Time/Date :It is currently 17:36 Pacific Time on Mon May 14 2007.

Place :Bawn: Western Forest

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waning New Moon phase (15% full).p>

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it's a sunny day. The temperature is 69 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the north at 9 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.15 and falling, and the relative humidity is 36 percent. The dewpoint is 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius.)


Long dark black hair frames the fair-skinned face of this teen girl. There's a bit of firmness to her jaw line and her brown eyes bracket a thin lipped mouth and a smallish nose. Alesia's frame is a bit thin or lithe while still maintaining a hint of classical features. Her frame is thin and almost wiry. There's almost a sadness in her eyes and her mouth looks like smiles might be foreign to it. She stands just just over four and a half feet tall. She has no piercings or jewelry.
Alesia is wearing a newish sweatshirt that's a light pink shade and looks like it might have picked out by guess as it's a tad large on her. Her pants are blue jeans that while tight only show that she doesn't have much in the way of curves, but more look like they are tight because she grew some since they were bought. Her shoes are a bit out of date as well, just a well worn pair of gym shoes.


Sometime over the last couple of years, a teen girl with a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper has grown up, and matured into a young woman. With a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper. KL is a little over five-foot tall - no late growth spurt for her - and slimly built. She moves quickly, and is rarely still for any length of time. Her natural balance and co-ordination are clearly evident in her movement, but any hint of grace is smothered with her air of irritation, hostility and restrained aggression. She manages to turn even simple activities - like ordering fries - into not particularly subtle attempts to provoke fights.
Her mousy-brown hair is pulled back into a plait that hangs down to the small of her back and is fastened at the bottom and top by dark brown leather bands. She's really quite attractive, perhaps not a pin-up, but far from ugly, with a cute upturned nose and wide expressive hazelnut eyes. However, any level of appeal her physical appearance might have is swamped by the anger in her gaze and the sullen set of her mouth. She stares at people - particularly people she doesnt know - with a cold fury, as if trying to decide exactly which way to kill them.
KL has pale skin, and on her right shoulder-blade is a two-inch-square tattoo of a winged horse. There isn't much in the way of excess flesh on her, her cheekbones are clearly visible and her bare arms have a tight musculature that speaks of regular and plentiful exercise.
She is wearing a pair of blue jeans that look brand-new, and have a designer label clearly visible on the rear, a pair of combat boots that also look new. On her upper half she is sporting a rather snazzy black leather jacket over a clean new white t-shirt.

Bawn: Western Forest(#3018RA)

Tall Sitka spruce and sequoia crowd around and above you. Many of the trees are old, their branches twisted into impossible shapes, trunks broad and draped with lichen, mosses and creepers. Tendrils of moss hand down from them like green spiderwebs, snaring the unwary with cold, ghostly fingers. The patches of younger growth are dense and pale, needles tinged with silver. Matted undergrowth huddles sullenly in the occasional small clearings, clutching with thorns and burrs at the legs of those who would pass. Deer seldom venture here, but the forest is full of rustlings, and tiny glints from wary, watchful eyes.
The forest spreads out to the east, bounded on the west by Sunrise Road. From farther to the west, one can occasionally hear the distant sounds of the town of Kent's Crossing.

Early evening in Washington State. The sun is lowering in the sky, and its rays slant through the trees, filtering through the green canopy, casting long shadows. Along one of the paths that run through the western bawn walks KL, apparently lost in thought. She's studying her feet as she walks, her arms swinging by her sides, her pace leisurely. She's almost totally oblivious to her surroundings, certainly paying little to no attention to the glorious woods around her.

Alesia has devolved into a feral child of the woods, or at least that might be one's first take as the girl with slightly tattered clothing and wild hair. The spear in one hand also aids the impression. Still she looks like she's cleaned up recently. She moves quickly and fairly stealthily through the woods until she crosses the path KL is walking along and freezes, peering into the light that hits KL from behind, squinting to make out the figure. The same light that makes it hard for Alesia to make out KL's features makes it easy for KL to make out Alesia's.

