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Early morning Fury House, and KL is the only one who has stirred out of bed - a far from unusual occurance. At the moment, she's in the main living area, inspecting three shrivelled stalks that are drooping out of the sides of a vase on the mantelpiece.

There comes an urgent knock at the door, though far less energetic than last nights. "KL!" comes Emma's familiar voice from outside, though tired and ragged.

From within comes a surprised "Emma?", and KL swings open the door. "Heya!" she greets cheerfully before she even looks at the get. "What brings you out..." her voice trails off as she sees the visitor on the doorstep for the first time.

As soon as the door opens, the Get presses in and wraps her arms about the other in a clinging embrace. Tears fall instantly, and raw, unchecked emotion comes pouring out of the Ahroun. "I c-can't take it anymore, I c-can't... I'm done with this, with them... I need your help. Please."

KL seems somewhat taken aback by being embraced so quickly, but she fairly swiftly recovers her composure. "What's happened?" she asks, maneuvering Emma around and kicking the door shut. "It must be something awful to get you like this." She tries, with little shuffling steps, to guide the Get further in to the house, in the vague direction of some seats.

Emma is easily moved this morning, putting up no fight at all. Her shoulders rise and fall as she now tries, feebly, to control herself. "There was a new cub, but he wasn't a cub - just some poor kid. We-.." she stumbles, shaking her head, "We were brutal on him.. trying to get him to shift.. I can't KL." Her hands are shaking as they rise up to her face and try to rub the tears free.

KL shakes her head in incomprehension, and she steers Emma into a seat, and pulls one up close opposite, peering into the eyes of the other girl, one hand resting reassuringly on her knee. "Tell me about it from the start. You 'napped a cub?"

Emma shakes her head, taking in another shaken breath. Her arms wrap around her chest as she glances up, looking almost unable to meet the others gaze. "Dillen followed the 'fetch to this kid, and he brought him to the Brownstone. I- I was all set to get going right? And I thought about Maggie, and how Brom's hard ways didn't seem to do much for her." A deep sniff pauses her story. "So I stayed, I was gonna prove you could raise a good Get cub without being cruel. It started off fine - but he was so stubborn, I started getting tougher on him." A glance is given to the other, as the Get stops to slow her words and breathing.

The Fury Ahroun nods. "It's not wrong. I think that sometimes you have to..." she balls a hand into a fist. "Hammer the points home." A pause. "Anyway, what happened then? Did tht not work?"

Emma shakes her head. "Nothing did. I showed him the forms and he'd freak out, dive under the table. I'd grab him in Crinos, and he'd faint." She starts getting shakey here again, "I even broke his arm, told him he'd be able to heal if he'd just stop fighting it all and shift. And he still wouldn't -he.. fuck KL, he couldn't!" The Ahroun looks almost sick at this. "Brom and Dillen started to work on him then- the things they said, what they threatened. No one should ever have to be threatened like that. No one." She takes in gasping breaths, "Fucking wrong. KL - there was no way he was Garou. They killed him. We all really killed him- and now Dillen tells me the fetch musta been wrong.. just some poor kid." The tears roll down her cheek, "Some innocent human."

KL's eyes close for a second. "What a mess," she says, eventually. "But unfortunate, surely, rather than evil? I mean, what would have happened if you'd found out he wasn't human? Was he kin?" She looks very serious now, her brow furrowed. "And what went wrong with the kinfetch?"

Emma runs a hand over her forehead, "KL." She looks up, "That kid died, with Brom beating the crap out of him, and he and Dillen threatening to fuck him in the ass." There is rage in her voice, "No one, not cub, not kin, not human - deserves that." Her teeth clench and she turns away, "And I fucking stood there not saying anything."

"Yeah. It's shitty." KL says, "fucking awful way to die. But you'd have had to kill him anyway. I presume you'd told him lots? Or would you rather be punished for the largest veil breach in Garou history?"

Just about that time a very very tired looking Alesia comes down the stairs. Dark circles are under her eyes and it's clear she's not been sleeping well, if at all. She looks slightly pale as well. She pauses as she gets to the bottom of the stairs, seeing KL and another person here.

Emma shrugs, "Not like that KL. It didn't have to be like that." She seems about to say more when the sound of another falls on her ears. Embarassment floods her face and her hands work overtime to erase any sign of tears, some of which still threaten new at her eyes. Her gaze goes back to KL, "I'm renouncing.

