Time/Date :It is currently 12:50 Pacific Time on Mon Feb 13 2006.

Place :Western Bawn

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waning Full Moon phase (97% full).

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is a cloudy day. The temperature is 33 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 30.51 and rising, and the relative humidity is 89 percent. The dewpoint is 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius.)

Bawn: Western Forest

Tall Sitka spruce and sequoia crowd around and above you. Many of the trees are old, their branches twisted into impossible shapes, trunks broad and draped with lichen, mosses and creepers. Tendrils of moss hand down from them like green spiderwebs, snaring the unwary with cold, ghostly fingers. The patches of younger growth are dense and pale, needles tinged with silver. Matted undergrowth huddles sullenly in the occasional small clearings, clutching with thorns and burrs at the legs of those who would pass. Deer seldom venture here, but the forest is full of rustlings, and tiny glints from wary, watchful eyes.
The forest spreads out to the east, bounded on the west by Sunrise Road. From farther to the west, one can occasionally hear the distant sounds of the town of Kent's Crossing.


Standing a little over five foot tall and slimly built, KL makes a not particularly imposing first impression. In her late teens, she has an air of irritation, and of nervy energy, combined with hostility and restrained aggression. Her mousy-brown hair is pulled back into a plait that hangs down to the small of her back, and is fastened at the bottom and the top by dark brown leather bands. She would be quite attractive - she has a very cute, upturned nose, and expressive hazelnut eyes - were it not for the anger in her gaze and the sullen set of her mouth. She stares at people - particularly people she doesnt know - with a cold fury, as if waiting for an opportunity to attack them. KL has pale skin, and on her right shoulder-blade is a two-inch-square tattoo of a winged horse. There isn't much in the way of excess flesh on her, her cheekbones are clearly visible and her bare arms have a tight musculature that speaks of regular and plentiful exercise. She's rarely still for very long, and while she still remembers to slouch around from time to time, she's less inclined to do it these days, and her natural grace, balance and co-ordination is clearly evident in her movements. She's currently wearing a pair of blue jeans that are slightly too large for her - it appears only a black leather belt is preventing them from descending southwards at pace. On her top half is a maroon t-shirt which has a picture of a small rabbit with its hands over its ears and the legend "Not Listening" beneath. Over that is a black leather jacket, unfastened and hanging loosely around her torso. On her feet are an old and battered pair of combat boots, that have seen many better days.

Midday, or just after, on a chilly and cloudy day. KL is wandering through the western bawn as if she were Atlas, carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her head is bowed, and she's kicking a stone along in front of her, her fingers jammed into the pockets of her leather jacket and a frown etched on her face.

Blackriver is currently in hispo, the fur along her throat still stained red from the recent revel. She plods along at a steady pace, sniffing around the forest floor and acting as though she hasn't a care in the world. Her ears prick up when they catch the sound of KL meandering around the bawn, and she woofs out an inquisitive hello, ears perking forward and tail raising up, as she pads towards the Black Fury.

KL is so self-absorbed it takes a few moments for the usually alert Ahroun to notice the philodox's arrival. When she does, she raises an eyebrow in greeting. "I'm supposed to be looking for you," she says dully. "Do you want me to shift so you can question me, or can we do this in homid?" There's a hint of brusqueness about this, a desire to get on with it, perhaps.

Blackriver cants her head to the side and indicates that she does not understand the way the humans talk here. She settles back onto her haunches and looks at the Ahroun expectantly.

The Black Fury sighs, and then shifts all the way to Lupus, her wolf form diminutive when compared to the hulking Hispo of the other Garou. This one is ready to be judged, she says, with an impatient and irritable flick of her ears. Her tail is held low to the ground, her posture submissive to the Philodox.

Blackriver peers at the Ahroun for a moment. ~I am using the gift to tell truth from lie.~ She states, golden eyes focusing eerily on KL. ~Did you take a cub with Wyrm taint to the caern?~ She begins.

