Time/Date :It is currently 07:44 Pacific Time on Fri Jan 20 2006.

Place :Fury House

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is mostly cloudy. The temperature is 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the southwest at 6 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.91 and steady, and the relative humidity is 94 percent. The dewpoint is 37 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waning Gibbous Moon phase (61% full).

Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

This is the central hub of the house. From here, you can still see the entrance foyer, as well as the stairway that heads to the second story. Towards the back of the common area is a set of glass doors that lead out to a courtyard. To the east, an arched doorway leads to what apparently serves as a library, office, and workroom, and to the west, an arched doorway leads to what appears to be a kitchen and dining area..
There are several chairs here, simple, elegant, yet functional in their design and intent. The room has a comfortable feel to it, but is a bit ascetic in design. The walls are off-white, the molding dark cherry wood and decorated with acanthus-leaf ornamentation at the corners. A pair of antique spears are hung crossed against each other on one wall, and a wall-relief depicting a scene of Grecian warriors hangs on the other. Above the mantle of the fireplace is a small statue of Artemis, on either side of that, dark metal candlesticks with ivory pillar candles. The entire room is a study in the contrast of light and dark.

The fire is buring quite nicely and Alesia is sitting on the couch with a blanket over her legs. She's got a sketch book resting in her lap and she seems to be rather focused on drawing something. She's using some colored pencils switching them out every so often for another shade.

KL wanders downstairs. She's still in Glabro most of the time, but her wounds have largely faded, and she's moving much more easily about the house. "Good morning," she greets the cub, waving what appears to be a notepad and a pen at her. "Did you ever finish my picture? It's just, I'm writing a letter to Kovo and I wondered..." her voice trails off.

Alesia seems to be drawing what looks like the Caern, with the large stone in the center. The focus is on the milky white stone, not the surroundings. She pauses as she hears KL then nods and flips through her sketch pad a bit until she finds the page she wants. It's a pictuer of KL, in homid, sitting on the ground next to a wolf. The wolf is standing and KL has one arm drapped over the side of the wolf as the wolf seems to be nobly standing guard in some generally wooded background. The wolf is clearly KL in lupus, for any who would recognize such. Both are slightly... stylized, in that they seem to be trying to pull out as much beauty out as possible, maybe the wolf is a little more noble, maybe KL is a little more attractive, but there's no mistaking the subject matter. She holds up the pad, to let you take it and look at it closely if you want, not saying a word herself yet.

The picture gets a somewhat strange reaction from KL, who shifts quickly down into homid. She looks away, then back again, eyes brimming with tears. "It's lovely," she says, voice thick. "Thank you." She slumps down in a seat, clutching her notepad to her chest, still looking at the cub, but not saying anything.

Alesia looks confused as she sees KL's reaction. It's clear she has simply no idea what to make of it so after a moment frowns, "Its wrong?" She says worreidly, "It... it's making you cry?" She asks then starts to gnaw on her lower lip. She peers down at the picture, looking at it as if maybe she screwed up something.

"It's not wrong at all," KL says, shaking her head. "It's really good. You're very talented indeed. It's just... I look so happy there. I _am_ so happy, in many ways. And I know that I'm just waiting for the next big knock. Maybe Leslie and Helen are going to punish me. Or my Dad will come chasing after me, or something. Or I'll get killed," she says, fatalisticly.

Alesia looks down at the picture then very softly says, "Or maybe you'll go on happily, and get to know Kovo better and... help me... and everything will be good?" She says hopefully.

KL smiles, somewhat grimly. "Yeah, maybe. But it's more likely that Leslie and Helen and other people will still be around. Most Ahrouns die young. But people will remember me, for when I go, I will go gloriously."

Alesia frowns a bit then shakes her head, "No." She says firmly, "You don't have to die young. Not all Ahrouns die young." She pauses looking down at the picture, "And... I need you so you can't die young." She pauses then looks back up at you, "Okay?"

An indulgent smile. "OK. I'll try not to get killed then." KL seems a bit brighter now, a bit more cheerful. "Can I have it, or do you want to keep it. And what should I write in my letter to Kovo?" She pulls the pad into a ready state, and gets her pen ready.

