Time/Date :It is currently 07:20 Pacific Time on Mon Jan 16 2006.

Place :Fury House

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waning Full Moon phase (88% full).

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is raining lightly. The temperature is 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the east at 3 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.10 and falling, and the relative humidity is 89 percent. The dewpoint is 36 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius.)

Alesia is sitting by the fire, on the floor, just kind of watching it. She's recently added some logs so it's burning well. She's wearing a sweat suit and has her knees tugged up to her chest. She just seems to be watching the flames.

From upstairs comes the sound of footsteps on the stairs. It seems as if someone is walking very slowly and gingerly down them, stopping every fourth or fifth step for up to ten seconds, then continuing. Eventually, the descender comes into view, and surprisingly, it's KL. She looks quite pale, and she has bandages on her arms, and one taped to her face. The stains colouring her t-shirt hint at wounds beneath that, too. And she's limping. On seeing Alesia, she raises a hand, but cannot raise a smile. "Morning." she says, tiredly.

Alesia looks up from her spot by the fire, looking a bit pale and tired hereself, complete with dark circles under her eyes. She forces a small smile, "Hello. You okay?" She asks a little worriedly as her smile almost instantly fades, "What happened to you?"

The sound of brush rustling is not likely heard from inside, but beyond the walls of the Greek house, a four legged, tail-wagging stalker is on the approach. Stopping to take on her birth form well out of public sight, Sophie steps the rest of the way to the door and knocks gently upon it.

KL lowers herself down into a seat. "Disagreement. Don't remember, really. Do you fancy opening the door? Be careful." She winces, and puts a hand to her ribs. "I'll keep an eye." She turns slowly to face the door, and waits for the cub to do her bidding.

Alesia hops up, and pads across the floor in sock covered feet. She heads straight to the door and tries to peer outside, finally just opening the door a few inches to see who it is. When she sees it's Sophie she opens the door wider to let the girl in, and calls back to KL, "Sophie, alone."

Sophie grins a little bit, "Sounds like a name, Sophie Alone. You guys hiding from someone?" And then she spies KL, her eyes going wide. "Oh, just looking for some peace and quiet - want me to come back later?"

"Savage her to within an inch of her life." KL instructs Alesia, momentarily straight-faced. There's a beat, and then her face cracks into a grin. "Or invite her in and offer her a drink, whichever you think is less effort. And no, I'll still be in pain later." She re-sets herself in the chair. "Ouchy."

Alesia looks some what shocked at KL's first instruction. She apparently seems to be taking it quite seriously only to look quite relieved when KL adds the other half. "Uh, come on in." She says a little sheepishly, "I think it's okay." She closes the door behind Sophie after she enters, "Want anything?" The question seems to be directed at both Sophie and KL.

Sophie shakes her head to Alesia and gives KL a nose-wrinkled smirk. "You'd have been upset if she listened to your first instruction you know. So what happened to you KL?" She grins at Alesia again, adding in a quick, "And how are you doing?"

"Argument with a threshing machine." KL says, dead-pan. "And Alesia, if you could get me a glass of milk I'd be eternally grateful, at least until this afternoon." That's more jokes in two minutes than she usually manages in a week. Worrying.

Alesia heads off to the kitchen, looking more confused than anything else. She shakes her head and then can be heard rummaging around for a glass and pouring milk and such. In a little while she returns, glass of cold milk in hand.

"A what machine?" Sophie moves in and looks at the wounded Fury, eyes taking in each and every bit of bandage and blood. It disconcerts her a bit, and her strained posture might suggest just that. "Can you explain what happened?"

"Can I explain? Yes. Am I going to? No." KL replies. "I got into an argument, and I came off second best, and can we leave it at fucking that?" Her voice hardens and gets louder as she runs through this speech, and she finishes it off by glaring fiercely at Sophie, and stretching out her hand for the glass.

Alesia hands KL the glass of milk. She looks like she'd rather vanish as KL gets a bit on the terse side of things. Clearly an angry Ahroun puts Alesia ill at ease. She bites her lower lip then looks over at Sophie a little worriedly.

Sophie holds her hands up, "Sorry sorry, just - you made it sound like you were fighting an actual machine, you must not have meant it literally. My bad." She lifts a shoulder, "I was just concerned that it meant I could have a future of facing angry cars, and possessed photo copiers as a Garou, which ya know, kind of unnerved me."

KL takes a sip of milk, and calms herself. "Thanks, Alesia," she says. "And actually, that is possible. A..." A long pause. "A former friend of mind got attacked by his computer, when it got possessed. And cars lead to pollution, and pollution leads to bane spirits. Though there are, obviously, other things to fight, machinery is one of them. Some of them. Or something."