"Good morning, Alesia." KL says, without turning to look at the cub - she's perched on the edge of the seat, leaning forward, looking in to Emma's face. "Really?" she asks. "Have you sorted out a tribe to accept you? How does it actually work?"

Alesia gives a small nod. "Hello." She says softly and moves a bit more into the room. She glances at Emma, looking more than a little unsure then glances back at KL. "Do I need to leave?" She asks with just a tinge of worry in her voice.

Emma shakes her head at KL, "I don't know a fuckin' thing about it. I just know I cannot live like that. I cannot support a tribe that will go to that level. I-, I just can't." That tremolo returns to her voice, showing signs of the panic and anxiety the Ahroun is struggling to deal with. The newcomer is not looked at right now, as all of Emma's focus is on keeping herself together.

The Fury Ahourn remains motionless for a while, then looks over at Alesia, confusion on her face. "Um... not sure," she says. "I don't think you can do any harm by staying, but don't talk about this." She looks back to Emma. "You've been thinking about it before, I know. Perhaps it _would_ be best."

Alesia nods once but stays where she's standing. She's clearly unsure what's going on. A small frown graces her face as she watches Emma and KL.

Emma shrugs, "I don't know anymore KL, everything feels wrong. Staying, leaving, I don't know where I belong. My blood might be Get, but I don't think my heart is." She covers her face up with her hands again, "I'm sorry..."

"You have done nothing that you need to apologise to me for." KL says, fire creeping into her voice. "And you're right to think things over after a debacle like the one you've just been through." A long pause, and she pushes herself back in her seat, her spine ramrod straight. "But, Emma...and you know how much you mean to me...I think it's time for you to take charge of your own life. Whatever decisions you make, make them, and stand by them. Stop second-guessing yourself, stop the recrimination over honest mistakes, and hold your head up high." Her voice is level, and friendly, but there's a steel in it, and her eyes are fixed piercingly on the Get.

Alesia watches this drama unfold. Clearly unsure what to make of this all. Her frown doesn't fade, in fact it deepens a bit.

Emma glances only briefly at the Fury, despite having in the past situated the dominance order between them, the Get is unable to hold the others gaze. "I know," she admits softly. "I don't know why this bothers me so much, or why I can't seem to get myself figured out."

Alesia pauses, then slips off to the kitchen, without a word. She does look confused but like she doesn't want to interupt the pair.

KL slides forwards into a rather more compassionate pose. "Maybe you're right. Sometimes it seems to me that you end up fighting with yourself over what you are, and what you think you should be. Or, rather, what you think other people expect you to be?" she suggests, raising an eyebrow enquiringly.

Emma lets out a sigh, "Yeah, I guess I do." A hand runs over her face then, and she glances around the house, "I was considering, looking at the Furies as an avenue of relocation. And you're right, I can't live up to the Get's expectations, I've been told that ever since the hard core Traditionalists showed up here."

Alesia can be heard in the kitchen, turning the water on.

KL gives a little grin. "Well, you know how I'd feel about having you in tribe," she says. "But you need to talk to Helen, and possibly Leslie too." She shakes her head slowly. "And I honestly have no idea what their reaction will be. Helen wasn't greatly fond of me joining Havoc."

Emma looks down and nods, "Y-yeah alright. That's really the only avenue I've considered. I'd not touch the Walkers, and some of the older tribes would never take me knowing my roots." She swallows hard and then takes in a deep breath, nodding to the kitchen, "That your new cub?"

Alesia can be heard probably getting some kind of food in the kitchen, but what exactly is impossible to tell as dishes clink slightly and she can be heard to move around in there.

"Yep." KL agrees with a smile. "Wanna meet her?" Without waiting for a reply, she calls out to the cub in the kitchen. "Alesia, could you come in when you have a free moment?" She grins, then a frown crosses her face. "You still haven't told me what went wrong with the kinfetch."

Emma shrugs, "I don't know if we'll ever know. Dillen said the kinfetch screwed up, grabbed the wrong boy or something I'd suppose. Bet Dillen is freaking out now too, bad luck follows that kid like stink on shit."