Alesia blinks, "What.... what do you mean what should you write?" She say unsure, "You can have it... I made it for you. But... I don't know what you should write... cause I don't know what you're um... I don't understand what you're asking me." She admits.

"Well, this is the first letter I've written since I was thirteen. Thus far I have "Dear Kovo, I am healing well and am almost back to normal." And then I got stuck." KL says, with a friendly smile. "So, any suggestions of things I could tell him?"

Alesia nods a bit then says, "I've never written a letter." She pauses then says, "I wrote one to mom once, but that's cause I thought she was still alive and was hoping I could send it to her. My dad found it." She frowns a bit, "Um, what do you want to tell him?" She asks, apparently trying to change the topic. "How do you feel when you think about him?"

KL goes violently red. "I like him a lot. And I've been missing him all the time that I've been cooped up here. I can't see him for another week. And he sent me flowers, which are lovely." She looks down at the floor. "But I can't write that in a letter, it's too gushy."

Alesia blinks then says, "Why not?" She asks softly. "If you mean it you should write it. Tell him you miss him all the time. Tell him you look forward to seeing him and not being cooped up, that you loved the flowers and you look forward to seeing him?"

The Fury Ahroun, still blushing, nods. "I won't write it like that, entirely. Got an image to maintain, you know." She starts writing. "How are you, anyway? I'll write and tell him about you. I'm sure he'd like to know."

Alesia ohs and says, "Why not? I mean it's not like he'll share it with the other furies?" She says softly then curls a bit tighter under her blanket, "I don't know. Less nightmares now. That's good, right?"

"It's very good, Alesia." KL says, nodding. "We only ever achieve big things in small steps. Or at least, that's what I tell myself when I think I'm not getting anywhere." She writes some more on her pad, pen moving very slowly indeed.

Alesia thinks a bit then says, "Tell Kovo that? The thing about small steps?" She suggests, then thinks, "Is he going to come visit or stay here when the moon is smaller? Maybe?"

"I'll ask him about that too." KL says. "I don't know if our...sort of being together...has changed that at all." She grins. "Be nice to have him around. Well, I think so, anyway. Helen or Leslie might not."

Alesia thinks about it and says, "Leslie says I can't hurt guys just cause they're guys. It might be good to um, make sure you're around when I meet him again?" She suggests a little worriedly. "I don't think I'd do what I did to Cole to him. But I don't want to hurt him, you know?"

"That's probably quite a good idea." KL agrees. "I'd be very upset if you hurt my boyfriend." She writes some more. "I think I've finished." She holds it at arms length. "Not many words, I fear."

Alesia nods, "Do you want me to read it?" She asks as she watches you hold the letter out. "I don't want to hurt your..." She pauses then tilts her head, "So... so he's really your boyfriend now?" She says as she seems to find that interesting.

"I don't see why not." KL says. "Though you mustn't tell anyone what's in it. And yes, though exactly what that means isn't clear or certain." She hands the letter over to Alesia, who can see that it reads as follows:

Dear Kovo,
I am healing well and am almost back to normal. I don't know if I'm going to be in any trouble for what happened. I think I should be. I think Gunnar should be too. Alesia is well and is having less nightmares which is good. I told her that it takes small steps to achieve big things.
Thank you for the flowers. They are by my bed and I like looking at them in the morning. I have looked out of the window to try and see you sometimes but you have not been there.
I am not very good at writing letters. This is the first proper letter I have written since I was thirteen. There is a picture in this enveloap that Alesia drew when I asked her. I hope you like it. It is of me twice. I am not usually in two places at the same time though sometimes it seems like I am.
I have been missing you and look forward to seeing you soon. You can call me but remember that I do not like telyphones very much.

I do not know how to end letters either.

PS. When the moon is very small try and call me by my proper name. I want to know what happens. You should stand a reasonable distance away though.

Alesia reads the letter then blinks, "Proper name?" She asks curiously as she hands it back, clearly unsure.

