Time/Date : Fri Feb 3 2006.

Place :Center of the Caern

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waxing Crescent Moon phase (33% full).

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is partially cloudy. The temperature is 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 30.09 and falling, and the relative humidity is 93 percent. The dewpoint is 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius.)

Center of the Caern

This is the central point of the 30-meter-wide clearing. The ground is a mixture of dark, rich, muddy soil mixed with clay, though there is an occasional patch of grass. At the center rests a large white boulder, immovable even by the strongest crinos. The boulder is shot through with streaks of quartz that produces scintillating colors when light strikes it just right. It is, for lack of a wholly adequate word, beautiful.
Around you, twenty yards in every direction, stretches the caern. To the southeast, a waterfall plummets over the edge of the chasm into a small pool in the caern; nearby, to the southwest, steam comes from cracks in the ground, perhaps some of the same water. Northwest, a rocky spar juts out of the ground at a low angle, showing a sloping but smooth top. The chasm walls narrow a bit to the northeast, causing some of the mist to swirl in that area.

Hours have passed since the fight. After a period, the flow of blood slowed and then stopped, and there was something more peaceful in the slumber of the wounded Ahroun. Now, she indicates a return to at least semi-consciousness by giving out a long, low, groan of pain. There's no other movement, though, her eyes still firmly closed.

Emma remains seated near the Fury, resting back in a lazy lounge that is formed by propping her upper body up by her arms. She glances to KL as she begins to stir, but doesn't move other than to watch her more closely now. "You waking up now?"

KL opens one eye. "I hurt," she says vaguely. "All over." Then a long pause. "I lost." She starts to curl into a smaller ball, then winces. "Can I go back to sleep?"

Emma shakes her head, "You should shift first, and getting you to the Fury house would be a better place to sleep."

The Fury ahroun lifts her hand and claws pathetically at the mud. "S'comfortable here," she mutters. "Goddess, i hurt so much." She touches her side cautiously, and her breath catches as she flinches. "Shift?"

Emma nods her head and moves to the others side now, pulling the hand away with a soft heh, "Don't touch, just shift, and maybe- stay put here to let the wounds seal up before we start moving."

KL nods, and her face screws up in effort. Her body swells slowly into Glabro. Not the most veil friendly of forms, but easy enough to get into. She sighs with the effort, then opens both eyes. "Somehow, it always hurts less in this form," she says, voice a little stronger. "I'd like to go home."

Emma takes a gander over the wounds, "Alright, we'll give it a shot as long as you don't start oozing again." She stands up and offers a hand down to the other. "Easy on the up."

The Fury takes the offered hand, and leans fairly heavily on it as she pulls herself to her feet. At which point, she sways and almost collapses onto Emma, draping an arm around her alpha's shoulders to keep her upright. "Ow," she says succinctly.

Emma smiles gently at the other. "Got 'yer feet?" She wraps one arm about the back of the Fury, "Lean all ya need or want. We'll go slow." The Get does as promised then, letting the Fury set the pace. "So, would hearing my problems get your mind off yours?"

"Sure," KL exhales, rather than says, the word, as the two make a very slow, limping progress, out of the centre of the caern. "First...Do you hate me?" she asks, before inhaling in pain and clutching her side.

"Can I hit you for asking a stupid question now? Or would you like me to let you heal first?" The tone Emma uses suggests that in fact it was a silly question. "Course not. But you're going to start working on some fuckin' yoga or meditation crap with me. People set you off too easy."

KL chuckles, then thinks better of it. "What you want to tell me?" she asks, limping along. "And if it requires hitting, it can...wait for a few days." She pulls at her T-shirt, which has matted into her wounds, and grimaces.

Emma nods her head, "I need to speak with Gunnar after I get you home, about what I already asked you about. Namely, Grey." She glances sidelong to the Fury, "I have already gone to Grey to ask if would consider, in afterthought, that is pretty much an invitation. What if- and this is likely going to happen, Gunnar has a shit fit?"

