Time/Date :It is currently 08:32 Pacific Time on Wed Mar 29 2006.

Place :Fury House : Courtyard

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waxing New Moon phase (0% full).

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is fair outside. The temperature is 37 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 29.68 and steady, and the relative humidity is 93 percent. The dewpoint is 36 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius.)

Greek House: Courtyard(#2280RJh)

A walled-in Greco-Roman courtyard exists here in the clearing behind the house. One section of the columned wall has fallen and vines clamber skywards up and around the sides of other columns. The courtyard is more or less open, in a sense, the columns created more of a border than an actual wall. There are four actual arched gateways that provide entrance into the courtyard, one at each principal direction. Near the house, on the northern side, there is a small fountain that adds the soothing sound of water to a calm, almost serene atmosphere. The pond around the fountain contains a few waterplants along and a handful of orange-gold koi fish swim lazily about. Diagonally across from that, on the western side, is a statue of the "Winged Victory of Samothrace", more popularly known as the "Headless Nike." Three archery targets, set up at the far southern end of the courtyard, seem in need of some repair and attention.

The sun's been up for a couple of hours on this relatively mild April morning, and all of this section of Washington State seems to be bathed in a particularly clean and healthy sort of light. In the courtyard at the rear of the Fury House, a compact figure is poised in a tableaux-like position, staring at an archery target about thirty yards from her. She's standing side-on to it, a dark-wood bow in her left hand, hanging down by her leg in a relaxed position. An arrow, obviously taken from the quiver on her back, has been nocked, and the brunette's fingers are curled around the string either side. She's a study in concentration and focus, and seems oblivious to anything else.

Alexander has a compass in his hands and is following a rough deer path, or game trail. One of many that run along the back of the Fury house. The kinsman isn't particularly graceful in the woods and can be heard tramping through the underbrush as he draws close.

The archer lifts the bow and in one continuous action draws and looses, the arrow humming as it cuts the air, before striking home in the gold, just slightly off centre to the right. KL nocks another arrow immediately, and swivels to face the direction that the sound is coming from. "Who's there?" she calls, aggressively.

"Ow," comes the distinctly male voice from within the trees, shortly after the sound of a branch snapping back into place. "One moment." Some more underbrush is pushed aside and a slightly ruffled Alexander steps into view, some spring leaves and twigs having attached themselves to various parts of his hair and clothing. "Alexander Antonopolous, at your service. Sorry if I startled you." The man's hands move over his hair and clothing, picking off the various bits of shrubbery as he attempts to tidy his appearance.

KL lifts the bow slightly, her expression flat and hostile. "Do you know anyone who lives here, or are you just a fucking awful burglar?" she asks, fingers tightening around the bow string.

Alexander lifts up his hands in a placating gesture and a defensive one, as he eyes the bow warily. "I assure you, I am no burglar. I recently purchased a house in the area and was just taking a walk. Although, this path seems to connect the two homes. That should please Laura and Alesia greatly. Who might you be, Lady..?"

There's not a waver of the bow, or a dropping of the hostile act, though the lack of an arrow winging towards the kinsman suggests that the answer was vaguely satisfactory. "KL Cole," KL responds. "How do you know Laura and Alesia? Your name sounds Greek. Are you family?"

Alexander's hands remain up in a distinctly placating gesture, even as his eyes focus on the ground before him submissively. "I was instructed to come here and contact the Lady Laura when I arrived in St. Claire. I have visited a number of times, since then. Yes, I am family to those that reside here. Is that satisfactory, Lady Cole?"

KL lowers the bow, her expression one of extreme pain and discomfort, her eyes screwing up as she does so. She takes a few deep breaths. "Say that again," she eventually manages. "The last bit."

Alexander's eyes remain fixed on the ground submissively, even as his hands lower and come to rest at his sides. "I am family to those that reside here. Is that answer satisfactory, or are there more questions you would like me to answer Lady Cole?"

The pained expression resolves into a helpless gale of laughter. "You're very polite," the Fury manages to squeeze out, one arm clutching her chest, "but please don't call me that. Just "KL" is fine. Heh. You remind me of Kovo." She sobers instantly, a cloud passing across her expression. "Anyway, hello. I'm KL Cole, and I'm a cliath Ahroun, if you know what that means."

Alexander inclines his head in a simple nod, still refusing to look the Fury in the face. Actually, his eyes never really focus on anything aside from the area between KL's shoulders and her nose. "Of course, KL. A pleasure to meet you." the kinsman extends his hand in greeting.

KL sticks a finger over the arrow on the bow to hold it in place, and then takes a step forward to shake the kin's hand. "Hello!" she says, somewhat redundantly. "So, you said you were instructed to come here? Who by? What do you do?"

"I was instructed to come to this house and contact Laura by Alexis, a Sister from Quebec that Laura knows," Alexander replies. "As for what I do, I serve my tribe in all ways. As I have always done." The kinsman does actually look up /very/ briefly to meet the Ahroun's eyes, the look suggesting that the 'service' is occasionally of a physical nature.

The Ahroun seems entirely oblivious to any kind of subtext. "Oh cool. So you're sort of like a handyman? That's great. You any good at repairing archery targets? These have...fallen apart...a bit." She casts a glance at one, lying wrecked in a corner, that appears on closer inspection to have 'fallen apart' around the claws of a large animal.

Alexander shakes his head. "I'm afraid not, my Lady. Err, KL. I am a manager of an insurance company. Any aid I provide for the Tribe tends to be of a financial nature, or genetic."

KL looks blank. "So, the two kinsmen we have in town are a lawyer and an accountant? How odd. And what do you mean by genetic? You don't look like a Doctor." Quite what she expects a Doctor look like isn't clear, but apparently it's not Alexander.

Alexander frowns faintly. "I am a Business Manager, to be more specific. I have been informed that my bloodline is exceptional. As such, the Tribe finds it desirable for me to sire children when requested to do so."

The Fury Ahroun blinks very slowly. "Ah. I see," she says, eventually, looking away, her cheeks colouring. "That's a very...um...abrupt...clear..." her voice trails off. "I shoot things with arrows." She says, changing the subject overly-brightly.

Alexander smiles faintly. "Archery is not a skill that I was ever encouraged to pick up." The kinsman abruptly smiles in a rather charismatic and charming manner. "While I don't have the skill to repair your archery range, is there anything at /all/ that I can do for you, my Lady KL?" Considering the recent conversation, the underlining offer in there should be fairly blatant.

KL may be a little oblivious sometimes, but she's not that stupid. The colouring on her cheeks deepens into a fiery red, and she studies the nocked arrow intently. "Not just at the moment," she murmurs. "Kovo might object. And I still don't know for sure...and I don't want..."

"Of course my Lady," Alexander replies easily, soothingly. "I am at the service of my Tribe, as always, should you ever desire my services." The denial doesn't seem to bother the kinsman in the least and the offer was made almost in the same way one would offer up a candy bar. "Have you seen Alesia lately? She has been complaining of nightmares of late and the fear that everyone would leave her."

"Ah." KL says, still studying the bow. "No, I haven't, and I worry that that might be part of the problem. I've been...distracted." She glances up at the target, then does another draw-and-loose, the arrow thudding in next to her first, though regrettably the wrong side, so that it lies just outside of the gold. "Fuck," she says, succinctly.

Alexander nods, posture and stance remaining submissive. "I have been doing what I can to comfort her and help, but her past continues to haunt her. She seems to require security, more then anything else."

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