Time/Date :It is currently 09:18 Pacific Time on Sun Jan 15 2006.

Place :Fury House : KL's Room

Moon Phase :Full

Weather : Currently in Saint Claire, it is partially cloudy. The temperature is 36 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the east at 14 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.07 and rising, and the relative humidity is 92 percent. The dewpoint is 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degrees Celsius.)

The house is totally silent when the doorbell rings. There's a contralto grumbling, half in English and half in Greek, and the padding of footsteps down the hall and down the stairs is plainly audible. The front door unbolts and opens, and perhaps five minutes later, closes again, though the grumbling is notably absent as Leslie returns inside.

From with KL's room comes a groan, which resolves into a muffled sobbing. It's just about recognisable as KL, though it sounds deep and more guttural than her usual voice.

Things have been noticeably silent in the house this weekend, for the most part, and this morning's no real exception. The noises continue downstairs as the fridge door opens and closes, and eventually, Leslie comes back upstairs, pausing at the top of the landing at the sound, her smile fading entirely into a concerned frown.

The sobs continue for about two minutes, before being interrupted by an explosive "Fucking asshole". Then, for a period, there is silence, and then the sobbing resumes. It appears to be muffled by more than the door - as if KL's room had been ineffectually sound-proofed.

The explosion clinches it. Letting out a long sigh of relief, Leslie pads up to the door and taps on it, calling, "KL? Is that you?"

There's a moment's silence, and then an - equally muffled - "Go away." It does sound like KL, but it's not particularly vehement, and is accompanied by a half-sob. There's a sound like someone thrashing around on a bed, then more quiet.

"KL, are you all right? You had us wondering." Leslie doesn't open the door, but calls through it, mixed relief and concern coloring the quiet contralto tones. She's keeping her voice down, apparently, but is still audible through the door. "It's Leslie."

Another silent pause. "I'm sorry." KL's distorted voice comes through the door. A moment. "I'm so sorry." A couple of sobs, then another gap. "Could you bring me a clean sheet?"

"Sure. One second." There's the sound of footsteps outside, very quiet, then a door opening and closing. Shortly, there's another tap on the door. "It's Leslie, can I come in?" comes the call through the door. Clearly she's not opening that door until told to.

"If you want," is the somewhat sulky reply. Assuming she does, within, is a sparse room, with a duvet covering a shape that's noticeably too large to be KL. There are some brown splash marks on the floor, and the duvet-cover is equally marked with tell-tale brown stains. Not a part of her body is visible.

The glabro form of KL is revealed, and the answer to the question is obvious, and the answer is quite severely. There are clawmarks all over her torso and arms, and in the moments before she rolls away, there's a particularly nasty rent across one cheek. However, roll away she does, curling up into as small a ball as she can manage, showing her back to Leslie. "I'm sorry," she says again. "I didn't intend... I missed the Doctor. I'm sorry." She dissolves into sobbing again.

"Sweet Athena's grace," Leslie breathes quietly, dropping to one knee and grabbing KL's shoulder. "Thank Gaia you're alive. I'd been wondering." She tries to pull KL over onto her back so that she can see the extent of KL's injuries more clearly. "What the hell happened?"

A pause. "I don't remember, at the end." KL says. "I was in town, on Thursday, and I went to see a friend. Kevin - glasswalker ragabash. And he was sick. Had been bitten by some kind of giant mutant rat, and he'd been ill for three days." She sobs again, then takes a deep breath. "I thought he might have been tainted, so I went and found Gunnar to cleanse him. I didn't want Kevin maybe tainting others...or coming to the caern." She gasps for air, and rolls over so that she's facing Leslie. "I took Gunnar to the safehouse, and he demanded I get fresh yarrow, lemon balm and rosemary and the sinew of a young buck. He said go ask Touch Deer, so I came all the way out to ask him, and he said it would take a while, so I came home." Her eyes are red from long periods of crying, and blood is still weeping from some of her wounds.

Leslie listens intently, frowning at the list of ingredients. "What in the world does he need with the sinew of a young buck for a Cleansing? The rest I understand, but the sinew is strange." She shrugs it off, though, continuing in a voice that is as reassuring and soft as a garou under a full moon can be. "Next time don't waste your time with the Get, all right? I know the cleansing rituals, and Helen says she does as well, and -I- don't have to kill the young and strong of the herd to do them." She is silent for a moment, considering KL with a frown that hints at disapproval before being controlled, and sets the sheet aside. "Look, forget that for now. Let's get you patched up. And no, I'm not going to tell Alesia what happened, and Helen's not coherent enough right now to get anything I tell her, so it'll be between you and me until Helen gets her wits back. You stay put, I'll be right back. I'm going to go get the first aid kit." She stands up, all business now, leaving the sheet with KL.

"Fucking Get. I wanted to be...you know...open. Reasonable. Not hidebound." KL says, struggling upwards. "But the only one worth spit doesn't want to be one. I've fucking well had it with all of them. And the fucking Glasswalkers too." She winces. "First aid kit would be good. And I really am sorry. Do you want to hear the rest?"

