Time/Date : 18th June 2007

Place : Safehouse

Weather :

Moon Phase :

Safehouse: Common Area(#2947RAJ)

The foyer of this house is set off from the living room with its octagonal bump-out by a four foot high halfwall. Stairs lead up from the foyer, turning and disappearing to the right, and a wooden door with a keycard lock claims the wall opposite the living room. The rest of the main floor is taken up by a small bathroom across the hallway from a dining room which is separated from the kitchen at the back of the house by another half-wall. The decor is decidedly sparse - white walls, beige carpeting in the living and dining rooms and down the hall, unremarkable vinyl in the foyer and kitchen.
A used couch and a pair of recliners are grouped around a coffee table in the living room, with a foursome of wooden chairs claiming the bump out for quieter conversation. The dining room boasts a white laminate table with four aluminum and vinyl-upholstered chairs - too new to be 'vintage', too old to be trendy. The appliances and cupboards in the kitchen are new - or at least refurbished to look like it - and a door leads out to the backyard from there.
Up the stairs are a number of empty rooms where anyone affiliated with the Sept can crash and an office for private meetings. The Glass Walkers have their own area accessible via a locked door off the foyer. The main doors themselves lead back out to the front porch of the house.

Kevin and Mick the cub have been blowing up balloons and laying out various party-type nibbles in the common area of the Glass Walkers' house. Kevin seems fairly stressed, but not entirely in a bad way. "Remember, Mick," he pauses to tell the cub for about the fifth time, "don't get into fights with anyone. There might be high ranking garou here... or short tempered ones. Or both."

With what, to Kevin, is a characteristic and familiar attempt to batter the door down, masquerading as "knocking", KL announces her presence outside the front door. As always, the concept of "doorbell" seems alien to her. When someone opens it, they'll see that she's holding a rectangular box covered in wrapping paper with balloons on it.

Power-Up lets go a half-blown balloon which expires with a squeak and goes to open the door. "KL!" he exclaims. "You're the first here... apart from them as lives here, or might as well do." He leans vaguely forward as though he may be intending to kiss the ahroun, but seems to think better of it, and simply says instead "Have you met Mick?"

For the fifth time, the cub simply nodded, straightening out the snacks and the balloons. Already cheerful in the first place, the thought of a party has him absolutely hopping with excitement. "I'll be on my best behavior, Kevin-rhya." He keeps tending to the decorations, even after Kevin has to open the door, and slips into his role of well behaved ragabash cub.

"No," KL replies, handing the present over. "Happy birthday!" A genuine smile accompanies this. "Um...is Mick one of your new flood of ragabashes?" She steps inside the door as she says this, looking around the room. "Wow. Balloons. Lots of them. Sorry that the present isn't anything special, but I'm a bit short after I had to pay for the repair of a...no...two doors and a chair."

"One of them," Kevin says proudly. "And he's got another name, now, haven't you Mick?" He looks to Mick expectantly from his post in the doorway where he's just letting KL inside.

"That I do, Kevin-rhya. But I'm not the only one that got another name today." Mick intones, turning to face Kevin and KL. With almost a slight bow, he introduces himself. "Michael Henderton, everyone calls me Mick. My cub name is Generous, with thanks to Kevin-rhya."

Basil walks down from upstairs with no box or any present in view, merely a small and a beer in one of his hands. "Happy birthday, Kev." Basil calls from halfway down the stairs, gesturing his bottle at the Ragabash. "Congratulations, you're legal now. And hey! KL, hows it going? I haven't seen you in a while."

KL smiles at the cub, and plops herself down in a seat, conveniently close to some snacks. "KL Cole, Escapes-From-Money, Cliath Ahroun of the Black Furies," she says, returning the introduction. "Hey Bas. Not bad. Felix isn't dead, which I guess is good, though somebody has slightly re-arranged his features." She looks over at Kevin. "Open the damn present, already."

