again.

KL grins widely. "Bane spirit. I was fighting its friend, and it hit me from behind. Hurt like you wouldn't believe." She looks proud. "I'm very pleased with it, though it's a bit embarrassing that it's in my back. Gives the wrong impression." She takes the hand, then slides closer to Kovo, lifting his arm and worming under it, so that it's over her shoulder, and she's pressing against his side. "Nice night."

"No kidding? Well, I'm sure you finished them both off for the insult," Iakovos muses, unable to hide a smile at the rearrangement of his arm over her shoulder. "Yeah it is. Better for the company, too," he adds, looking down at the petite package of rage beside him.

The 'petite package of rage' looks back up at him, a smile playing around her lips. "Thank you," she says, simply, lifting her chin and placing her free hand gently on his chest.

There are some things a man has to do, and when looked up at like that, Iakovos' male instincts prompt him to try for a kiss. So that's what he does, but with far more caution than the typical suitor might, taking things almost painfully slowly.

It's very slow indeed, and KL doesn't make it any quicker. She waits patiently, eyes half-closed, until both can feel the other's breath on their face. Then she just stretches a little onto tiptoes, and lets their lips touch.

Victory! Well, partial victory anyhow, in that Iakovos has survived first contact. Not pushing for anything deeper, the man doesn't yet pull away either, some small part of him wondering how long he can make this last.

KL shows no sign of breaking away, though there's also a hint that she doesn't quite know what she's doing, as, fundamentally, she's just staying very still. After a few moments, she lifts the hand that was on Kovo's chest, and slides it up to touch his cheek.

Though it might be a fatal mistake, Iakovos again takes the initiative, hesitantly attempting to guide the Ahroun through the motions of a longer kiss. Torn between caution and intent, it doesn't come off quite right, slower and less impulsive than one might expect such a kiss to be.

It doesn't seem like KL can tell the difference, or at least, she's well-mannered enough not to do anything. Eventually, though, she breaks contact, lifting her head so that her mouth is clear of his, though only by a couple of inches. "That's nice," she says.

"Only nice?" Iakovos raises a brow, though his comment is in jest rather than offence, and he inhales slowly. "Might have to see about that." More impulsively this time, he attempts a second kiss, less caution and more instinct-driven as the first was such a success - in his mind, at least.

There's a moment where it seems as if something bad might happen, as if the Ahroun might regard this as some kind of attack, but it's only a moment - of the two instincts vying, the less familiar and more pleasant wins, and KL lets the kinsman kiss her, her hand sliding into his hair - the hair that she'd told her friend was so nice - and runs her fingers through it.

With relief very evident in his posture, Iakovos lets this be a somewhat shorter kiss, albeit with twice as much intensity as the first, slower one. It therefore isn't long before he brings it to an end, straightening and watching the Ahroun's face intently for some clue as to her thoughts on the matter.

KL has her eyes closed, and opens them slowly. "OK," she decides. "_Very_ nice." Her brows nit in mild confusion. "Um... Does this" she asks.

"It means whatever you want it to mean," Kovo replies nonchalently, letting the Fury come to her own conclusions. "Just let me know what that is, yes?" he then prompts, that ever-present humor somewhere in his tone.

A nose-wrinkle of confusion, mixed with a nervousness that spreads throughout her body. "Do you want to...sort of... be my boyfriend?" she asks, looking away. "If I'm not, too young, too ragey, too...whatever. I do feel that I've rather, well, I demanded you take me out for dinner."

"You're not too anything," Iakovos replies firmly, the arm about KL's shoulder squeezing lightly for a moment. "Yes, I would like to. /If/ you're okay with the idea," he adds, stressing the latter part.

KL thinks for a moment. "Well, let's take things as they happen," she says. "But I won't go berserk if you refer to me as your girlfriend." She smiles widely. "And it would be nice if you warned me before running off with someone else."

Nodding, the kinsman offers his free hand to shake. "Sounds like a deal to me," he murmurs softly. "Now I'd better get us back to the Greek house before your Sisters imagine I've spirited you off somewhere."

KL shakes the hand, smiling widely. "Probably a good idea," she agrees before bouncing up onto tiptoes again and kissing his lips, just a quick kiss, though more than a peck. "Take me home, James!" She commands, with a grin.

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