It takes a couple of moments for KL to notice that she is not alone, but eventually she does, her head coming up with a jerk. Reflexively, she takes two steps backwards, before her eyes focus on the cub's face and recognition strikes. "Hi Alesia," is her fairly-low key greeting. "Is it Lord of the Flies week? How've you been?" There's a wariness about her voice, and she doesn't close the distance between the two.

Alesia sets the spear down in the dirt and turns to stand. Then there is a little nod, "Greetings KL-Rhya. I have been in the woods. I have made a spear. Jamethon-Rhya says that it is a good spear but that it needs to be finished. He said that I should seek the spirits for help, in the umbra." She pauses the adds, "I am not allowed into the umbra alone."

KL raises an eyebrow. "You don't need to rhya me," she says, taking a step towards the cub, and casting an appraising eye over the spear. "It does look good," she comments approvingly. "Of course, I know more about using them than making them, but it does look like it would stand up well." She flashes a grin, though there's still a tightness about her that runs counter to her warm words. "I haven't seen you about the house since I got back?"

Alesia hesitates then says, "I have been in the woods." As if this explains all. "The house is... not a nice place sometimes. People... are gone then back then gone. People get very mad sometimes too. It's quiet... peaceful in the woods. The voices don't matter so much here." She looks down, at KL's feet, "I have been practicing with the spear, I know how to use it too, but after using Jamethon's, because he loaned me his, I have worked hard to learn how to make my own and how to use it."

The Ahroun nods. "I know that I get mad a lot," she says, a bit mournfully. "I smashed up a chair because I was upset about Emma leaving." A pause. "You look like you know how to use it." KL suddenly stares very hard at Alesia, her eyes searching the cub's figure, though there's a distance in her gaze that quenches the fire that should be there.

Alesia nods once, "I get mad too. It... it is what we are. But, it is not so easy when I get mad at my sisters. I am not good at telling those in charge of me that I am mad at them." She frowns, that frown deepening. "I am worried that I have done something horrible but that no one will tell me. I wish to ask for the right to seek teaching from theurges of other tribes since Laura-Rhya has left, and we have no of our tribe right now."

There's a long silence, and when KL speaks, her words come slowly. "I think that I...owe you an apology," she says. "I have...resented you, because of what happened. Before. And I knew it was wrong, but I was so mad at everybody, that it was easy. I went away, when I got a phonecall from home, and I should not have done." She takes a deep breath. "I am sorry, and I will try to make it up to you in whatever way I can."

Alesia looks utterly confused for a moment, and her posture tenses, "What... what did you do that was wrong? Wh.. why were you mad at me?" She seems lost, and her posture has shifted from some what confident to almost scared, as she peers across that gap back at you in the fading light. "I'm confused."

"If you remember, I took you to the caern when it was not the right thing to do," KL explains. "And I was punished for doing it. And it...shamed me. And it was easier to blame other people. I don't think I ever blamed you, but I was angry." She shakes her head. "I should know better. Should have known better. I *am* sorry."

Alesia ohs softly, then nods, "I... I think it is okay. I didn't know you were mad at me. I'm sorry you were shamed. I wish I had known I was... was tainted. Not even the voices knew. I am glad that you are back and I am glad that... that you will be here to help me." She pauses then adds, "I missed you."

KL smiles, and much of the tautness and awkwardness evaporates. "I missed you too," she says. "Um...do you want some new clothes? Or is the wild man of borneo look intentional? Oh, and you'll have to ask Nike, but I imagine that learning from another Theurge would be OK." A pause. "Though maybe not Jamethon. We don't...traditionally...have good relationships with the Get."

Alesia hesitates then nods, "I have become friends with Jamethon-Rhya. I was told to speak with him by Laura, when she was elder. Because he was a Man, and because of his Tribe and because it was a test of my ability to deal with the ancestors. He gave me his spear and told me to take care of it, as a test and to show he trusted me. Then, when I passed his test he showed me how to use and make a spear. I then made this one on my own." She pauses then looks down at herself, "I would change clothes, but I can't make them part of me, and so... I have kept these clothes that were bound to me."

"Oh," KL says, as if this hadn't occurred to her. "There surely must be someone around who can do that?" She grins. "It's cool. Look, I'm hardly one to comment on fraternizing with the Get, given that I was in...a pack with one for ages. More than one." A frown. "Though it didn't always go so well. But anyway, it's like obligatory for me to warn you. I'm sure it's fine." She thinks. "Isn't it about time you were rited?"

