Time/Date :It is currently 06:42 Pacific Time on Fri Feb 3 2006.

Place :Center of the Caern

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waxing Crescent Moon phase (33% full).

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is partially cloudy. The temperature is 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 30.09 and falling, and the relative humidity is 93 percent. The dewpoint is 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius.)

Center of the Caern

This is the central point of the 30-meter-wide clearing. The ground is a mixture of dark, rich, muddy soil mixed with clay, though there is an occasional patch of grass. At the center rests a large white boulder, immovable even by the strongest crinos. The boulder is shot through with streaks of quartz that produces scintillating colors when light strikes it just right. It is, for lack of a wholly adequate word, beautiful.
Around you, twenty yards in every direction, stretches the caern. To the southeast, a waterfall plummets over the edge of the chasm into a small pool in the caern; nearby, to the southwest, steam comes from cracks in the ground, perhaps some of the same water. Northwest, a rocky spar juts out of the ground at a low angle, showing a sloping but smooth top. The chasm walls narrow a bit to the northeast, causing some of the mist to swirl in that area.

As was prophesied - or at least arranged, dawn comes on this cold February morn, and the sun pokes enough rays past the broken cloud that litters the sky above the Caern of the Hidden Walk. From the South-West comes KL Cole, Ahroun of the Black Furies, a set, firm expression on her face. She's dispensed with the leather jacket, today, and is just wearing her 'Not-Listening' T-shirt and her jeans. Her hair is pulled back from her face into a long plait, and she's tied black leather cords around her upper arms, emphasising her tight musculature. As she reaches the centre of the caern, she folds her arms, kicks lightly at the ground and surveys the scene.

The young Get Ahroun is already here, wearing a mask of calm on her face that fails to hide the tension in her shoulders and posture. As she spots the Fury, she gives her a faint nod from her Crinos form, but offers no more than that.

Gun's been here - likely, he's been here all night, truth be told. Kneeling to one side of the central area, the Godi assumes an almost genuflecting sort of posture, one hand resting on the upraised knee, the other splayed out on the ground beside him. Expression somewhat distant, eyes all but rolled back in his head, he seems to not quite be asleep - yet at the same time, not entirely here and now either.

KL turns to Gunnar, and bows, then her form swells up as she shifts to Crinos. The Fury Ahroun turns and steps towards a rock, and strikes at it repeatedly, sparks flying from her claws. She studies the result with approval, like a deb checking out her polish, then strides back to face Gunnar. ~Well met, Rune-Scar~ she growls. ~As we agreed, here, in the sight of the spirits, we will settle the issue that is between us~ She pauses. ~And after this day, the issue will be resolved and will not be re-opened~

The Godi's eyes seem to snap, almost audibly, to the forefront as KL approaches; followed by a more distinct crackling of vertebrae as he rolls his head from one side to the other, then back again. ~So let it be.~ That's all he says, however, as he rises to full height with a soft rasping of metal on leather. Rolling a shoulder in a flexing circle, his ears flick sharply to one side, then the other, before stepping forward, speaking - it may seem - to no one in particuliar. ~I am Gunnar Thorvalis. I am Rune-Scar. I am son of Fenris. I stand here in the circle of my ancestors in proof of my words, and call upon the ancient ways to judge this in the manner of holmgang.~ That said, he turns his attention to KL. ~Let us begin.~

Stone-Spirit has become a rock solid statue as she stands overseeing the challenge. Her words and actions hold now power her, save only for being witness, alongside the spirits, that the challenge was met honorably. Her muscles twitch and her tail flicks behind her, tickling behind her crinos bent knees.

Escapes-From-Money nods slowly, and then gives off a challenging howl, before squatting down on her powerful haunches and launching herself towards the Godi, claws gleaming wickedly in the clean light of the morning sun, intending to drive them through his hide, and thus prove her cause valid.

The Godi, if nothing else, is faster out of the gate; but strangely, unlike the boisterousness of most of his ilk, he doesn't meet combat with a howl - just a snarl, rattling and sandpapery, which seems to fade off as he launches forwards as well. While he does land the first blow, it's a glancing one - coming away with little more than a tuft or two of fur. KL's own strike, a fraction of a breath later, bites just a touch deeper; rending through the hide and leaving three small, crimson lines across his upper arm.

Stone-Spirit pages to the room: I will only pose in on occasion, just keep rolling.

KL lets out a growl of triumph at having drawn first blood, but it's short-lived - in her effort to strike strongly and true, she has left herself open to a quick counter-attack, and a blindingly fast strike by Gunnar drives his claws through her chest, puncturing a lung and fertilising the mud beneath them with a spray of Garou blood. The Ahroun's triumph rattles in her throat, and she desperately tries to counter attack, but her next blow rakes across Gunnar's armour, doing no damage at all.