"Yes, but it will keep until you're patched up. Stay where you are." Leslie's tone makes that an order as she turns for the door. Outside, the footsteps move at a dead run and trot down the stairs; she returns shortly with a large first aid kit under one arm, along with several clean towels and a bottle of water. It must have been ready, judging by the speed with which she returns, closing the door behind her. "Tell me what happened to you, and then I'll tell you what happened with the doctor." She drops to a sitting position next to KL.

KL nods. "Well, after we spoke, I went and got the stuff, and got the bus into town," she explains, holding out a gashed arm. "And then Gunnar says 'it needs to be done out in the forest', so out we come again. And I was annoyed, because I didn't need to go all the way in for this, and he could have mentioned it when he was demanding I be his fucking shopping assistant the day before. But I wanted Kevin to be OK, and so I didn't push it, though I might have muttered to myself a bit." She looks down at the floor. "And then Gunnar says that my strongest muscle is my jaw. And I was annoyed, but I controlled myself, and told him to get on with the rite. And then he said I mewled like a cat. And then I was on the porch, here, so I dragged myself up here - was all I could manage - and hid under the duvet."

"Sounds like a Get," Leslie answers, her jaw tensing as she listens. "Provoke an Ahroun under the full moon just to prove your manhood. Just wonderful." The rasp in her voice becomes half a snarl as she talks, though she works to wrap KL's wounds without further comment. Her hands are not the most gentle, but she seems to know what she's doing, at least a little bit. After a few minutes, she adds, "What happened is clear enough. We had no idea where you were, so Helen and I just went without you. Someone tipped the son of a bitch off, and he was waiting for us. I don't think he knew what he was dealing with, though. We got him, though he had a gun, and I had to throat him before he could hit me a third time with it. He is dead, and I made sure of it. Helen got hit with a syringe of something that knocked her out for hours, so I got both of us out of there and set the body on fire to make sure the animal marks weren't obvious."

"Is Helen OK?" KL asks, intently. "I'd never forgive myself if she was seriously hurt." She looks absolutely morose. "I was trying to do the right thing. Fucking Get. I'm glad he's dead." A pause. "Did you get the tapes?" she asks. "Were they there?"

"We think she will be. She came around late yesterday, but was still out of it. I'm hoping it'll clear out today." Leslie sounds only a little bit concerned as she continues to work, binding each wound one by one and apparently leaving the face for last. "They weren't in the office that I could see, and he had a housekeeper at home, so we couldn't slip into the house and get them. I couldn't linger, because he was shooting and I couldn't risk the cops finding us." The last part is admitted a little guiltily. "I wish you had been there, but at least you're alive and you look like you'll be all right in a few days. I'm no warleader, but we all do what we have to, I suppose."

KL lets out a hiss of discomfort as her wounds are bound, but she manages to remain motionless. "I won't let you down like that again," she says, seriously. "And I wish I hadn't done so this time. By the way, what can you do? I didn't know Philodoxes could cleanse. And...should I challenge Gunnar?"

"Not that many of them do, but it's one I learned while studying other rituals," Leslie explains, finishing off a binding and beginning another. "Sorry," she adds as KL winces. "I find something very deep and healing about ritual, and I try to pick up new ones when I can." The surprisingly personal observation is made quietly and thoughtfully. "No, I don't think you should, at least not yet. There's nothing productive about kicking the ass of another Garou because he's a toad. Save your fight for the Wyrm."

The Ahroun nods slowly. "I just...grr!" She loses words in a growl of pure rage and frustration. "I won't be challenging anything for a while," she says, lapsing into misery again. "I hate being this weak. All I want to do is fall asleep again." The Ahroun inspects the bandage work. "You've done this before. That's very neat."

"Thank you. I've had ten years of patching up stupid Daughters who think that provoking a Warrior is funny," Leslie remarks, though her smile is pleased. "Tabi and Jesse between them gave me lots of practice." She lets out a sigh, the smile fading. "Don't worry about it, nothing urgent's come up, so it's best for you to sleep and heal." She finishes the patching up, surveying her work. "Sometimes I wish I knew more about this than I do. I'm no Wise One, though, and the Litany keeps me busy enough."

"Wouldn't like to overwork you too much." KL agrees. She glances at her pillow. "Would it be OK if I napped for a while? You can punish me later?" She screws her mouth up as if having bitten into a lemon. "I deserve it. No matter what he said, I should keep control."

"We'll see. Sleep for now." Leslie's response is surprisingly neutral and calm. "I'm done here, so sleep well and I'll check in in a few hours to see if you need anything." She rises a bit stiffly, unfolding herself. "Glad you're safe. I have to tell Helen where you are when she's coherent, but I take it you don't want Alesia to know?"

"Tell her I'm OK?" KL asks, settling back down to sleep. "Thanks, Leslie. You're great. And sorry, again."

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