This one did, Escapes replies, sliding low to the ground, her belly pressed flat against it and her eyes closing in humiliation. A whine of contrition and sorrow escapes her throat.

Blackriver's expression remains stoic, although she seems to note Escape's demeanor. ~Did you know the cub was tainted?~

Escapes lifts her head and growls fiercely. This one did not and this one is furious that anyone should think she did. Her stomach clears the ground, and her hackles raise as she bristles at the suggestion, her eyes bright with anger.

Blackriver remains surprisingly calm, bright pink tongue flicking out briefly to lick her nose and her ears indicate a short 'good.' ~Why did you not know? Did no one check the cub for taint?~

It's a couple of seconds before KL gets enough control to respond. No other did. This one assumed. Her belly settles back down onto the ground as her misery returns. This one should not have done.

Blackriver's ears lift slightly. ~You assumed the cub was not tainted? Or did you assume another had already checked the cub for taint?~

KL's form swells up, as she shifts into hispo - three forms in a day? Unheard of! ~The cub was taken to the farmhouse before she came to the Fury house~ She accompanies the statement with a growl. ~I assumed someone there had checked. I was wrong, and I should not have assumed that, when I could have asked and checked. That was foolish.~ She meets Blackriver's gaze steadily.

Blackriver's right ear twitches once and she ponders for a moment on anything else she might ask. ~Was it a rule before this moon's moot that all cubs must be checked before coming to the caern?~ A pause. ~Do you know if it was a rule?~ She refines the statement slightly.

~It was not a rule, or not one that I had been told, anyway.~ KL growls in reply. ~But I am a Cliath. I do not need there to be *rules* to know whether or not I should do something.~ She sniffs the ground, as if she could tell something by its odour. ~Was the caern violated?~

Blackriver glances up to the sky. ~I do not think so. But I must speak to the warder.~ She looks back down to Escapes. ~If the rule was not there before then the punishment now in place was not there before.~ She explains.

~Punishment?~ Escapes asks, a wary note catching in her throat. ~And how did you find you needed to come and question me?~ She enquires.

Blackriver twitches an ear and gets up onto her feet. ~The warder asked the half-moons to judge you. He said at this moon's moot that those who bring tainted ones to the caern will be killed with the tainted one.~

Escapes barks angrily. ~Is the Warder now a Philodox? Is the litany not enough?~ She turns and stalks away, in a large circles back towards the Philodox. ~I cannot go back to the caern ever, without being checked. I shall stand on the edge of the bawn and howl for a Theurge, every time I wish to.~ She growls a warning. ~And how did the Warder know? I will tell you. As soon as Child-Holder told me, even though I was still bleeding from wounds gained in honourable combat, I ran to call a guardian to tell them.~ She hisses. ~And now I am to be killed for honesty.~

Blackriver's body tenses somewhat out of instinct as Escapes begins to pace. ~The Warder can set the rules he likes. He is the Warder.~ Her head turns to follow the Ahroun's path. ~If the rule was not there when you brought the tainted cub to the caern, you will not be killed.~ She states somewhat obviously. ~I hear from other cubs that they were not checked before going to the caern. Cubs may not know if they were being checked, but if no one was checking their cubs before bringing them to the caern then that is bad.~

The Ahroun seems more or less under control, as she returns to be in front of the philodox. She half-barks, ironic laughter. ~Of course it is bad. They should be checked. It is bad that they are in the farmhouse around other cubs and not checked. Taint can spread.~ She raises her hackles again. ~Do you need to speak to others, or can you give my punishment now?~

Blackriver tilts her head to the side. ~I wish to talk to the warder to see if he had any rules in place about this before the moot.~ She licks her nose. ~It will not take long. Then I will decided your punishment.~

The Ahroun flicks her ears forward in agreement, then turns to stalk away. ~Gaia go with you~ she says, somewhat grudgingly. With that, she's gone, heading back to the Fury house.

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