Time/Date :It is currently 07:11 Pacific Time on Thu May 10 2007.

Place : Fury House

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is clear outside. The temperature is 33 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 30.11 and steady, and the relative humidity is 92 percent. The dewpoint is 31 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waning Half Moon phase (45% full).

Greek House: Front Lawn(#3032RJh)

The mottled mosaic pathway heads up to the front porch of an average-sized two story neoclassical house, then splits into a rounding "Y" shape to head towards arched gates on either side. Looking over the house and yard, the first impression is of an elegant yet somewhat stoic home. Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that while some repair appears to be ongoing, there is still some amount of work that needs to be done. The two ionic columns that frame the doorway, while painted in the past year perhaps, show the slight fading effects of weather and sun. Several bricks on the facade are crumbling, and vines and other plants have grown up along the walls of the house and courtyard, but the gate seems to be mostly kept clear of entangling flora.


Sometime over the last couple of years, a teen girl with a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper has grown up, and matured into a young woman. With a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper. KL is a little over five-foot tall - no late growth spurt for her - and slimly built. She moves quickly, and is rarely still for any length of time. Her natural balance and co-ordination are clearly evident in her movement, but any hint of grace is smothered with her air of irritation, hostility and restrained aggression. She manages to turn even simple activities - like ordering fries - into not particularly subtle attempts to provoke fights.
Her mousy-brown hair is pulled back into a plait that hangs down to the small of her back and is fastened at the bottom and top by dark brown leather bands. She's really quite attractive, perhaps not a pin-up, but far from ugly, with a cute upturned nose and wide expressive hazelnut eyes. However, any level of appeal her physical appearance might have is swamped by the anger in her gaze and the sullen set of her mouth. She stares at people - particularly people she doesnt know - with a cold fury, as if trying to decide exactly which way to kill them.
KL has pale skin, and on her right shoulder-blade is a two-inch-square tattoo of a winged horse. There isn't much in the way of excess flesh on her, her cheekbones are clearly visible and her bare arms have a tight musculature that speaks of regular and plentiful exercise.
She is wearing a pair of blue jeans that look brand-new, and have a designer label clearly visible on the rear, a pair of combat boots that also look new. On her upper half she is sporting a rather snazzy black leather jacket over a clean new white t-shirt.


Looking like she just stepped from the gym, Stratonike befits her Fury tribe. Her hair is short, not styled at all and growing out from what looks to be a bleach job. Her body is toned and slim and she's always ready for battle. She isn't on that people would call attractive and her demeanor doesn't lend any more to how people would see her. When she smiles her teeth tend to show off a slightly twisted canine tooth which gives her a bit of fang look to her smile. She's tall, around 5' 10", and her form follows her function as an Ahroun. She wears a long sleeve t-shirt in a deep olive color that hangs out over a pair of loose fitting, well worn jeans with threadbare holes in the knees. A warm v-neck sweater in black covers the shirt and helps with keeping her warm. A pair of beat and battered Doc Martens make sure her feet are protected.

Nike plucks yet another arrow from the ground and notches it into her bow. She concentrates on the target, letting the bow stay until her arm starts to guiver slightly from the tension of holding it. This takes a good long while. She still holds the position for another minute or two, building up the muscle in her arm to hold for longer. Finally, the arrow rips through the air, hitting off center but still a good shot.

KL emerges from the house, just as the arrow hits the target and quivers in place. "Not bad!" she says, cheerfully. "Um...mind if I join you?" She seems to be far brighter today than she was the last time Nike conversed with her, just after she'd written off the chair.

Nike looks to KL and gives a nod of her head. "Certainly. Practice is always good." She reaches down to pull another arrow from the grass, wiping it on her pants to remove dirt and then notching it, once again straining with it to cause her arm to quiver.

"Cool!" KL says, and disappears momentarily back inside the house, returning with her bow and a sheaf of fibre-glass-shafted practice arrows. "How's it going with you? Any news? I spoke to Cedric the other day." She screws up her eyes into a grimace. "Yeah. Spoke to him."

"Not much news." Nike's arm wavers slightly as she fights to keep control of it. "I am the Alpha of the Black Fury." She announces as she lets the arrow fly and hits just outside her first one.

"Oh!" KL exclaims, setting down her sheaf and setting one end of her bow inside of her left foot. With an easy motion she bends the bow around her knee and loops the end of the string over the other end. "That's cool." A pause, while she finds an arrow and nocks it, holding her bow with the arrow pointing down at the ground, the bow horizontal to the ground. "So, what orders, boss?"

Nike turns and looks to KL. "Hit the target?" She says, deadpan.

KL grins, then concentrates on the target, her brow furrowed. Then she relaxes, and lifts the bow, drawing the arrow back at the same time, her fingers spread in the mediterranean release pattern, one above, two below the arrow. Almost the moment her left arm stops lifting, her right thumb touches the corner of her mouth and she looses, sending the arrow speeding on its way with a pronounced twang. The arrow strikes just outside the gold, at about 3 o'clock.

