Time/Date :It is currently 08:47 Pacific Time on Fri Jun 1 2007.

Place : Infirmary, Farmhouse.

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is foggy. The temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 30.00 and rising, and the relative humidity is 96 percent. The dewpoint is 49 degrees Fahrenheit (9 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waning Full Moon phase (95% full).


The gentle sunlight of spring illuminates the room in a fresh yellow glow. Thin white curtains keep the glare out while allowing enough light in to dispel shadows. A small ceramic heater sits on the floor near the bed, available for use when needed. A wide bed stands in the center of the south wall, white linens carefully tucked in around its mattress. A low table stands beside the bed, a small basin and pitcher perched atop it. Two large chairs sit facing the bed, and a small wooden chair sits against the south wall opposite the table. A tall cabinet occupies the northeast corner of the room, its glass door revealing a well-stocked medicine cabinet, various medical implements and supplies carefully arranged within.


Long dark black hair frames the fair-skinned face of this teen girl. There's a bit of firmness to her jaw line and her brown eyes bracket a thin lipped mouth and a smallish nose. Alesia's frame is a bit thin or lithe while still maintaining a hint of classical features. Her frame is thin and almost wiry. There's almost a sadness in her eyes and her mouth looks like smiles might be foreign to it. She stands just just over four and a half feet tall. She has no piercings or jewelry.
Alesia is wearing a newish sweatshirt that's a light pink shade and looks like it might have picked out by guess as it's a tad large on her. Her pants are blue jeans that while tight only show that she doesn't have much in the way of curves, but more look like they are tight because she grew some since they were bought. Her shoes are a bit out of date as well, just a well worn pair of gym shoes.

Morning comes, and finds KL sitting up in bed in the infirmary. She's in glabro, but otherwise basically naked. One leg, her right, is out on the top of the cover. Basically speaking, it's still fucked, though at least it's stopped haemorraing blood everywhere. The gash in her side is also still red and raw, though pieces of bone are no longer visible through it.

Alesia peeks into the infirmary, looking wary, "KL? I heard you... might be in here?" She says as she spies the other Fury and then steps in, "Gah... what truck hit you? I hope the truck is worse off?" She's trying to be light but there's that ever present frown on her face as she considers how bad the injuries might be.

KL turns her head blearily towards Alesia. "Dunno," her voice is a bit slurred, and her gaze unfocussed. "Can't remember. Might have been Felix. He was the last thing I can recall before I woke up here yesterday."

Alesia nods a bit, "Yeah, Felix... I met him. He was..." She pauses then decides on a word, "Rude." She shrugs, "So... this mean a delay to your birthday party? I was kinda looking forward to that...?" She moves in to take a seat next to KL, not on her bed but at one of the large chairs.

KL laughs, which turns instantly into a cough and a wince. "Ow," she says, succinctly. "Yeah, probably. What news out in the world?" Her breathing becomes labored for a few seconds, but then returns to normal. "I'll be up and about it a week, anyway."

Alesia shrugs, "I rited." She says softly, "I'm now 'Rises-Above-the-Demons, Claith." She peers at KL, "So... um, so that's news I guess?"

The Ahroun's face stretches into a grin. "Go you!" she says, happily. "Welcome to the world of adulthood." A pause. "Can you do me a favour? Could you go to the safehouse and explain to CJ that I've hurt myself? I was supposed to be there yesterday."

Alesia hesitates, "Safe House? I... I have no idea where or what that is KL... You'll have to tell me where to go, but if you tell me, I'll be sure to go there today." She offers. Despite being newly rited she still seems not exactly 'happy'. She does nod, "Anything you need me to take to CJ?"

"No. Just apologise," KL says. "It's easy to find." She gives some brief but fairly easy to follow directions to the safehouse. Her eyes close for a moment, then open again. "Really tired. What happened on your rite? Was it good?"

Alesia sighs, and leans back in her chair, "I was pretty sure I failed. Seemed like I failed... Helen said I failed... but then Nike said I passed, after she talked with Pegasus... oh, and between my Rite and talking with Nike to find out I /actually/ passed, I went into town, found a man abusing his daughter, killed him and brought his head back to present to Nike." She says kind of off the cuff, "But she didn't want the head so I burned it."

"Good job," KL says, with a flicker of energy in her eyes and a wolfish grin. "Can't imagine why she didn't want the trophy. Probably thinks it's not greek enough for the house." A pause, and she sucks in some air. "Well done."

Alesia sighs, "I don't know. It feels all wrong but... yeah... I passed. So, now I'm thinking about packs." She tilts her head, "KL? What do you know about Basil? I mean, other than he's a bone gnawer and he was punished for his actions with Kevin?"

KL sits up bolt upright, then clutches at her side and slumps back down. "Ask...Basil...why men are in charge of the world," she says. "He's a little fuck. Not the charach thing."

Alesia frowns a moment then nods, as if filing that bit of idea away, "He's asked me to pack with him, in a healing pack." She says as she watches KL's reactions, "I haven't said yes.... just trying to find out more about goings on. So far he's been very polite with me."

The Ahroun's nose twitches. "Be careful. I'm not going to tell you who to pack with. My track record, not so good. Remember last time I was like this?" A long pause. "I miss Kovo."

Alesia nods a little bit, "I miss having him around too, KL." She says softly, "I miss... a lot of things. I miss Laura and Leslie, I miss... Sophie." She shakes her head, "We need more kin, someone other than that Alexander guy. He just wants to be a baby maker, I want someone who will..." She looks away, "I don't want to make babies, I just want a kin to talk to... who will listen." She sighs, "I just... I want to be in a pack, but I don't want to be tied to the bawn. Jamethon asked me to come talk to him after my rite was complete. I think he may offer me a position as a Guardian."

KL nods slowly. "It's OK to say...not yet," she says. "Alexander is decorative, and not mean. But yeah, the baby making thing is really fucking irritating. Have you met Cedric? Might be packing with him."

Alesia thinks, "Cedric? I don't... wait, is he the Silver Fang Elder?" She asks as she thinks about the name, "Yeah, I know of him, not met him formally or anything." She considers, "What kind of pack? I want to do something that will make a difference, try to help people, or actively go after the wyrm, not sit back and wait, you know?"

The Ahroun laughs, somewhat painfully. "Warpack. Maybe HAVOC, under Vex. Good totem. Clawy. Need theurges. Learn to heal?" Her eyes close again for about ten seconds, and then she opens them. "Fuck, I hurt."

Alesia winces at that, "Not yet... I'm afraid I wasn't taught the gift of healing... yet. I plan on finding a teacher as quickly as I can. I could talk to a spirit for you, but I'm afraid that won't help, neither will being able to sense wyrm... unless you think you're wyrmy, in which case I could check real quick for you?" She offers.

KL stares at Alesia for a long period. "Useful ability," she says, eventually. "Go ahead. Oh, and check CJ when you see her."

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