As if it was an order to come that every moment everything Alesia is doing is left immediately and she makes an almost instant appearance at the door to the kitchen, "Yes KL?" She says softly, looking a wee bit worried.

"Oh, don't look so worried." KL says, cheerily. "I just want to introduce you to my friend." She waves at the girl sitting opposite. "Or, rather, let you do it."

Emma gives the cub an attempt at a smile. She manages well enough to push the issues of moments ago deeper into her cupboards and nods, "My name's Emma Mahler, called Stone-Spirit and a Cliath of the Get." While the talk was mere moments ago, the introduction rolls off her lips easily, and it catches her off guard. A glance is given to KL to suggest she's unsure if she should bother introductions like that just now, then she looks back to the cub.

Alesia hesitates just slightly as if trying to recall the exact right way to do this then turns towards Emma, still a fair distance away and says, "I am Alesia Ottis, Daughter of Pegasus, Black Fury Theurge cub." She even manages to say the word Theurge right. After she says it she seems to be mentally checking herself over to make sure she did it okay and then seems to find it acceptable as she looks at Emma for her reaction.

KL smiles warmly at Alesia. "Spot on," she congratulates the cub, then looks back to Emma. "Big decision for you to make, isn't it. Changing...those words. Hard for us. Usually it's only for really good things, like getting a new deed name, or going up a rank."

Emma gives a faint nod to KL before looking to the cub, "Nice to meet you Alesia. KL was right, it was a sound introduction. Now you just need to pester her for a cub name to go along with it." The Ahroun runs a hand over her head again, sighing, "KL, if you were in my place, what would you do?"

Alesia ahs softly and says, "I... I have another name, I just forgot to say it. Um, KL gave me 'Woken-From-Nightmares'. I'm sorry I forgot to add it." She offers looking a little embarassed about her mistake.

The Fury Ahroun looks at Emma for a moment, then bursts out laughing. "Emma... I can't answer that question," she says, once she's managed to get her breath back. "I'm not a Get. I have no Get blood in me. I don't know what that feels like. I'm a Black Fury from the tip of my head to the end of my toes. Well, apart from me having a boyfriend. So, I just can't put myself in your shoes, because...well, you've got larger feet than me."

Emma offers a nod to Alesia, "It's okay, it's a lot to remember. Wait till you get pack names and totem spirits and everything. And thank god you'r not a Fang." KL gets a harder look, "Thanks KL. I appreciate the laughter in my hour of most dire need. I'll remember that." She smirks and shrugs it off, more interested in the last bit, "Boyfriend huh?"

Alesia gives another little nod and is left standing there watching the pair, clearly unsure what she's supposed to do now.

KL sniffs, rather offendedly. "Well, don't ask me stupid questions, then. And yes, boyfriend. Whatever that means. Day at a time, and all that." She can't a prevent a cat-got-the-cream smile from curving her lips, and her eyes go rather distant.

Emma snorts, "Well, that's good to hear. And it wasn't a stupid question you bitch." The tone, despite the harsh word, is a friendly antagonistic. "What's he like?"

Alesia looks more and more uneasy as she listens but doesn't move, just standing there to the side and out of the way as she listens.

"Nice. Really nice. And funny, and he knows what to say all the time. And he likes ice cream." KL says, rattling off things in quick succession. She takes a deep breath, and shakes her head. "But it's no big. Really." She puts on an - obviously affected, expression of toughness.

Emma nods her head, "Well, maybe we could go out the four of us once. How old is he? I bet Mitch would love to meet some other kin to hang with." And that admission right there pales the Get again, "Oh god..."

The cub girl looks like she'd like to leave back to the kitchen but it's as if her feet are glued to the floor and she doesn't look like she's about to interupt. So she stands there, watching and looking unsure.

KL looks concerned again. "What? What would he think of it?" she asks. "I've only met him a couple of times, does he have one of those week-long Get ancestries?" She ignores Alesia for the moment, totally focussing on her Get friend.

Emma looks between the two. "I lose the Get title, I lose the Get kin KL... that's what." She tsks noisily with her tongue to her cheek. "I'm gonna go. I need to get outta here for a while, get away from everyone."

Alesia watches the pair, still looking unsure but definately looking like she doesn't want to get involved in this rather confusing discussion.