"Not too bad at all." Nike remarks. "How long can you hold a shot before you have to release?" Nike pulls the bow back once again and holds it for a long while before she has to let it go. The shot goes a little more off center but still hits the target.

The other Ahroun ponders this. "Don't know. I'll try. Obviously, holding the shot longer than absolute minimum lowers your accuracy. I've been working on getting the time it takes me to loose an arrow down, from the moment I pull it from the quiver. So not only can I fire more arrows, but I can react quicker and better in battle." While she's speaking, she has nocked another arrow, and then draws, this time holding her pose, her right thumb touching the corner of her mouth. After a while, perhaps about forty-five seconds, she starts to waver, and then looses, the arrow striking about two inches further out than before, on pretty much the same line.

Nike nods her head, "But what happens when you are in that position and one of your packmates steps in front of your shot. Do you give up your aim and let go of the shot? Or can you hold that extra time to make sure you have your target still?" She plucks an arrow and pulls, lining it all up. She holds it for a good long while before she starts to waver, "And when it starts this... can you keep on target and know how your arrow will fly?"

"I shoot the packmate," KL says, very definitely. "That way they won't step in front again." There's a pause, and then she laughs. "Yeah, sure, I'd hold it for a couple of seconds. Much beyond that, though, and I'd just relax and lower the bow. If I can loose quickly from a standing position, I'm not sure I need to hold it for long. Good exercise, though." She tries it again, lasting ever so slightly longer before having to loose. "I was thinking, by the way, that maybe we should do up the house a bit? It's getting a bit tatty and it could do with some paint and some gardening?"

"Maybe we can hit Alexander to help?" Nike looks to KL and rests on her bow for a bit. "It could use some help. But we don't want too nice. Drawing attention or making the cover of some magazine isn't what we want." She gives a slight smirk. "But some might be good. Get it back into good shape."

"We could leave the bushes around the edges overgrown, and maybe persuade Alexander to give us the money for a better gate?" KL suggests, resting her bow too. "But I think we can repaint the walls and columns, make the courtyard a bit smarter?" She pauses. "Um... yeah, now you're in charge, I guess the house is yours. Can I have a party?"

Nike listens intently to everything up to 'Can I have a party?'. This last bit causes Nike to raise her eyebrows and look at KL. "A... party?" She considers this for a moment, "What sort of party?"

"A birthday party?" KL asks. "It's just...um...well...I've not had one since I was twelve. And at that one I threw cake all over Ernie Wells, then stormed out. So I'd like a slightly better memory of what a birthday party is like, before I'm too old?"

"Well. I suppose so. As long as it doesn't get out of hand." Nike seems a little thrown off by this... Like someone gave her the job application of Alpha and it said nothing about birthday parties.

KL looks at Nike, with a raised eyebrow. "Would anything I'm involved with get out of hand?" she asks, disingenuously. "Any preferences as to when? It'll be late, anyway."

"Thanks! Will you come?" KL asks, with hope. "With Emma gone, I don't have *that* many friends." She nocks another arrow, and glances at the target, but doesn't draw.

"Come?" Nike looks at KL. "Um... Never been to a party." She admits almost sheepishly.

"Well, there's always a first time," KL says, looking a bit confused. "What do you mean 'never been to a party'? Not one, ever? I mean they're a bit like the last bit of a moot, before the revel. Only with games and cake."

"I grew up with the bow and battle. That's all I know." Nike shrugs. "My birthdays were just days. Sure. I know of getting together after moots and all. That was all business."

"OK. Well, I'm all for battle, and the bow, as you know," KL says, unintentionally poetic. "But parties...celebrating still being alive. Surely that should be more valuable for us, who know that our life is likely to be brief and bloody? Anyway, about two years ago I went to an awful lot of trouble to make a party outfit, and I'm fucked if I'm not going to get an opportunity to wear it."

"I though Alexander was with you..." Nike says, a little confused by the 'fucked' statement.

"Alexander?" KL looks blank. "What are you talking about? Of course, I'll invite him, but he's not here now."

Nike shakes her head trying to explain, "No. I mean... Is he your mate?"

KL laughs. "Oh, sure, he's decorative and all, but all that "whatever my lady commands" crap just makes me want to thump him." She shakes her head. "And he seems very keen on making me pregnant. I guess I should do that at some point, you know, but not before I'm twenty."

"Seems like he'd want to make everyone pregnant." Nike shakes her head, "I will do what I have to do... But that is one aspect I do not look forward to. So. You had better get to it so the rest of us don't." She clearly just tried to make a sort of a joke.

"As I said," KL says, with a grin. "Not until I'm twenty, for sure." She draws, and looses the arrow immediately, where it twaps into the gold, only a few millimetres off centre. She grunts with satisfaction.

"For sure." Nike nods her head to KL. "What else can you tell me that needs to be done around here... Seems I will have a lot to do now." As she looks about, checking the house now.

KL looks at the floor and kicks one toe against her heel. "We need a new chair," she says in a very small voice, before continiuing more normally "Other than that, it's a good house, and it just needs a bit of sprucing up, I think."

