Place :Caern

Alesia's turbulent night was ended by KL shaking her awake, and whispering (fairly forcefully) for her to get out of bed. Minutes later, the two Furies were walking slowly through the darkening woods, until they reached the centre of the Caern. The sky is currently lightening, gradiated from dark west through shades of blue to the east, where a bright orange is reflecting off the few puffy clouds hanging low over the hills, and the air is filled with the curious light of pre-dawn. KL has shifted to Lupus form, and is currently standing a proud guard, nose and tail raised alertly, doing a wolfy impression of a pointer dog.

Alesia has a pad of paper with her along with a small box of pencils and the like. She looks tired, but awake and is focused on the wolf that's maybe 10 or 12 feet from her. She's sitting on one of the rocks as she tries to do some sketchings of KL in wolf form. She looks a bit withdrawn and neither is making a noise.

As artists models go, KL is better than a seven-year-old, but not by a great deal. She'll hold her 'best wolf in the world' pose for a couple of seconds, then shift around a bit, pad towards the drawing cub, then think better of it and retreat, posing for another few seconds, then repeating the cycle. After the third trip round, her ears prick forward in a gesture of impatience, and the stares she throws at Alesia at the apex of her trots towards her get longer and longer.

Alesia gives a little sigh after a while and lowers the pad, "KL? Please, stand still? It's pretty hard to draw you as you move back and forth and... I need you to just... stay in place so I can get the outline down, okay? Please?" She says softly during one of the stares she gets from the wolf, "I promise I'll let you see it when I've finished, honest."

KL chuffs unhappily, and returns to her position, adopting a pose that's rather less "best wolf in the world" and rather more "bored wolf being forced to stand still", but standing still is an activity that she just about manages.

Alesia looks relieved as KL stands still and continues her sketching, a bit quicker now as if she's afraid KL will get bored enough to stop standing there at all.

A scent is carried in on the wind as the art sessions continues; damp wolf, forest and faintly, the musty smell of a bone. Seasons-Change lopes in easily, giving an odd huff around the prize carried in her muzzle. Hey hey! Lookitme! The wolf bounds in carrying a decently sized femur bone of some long gone animal.

Good as gold, comparatively, the Fury Ahroun is being. Absolutely blameless. Standing still. Not chuffing, not moaning, not looking around. Until someone else comes in to the centre of the caern, and Escapes breaks pose and darts over to investigate what Seasons-Change has found. Bone? Any meat on it? It's mine now.

Alesia blinks and looks over at Sophie-Wolf and then KL-Wolf. She starts to put her pencils away and closes her notebook, clearly having decided that drawing time is over. She then watches the two wolves.

Seasons-Change scuttles back with a soft whine. No meat, mine... though the last is almost pleaded as the bone is dropped in begrudging offer to the Fury. Found in the ash grove, had to dig for it. Her eyes glance sadly from bone to Fury and back, shifting once to look over at the cub. She seems to want to greet Alesia, but the whimper over her bone is holding her steadfast.

Escapes stares forcefully at Seasons-Change, lips folding to bare her teeth. My bone. She paces slowly forward, so that she is standing over the bone, tail erect. Alesia, for the moment, is ignored.

Alesia watches curiously, not able to really understand wolf speech, so mostly she's watching the wolves actions. She tilts her head a bit and frowns, not saying a word nor drawing attention to herself.

Seasons-Change relents fully then, her tail low between her legs as she backs off and flops down onto her belly, glancing only briefly at the bone before lowering her gaze away from it. The cream colored wolf lays very still as she shows her submission to the other over the bone-treat.

The Fury Ahroun chuffs happily, then steps backwards and rolls the bone with her nose towards the Fianna. Here is a present for you, it looks like a very nice bone. The cub is making glyphs. For the first time in a while, she looks over at Alesia and sees that she has stopped drawing. Leaving the bone on the floor, she wanders towards her, rubbing up against her leg and poking her nose at the pad.

Seasons-Change perks up as the offer is given, then snaps her teeth out at the bone. Her tail wiggles and flags back and forth as she gets that real good, side angle chomp on the item. At the mention of what Alesia is doing, the bone is brought over to show the cub. Looklook! It's nudged clumsily up against the others leg to show her, then dropped. Good to see you! she offers the cub with a furious tail-wagging.

Alesia still seems a bit confused about the exchange between the two wolves. She looks down at her pad and says, "It's okay KL. I got what I need to finish it back at the house. You can go um.... do things with..." She peers over at the other wolf and ventures a little unsure, "Is that Sophie?" She says as she seems a little unsure. "I know you two are saying things, but I can't understand you really. I'm trying but... it's not so easy."

Escapes chuffs, and then shifts back through the forms to homid. "Yes, that's Sophie," she says, settling her jacket properly around her shoulders. "She brought in a bone that she's found. Nice one, too. Not sure what animal, though. Might be an old buffalo bone?"