"Then you have to make a decision." KL replies, before groaning, and then whispering. "Speaking hurts. So does breathing. Is HAVOC going to remain a city pack?" she asked. "And if so, who's more useful? But I can't give you too much advice on that. It would be really dishonourable to try to persuade you to remove Gunnar from the pack. And not what I want to do."

Emma nods her head. "Gunnar is more suited for ... old ways stuff. He sticks out like a sore thumb in the city, but he has so much wisdom. Grey- he's got street smarts and grit. He's also a Judge and has the balls to back up his judgements if any of us get flustery and start whining. I know that if I take up Grey, people will be curious. But, we're a war pack, what do we care of past records, if our current record is that we are kicking ass and cleaning up?"

Another little "heh" from KL. "I've not kicked much ass recently. More the reverse," she whispers. "What does Gunnar like?" Out of the blue, that. "I mean, when he's not being all ancient."

Emma shrugs her shoulders slightly, "Got me. Known the guy for a year and I know absolutely nothing of him. I don't think he exists as just Gunnar. He's... like a living embodiment of the old ways and - I dunno." She laughs then, "He creeps me out more than anything else. So yeah. It's a tough call. I think Grey would be more useful to us in the city and on the streets. Not that Gunnar is without his use -he's just, it feels mismatched."

KL sighs. "I don't know the Rite of Contrition," she says. "But I thought I could get him something...as a gesture." Another little sigh. "That's your decision, Emma. You should give some thought to who's going to be Beta, too. Unless you want to leave it to chance."

Emma nods her head with a heavy sigh, "I don't think you owe Gunnar anything. The matter is over." She pauses to check at the wounds, making sure nothing is being overly problemesque. "So this is what I get for taking that bold step forward huh? What a headache. This'll make a bitch out of me yet, huh?"

"You're already a bitch," KL breathes. "You claimed it, you live with it." She grins widely, displaying an unpleasant array of splayed teeth. "But I'll back you as best I'm...ow...able." She shambles to a halt. "Need a break."

Emma nods her head, "Appreciate more than you can know KL. I think, I will bring up the idea to Gunnar, and, regardless of his feeling, leave it up to Vex to sort it out. If *he* can't discern what is a proper match than no one can. And if it means losing one over the other?" she leaves open ended as they rest stationary for a moment.

"It'd be sad," KL says, with a wheeze. "I think...you have to decide what sort of pack you want HAVOC to be. Can't be Signe's pack frozen in time." She leans against a tree. "Really, ow. Did I fall on something sharp?"

Emma grins at KL at her last comment, "You could say that sort of. Alright, I'm going to stick with my plan then. I'll ask Gunnar what he thinks, but regardless of what his decision is, I am going to have Vex sort out whether or not Grey can serve under him. If this all blows up in our face, we start from scratch." She pauses though at that, "Will you stick with me even if that happens?"

"You know the answer to that." KL says, closing her eyes and tipping her head back. "I'll be alongside you no matter what." She grimaces, again. "How much further is it? And you need to present yourself to Vex as the new alpha."

Emma laughs at that, "I'll wait till you are mended so you can lug me around before I do that. But yes." She nods ahead, "Almost there. Is someone going to be around to get a look at you? Or you going to heal this au natural?"

"We'll see." KL says. "I think...au natural is more honourable." She sighs, her shoulders slumping. "I guess I was wrong." A wry grin. "I don't know, Emma. I need to get stronger. Too weak at the moment."

Emma nods her head, "We can work at that too. I know how you feel, honestly. Why do you think I have such a complex with being a pathetic Get?" She chuckles a little, "But you know, fighting out challenges is a lot different than fighting the enemy. And I've seen us both do that. We get it done, and we get it done well. Don't doubt yourself KL."

KL grins, again, half-pain, half-humour. "Find us a target and we'll hit it. When you've decided who's in the pack...find us fire and temper us there. Or come with me to my fire."

Emma nods, "It's a deal KL. Thanks for being a second set of ears for me. Alright, lets hush up and get you home to chill."

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