KL nods, and rises from her seat. "Emma," she says, "You know I'll do anything I can to help you out." She shakes her head. "I wouldn't change places with you for anything, and if you do decide to Renounce, and Helen says it's OK for you to join us, then I'll welcome you with open arms."

Emma nods to the Fury, "Thanks KL, sorry I came here like this, I didn't know where else to go."

Alesia is left just standing to the side.

"You're always welcome here." KL replies with a smile. "Especially now we're not going to be evicted." That cat-got-the-cream smile creeps back, for some unfathomable reason. "Anyway, Gaia watch over you."

Emma nods her head as she moves to the door, "Alright, you too. Take care of yourselves." That said, the Get leaves, looking heavily burdened but at least more composed.

Alesia finds herself alone with KL, and looks at her, still looking worried and tired.

KL smiles at the cub. "Come and sit down. How are you feeling today?" She takes a seat herself, scraping the feet of the chair over the floor, and leaning back and folding her arms over chest.

Alesia looks at KL unsure then moves over to sit next to KL looking exhausted and a little confused or upset. She carefully places her hands in her lap and looks up at KL. There's a small pause then says, "Not so good." She admits.

"Want to tell me about it?" KL asks, cocking her head on one side. "I mean 'no' is a perfectly acceptable answer. I'm not as good at dealing with people's problems as Leslie is." She points at the door through which Emma just entered. "As an example, Emma there."

Alesia gives a little shrug, "Um, just lots of nightmares and the like. It's as if everything I've blocked away is unblocked and it hurts, a lot." She says softly, "But Leslie says it means I can work on healing. It's not much fun at all.

KL nods sympathetically. "I can imagine it's really awful." She bites her bottom lip. "Can... Have you tried to shift forms by yourself yet, without help?" she enquires.

Alesia shakes her head, "N... no." She admits, "I mean, I've changed form but always... it... it wasn't really me?" She ventures looking kinda sad. She looks down, "Did Leslie tell you much about the rite." She pauses then adds, "I think she told Helen a lot."

The Ahroun shakes her head slowly. "No, I haven't had much of a chance to talk to her since." A pause. "But I saw how hard it was for you, and I'm sure I can fill in some of the blanks." She looks at the patched-up door. "I'm not really supposed to be teaching you stuff, though, yet."

Alesia nods a little bit then tugs her legs up, putting her heals on the edge of the seat, as she hugs her legs to her body. She ventures a look at KL, "There was a lot of stuff, some I forgot... all I wish I could." She says as she seems to struggle a bit, "I need to talk about it but it's hard." She pauses a moment then says, "Maybe it would be easier if you had questions and I answered them?"

KL wrinkles her nose up and ponders. "OK... Um..." she says, stroking her chin. " you think of that man now?" Her voice is full of nervousness now, as if she really doesn't know what she's doing.

Alesia frowns a bit as she tenses a little, "Leslie says he was insane, but... I think he knew what he was doing. I think... I think that he should have died a long time ago. I wish he had. I want to change the past and I can't." She says softly, "He was a horrible person."

KL nods. "There are lots of sorts of insane, and someone can know what they're doing and yet still be driven by insanity to do it." She shrugs. "Either way, you're right. Another question... Do you feel in anyway guity, or responsible for what he did?"

That question seems to take longer for Alesia to answer and she clearly tenses up more, "A little. I should have gotten help, or fought back. I believed him. I believed what he said to me... about me... No other adult would have trusted me. If I had fought back I probably would have died, or been hurt worse. But I still feel a little blame, maybe a bit because of the voices, because they were telling me to fight back and I didn't."

"I can understand why you think that, but I don't think it's right. You couldn't know that you were one of us, and that fighting might have gone better than you thought." KL looks down at the floor. "But, on the other hand, you survived. You survived, and you can start to heal, because you have people who genuinely care for you now."

Alesia nods a little, "I think I'm starting to understand that. It's hard because... Leslie says I never have known anyone who really cared for me since I was so little I can't remember." She pauses then adds some what tenser, "I'm really scared of messing things up after you all have done so much for me, and I'm really afraid of making a mess of things now."

"Mmm." KL says, helpfully. "In some ways, it's good that you want to make us happy. I know that I want to make Leslie...and Helen...happy and make them proud to be in a tribe with me. But, you know, we're rather fond of you, and you'd have to screw up repeatedly, and really badly, for us to give up on you."