Seasons-Change noses up to the cub again, eyes staring upwards with fond inquisition. Yesyes, is Seasons-Change, she announces, casting a lick over the others hand. She scoots back a little, drops into a play bow then leaps up and prances around a bit. Someone is in a good mood it seems. All at once, she follows suit with KL and the girl is girl once more. "Hi." She breathes out with a human-style panting. "What are you guys doing?"

Alesia watches the shifts of both curiously. Then she says, "I was here to draw KL-Rhya." She says softly, "And I wanted to come see the Caern again. I makes me feel calmer, more at peace." She says as she looks back at KL, "What was the thing with you standing over the bone and all?"

KL sniffs, and sits down on the floor, elbows resting on raised knees. "Discussion about whose bone it was," she says, eventually. "Makes more sense in lupus than it does in homid."

Sophie grins shyly at KL, "Thanks for letting me have it KL, I saw Blackriver with one the other day and all I found was like a rabbit's leg or something. This is the motherload for me." She peers at Alesia's book then, "Any new stuff that I can see?"

Alesia shakes her head, "No. I mean, not because I won't show it, but today is the first day I've drawn anything since the rite. I'm afraid I've just not been too motivated to draw as I've been a bit distracted. I've got a lot on my mind."

"Did you get enough for a good picture of me?" KL asks, from her seated position. "I didn't realise being drawn was going to be so dull. I hope Kovo..." her voice trails off and she scans the caern, a vacant expression on her face.

Sophie nods to the Fury cub, "Was just curious. It's good to see you out and about here." She smiles and then glances to KL, "Kovo?" she asks knowingly. "You hope he whats?"

Alesia nods a bit to KL, "Yes, I think I have enough." She says as she doesn't repeat Sophie's question but clearly is curious what was trailed off. But rather than focus on her elder she looks around the Caern a bit, mirroring KL's scan.

KL snaps back into the here and now. "Oh, nothing," she says, hastily, eyes not meeting either of the younger girls'. She shifts herself around, so that she's facing the two. "Any news on your rite yet, Sophie?" she asks.

Sophie lifts a shoulder, "Just that it's soon. I stopped asking, it was getting Cole mad. But I've been thinking about packs and stuff, it's going to be really hard. Sabina asked me to consider the pack she'll start and that sounds great. But I told Morgan I would pack with her, and I can't go back on that. Not that I want to- anyway, that'd never fly with Sabina, so maybe Aaron's pack. I'm taking Sign courses with him, in the city!"

Alesia remains silent for the moment, just watching things, mostly the Caern but her attention going back to Sophie as she talkes about packing and riting.

"Ah, cool." KL says. "I need to get my own pack situation sorted out at some point." She shakes her head very slowly. "Bah. Hate uncertainty about packs. Makes me antsy."

Sophie nods her head and drops down to sit on the ground as she visits with the two Furies. "So Andrew is in a heap of trouble, Stacey told him he has to call everyone, even cubs, -rhya. I thought rhya is only used when you are addressing someone of elder rank or dominance to you? Cubs don't have either."

Alesia listens to the pair, "Andrew... I met him I think." She says almost to herself. She seems highly distraced as the pair talk, but not upset or anything, just like she's not fully listening.

KL nods at Sophie. "It is, and not used by every tribe or everyone. Around here, it's worth using it until someone tells you not to, like I do. But yes, that's a pretty humiliating thing she's done - basically, she's told him he's the lowest of the low, below everyone else." She cocks her head on one side. "He must have really annoyed her."

Sophie lifts her shoulders, "I never see his tribe with him, except when he's done something wrong. Maybe it's the whole bad attention is better than no attention thing. I feel bad for him sometimes."

Alesia seems to catch what Sophie says and frowns a bit, "That's not good." She says softly, "If my tribe wasn't with me so much I wouldn't be happy at all."

"That's because we're cool and the coggies are less cool." KL says, definitely. "And because there are more of us, and we have a better place to live." She scrambles to her feet, and takes a couple of paces to a more level patch of land. "And we know how to look after cubs, too."

Sophie hmms. "It's one of the reasons I was going to pick Fianna. Even before I knew I was actually one. Cole looked after me even when no one else wanted to." She glances to Alesia, and in a more upbeat voice asks, "So what's up girl?"

Alesia gives a little shrug. "Um, Leslie did a rite for me, and now I've got a lot to think about." She says softly. "I think I'm kind of better now but I still am confused about some things. Leslie is helping me work through it." She pauses then says, "Ah, all the Furies are helping me." She corrects herself, "Looking after me." She forces a little smile, but she's no actress. "I am getting better I hope."

