Time/Date :It is currently 10:01 Pacific Time on Tue May 8 2007.

Place : Fury House

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it's a sunny day. The temperature is 63 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 29.93 and steady, and the relative humidity is 58 percent. The dewpoint is 48 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waning Half Moon phase (57% full).

Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

This is the central hub of the house. From here, you can still see the entrance foyer, as well as the stairway that heads to the second story. Towards the back of the common area is a set of glass doors that lead out to a courtyard. To the east, an arched doorway leads to what apparently serves as a library, office, and workroom, and to the west, an arched doorway leads to what appears to be a kitchen and dining area..
There are several chairs here, simple, elegant, yet functional in their design and intent. The room has a comfortable feel to it, but is a bit ascetic in design. The walls are off-white, the molding dark cherry wood and decorated with acanthus-leaf ornamentation at the corners. A pair of antique spears are hung crossed against each other on one wall, and a wall-relief depicting a scene of Grecian warriors hangs on the other. Above the mantle of the fireplace is a small statue of Artemis, on either side of that, dark metal candlesticks with ivory pillar candles. The entire room is a study in the contrast of light and dark.


Looking like she just stepped from the gym, Stratonike befits her Fury tribe. Her hair is short, not styled at all and growing out from what looks to be a bleach job. Her body is toned and slim and she's always ready for battle. She isn't on that people would call attractive and her demeanor doesn't lend any more to how people would see her. When she smiles her teeth tend to show off a slightly twisted canine tooth which gives her a bit of fang look to her smile. She's tall, around 5' 10", and her form follows her function as an Ahroun. She wears a long sleeve t-shirt in a deep olive color that hangs out over a pair of loose fitting, well worn jeans with threadbare holes in the knees. A warm v-neck sweater in black covers the shirt and helps with keeping her warm. A pair of beat and battered Doc Martens make sure her feet are protected.


Sometime over the last couple of years, a teen girl with a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper has grown up, and matured into a young woman. With a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper. KL is a little over five-foot tall - no late growth spurt for her - and slimly built. She moves quickly, and is rarely still for any length of time. Her natural balance and co-ordination are clearly evident in her movement, but any hint of grace is smothered with her air of irritation, hostility and restrained aggression. She manages to turn even simple activities - like ordering fries - into not particularly subtle attempts to provoke fights.
Her mousy-brown hair is pulled back into a plait that hangs down to the small of her back and is fastened at the bottom and top by dark brown leather bands. She's really quite attractive, perhaps not a pin-up, but far from ugly, with a cute upturned nose and wide expressive hazelnut eyes. However, any level of appeal her physical appearance might have is swamped by the anger in her gaze and the sullen set of her mouth. She stares at people - particularly people she doesnt know - with a cold fury, as if trying to decide exactly which way to kill them.
KL has pale skin, and on her right shoulder-blade is a two-inch-square tattoo of a winged horse. There isn't much in the way of excess flesh on her, her cheekbones are clearly visible and her bare arms have a tight musculature that speaks of regular and plentiful exercise.
She is wearing a pair of blue jeans that look brand-new, and have a designer label clearly visible on the rear, a pair of combat boots that also look new. On her upper half she is sporting a rather snazzy black leather jacket over a clean new white t-shirt.

Morning, in the Fury house. Outside, the sun is shining on a relatively warm late-spring day. Whatever peace there might have been is destroyed, however, by the front door being flung open and then slammed closed. This is followed, almost instantly, by a loud crash and splintering sound.

Fairly quickly after the noise hits, in comes a running Nike from the back area and the archery range. Her bow is strung with an arrow notched in it. "What is it?" She announces as she comes in after KL.

KL is standing in the middle of the main area, holding the broken remains of the back of one of the chairs in her hand. The rest lies in...well...shards, on the floor at her feet. She turns, as Nike enters, with eyes that are red with crying. "Fucking bitch...fucked off...left me..." she explains, slowly. She tosses the chair back aside with another, quieter, crash.

Nike lowers the bow, pulling the arrow from it's notch and unstrings the weapon. She steps towards KL and with a rather serious face. "Who did? I'll kick her ass."

"No..." KL says, before taking a very deep breath and regaining some sort of composure. "Emma has left. My packmate...my pack alpha. She's gone off on something that seems like a combination between a vision quest and tracing her family tree." A shrug. "It's something that she feels like she has to do." She pushes her lips together, corners of her mouth turning down. "I should have gone with her. I made the wrong decision."

Nike frowns at this. "Why would you go on someone else's vision quest? Can you see through their eyes? You would follow a alpha off on a quest that only they can resolve... And leave this sept without you?" Nike lifts her head, "The Fury need you. The Sept of the Hidden Walk needs you."

KL folds her arms across her chest. "I know, I know," she says, shaking her head. "But what if she never comes back? What if she dies and nobody finds out how?" Another few deep breaths, her chest rising and falling. "I couldn't talk her out of it. I guess it's serious."

"If she dies then she has done what she needed to do. Are you her mother? Is it your job to look after her? No. It is your task to follow Gaia's wishes." Nike gives a rather serious look to KL. "We all have ways of knowing when someone has died. Who was this that you speak of?"

A pause, and then KL looks at Nike, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Emma Mahler, Stone-Spirit, Fostern Ahroun of the Get of Fenris," she says, somewhat curtly. "And a very good friend, as well as a packmate, if prone to insecurity and lack of confidence. And I don't have any way of knowing someone has died."

"Emma. I have met her. She wanted to walk away from her duty here... She told me so. The spirits can tell us of what has befallen our friends. This is true, no?" Nike looks to KL's features. "You wish her well on her way and return to business."

KL takes a very slow breath through her teeth, a whistling sound. "I'll say this again, and maybe slowly, because you don't seem to understand. My best friend is leaving town, and I'm upset about it. I'm upset because I don't want her to go. And yes, I think she's abandoning her duty here, and I think she's making a mistake. This doesn't make me less upset, it makes me just a bit fucking more." Well, at least she's stopped crying. "Oh and by the way I've ordered some stuff to repair the targets with, but it has to come from out of state, apparently, so it'll be a few days."

Nike nods her head, almost sagely. "But your anger only serves to feed your rage of the matter. You wish her well on her way and hope she finds what she seeks." A slight smile to Nike, one she tries to make look pleasant. "Losing a friend hurts... I also believe her to be abandoning her duty and making a mistake. We cannot change her mind, though... the Get are headstrong and want what they want. When they get their mind set they don't look much further. Yes?"

A rueful grin. "You're right. Damn you," KL admits. She looks down at the pieces of chair on the floor next to her. "Oh," she says, as if noticing them for the first time. "At least it was only a chair this time, and not, like, the front door. Or anything totally irreplaceable." She shakes her head. "I think I'll go and wash my face. You about for much longer?"

"Damn right that I am." Nike nods her head, smile disappearing but good nature still there. "I should be, barring anything happening."

"Some archery practice, then?" KL asks, hopefully. "I'll be doing it anyway - it calms me down. Well, either it calms me down or I spend a considerable time retrieving arrows from the surrounding countryside, which rather teaches me a lesson about needing to calm down."

Nike nods her head. "That was where I was when I came in. Clean up the mess, though." Nike waves around at the bits of the broken chair. She smirks, "Every act has consequences."

KL looks a bit ashamed. "Yeah. I think I've got the catalogue number for the chairs around somewhere. I'll get rid of that one and get a new one in." With that, she disappears upstairs, and the sound of water running can soon be heard.

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