Time/Date :2007/07/06

Place : Caern

Moon Phase :Full

"Ain't that the truth, Kevin." Chris agrees, his smile broadening. "Yeah, Mick.. I'm only just realising that.. hell, we ARE a nation. Not just a group of furry psyhcos stuck on our own. Wow."

Kaz offers Lefty her Smartfood, too.

Howls-For-Glory howls long and loud.

From Center of the Caern, Howls-For-Glory can be heard to howl, ~~Warriors of the Hidden Walk! Gather close, for tonight we gather to do honor to our Mother and the Lady of Mirrors! We Moot!~~

Found chuffs, as if laughing when he hears Chris talk about WoW and Garou.

Felix follows Vera down into the middle of the caern. His eyes fall upon Lefty, and avert themselves; his face could be set in stone, giving the Bone Gnawer no reaction. He might as well be looking at a rock or a clump of moss.

Lefty flashes Kaz a grateful grin, eating one cookie quickly and taking two more back to her seat. She nods to Jacob, offering him one of the remaining treats. With all the ragey garou around, she tries to keep her voice low so the Jackal in it doesn't irritate too many, "Don't worry. It's gonna be great. Just watch Aja."

Running Elk looks after Reggie, slightly bereft, and then shakes her ruff out, plops into a seat, and then bursts into a brief howl at the Fianna's announcement. Very brief.

Kevin leans forward towards Chris and Mick, quietly translating the Caller's words for the inexperienced cubs.

Mick goes quiet at the howl, expecting it to be something very official and ritualistic. Kevin's translation confirms his suspicion, and from then on the cub goes very silent indeed.

Chris nods as Kevin speaks, having caught most of the words but not all. He falls silent as the moot begins.

Basil mutters something briefly then sets his back aside, shifting up to Lupus to fire off a howl with the others. The dirty furred wolf quickly shifts back to Homid when he's done and retrieves another handful of cookies.

At Howl-for-Glory's call to Moot, Stacey glances once more to her cubs motioning for them to follow her example, then shifts up into Crinos, her voice joining in the howl.

Precisely on time, arriving in the centre of the caern, comes KL the Fury Ahroun. She glances around, spots Demons by the base of the slab and heads over, raising an eyebrow at the subjects of her Tribemate's ire.

Olga's not through unpacking her bag, but when she hears the call to moot she stops dead, and her transformation to Crinos is immediate and fierce. She lifts her teeth to the sky, howling off-key and passionate, one taloned hand still clutching a half-unfolded blanket.

Demons gives a nod of the head to KL, then turns her attention to Howls-For-Glory, and the start of the moot.

With Howls-for-Glory's call, Cycle-Breaker shifts up into crinos and howls along with the others.

Vera remains at the fore of her Tribemates, as she leads them into the center of the Caern. As the call to moot is announced, the Adren shifts into Crinos, black form sleek and impressive in the moonlight. Throwing back her head, she leads voice to the Caller, howling toward the bright face of Luna and celebrating the beginning of the Moot.

Kevin looks up after he's translated the howl, and grins at Reggie. "Glass Walker cubs," he introduces them to his tribemate. "Mick, Matt, Chris. You'll hear their intros in the moot." He beckons the cubs to follow suit as he shifts, and begins to howl along.

In tandem with the Opening Howl, Far-Cry lifts his voice to join the Master of the Howl's call to moot.

Yi finishes swallowing down her cookies before shifting to crinos and joining in with a yip and a fuller howl.

Found gives a quick howl himself, layering his call so that it sounds as if there were two wolves coming from the lupus.

Demons lets out a throaty howl as well.

At Stacey's encouragement, Coriander shifts into Crinos, adding her howl to the others.

Kaz doesn't yet shift.

Untangler's slow in shifting to Crinos and slow in lending his own voice to the growing chorus. His movements and his howl are studied and sluggish, and the sound that comes from him is lilting and serene.

Cedric somehow manages to make the act of shifting up to crinos seem languid and easy. Once there, he joins in with the howling that's making the rocks and trees around the caern and environs echo.

Sunshine takes a deep breath and shifts up with Kevin's instructions, letting his voice join the chorus of his people for the first time.

Huffing and puffing and arriving a little late, Fred's lanky lupus form makes an ungraceful arrival into the center of the Caern. His paws send a series of small stones flying, as he scrambles down from the waterfall.