Alesia moves to the side, avoiding the discussion between Sophie and KL for the most part. She glances back at the fire, then gives a little unconcious shrug before glancing back at KL and Sophie.

Sophie huhs with disbelief. "That's so crazy. How do you fight a machine? I am bad enough fighting soft things." She grins at the thought, and shakes her head. Just as strongly as the questions came, they fade away and she turns to Alesia. "I was going to ask if you'd like me to bring a game over next time I visit? Found an old beat up version of Life at the farm."

The Fury Ahroun chuckles. "You'd have to play it with Alesia. I'm entertaining with board games." Any trace of anger is gone, she seems happy, and content - if a bit stiff and motionless. "I take it no more Rite news?"

Alesia looks confused for a moment then says, "I don't know how to play." Her words are soft as she looks between the two, still looking slightly disoriented by the recent round of conversations. "Is it hard to learn how?"

Sophie shakes her head at Alesia. "It's real easy. It's not a thinking game, just a fun, silly game." Then she turns her head to KL and her face hardens, a very brief shake of her head. "No. And I am tired of asking. Cole gets mad when I ask and tells me not question his judgement on timing. So fine, whatever. When I've been around a whole year and am still a cub, it'll be his fault."

KL nods quickly. "It is his decision. Of course, you can always challenge him for it when you've passed your rite." She shrugs, and then winces. "Ow. OK, no shrugging. Anyway, but by then it'll be a bit late. And it may not be a thinking game, but unless the moon is very thin then I'll take a pass. Most people object to being hit repeatedly with the gaming board."

Alesia gives a little nod, and follows that with a little shrug, "Um, sure if you want to bring it next time." She says as she finally takes a seat again, this time in a chair instead of the floor, "I don't know how long I'll be a cub. Is there a rule about not being a cub very long?" She asks, sounding a little worried.

Sophie shrugs her shoulders, "You know, I don't even know. Megan had that rule. Funny that Cole is so unworried about how long I am a cub, when his elder had the whole, rite them in a certain period of time thing going. I don't know what Touch Deer has set as his ruling on it." She lets out a sigh and flops heavily into her own chair.

The only cliath in the room sighs. "It's a bit complicated. Ideally, we want people to Rite as soon as they're ready, and not a second before. Knowing when the right time is can be difficult, and it varies so much from person to person." She smiles. "And of course, everyone is just waiting to second guess you."

Alesia nods a little bit at both KL and Sophie's words, "Okay, um... I'm not ready yet." She says as if there was any question about that. As if she's saying it just to be clear. "Who gets to decide when I have to do my um, rite thingy?"

Sophie huhs. "I don't envy his position at all, especially with me always in his face about it." She twiddles her fingers briefly, then jumps up, "Oh look!" And then a series of hand gestures are thrown out, sign language if either of them would recognize it. "I just said, Good morning, excuse me, thank you and good bye."

KL studies Sophie's hands with mild interest. "That's neat. I guess. Why are you learning it?" She glances over at Alesia. "Helen, technically, Leslie, in actuality," she explains to the cub. "And you're right. You're so far from ready that you couldn't see it with a telescope. It'll be fine, though. Plenty of time."

Alesia looks again relieved as KL confirms her distance from Riting. Then she peers at Sophie, "Um, Sign language, right? They talked about that in school I think. Never learned any of it though. It's how deaf people talk? Handy for um, talking without making any sounds I guess? Some of the girls were going to use it so they could talk in class without the teacher hearing them but they said it was too hard to learn so gave up."

Sophie grins a little at both of them, nodding. "Cole gave me permission to take the class with Aaron, since I told Aaron I would help him and he said he was going to take the class. And so yeah. And." She smiles at this a bit more. "I got asked to pack with him. If I ever bloody well rite, and he said Morgan could come too."

KL sighs, and studies the fire for a moment or two, before looking back to Sophie. "That's really good news, Sophie," she says, without much enthusiasm. "You'll really enjoy being in a pack."

Alesia frowns at KL's response then asks, "What's a pack? Like a pack of wolves? Or... something else?" She says unsure, "It's a good thing, right?" She eyes KL, "Something wrong?"

"Yeah, I am looking forward to it. But I have to make sure it's the kind of pack I want to be in. The one I want to be in, would never allow Morgan in it, and I gave my word as a cub that I was going to pack with her. I can't go back on that." Sophie looks almost a little upset by this.