Alesia almost jumps at that last bit and her eyes go wide then she tenses, "I... that is one thing I am mad about." She admits in soft tones that betray her anger and tension. Yet she does her best to hide this and quickly that look fades, but she is still tense.

KL looks thoughtful, rubbing her cheek with a hand. "Not my place, really, but yeah, I'd be fucking furious about it. Sorry - I'm probably tangentially culpable." That's *two* apologies in a conversation. Unheard of! "Do you want me to nag Nike about it? Or can you do that yourself?"

Alesia takes a deep breath then says, "Even Jamethon-Rhya has asked when I will rite." She pauses then adds, "I have a hard time speaking with Nike. If I am respectful she seems to get mad because I am not enough of a Fury but if I am agressive she gets mad that I do not know my place. I am not sure how to speak with her and not make her mad." Alesia pauses a second then adds, "Jamethon-Rhya mentioned that there may be a spot for me as a Guardian when I rite and that he thinks I have become a fine warrior."

"Being a guardian would be..." KL looks at Alesia. "I think you will bring honour to our tribe, and to yourself." She ponders. "I shall speak to Nike. We speak the same language. She is good people, Alesia, but - " a little self-deprecating wave of the hand. " - we Ahrouns are not easy to talk to, mostly." She grins. "Oh yes, I've been getting older recently, and I'm trying to organise a little birthday party. Will you come?"

Alesia blinks then nods, "Oh yes, I would like that very much." She pauses then says, "I haven't had a birthday party ever. I went to one for a school mate once. There was a cake." She takes a few steps forward then says, "KL? Would... would it be okay if I hugged you?"

KL blinks with surprise. "Yes, I think on balance it would be," she says, somewhat wryly. "I'm not the world's most natural hugger, but yes, yes it would be OK." She smiles and opens her arms.

Alesia moves forward and gives KL a tentative hug, something she obviously has not done a lot of. Still she squeezes and it's clear Alesia has been working out and isn't the very thin thing she was when rescued. Then she steps back and manages a little smile, another rarity for her. "Thank you. And thank you for inviting me to your party. Please tell me when it is and I will be there."

The Ahroun returns the hug, perhaps a little inexpertly. "You've filled out," she says, approvingly. "I will tell you when I know for sure." She blinks. "And I will talk to Nike as a matter of urgency. Be ready." A pause. "Actually, it seems to me that you already are."

Alesia nods and looks to her spear, "I would like to finish the spear before the rite, but... perhaps I won't be able to. I should really seek the spirit's wisdom for what to finish carving on it, and for that I need a theurge's guidance. Or perhaps just a guardian for a trip into the umbra, but... a theurge guiding the way would be best.

KL nods. "I understand. Sort of." She raises her hands in a helpless tilt. "That's not really my area. I rely on you Theurge peoples to do that kind of thing, and point me at the right thing to hit." A smile at her own humour. "But I wouldn't imagine it was going to happen tomorrow. For a start, it's a good week before it becomes safe to cross the gauntlet." She glances at the lowering sun. "I should be getting back, I think. I have a new chair to unpack."

Alesia nods a bit then says, "I will be in the woods, if that is okay. If you see Nike please ask about both the rite and the chance to work with theurges in other tribes? Please?" She says, hopefully, then thinks, "I should get you a present for your birthday, do you want something?"

The Ahroun looks totally confused. "I don't know. Nobody has got me a present for years." She looks blank. "Wait, that's not true. You gave me a present once." An expression of sadness crosses her face. "I liked that." With a shake of her head, she pushes the memory away. "I don't know. It's not necessary."

Alesia thinks about that then says, "I think I know what to make for you then." She considers then says, "Let me know when and where the party is?"

"I will," KL promises. "And if there's anything you need, at all, just ask." She turns away, and takes a couple of steps. "Look after yourself." She flashes another smile, and then waves, and then turns to walk away.

Alesia nods, "Gaia go with you." She says softly then turns into the darkness and slips away in her wild ways into the woods.

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