KL chuckles, and then digs one foot into the ground and lets fly a vicious swivel kick into the air in front of her, leaning back to deliver it, so that she remains balanced throughout. "Ha!" she exclaims. "And Alesia, don't worry. I know I'm useless at some things. Just remember that I'm trying my best and we'll be fine."

Sophie watches the Ahroun do her kick, eyes widening at the display. "They letting you have some fun in the spare time at least Alesia?" asks the Fianna cub with a grin. "I mean, fun in your opinion, I'm sure KL has quite a different view of it."

Alesia thinks for a minute then says, "I took a long hot bath yesterday." As if this might be something worth noting. "That was pretty nice. I never got to take baths back at home. Father said it was a waste of water, so only took showers." She gives a little shrug, "I miss gymnastics. But I do work outs with KL-Rhya." She says thoughtfully, "I guess haven't thought much about 'fun'."

KL freezes, mid way through preparing for another kick. "Have I not told you to drop the rhya bit?" she asks, peering at Alesia. "Please do, anyway. Respect is a more complicated thing than adding an old ending to a name. And do think about fun, because if everything is work then it's boring."

Sophie looks to KL as she stops to correct the cub, remaining quiet and still. Once it passes, she narrows her brows into a pinch, "Have you learned how to shift all your forms yet? Lupus is a good way to have fun, it's like the play instinct is natural and right up there with eat and sleep."

Alesia gulps and says, "Sorry..." To KL, "I just... with Sophie here and... all...." Her improved less meek talk crumbles at KL's correction. She cringes a bit, "I mean.... I'm sorry." She stammers again, then shakes her head, "No Sophie. I mean, I haven't. Not yet. Only changed when mad or when... others help."

"Fuck it." KL says, folding her arms in front of her and turning to face both cubs. "Fancy a go now? You'd be best advised to take your clothes off to do it, though, so I'd understand if you didn't want to."

Sophie looks to Alesia with a half frown, shaking her head. "Don't be sorry." Her attention goes back to KL then, "I can take off if this is private Fury time. Or at least hit lupus and wait till you guys are sorted out."

Alesia looks at KL, and gulps a bit, "T... take my clothes off?" Her eyes go a little wide and it's clear the very idea upsets her a bit. Her cheeks flush slightly as she doesn't manage to say much more than that.

KL sniffs. "Well, there are some other options. We could find a theurge to dedicate them. Actually, that's a better idea all round. OK, drop the shifting idea for today, I'll try and sort out someone to come and dedicate your clothes."

"Clemency can do that, she did mine." She nods down at her clothes, conveniently there despite being a wolf moments ago. Sophie nods to the both of them and looks back at her bone, "I should actually get back to some chores, maybe I can come hang out later Alesia? If that's okay KL?" the last asked of the Ahroun.

Alesia looks rather relieved when KL backs off the idea of removing clothing. She nods, "Thank you." She says, clearly directed to KL, then nods to Sophie as well, "I'd like that if KL says it's okay?" She looks questioningly at KL.

"Sure." KL says with an airy wave of her hand. "You know you're always welcome." She smiles warmly at the Fianna cub. "One of the fortunate few, so to speak."

Sophie grins brightly, "Who'd ever have thought, six months ago, that I'd be a fortunately favored guest of the Furies?" She seems to pride herself on this a little bit, and gives a wink to Alesia. "See, there is hope for all of us that show up here, honest." With that offered, she takes a few steps back and transforms back to the happy-go-lucky wolf. Bending to pick the bone up, her tail wags and she chuffs. Good bone.

Alesia still looks some what amazed as Sophie changes form, then asks KL, "Can she visit without one of the Furies being there? Leslie said I wasn't supposed to have any guests without one of you to um... watch over things, just in case."

"Probably best if one of us is there." KL says, with a grin. "Just in case anything stupid happens. Especially at this time of the moon." She looks at the bone and laughs. "Enjoy your bone, Sophie."

Sophie wiggles her rear end to get the tail going. Yesyesyes! Then she lopes off, dragging the bone in her mouth much like those retrievers with the giant stick in doggy calendars do.

Alesia watches the wolf run off with bone in mouth then looks back at KL, "Thank you for bringing me here again. It does seem very peaceful. Can we just... sit for a while? Or... or can I just sit for a while?"

"Yes, you can." KL says. "And I'll hang around, but a bit less obtrusively." With that, she shifts back to lupus, and pads up alongside Alesia, butting at the back of her leg to get her to sit down.

Alesia does just that, sitting back down and putting her penciles and paper to the side to just take in the Caern and it's wonder, then going to what might be called meditation, if you were someone who didn't know what it really looked like, as she sits there breathing slowly and closing her eyes after a while, just listening.

The large black wolf walks in a small circle in front of Alesia, then curls herself up and lies down on the cubs foot, where she's a warm and soft presence. If, perhaps, just a little bit on the heavy side. Her eyes close, and she slowly drifts off to sleep.

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