One thing that likely can be said about the Godi; he's good at what he does. The little wound doesn't seem to slow him at all, and even after landing a blow of his own he doesn't let up; rending deeper, then out to one side as he expands the initially created injury in a spray of gore and torn sinew.

That hurts KL, obviously, the wounded Black Fury letting out a muffled cry of anguish. Her next blow lacks power, and her claws rake along the Fenrir's arm without doing significant damage. The blow afterwards, a wild, roundhouse-style flail, is even more pathetic, failing to make contact at all, and almost causing the Fury to collapse to the floor - she only just manages to hold her balance. Steadying herself, she takes advantage of the undoubted confusion she's just caused - not even the wisdom of the ancients could prepare Gunnar for her being _quite_ that incompetent - to strike again, but the hide on the Godi's stomach is tough, and the blow is again ineffectual.

Perhaps, strangely, he doesn't take advantage of the Fury's initial stumble - which may be the only reason that he's not caught offguard by her resulting attack. Whatever the case might be, though, the resulting frakas of claws and fur ends up... doing absolutely nothing at all to either of the combatants. A bit of black and grey hide can be seen drifting off here and there on the whisper of the wind, but overall the next blow or two doesn't really seem to leave any lasting mark.

Stone-Spirit grimaces as the fight continues and finally gives some show of actually paying attention. The fumble of the Fury brings a slight wince to the Ahroun and her arms tighten over her chest. She watches carefully, gauging the temperments of both, and monitoring the control they have on their rage.

Moments later, KL gets another clean strike in, when a blow from Gunnar leads to him over-stretching. Her claws bite deep into his side, leaving track-marks behind them. She's tiring, though, the blood she's lost - and is continuing to lose - weakening her, and she's slow to recover her position, leaving herself vulnerable and giving Gunnar a clear path through which to attack.

Sure enough, the blow doesn't seem to slow the Get down any - there's a reason they've gotten the reputation they have; you know, first in, first dead? In either case, his reaction to the hit might strike some as... tactically unsound, at the minimal. He catches the claws to the side; and then, literally, catches the claws themselves, wrapping one arm around the Fury's forearm as the other slashes upwards in something akin to a razor-pointed uppercut; slashing from groin to chest.

The scent of blood mingled with the tension and rage in the air makes it difficult for Stone-Spirit to stand by and steady. Her nostrils flare like a wild stallion in full gallop, as her tail and ears flick with tension. As the Get combatant delivers the last brutal uppercut, her jaws clench.

The Fury's eyes widen in shock and surprise, and then she's falling towards the ground as her vision fades and her eyes glaze over. As she goes down, she gives out a rumbling growl, not a threat but a request for attention, and she lifts and turns her head to bare her throat in a gesture of submission. She doesn't get to see whether or not her surrender is accepted though, as consciousness fades away, and she falls limp, one arm still held by the victorious Godi standing over her.

For the longest time, well after she's reverted to breed, Gunnar simply stands above the fallen Fury; arm wrapped, still, around hers; breathing slow, ragged, and irregular. Eventually, though, in a slow and steady sort of momenent he turns to regard her, ice-grey eyes locking down on her form, teeth still bared. The ears flick back, then forwards again as he releases that arm, then leans in and - appearantly - acknowledges the surrender; though the acknowledgement would likely only be immediately recognizeable to someone who studied historical dueling. In a motion as quick and light as someone stealing frosting from the top of a cake, the Godi flicks the tip of one claw across the Fury's cheekbone, then turns and begins to lumber out of the ring.

Stone-Spirit remains where she is until the Godi turns from the ring. ~I will stay with her until she returns to the waking and can move herself. I would like to speak with you on another matter once you are settled and cleaned up.~ She takes a few steps closer to the Fury and glances down at her blood soaked form, unsure. ~She is not at risk of dying from these wounds, is she?~

KL continues to bleed slowly, lying on the ground, looking very small when compared to the lumbering giant she had been only moments before. The blood soaks through her t-shirt, turning it even redder, and dark patches spread through her trousers. A kind of peace settles over the caern again, like the calm after a violent rainstorm, the sigh of a released breath that no-one knew was being held in.

The Godi stops about halfway out of the dueling area, turning to flicker his attention over KL for a moment or two. Eyes hooded, the gaze locks down on her through the corners for a good long few moments. ~She will be moveable within a day, I would think. She will have to attain and maintain a fast healing form, however, as soon as she is able. I can speak with you whenever you are ready.~

Stone-Spirit licks at her nose, clearing, for at least a moment, the scent of blood from her nostrils. ~Then I will find you at the farm once she has come around and taken to a more suitable form.~

~I will be there, if not here.~ The Godi replies, giving the pair of you another once over before turning, again, and stalking towards the outer edge of the area; bones snapping and reforming as he assumes a more quadrupedal form.

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