Time/Date :It is currently 15:12 Pacific Time on Fri Feb 3 2006.

Place :Center of the Caern

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waxing Crescent Moon phase (33% full).

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is partially cloudy. The temperature is 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 30.09 and falling, and the relative humidity is 93 percent. The dewpoint is 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius.)

Center of the Caern

This is the central point of the 30-meter-wide clearing. The ground is a mixture of dark, rich, muddy soil mixed with clay, though there is an occasional patch of grass. At the center rests a large white boulder, immovable even by the strongest crinos. The boulder is shot through with streaks of quartz that produces scintillating colors when light strikes it just right. It is, for lack of a wholly adequate word, beautiful.
Around you, twenty yards in every direction, stretches the caern. To the southeast, a waterfall plummets over the edge of the chasm into a small pool in the caern; nearby, to the southwest, steam comes from cracks in the ground, perhaps some of the same water. Northwest, a rocky spar juts out of the ground at a low angle, showing a sloping but smooth top. The chasm walls narrow a bit to the northeast, causing some of the mist to swirl in that area.

Afternoon in the caern, and less than an hour after she hobbled away in Glabro, Escapes-From-Money comes bundling back into the Caern, barking and howling. Guardian! I need a Guardian! Her side has a still open wound and and there are numerous half-healed cuts all over her, though she's moving freely enough.

A howl answers quickly, Circle Keeper's voice from a about two kilometres off. It's cut off quickly as presumably the Ahroun starts for the Caern; it's 3 minutes before the Ahroun comes tearing in a lightning pace, the wolf almost skidding to a stop as he arrives from the east. His whole posture is very `Danger! Danger!`, his tail flagged high as he sniffs at the air furiously.

Escapes immediately flattens herself to the ground, a position of absolute submission, and crawls slowly towards the guardian. I have erred. I have brought a cub tainted by the enemy to the caern nearly a moon ago. Her ears are flat to her body in and her tail flat - her whole posture screaming her shame. I will present myself before the half-moons for punishment, but you needed to know immediately.

Circle Keeper hasn't even caught his breath, the wolf panting from the sudden sprint to the Caern. It may be because of this he doesn't react all at once, the realization of what she said slowly dawning on him. Gradually, his ears scoop forward, eyes arch wide, and his tail sticks up even further; the Uktena's body all at once boils outward, bones cracking, rearranging and muscle seeming to flow under his pelt as he shifts up to hispo. Moon calf! He barks back, furious.

The taint was not strong, but the bane that touched her may have followed. The Fury Ahroun is absolutely abject, and closes her eyes and presses herself more firmly into the ground.She's very miserable indeed, and in her enthusiasm to prostate herself, she's re-opened a wound and is dripping blood onto the mud. She whines her acknowledgement of the insult. I am moon calf.

Circle Keeper's teeth bare, muzzle wrinkling as he strides forward. The Uktena places himself over top other Ahroun, the hispo making his dominance clear. After a few seconds, he walks off to one side and spirals around to face back to KL. Which cub? he asks bluntly.

Our cub. KL replies, lifting her muzzle slightly from the ground. She has been cleansed. My fault. I will face punishment soon.

Circle Keeper takes an abrupt step forward, voice raising to a growl: Which cub is yours? he demands more forcibly.

The air of misery grows from KL. I call her Woken-From-Nightmares, she answers. She is Theurge cub. Why does it matter? She is our cub. We have only one. I cannot name her. All this comes in a long whine, though the Ahroun's posture is still extremely submissive.

Cub is /not/ to come to the Caern until Warder says cub may. he states, rolling his lips back down over all but the tips of his canines. Circle Keeper raises his head, sniffing at the air a few more times.

The prostrate Black Fury gives no immediate answer, but remains flat to the floor, ears equally flat. As you order, she responds, eventually. She starts to back away, still low to the floor.

Circle Keeper growls at the Black Fury again wordlessly, turning sharply to begin stomping off west. To say he looks incredibly angry would be perhaps an understatement. As he disappears up the valley, a howl can be heard, looking for the Warder.

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