"Dang, I hope he's not gonna be too disappointed with me.." Chris mutters to CJ as the pair emerge from the glass-walker area of the house. Chris himself carries simply an envelope, which looks somewhat insignificant next to the brown bag in the girl's hands. "Just kinda broke right now.. Well, totally broke." He shrugs, but then a smile comes to his face as the pair join the rest of the company. "Hey Kevin-Rhya, Happy Birthday!" The boy calls out.

"I've been legal for a couple weeks," Kevin says, "but I wasn't going to hold a party at full moon for any damned one." He grins and opens KL's present, then cheers. "Wow, KL. You know what I like!" He grins at her. "This is Chris, he's another of the new ragabash..."

Arriving a few minutes after the party has officially started, Nani shows up with a small wrapped present and a card for the Glass Walker she has barely had the chance of meeting. The girl is an absolute Asian bombshell and her fashion sense doesn't help tone down her appearance any either by wearing short tennis-shorts and tight tee-shirt.

Basil walks over to Kevin and embraces him loosely around the waist, pulling him in for a hug. "Yeah, well, full moons and us don't mix especially with y'know." Basil bumps the side of his head against Kevin's, commenting to KL. "Wonder who did that?" As Nani comes in, the Ahroun nods and calls to her. "Hey Nani, been too long since I ran into you. Welcome to the party."

Kevin goggles somewhat at Nani, but takes the card and present from her with a muttered thank-you and opens them both curiously.

CJ smiles at Kevin, "Hey Kev, happy birthday. Here, I ordered ya something!" She hands the bag over with a wide grin, "You'll have to trust my taste though." She glances around to the others, nodding at each. "KL! Hey!"

Mick decides it's time to stop idling and picks up a tray of snacks. Balancing it on one hand, he starts to make the round of the room, offering something to everyone. "I'm afraid, Kevin-rhya, that I didn't get you anything." Must be why he's being so servile right now.

"Heya CJ, how's it going?" KL replies, standing up slowly from her seat. She takes a handful of nibbles from Mick, and wanders nonchantly over to lean against a wall about half-way to the door, her glance flicking from person to person, with just a moments hesitation when she looks at Nani.

Chris moves up along with CJ, and offers Kevin the envelope. "Yeah.. I kinda have the same problem as Mick; no way to buy /anything/. But I made you a card. Happy birthday, dude. Another year closer to the grave." He gives his most charming of smiles to the older Garou, before Nani catches his attention. This time however he manages to avoid the Medusa affect she had on him last time, and offers her a smile. "Hey, Nani. What's up?"

Nani waves to Basil as he acknowledges her first when entering through the door. "You are Kevin?" she asks, smiling at the birthday-boy. "I am Nani Song Wu-Chen, your kin, nice to finally meet you." Since Nani had no idea on Kevin's fashion-tastes, she had gifted him with cologne and a credit-card gift-card. Then, flickering her eyes around the room, she turns back to Kevin. "You smoke?" she asks with a toothy grin. From her purse she revels a nice zip-lock bag of weed. "I am too young to buy beer."

"He's a puritan, he doesn't touch the stuff and when he does... Mmm, he gets loopy, you could say." Basil lifts his hand up and scruffles Kevin's hair. "I wouldn't mind helping you work through a bag sometime though. More of a joint man than a bong man." Basil looks at Kevin, sticking his hands in his pockets. "Don't think I've smelled you wearing cologne before, or maybe I just wasn't paying attention."

Kevin looks at the scent slightly suspiciously, and his eyes, for some reason, flicker to Basil. But CJ interrupts him by dropping the bag in his arms. Looking inside he pulls out a hooded sweatshirt. "Neat!" he exclaims. "Thanks, Silver..." Then Basil speaks and he gives the Bone Gnawer another look. "I'm grown up now, maybe I should start, huh?"

CJ grins at him, "Check out the back. It's the best part." The young halfmoon gauges the conversation back and forth, noting the looks between the two older Garou. Then she glances to Nani and just gives a big old grin.

KL is still being quiet, leaning against the wall, looking around all inconspicous-like. She seems oddly uncomfortable and out of place, shifting her jacket around her shoulders, shoving her hands in her pockets then taking them out again.