Reggie grins at Kevin, and crooks his heads closely at the Walker cubs, inspecting them. He's about to introduce himself, when the howling starts, and he encourages them to follow Kevin in his behaviour, and he himself also shifts to crinos, his wolfskins blurring and twisting into the form of the crinos in a dizzying melange of scars, and he adds his low voice to the howls.

Felix waits until Vera has shifted before he follows suit, but when he does, he lets rip with a howl which is in no way lessened in volume by his scarred muzzle and jaw.

Aubrey shifts right back into lupus. It's hard to fight back her songs to Luna, howling out to the open sky. She then remains in lupus and circles around Basil's feet, just incase he dropped one of those cookies.

Generous follows Kevin's lead, shifting but not to Crinos. Instead, as Lupus, he lets his howl join the others, settling down in wolf form next to Found.

Lefty does not shift up yet, either. and the Gnawer new moon does not add her voice to the symphony of the others'. The way she looks around, however, it's clear she'd like to. Excited eyes dart every which way, taking in the other garou as they get ready to open the moot.

Moon Otter remains in hispo, bites his tongue, and belts out a howl that shifts rapidly into a gurgling snarl as flecks of blood spatter out from his maw to land on the earthen center of the caern.

KL swells up into Crinos, her howl joining the others', strong and powerful and enthusiastic. If tinged, perhaps, with mild nervousness.

Spits-out-Nails, standing next to Moon Otter, is obviously more than a little surprised to see blood spray from his maw. His own howl falters for a couple of seconds before returning to its full pitch.

Jacob looks to Lefty for only a moment, then with a hand gently at her shoulder, rises up and takes his warform. His howl rises into the night sky, pure and passionate, and tonight- his howl counts for two.

Lefty gives Jacob a grateful look, but the sudden appearance of the odorous Fred gets her attention quickly. She flashes the time-traveler a quick grin and then gobbles down the last of the cookies she'd received from Kaz.

Basil doesn't look in the direction of Lefty or Jacob, but quietly surveys the Caern while stuffing the occasional cookie in his mouth. A few are passed over towards Fred and a few are left on the ground for Aubrey, but by in large he's quiet and still.

Fred sniffs at the popcorn, then gobbles it down. He huffs out a breath, then shifts into homid. He has a small bag with him and from it, he pulls out a gallon milk jug that has been refilled with an amber liquid. The drink is alcoholic, anyone with nose can tell that much. Unscrewing the cap, the Gnawer takes a long swig, then offers the bottle to Kaz.

Found sniffles and can smell the popcorn from where the lupus lay, the howling over as he glances with his nose to the gnawers. His tail is curled around his side, and the small wolf's ribs can be seen.

Howls-For-Glory lets the howl taper off, sneezing once as the scent of alcohol wafts over to him. He surveys the swelling crowd with a posture that indicates both anxiety and excitement.

Kaz takes one small sip, then hands it back. She whispers something quietly.

Sunshine shifts his position and takes a deep breath as the howl comes to its end, panting slightly as he gets used to the idea of being in crinos around others who he ISN'T trying to kill. The scents carried on the air seem so much more alive, and he rests his muzzle on one massive fist, just taking in the atmosphere.

Spirit sniffs over to Fred and looks up at him with her ears perked. She tilts her head at him, Not Fianna? Then, she looks back at Kaz with a turn of her head. As she does, she sees Basil drop a few cookies and goes over to rescue them from the grass. She munches rather comically on the cookies before shifting back to her birthform once again.

Lightning eyes Kaz and Fred as the howl dies away, giving the pair a disapproving look, but saying nothing.

Blackriver comes padding down to the caern center, a bit late but better than never. She heads over to Cole, bopping her packmate lightly on the shoulder before settling down.

Fred offers the bottle to Lefty next, almost holding it directly under her nose.

Kaz quickly stuffs the Smartfood back into her pack.

Dance-Ender returns to his birth form once the howl is complete and leans over to Lefty with a scowl on his lips. Something is quietly whispered and then the Galliard clasps his hands together in fussing annoyance.

Lefty takes the milk jug with her good hand, thanking the other gnawer with a grin. she takes a sip, then a second, before handing it back to Fred and wiping her mouth with her arm.

Lightning's attention is distracted away from Fred's hooch by Blackriver's entrance. The white-pelted crinos stands up a little more proudly and gestures to his tribemate. Maybe it was an invitation to join him? But he doesn't seem overly hurt or snubbed when she prefers to sit next to Cole.

