Place :Fury House/Wherever Kovo is.

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waning Full Moon phase (93% full).

Sunday afternoon, and Kovo's day is disturbed by the sound of his phone ringing, the Fury house number being displayed as the caller.

Iakovos answers after only one ring with a polite, "Yassu, Kovo speaking."

Kathryn-Laura's voice comes quietly - an unusual occurence, given her usual approach to phones - down the line. "Kovo? It's me." She sounds hoarse, and there's a clutch in her voice as if she's been crying.

Iakovos pauses a moment at the particular quality of KL's voice, replying equally quietly, "KL? Are you alright?" Silly question perhaps, but then again he's got to start somewhere.

Kathryn-Laura sniffs before replying. "More or less. I'll be up and about in a few days. No permanent damage. But I fucked up." She sounds utterly miserable.

Iakovos listens intently, his voice gentler now. "Do you want to talk about it?" he offers, a note of concern in there as well.

Kathryn-Laura pauses. "Not too much I can say. I let Leslie down...and Alesia and everyone, and I was just trying to be good." This winds up into tears, and she takes a couple of big gulps of air at the end.

Iakovos makes soothing noises from his end of the line. "Hey, it's alright," he murmurs, though wonders how bad a mess-up it is. "You haven't let everyone down. Well, not me, anyway," he adds. "At least it's not something you did on purpose, right?"

"Not intentionally, no." KL replies. "But I should know better. Fucking Get." A touch of the old fierceness here. "I just...miss you. I'll try and explain. A friend needed cleaning up, and I asked someone to help, and they treated me like shit, then provoked me into fucking well losing my temper. Which meant I couldn't do what Leslie had asked me. And I hurt a lot."

Iakovos translates that as best he's able into what actually happened, and makes a faint 'mmm'. "Sounds like it's more the Get's issue than Leslie mad at you?" he asks, then offers quietly, "I miss you too. Did you get what I delivered to the house?"

"No. Delivered?" KL asks, curiously. "I wasn't in a great state this morning. Could barely move. And yes, but I should still know better." She seems to be on a more even keel now, or at least not about to dissolve into tears.'.

Iakovos mm. "It wasn't there when I checked back ten minutes later, so I assume one of your sisters picked it up," he adds thoughtfully. "I left it on the doorstop and rung the bell...didn't want to chance running into someone with a bad head."

Iakovos with 'Oh. Someone must have taken it in, yes. What was it?" KL enquires.'.

Iakovos heh's softly. "You'll have to wait and see," he replies. "Ask one of your sisters and I'm sure they'll show you, now that you're awake and aware. I guarantee at least part of it will have you feeling better in no time."

"Oh." KL says, obviously filled with unsatiated curiosity. "When can I see you again? A week? I should be fine by then."'.

Iakovos mms. "It'll still be a, won't it?" he hazards. "I mean, not that I think you'll lose control, but..."

"Maybe I would." KL replies, morosely. "I did the other day. Week and a half, then. Moon will be quite slim then."'.

Iakovos mmhmms. "Sounds good to me," he agrees. "Where do you want to go?" he then asks. "Out for something to eat?"

"You want me to be fat." KL says, mock-accusingly. "Tell you what, why don't you surprise me? Promise I won't be annoyed, even if it's a meeting of the Lawyers-Talking-Very-Slowly society."'.

Iakovos laughs. "Alright," he agrees. "I'll think of something by then, I'm sure. And also, I've never seen a fat woman of your particular gifts," he adds. "Always too busy burning it off doing some exercise or another."

"Yeah. Exercise." KL says, bitterly. "I'm good at that." There's a pause. "Sorry. Still a fat moon. I'll be counting down the days."'.

Iakovos offers a sympathetic, "I can't even imagine. Still it won't be you want me to bring anything by while you're healing up?"

"I think I'll be OK. Can't think of anything I particularly want, unless you have a magic balm of instant healing." KL replies, sounding more like her usual self. "You looking after yourself?"'.

Iakovos sounds amused. "Of course not. I'm a bachelor; I'm supposed to live on microwave meals and beer," he remarks. "But I'm sure I'll survive until our next night out. Don't fret."

Kathryn-Laura laughs. "OK. Thanks for the whatever. I better go and see who's about. I'll see you in a week and a bit."

Iakovos sounds like he's grinning. "Alright. Get better soon, or I won't be able to take you out to that lawyer's dinner."

"I've not eaten lawyer before." KL says. "It'll be nice. Look after yourself. Bye!" With that, she rings off, somewhat abruptly.'.

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