Mick keeps doing his rounds with the snacks, trying to stay away from the weed that is suddenly produced. Heading back for the outer edges of the party, he approaches KL, respectfully. "Can I get you anything, ma'am?"

Chris remains standing near Kevin, the card offered out still and a blush forming on his cheeks as he goes unnoticed. But then as Nani pulls out her bag of grass so casually, his eyes almost pop out on stalks. "Whoah.. Nice." He grins. "Never even seen weed close up before.."

Kevin frowns, and doesn't seem too impressed with Nani's production of the weed. But he shakes his head a little and doesn't interfere. The back of the hoodie makes him smile, though. "Nice one CJ. Wait till Aimee sees that."

Nani tilts her head to Basil and Kevin, watching the two carefully. Then, she peels her eyes away from them to glance across the room to the others. She catches CJ's grin. "Smoke?" she asks the other girl, smiling back and giggling. "I'm alright." is replied to the cub. The kin hands out the bag for the cub to take a look at. "Well, here..."

Basil leans over Kevin's shoulder to glance at the hoodie, patting Kevin on the back. "Don't look bad at all, and for the record Kev, I always thought you smelled just fine without cologne. Most every person carries a natural scent from the things they do. " Looking back over at KL, Basil smiles a little and gestures her over. "Why don't you come sit and talk with the rest of us, KL? C'mon. I'd offer you a dance but I never learned."

CJ shakes her head to Nani, "Don't like the way it tastes. Except in brownies." She grins a little and then flops into the couch. "Soo, pizza, pop, ice cream, cake? Where's the good stuff?"

KL peers at Mick as though he's grown an extra head. "You could start by not calling me "ma'am"," she says, slightly ungraciously. "Just KL will do. And I'm fine. Unless you have any milk." She grins at him.

"I called out for pizza," Kevin says. "Should be about six big ones arriving in the next ten minutes. Plenty for us all. Sure, there's milk in the fridge, KL, you know where it is."

Mick nods to KL, still very polite. Best behavior, Kevin had warned him. "I'll keep it in mind, KL. Give me a minute, and I'll be right back with your milk." Setting down the tray with snacks, he heads for the kitchen to serve the guest.

The doorbell rings, but anyone opening the door will find not the pizza delivery man, but a hefty native american holding a keg of the next best thing to pizza: a beer keg. The keg's aluminum and has 'Molson's' stamped on it.

Almost on the verge of giving up, Chris reaches forwards and neatly presses the birthday card into Kevin's hand with a smile and a mumbled best-wishes, feeling yet more embarrassed. And then suddenly Nani is not only talking to him, but offering him the bag! "Wow!" He murmurs as he takes the baggie from her, opening it up to sniff at it. "Didn't know it was quite so pungent.. Guess that's why they call it skunk, eh?" He looks to her. "If you're gonna smoke, mind if I try a little? If the elders don't mind?" THat's addressed to the others in general. And then beer arrives. "..And we got a keg too? God DAMN I chose the right bunch of furry nutters to get kidnapped by, eh?"

Kevin takes Chris's card with a grin and a "Thanks" as he heads to the door, reaching for money. "Oh! Reggie! I thought you were the pizza guy. Come on in! Meet the cubs. We're overrun with the little vermin," he grins.

One of these 'little vermin' returns with a tall glass of milk for KL. "Here you go. Anything else, let me know" That said, Mick starts to mingle in the party again, heading towards Chris and the little bag of green temptation... Not a good mix.

"You know if you cubs are lucky and nice, KL might tell you some war stories sometime. Between her and her old packmate Emma, they've got a whole stack more'n me." Basil sits down on the couch when Kevin drifts away, opening his arms out to splay across the top of the couch.

KL takes the glass of milk with a brief "Thanks." She drinks it quickly, still obviously uneasy, and then peels herself off the wall, walking over to Kevin. "Hey Kev, I've got to run. Happy Birthday, again. Enjoy the party." She gives a sort of general wave, then heads for the door.

CJ looks over, "War stories huh? I think I'd rather talk about old skating tournaments and really awesome spills I've taken. Thanks anyway." She looks to the newcomer, studying him curiously and leveling a look at his one hand.

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