"It's a very good thing, and it's really hard to explain until you do it." KL says, with a nod. "And I'm not in one any more, in fairly spectacular fashion." She looks back at Sophie. "Any thought as to totem?"

Alesia ohs and quiets as she curls up a bit more in her chair and watches the other two talk about packs.

Sophie nods, "I know more of what I don't want, than what I think might fit. No totems of cunning for sure. I don't think a Judge would do well in that type of pack. War wouldn't be a favorite either. So, wisdom or respect. Sabina asked me for her pack, it will be all half-moons. I really sort of wanted to be in that one - but..." she shrugs, "I can't go back on what I said."

KL nods. "Even if it was a promise to a metis, it's still a promise." She smiles. "I'm not sure how well an all-philodox pack would work. Would you go around judging everything? Strange." She leans back, yelps with pain, then straightens up again. "So not used to this."

Alesia eyes KL for a moment then says, "Did you take any asprin? Do you want me to look over the bandages? I had to do my own... probably easier to do someone elses...." She offers softly.

Sophie looks at KL, "Can't you just heal up in another form?" Alesia's words get a slight glance, but Sophie quickly drops the focus from her.

KL points at her swollen form. "Am in Glabro. Will take at least a week to heal up. Claws do really serious damage, much more than a knife." She grins unpleasantly. "Wonder how his wounds are?"

Alesia watches as her offer goes unacknowledged and gives a tiny shrug and curls up tighter. She watches the pair, now silent herself.

Sophie ohs at this, looking somewhat embarassed. "Forgot. I always think of 'other form' as having to be in lupus or crinos. So um. Ah nevermind." She waves it off and looks about the place, "How's your boyfriend?" she drops casually.

KL is poking a bandage experimentally. "I think I'm OK for the moment, Alesia. Leslie did these. But they might need changing tonight, if you're still willing." At the mention of Kovo, she grins. "He sent me some flowers," she says, happily. "Though I can't see him for another ten days or so."

Alesia gives a little nod, "Will Iakovos be coming to stay with us when the moon gets smaller?" She asks softly, looking at KL. "He asked if he could when he bought the house for us."

Sophie grins at the other, "That's really cool. I wonder if I will ever get a boyfriend. I could have had any one that I wanted before, but I didn't want a boy getting in the way of my career."

"Still a problem." KL says, maintaining her grin. "And, Alesia, we'll have to talk about it, but I don't see why not. Though he'd need a bed and things."

Alesia eyes Sophie's words about a boyfriend, and it brings on the slightest of cringes. Clearly this is a topic that is making her a little uncomfortable. She looks over at KL and nods a little bit, "Think there's still a few rooms up stairs not in use. Maybe I should clean them out so he can pick?" She offers softly.

Sophie hmms, "Yeah. Now I have to find one that is perfect, *and* kin. Great." She chuckles a little and stands up, "I should get back to the farm. I'll clean up the game and bring it over next time, okay?"

"I think that _we_ should clean them out." KL stresses to Alesia. "Because cleaning up around here is not your job any more than it is mine and Leslie and Helen's, cappiche?" She looks back to Sophie. "Cool. Gaia watch over you!"

Alesia stands up when Sophie does, "Um, yes... I... okay." She says with a little stammer, "Just thought since I'm the cub... I should be cleaning?" She says unsure about that as she glances at Sophie. then KL.

Sophie holds her hands up, "You're in the Fury house. Fury Rules. Not my department." She grins a little, "I'll see you guys later. Take care of yourselves." She excuses herself toward the door then, and steps out.

"Nope." KL replies, waving goodbye to Sophie from her sitting position. "I mean, it's great that you help out, and that's a requirement, but you aren't required to do all the unpleasant jobs. That's disrespectful." She smiles at Alesia. "And wrong and icky and horribly Get of Fenris."

Alesia gives Sophie a little wave good bye as the other cub leaves then turns her attention back to KL, "Okay... I guess." She says, still sounding unsure about that, "If you want help with those bandages, let me know?"

KL shifts and winces again. "Thanks. I'll be a bit more mobile in a couple of days, I think. All I did yesterday was sleep, and I feel much better, relatively, today. However, I do need a little lie-down now, unless you need me?"

Alesia shakes her head, "No, it's okay... I can take care of things down here. You take care, okay?"

KL grins. "Bit late for that. But I will from now on." She stands gingerly, and limps towards the staircase. "See you later. If anyone comes, come and wake me. Won't be annoyed.

Alesia nods, "Okay, will do." She says as she goes back to take care of the fire.

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