Howls-For-Glory takes a moment to return the gesture to his Alpha before moving to the highest point of the rock slab. Another glance around, and the Fianna Elder rises into Crinos. Without preamble, he begins. ~Combat the Wyrm whenever it breeds and wherever it dwells!~

Power-Up's howl ceases, and he gestures for the cubs under his guidance to also quieten down. He returns to homid form, and begins to translate Cole's words into English once more for their benefit.

Lefty's grin widens at the whisper, and she leans back to Jacob to answer him with a quiet whisper of her own. The Jackal's Voice makes the the words come out in squeaks, but thankfully it doesn't make them all that understandable.

Seagull arrives, just after the calling begins, looking around a bit hesitantly at the crowd, and then heading over towards Running Elk, watching Cole semi-attentively.

Spits-out-Nails evidently hears those squeaks coming from Lefty. He still doesn't acknowledge her presence directly, but his lip curls ever so slightly. Which, for a Crinos with a scarred jaw, just makes him look even more awesomely hideous than he already did. He turns and listens to Cole begin the Litany.

Sunshine once more follows Kevin's example and returns to HIS homid form, only to discover his boxer shorts are the only vaguely surviving item of clothing. Blushing all over, he hangs his head and listens to the older ragabash carefully.

"Well!" Declares Aja from her postition, tilting her head to the side with the large Mad Hatter's hat, green and large, perched on her head. She stands up from the position and makes her way towards the slab, "The Litany can't /all/ be right. I mean, they have been passed down from generation to generation. Maybe the wordings have been misremembered, maybe our ancestors have fucked up the translations. Maybe, just /maybe/, we have been following a mindless set of rules that are quite contrary to Gaia's true intentions!" With that, she stands up straighter and clasps her hands behind her back, regarding the rage-filled faces before her with a wide, beaming and rather eery smile. "You want proof? I have proof!" She pauses for a moment, dramatic effect is everything after all, "The first one I want to question, Why, the rule that we should combat the wyrm where it dwells and wherever it breeds. That's a silly rule. We can't just go galavanting about like Nazi Germany, declaring who is wrong and who is right! We should only fight the Wyrm when we are ready! Sometimes you must let go of a few small wyrm-creatures in order to get to the bigger wyrm! You know, like when you go fishing! And sometimes, sometimes, it's best not to kill them when they outnumber you. If we throw ourselves at the enemy when they outnumber us then surely we will be destroyed before we reach the heart of the mass! And such a /waste/ that is! No, we must pick our battles; fight a wyrm here, let go of a wyrm there, it all balances out in the end."

Fred winces as Lefty squeaks and rubs at his ears with his free hand. He takes yet another drink, then offers the bottle to Jacob. "'Er, have some."

Lefty almost misses the beginning of the calling. Her gaze finally catches hold of Felix, and the amused and playful grin fades to a slight scowl. some of her excitement is dampened as she turns back to watch Aja play the fool.

Running Elk's entire body radiates relief that /someone/ she knows is here, now, as she sits up eagerly to meet the Wendigo. She stops to stare at the Fool, and says, ~It does not balance! We must /fight/, not... have tea parties.~

Lightning is quick to call out in scorn. ~Thousands of centuries, generation upon generation, have followed the litany,~ he thunders. ~And yet you, the only garou ever to do so, have found that it is false and that every single one who went before you is wrong? Balance is good, but the Wyrm does not respect balance, and if you think it does... then you yourself are unbalanced.~ And he folds his arms, looking very pleased with himself for his wordplay.

Furious that the Fool comes close towards the rock slab, Far-Cry snaps angrily at the ragabash. ~Your place it by the Steam Vents, Fool! Disrespect the position again and it will be you who is fed to the fishes.~

Blackriver's teeth flash as she snaps at Aja. ~Those small Wyrms things would become big Wyrm things. It is because out ancestors let those small Wyrm things go that we must fight them still today.~

"Feel free to snarl and jeer," Kevin says quietly to his cubs. "That's Aja playing the fool. She doesn't believe what she's saying... at least I hope not. It's just devil's advocacy. Designed to inspire us all to anger by shouting her down."

"The Fianna were the first tribe that the Wyrm tried to kill off, you'd better believe that I am going to be wherever it breeds. When Apocalypse comes we will be there and show no mercy for the tained." Aubrey calls out to the caller. "You want proof, why don't you just take a look at the White Howlers, our brothers, turned into Black Spiral Dancers. You think we can just ignore what has happened? Hell no!"