"Mm." KL says. "KL is short for something, you know. I just don't like to be called it, because it reminds me of my Dad. I used to get called it when I had been bad, which was all the time. I think that's something I should try to fix, and Kovo might be able to do it."

Alesia nods a bit, "My dad called me 'little one' a lot. I think I'd hurt anyone who called me that so I guess I understand that." She says a little thoughtfully. "Was your dad bad to you?" She asks as she looks back up at you, unsure, like she almost hopes the answer is yes because then it might not make her feel like it was so alone on that front.

KL grimaces. "Not in the same way that yours was, Alesia. He slippered me once or twice, but it was more...expectation. He wanted me to be...pink dresses, and Barbie dolls and I was all treehouses and mud. So we fought, a lot. And Mum always sided with him rather than me." She looks sad. "Nothing too bad, but enough that I don't want anything to do with him."

Alesia ohs and nods, "I never had any dolls." She says as she curls up a bit, clearly thinking about things. She seems almost lost in thought suddenly, just kind of dazed, maybe struggling with those voices, it's hard to tell.

"Sorry," KL apologises. "Didn't mean to bring up bad memories." She looks down at the letter. "Ah well. It'll have to do. I'll go fetch an envelope, I guess. And a marker pen."

Alesia nods and looks at her sketch, "Um, I hope Kovo likes my drawing of you."

"I'm sure he will. Do you mind me giving it to him?" KL asks. "Sorry, I should have asked first. Terribly rude of me. But photos are weaverish and your picture is much nicer than any one of those could be."

Alesia nods a bit, "Couldn't have you twice in a picture either." She says softly, "Sure..." She detatches the page from the sketch book and hands the drawing over. "I still have the picture in my head. So it's okay if you give it to him. I gave it to you... so it's yours to do with." She says then manages a grin, "I'm glad you like it."

"I really do. I hope he does too." KL says, cradling the picture with the letter. "I'll just go and get that envelope." She disappears upstairs, and returns a few moments later carrying a large legal-size envelope, which she slides both letter and picture in without folding. "Fantastic," she says, licking and sticking.

Alesia nods a bit then thinks a little bit and then says, "KL? Would you think it was... um, silly of me if... if I asked for a toy?" She asks softly as she looks up at you, clearly nervous and a little worried about even bringing up the topic.

"No." KL says. "Well, maybe. Depends what sort of toy. But I know you missed out on stuff like that, and...we're trying to make up for that. What do you want?" She smiles widely. "And would you like to come and get it with me, when I go?"

Alesia hesitates then says, "Um, I... I could do that." She puases then says, "But can I go? Leslie said the police might be looking for me." She hesitates then adds, "You could get it for me maybe? To be safe? I... I just wanted a um..." She flushes a bit before she spills it, "A teddy bear?"

KL grins. "OK. I'll get you a bear. How big? Small - medium - large." She holds her hands distances apart - large being about four foot tall, small about a foot. "And what kind? One with clothes or without?"

Alesia looks rather confused suddenly then says, "Um, a soft one? I don't know... I never had one before. Not big, um, not sure how small. Something I can um.... sleep with... maybe?" She says as she stammers and struggles since she's clearly a bit embarassed about the request.

"No problem." KL says. "It'll be a couple of days before I can go. I'll just wait for the moon to be a little slimmer and until I've had a chance to heal up the last little bits of damage." She sits back down and, taking a marker pen, writes "KOVO" in big letters on the front of the envelope. "There."

Alesia peers at KL's addressing, "Um, do you have his address? It won't get there with just Kovo on the outside." She points out just in case KL doesn't know, but it's asked in a way as if she's not positive if KL knows such things but doesn't want to offend her either.

"I'm going to leave it outside the door on the porch. He swings by occasionally to pick things up or drop things off - like my flowers." KL explains. "I do know how the mail works, you know."

Alesia flushes a bit, "D... didn't know." She says as she squirms a little unesaily, "Sorry..." She adds softly, "I hope he can come visit soon."