"Indeed. A new chair. But that falls upon your head, I believe." Nike does give a slight smile at this. "Now, tell me... That mess from the other day... How are you doing?"

"Oh, better," KL says, airily. She sets her bow down, the target now being sufficiently full of arrows to require the ones there to be removed. "I mean, I'm going to miss Emma, but she's gone and there's nothing I can do about it. Other than do the best I can here, like she asked me to."

Nike nods her head sagely. "When one is needed, we do not run." Nike then moves towards the target herself to pull the arrows from it. "I have heard of a pack being headed by Cedric. Is he a good leader?"

KL shrugs. "He's a Silver Fang," she says, moving to keep within conversation distance of Nike. "They usually make good leaders. He's a bit full of himself, and he does have this ludicrous accent, but I think I could follow him. I as much as said I would. Both before and after I broke his car."

Nike frowns, "You broke his car?" She blinks at this, "What did he do to you?"

"We were talking about other people, and I said that Grey and Abraxas were a bit scary, and that wasn't a bad thing, and that I wished I was more scary," KL explains. "And he said something like "show me how scary you are", and I thought he was testing me, and then it all goes a bit blurry. I definitely remember having to pick up the pieces of the chair - I was tidying up when he came - from all around his car." She colours, her cheeks burning at the memory. "This sort of thing does happen quite a lot to me."

"And chairs." Nike raises a brow at the other Fury. "What do you have against chairs?" She then smiles, "When you buy the new one... Go to a thrift store and buy about three more. They can sit in the corner for when you get angry. Okay?"

KL looks indignant. "I'll get one just like the one I broke. I only broke the one! I had the bits of it in a box, and I was taking it out to the trash, and so it was next to me when I lost my temper."

Nike nods her head slowly, "Right. And you broke a car." Nike snickers slightly. "So. Give me your opinions on Alesia. Will you?"

"Um..." KL says, looking very sad indeed. "I...haven't spoken to her since...before...when...voice..." She refuses to meet Nike's gaze, tears in her eyes.

"Speak up. Tell me." Nike seeks KL's face as she speaks. "You are afraid of a cub? Come now. This is silly to act like this."

KL looks up, anger flashing in her eyes. "I'm not scared of a cub. I'm scared of me. And I'm ashamed because of what I did, and I'm angry because I was hung out to dry. And those two things together mean that I'm too dangerous to go near her."

Nike says "Explain." Nike now almost demands. "Talk about it. Get it out of there. What did you do?""

"I took Alesia to the caern," KL says. "I mean, it was a normal thing to do, and about the right time, and nobody said not to." Bitterness in her voice. "But I should have checked more, asked the right questions." She takes a deep breath. "And then Laura came - I'd been involved in a challenge, and I got back to the house, and Laura said 'Did you know Alesia was tainted?'." KL shakes her head slowly. "Even though I was bleeding lots, I sprinted for the bawn, howling my head off for a guardian, to tell them what I'd done." She shakes her head again. "I screwed up, I know I did. And then Blackriver came, and she was only interested in whether I'd done it deliberately. When she announced her judgement, she didn't mention that I'd reported it myself. Didn't mention that I'd tried to put it right as soon as I could. And it wasn't so much the punishment, though it was harsh and embarrassing, but that it didn't feel like justice. And nobody stood up and said "we didn't check either, and we should have done" They just let me take the rap." This all comes in a long burst, but eventually KL stops, and just breathes deeply.

"Have you done all that you can to prove yourself since then?" Nike says to KL in an even tone. "Have you risen above it and gotten on with things? Why do you let such things cloud your mind? Upset you. There are much more important things in life that to dwell in the past and things we cannot change."

"Because it was unfair," KL spits back. "And yes, I've tried to get on with things, though it hasn't been easy. But you asked me why I hadn't spoken to Alesia, and I told you. And you know why I mourned Emma leaving so much? Because she was just about the only person who believed in me. Who believed I was a good Garou and not just some total screw up like the rest of this Sept."

Nike tilts her head to the side. "Have I said such a thing?" She questions. "I know what I hear. What happened was the past. You served judgement and are better for it. You learned. Screw what people think of you. You know what you are. You know what you can do. Just do it and don't let the past hold you down... As it is doing now. You are a FURY. You are a warrior. Fuck what they think."

KL suddenly grins. "Fuck what they think. I like that." She folds her arms. "I am *very* glad you won the Alphaship," she says brightly. "You say all the right things to me."

Nike nods her head. "You show them what you are. What you BELIEVE you are and they will believe it. Anywhere I go I hold my head high and if someone wants to piss on my shoes and say different they will get a mouthful of boot. I don't go down unless someone beats me down. If someone is beating you... You beat back, harder and win. You hear me?"

"Oh yeah," KL says, much more cheerfully and definitely. "No mercy, no surrender." She bounces in place, an enthusiastic, athletic, bounce. "Another few practice shots?" she asks, pointing at the target.

Nike nods her head and stabs her arrows into the ground, pulling one out and notching it. "We shall." As she lets a shot fly and WHAM Bullseye!

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