Found remains happily in lupus, but belly crawls so that he can lay his back against Kevin's legs, sitting on his side directly in front of him. He makes a quick howl, The Wyrm hurts our Mother! We Kill what would take our /family/! His howls are sharp, but crystal clear, his layering making it sound like not one, but two or even three wolves reply.

Dance-Ender smiles at Lefty and nods thankfully. When Fred offers the jug, he takes it and takes a good hard swig. It just so happens to cause a rather serious coughing fit as Aja argues the tenant, and with a hurried hand off, he gives it back to the Gnawer.

Demons growls at the Fool. ~Fail to follow the traditions and you fail to honor the old ways. You offend the spirits and where will you be if your gifts no longer work for you, if your teeth grow brittle and you no longer have the strength to do as Gaia wishes? Fail to follow the proper ways and the you fail to be worth the space Gaia gave you!~

Escapes growls ferociously at the fool, slaver running from her jaws. ~The Wyrm is poison, one drop is enough. It breeds and grows. We must fight it wherever we find it~

Chris nods to Kevin, and then yells back to Aja. "We're MADE for combat! It's what we're here for! We're not furry killing machines to play nice with the wyrm!"

Generous listens to the Fool, half baring his fangs at the preposterous statement. It would kill us without considering balance. It kills so we must kill it before it kills us. Wherever it dwells! No compromise, no quarter!

~I will leave no Wyrmbeast unslain while I have breath in my body,~ Nails retorts to the fool, ~and no true garou would say anything different.~

Basil doesn't say a single word, contently nibbling on his cookies, watching all the Garou with an expression reminiscent of someone watching a bad TV movie for the fourteenth time.

Runner actually reaches for one of those cookies Basil's eating, snagging one deftly with her elongated talons.

Howls-For-Glory growls at Aja's impertinence, baring his teeth at the Ragabash who plays his opposite. In accusatory tones, he continues onto the next tenet of the Litany. ~Respect the Territory of Another!~

Culls-The-Herd snorts, lips pulling back in a snarl. ~We are outnumbered in nearly every battle that we enter with the Wyrm! Shall we all be cowards and run away, or shall we show them what we are and rip them to pieces! No quarter, no mercy for the Enemy!~

"Well, if that is the case, what about respecting the territory of another?" She calls back towards Howls-For-Glory mockingly before Aja turns to face the rest, "That's a stupid rule! What happens if the owner of the territory is not there? What if it's an emergency? Sometimes we don't have time to ask for /permission/!" Aja punches the air in her exclamation, her Mad Hatter's Hat tilting back but settle against the far crown of her afro. "Gaia gave us the ability to fight the Wyrm where it breeds, isn't that what you said earlier? So if we are not given the /permission/ to enter, then we should enter anyways! Fight back! We don't need to respect the territory, we are Gaia's mightiest warriors! We can just take it or walk, hunt and even live in it if we should desire!"

Kaz says, "It don't always mean asking permission. It means don't /screw/ with it. Don't disrespect 'em."

Found stands up on all four paws, and begins stamping his front ones in agitation of the fool, flecks of froth coming from his muzzle as he howls. Territory is! Territory is respect to another. Without Respect, we are corrupt! We are of the wyrm!

~If you don't respect other's territory, you'll cause more fighting within us than against the Wyrm. Idiot!~ Seagull calls out. She spares a second to glare death at Fred.

"Entering territory is not the same as disrespecting it, numbskull," sneers Kevin. "Someone pass that girl a dictionary."

Fred stands up, jug of alcohol held loosely in one hand as he yells back at the fool. "That's just the kinda argument I'd be expectin' from a lazy, freeloadin' nigger, without any idea of how ta be respectful 'bout anythin'!"

~You do not know the meaning of respect!~ Escapes howls at Aja, getting far more into this "shout down the fool" lark than she has at previous moots.

Chris slams a fist into the palm of his hand. "So YOU'D be happy with someone breakin' into your room and shitting in your bed? 'Cause it's the same thing!" Chris yells to the 'Fool', rather enjoying himself now.

Jacob looks over at Fred when he replies to the fool, and all at once reaches out to grab at his sleeve. "Aim your taunts at her for being the fool old man, not for being black."

Aubrey shifts down into hispo, growling towards the fool as the next tenet is called from Howls-For-Glory. This time, the Theurge reclines back a little and listens to what the other Garou have to reply with a curious cock of her head. She adds to Kaz's reply by stating, ~We must all remain ever vigilant agains predations of the Weaver or Wyrm.~

Spits-out-Nails edges away from Moon Otter just a little bit. ~Fool and thrice damned idiot!~ he howls back at Aja. ~It is the Wyrm who disrespects territory merely by standing on it. Not garou.~

Blackriver's hackles raise as she radiates her anger. ~Without respect it is not out territory. Without territory we forget who we are. We have no place.~

Basil passes a few cookies to Yi and shows no signs of running out, and is' clear by every little shift of the back pack that it's still got plenty more cookies inside.