Apparently Alesia wasn't even thinking about the possiblity that the Furies would give up on her, she was more worried about just making any of the Furies upset, so the mention of giving up clearly and visually catches the cub off guard. Her eyes go wide and she gnaws worriedly at her lower lip, saying nothing to KL's words at the moment.

"Oh...fuck." KL says, obviously aimed at herself. "Look, it's not going to happen. You're going to be fantastic, and we're going to be very very happy, living here, and making this Sept really good." She nods firmly. "And don't worry about fucking people off, either. There's a good chance it'll be me, and probably in the next week or so. But I always forgive the people I shout at."

Alesia ohs softly and gives a small nod. She looks so small curled up there on the chair, almost fragile. "KL?" She says softly, "It was horrible. The things he did... to me... I knew some of them but the thing made them so... clear, and I saw them... being done to me and... and it made me sick."

KL stretches out a hand and strokes Alesia's hair. "I saw," she says, nodding slowly. "Don't ever forget them. Don't forget that there are people in the world who can do that sort of thing to others. But... I promise you, you will get the opportunity to help some other girl in the same position. Lots of other girls, because there are far too many assholes like that in the world."

Alesia doesn't pull away at all as KL brushes Alesia's hair. It's rather silky nice hair. She gives a small nod. "I need to fix myself first I guess." She says as she closes her eyes, "I feel both better and worse since the rite thing." She definately is stammering less and she does seem a bit better in some ways but as she said, she does seem worse in some ways too. Like she hasn't slept since the rite almost. "KL? Do you think..." She starts softly, "Do you think I'll ever be just... okay?"

There's a pause. "I don't think these things will ever go away. But day by day, week by week, month by month, I think they'll lose some of their power. You'll still feel the things you do, but weaker, and more distant," she says, eventually. "Most people carry some stuff with them, though few as much or as bad as you. And yeah, I guess it does get better, and you will be able to live your life."

Alesia hesitates then nods, eyes still closed, "I hope so." She says softly, "I think Leslie and Helen are going to go after the doctor in my visions. Did either talk to you about him yet?" Her voice kind of quivers as she speaks, but she's holding it together pretty well so far.

"Oh yeah, that I heard about." KL says, with obvious relish. "When the moon is full, we'll go and find him." She smiles a wide, unpleasant grin. "And he won't be derelict of his duty again."

Alesia keeps her eyes closed so misses that grin then says softly, "I want to go but I don't think Leslie will let me. She's afraid I won't be able to keep control." She rocks slightly on her chair.

KL nods. "And that you might get hurt, or cause someone else to get hurt, I guess. Would you like some part of him as proof, at the end?" She asks the question totally matter-of-factly, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

Alesia opens her eyes and looks at KL, looking confused at that offer, "Proof?" She stammers, unsure. Then she says, "I... no, I don't. I just want to move past it. I know it needs to be done. He shouldn't hurt any other girls." There's a strange hard edge to that last bit. Then a pause, "He... may have tapes of me. Could you make sure they are destroyed? I think my father did too but I don't know what happened to them. Do you think others have seen them now?" She says, sounding worried again.

The colour drains from KL's face. "It's... very possible. I didn't see them when I cleaned up, but I was more interested in getting the bloodstains off the floor." She purses her lips together. "I think it's most likely the police have them, to be honest."

Alesia nods and looks down, "I guess there's no way to make sure they're destroyed." She says worriedly, "I guess that means..." Her voice cracks a bit as her stronger shell starts to crumble, "I guess that means some police have seen them?"

KL tips her palms upward. "I don't know. I guess so." She shakes her head. "It depends where they were, and what the police made of them, I guess."

Alesia sniffs a bit, "I'm sorry..." She says softly, "I just... I didn't realize how bad it looked until the rite or... even I mean... I just wish no one else knew what he did to me and now strangers are looking at it." She says tensing slightly and a tear actually rolling down her face, "I'm sorry, I... I need to go up stairs." She stammers as she starts to get up.

"Sure." KL says, looking sympathetic. "I'll be down here when you...later, anyway." She too stands, compassion etched on her face.

Alesia manages to get away without running off... a flush on her face as she's clearly upset but doing her best to restrain her outburst until she can get out of sight. Her feet make quick work of the stairs.

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