"At least another few days. Luna's still too fat to be close to high rage, easily annoyed Garou." KL says, pointing at herself. "Which sucks, to be honest, but other people seem to cope." She holds out the letter. "Could you do me a favour and leave it outside on the porch?"

Alesia scoots out from under her blanket and nods, and takes it, then quickly goes to place it on the porch. She seems eager to do what you ask, pretty much no matter what you ask.

"Thanks," KL says, as Alesia returns. "You're great, you know. Best thing to hit this house in ages." She leans back in her chair, stretching out a hand towards the fire as if testing the warmth of it. "And yes, I'll get you a teddy bear. You'll have to name it, though. That's important."

Alesia thinks about that a bit and nods as she returns to her blanket then asks, "S... so I'm not messing up? I mean... I'm scared... that I'm not doing things right so I try harder and then I think maybe I'm still not doing it right. So, I think more." She says, as she looks to KL as she returns to her spot under the blanket, "I'm doing okay though?"

"You're doing fine, as far as I can tell." KL says. "You're far ahead of all the other cubs I've raised, that's for certain." There's a twinkle in her eye as she says this, that seems to imply that she's laughing about something or other.

Alesia looks confused about that. "I am? I thought... Leslie said it would be over half a year and... and I thought maybe I was wrong but I thought that the cubs did faster so I thought maybe I would be slower and..." She rambles a bit then stops herself, "Do you thihnk Leslie thinks I'm doing a good job?"

"You are the first cub I've had a hand in raising." KL confesses. "And I don't know. I think she's worried about you, but that's because of what you've been through, not because of what you are or what you're doing now. And she doesn't want to make anything worse."

Alesia nods a little bit then says, "I'm better than when I got here though, right?" She asks softly, "At least a bit better?"

"Yes, I think you are." KL says, reassuringly. She rubs a hand on her trousers. "I hope you're happier, too. Are you? I mean, do you want to be here?" She looks keenly at the cub. "Because we want you to be here."

Alesia blinks as if KL just asked her if she prefers not being stabbed repeatedly, "Um, well, yes?" She says, with a little 'how could you ask that' kind of thing. "Of course I want to be here. No one hits me or hurts me or...." She trails of and looks down, "Or other things.... it feels safer."

"Good. I mean, I don't know what we'd do if you said no, of course." KL says. "Is there anything else you want? I mean, there's a limit to how much money I have, and stuff is bad for your head, but within reason I can get you things. How are you for clothes, for example?"

Alesia thinks a bit and says, "I still have some outfits. Kaz brought me a few things for christmas and a few others have gotten me some stuff. I need some shoes though... only have one pair left. Ruined some shoes by um, changing and tearing them.

"Cool. Well, not cool about ruining them, but I can get you some cheap trainers. What size are you?" KL asks, interestedly. "Actually, I should lay in some stuff more generally, I think. For another cub, if one comes along."

Alesia nods a little bit then says, "Size 5." She says for her shoe size, "Just some um, simple gym shoes or something would be good?" She says as she nods, "I'm sorry I don't have any money to help."

"No problem," KL says. "I have some. Not vast amounts, and I'm running a little low on cash, but I can always go to the bank and get some more. Trust fund. Very useful." She waves a hand. "Even though it's bad for me."

Alesia nods a little bit, "You all just have done so much for me. I don't know... I mean I wish I could do more for you all." She says as she watches KL a bit.

"Nah. It's fun." KL says. "You're family. The only condition is that when you're older, and you've passed your rite and everything, then you help out others as best you can."

Alesia nods, and gives a little weak smile, "Hope I can make you all proud. I just worry. Guess I'm not used to doing things and not being told I've done it wrong."

"You don't do many things wrong. I mean, if in future you can avoid putting tribal elders through windows, that might be for the best, but we all make mistakes like that." KL looks upset for a few moments. "I do, anyway."

Alesia nods, "I really am sorry about that. Do you think telling him I'm sorry would help?"

KL nods. "Probably a good idea, but it can wait until you see him next. I've seen him since, and I don't think he's mad at you." She smiles. "It's not unusual for such things to happen, it really isn't."

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