Lightning seems about to find some cutting remark for the fool, but instead, his attention is drawn by Fred's words and Jacob's grab at him. ~That is not a proper word to use in one of Gaia's sacred places... or anywhere,~ he informs Fred hotly.

Fat-Ripper's about to respond to the fool, when Fred's shout stops her cold. Impossible to hide in Crinos, her dismay radiates off the tips of the upright hairs on her neck. Instead of shouting down the fool, she puts her hand over her eyes almost as if hiding, and quietly, creatively, swears, a few choice words of the Mother Tongue few aside from the Gnawers might know.

Basil glances at Jacob and murmurs to him. "At least he didn't accuse her of being a Black Spiral or something. Preach on Fred, oppress away."

Fred looks over at Jacob and scowls, expression belligerent and more then a little annoyed. "What's yer problem?"

Runner, in actual response to her tribemate's response, stares at the halfmoon. Then she simply hurls a cookie at his head.

Learns-Quickly remains quietly and obediently amongst her elders despite the snarling and snapping. She peers around at her fellow garou and marvels at the spectacle of it all. Her weight is shifted on heavy paws in an attempt to contain her eagerness and intensity.

Lefty grits her teeth, standing quickly and stepping between the galliard Gaian and her tribesmate Fred. She especially holds onto Dance-ender, but it's Fred she glares at. "Not now. We'll deal with it after." This time, the Jackal's Voice adds weight as well as irritant to her words.

Kevin evidently missed the start of this little sub-drama, but the cookie suddenly hurled across the caern draws his attention. He blinks at Yi.

Spirit cannot help but give a rolling chuff in hispo laughter at the response given to Fred, although she hardly considers his response appropriate.

Jacob doesn't seem inclined to make a large distraction with this, so he releases the old Gnawers sleeve with a slight 'throw' of his arm. "Later. But you use that term again in regards to her, fool or not, and you'll be sorting your teeth like a 3D puzzle." His attention goes back to the caller and the fool when Lefty intervenes, but his shoulders tense further and his jaw sets a hard line.

Spits-out-Nails looks (appropriately enough) thunderously at Fred and those protesting his choice of words. ~It is not meet to interrupt the Litany thus,~ he snarls... but snarls softly, lest he contribute further to the interruption himself.

Howls-For-Glory's hands flex, claws flashing in the moonlight streaming down. He ignores the furor surrounding Fre's commentary. The intervening tenets are practically spat out, full of venom. He points at Aja. ~First of the kill to the highest in station!~

"Ow!" Fred cries out indignantly, as a cookie bounces off his head. He glares at Yi, then at Lefty. At Fostern's jackal-voiced words, he plugs his hears with his thumbs. "Ow. Stop talkin' already! What the 'ell is wrong with you people?" He asks, angry and more then a little confused. Grumbling to himself, he sits down and nurses his hooch.

Aja freezes in her spot a moment, her eyes focusing on Fred for a long and silent moment before she slowly cants her head, as if seeing him for the first time. Her eyes flick towards Jacob briefly before Aja's watches him curiously before she calls back out over the crowd, trying to snag their attention once more. "First of the Kill to Higher in Station? That makes no sense!" Aja cries out from her position, her eyes wild to match her own words and tone of voice. Her hat settles on her head, her wild curly hair sprouting out from underneath the hat like angry flower petals. "The one who makes the kill should have the first go at it! After all, he or she proved their power, their strength, ability and courage with the final blow! So they should take the first of their prize! Besides, What about the weak, huh? We should share our kills so that the weak can join us in strength! Not remain as little hapless creatures just because the older ones want to fatten up their bellies some more! That's...that's against every human instinct! Help the weak to create a greater, stronger center! Remember that old story? Of how a twig breaks if it is one, but is unbreakable when in a bundle? The stronger the weakest one, the stronger our Caern will be!"

Runner snorts with a dim satisfaction at seeing her projectile accurately struck. ~Respect those beneath ye, all are of Gaia,~ growls the ragabash more to herself than anyone else, and settles back just in time to hear the next tenet called. ~That is why humans have "Medicare" problems, Fool, and the Garou don't.~

Found begins frothing at the mouth, as he starts to run back and forth in front of Kevin, white foam flying from his mouth as he drives himself deeper in a sort of frenzy, howling at the fool. The kill belongs to the alpha! The alpha knows best, not you! If you do not submit to the alpha, then the pack means nothing! Giving the first to the alpha brings the pack together! Let the weak be the alpha's concearn!

Basil rolls his eyes at the whole bunch of the people beside him, though when he catches the Fool looking in his general direction he flips her off without raising his hand with the biggest smile he can muster. Turning his head to Yi, he quirks his brow.

~We are wolf changers! All we do, we do as a pack. We hunt, we find, we kill as a pack. What we take belongs to the pack, and belongs to the alpha. A wise alpha will use the kill to make us all stronger. And alpha would not be alpha is they were not wise.~ Blackriver growls.

Snakepatcher howls at the Fool, spittle flying. ~We are not humans! Look at our claws, our teeth!~, he holds razor-sharp talons high. ~We are Gaia's Warriors!~

Lefty's response to Fred is to shift. she finally takes the war form, her lips curling back to show yellowed teeth. Other than a brief growl, however, she does not pursue the issue any further. Gleaming yellow eyes turn back to the calling of the Litany, though the gnawer is now tense and coiled.

Kevin seems distracted by Lost-and-Found's wild snarling. He's plainly concerned, possibly worrying that the cub may lose control. "Cool it," he mutters gently.

"We /do/ share the kill," Kaz says, Gnawer to the core. "And everythin' else. But the bosses've proven, battle after battle, that they're strong, able, and courageous. So they've earned it long term."

~By Fianna traditions, the slayer does get the first part of the kill... but the kill also belongs to your elders. It's a sign of respect and gratitude.~ Spirit rumbles.

Untangler's posture is derisive, his lips raised, his scruff up, though he doesn't vocalize his uneasiness and disdain.

Chris does give Lost-And-Found a 'look', remembering an earlier conversation and argument. He does not yell to the Fool this time though, unsure of an insult or put-down.

~A typical whining complaint from one who is not and never will be the greatest in station,~ is Nails' acid summary of the Fool's words on this occasion.

Demons lets out a snarl, her anger undeniable but the idea of words lost in a little bit of a growl and gutteral sounds of irritation as she lets the insults fly. The target of her rage apparently the Fool, although it seems a little less directly focused as some of those speaking are apparently included a bit.

~The greatest in station will be happy to remind you of your proper position if you try to get above yourself,~ Lightning sneers back with his very best Silver Fang condescension turned up to eleven.

Michelle hunkers down to just glare at the fool, barking out replies every once and a while.

Howls-For-Glory continues on through the Litany, enumerating each tenet with inreasing ire, until he practically screams the last tenet at his erstwhile foe. The Galliard takes a trembling breath before descending from the rocky outcropping.

Found glances over his shoulder and looks to Kevin when he says cool it, calming down and giving a whimper before going back to lay at his feet again.

Demons gives a growl. ~Moots are for Mother's Tongue, not for Ape-Speak.~

"You're doing good," Kevin says ungrammatically to Found. "Just don't lose it, okay?"

As it is his time, the Warder and Opener of the Inner Sky, Reflection's-Howl, simply nods then turns to face the waterfall. He raises his arms out to sky at his side, long spear held high in his right hand. With a power in his voice that is perhaps lent more by ritual then any property of Reflection's-Howl himself, he calls out. ~Chimera, Lady of the Mirror and the ever-changing face! She who comes to us all in her own way! Your sept calls to you now and before you we seek the ways of wisdom! From the laws we hold dear, to the war waged to save our all-mother Gaia, we are greatful for your guidance... Come, behold your wise, your cunning, your strong and your brave. Your warriors call you! Let the Inner Sky be Opened, and come forth!~ At the shouting of the last growled word, the Fostern Theurge jerks his arms upwards and tilts his muzzle back, emiting a grand howl of welcoming, that invites the others to join in.

Kaz gives Alesia a 'your funeral' look, and falls into hispo.

Running Elk howls, loud, long, and enthusiastic.

Once the cries die down, Aja tilts her head to the side before whipping off her hat, making her way towards Lefty and Jacob in order to flop down. Her hands run through her hair for a moment before she stuffs the hat into her bag. Once done, she settles her eyes on Reflection's-Howl. Once the howling begins, she shifts up to her war form and joins in with a steady howl of her own.

Demons joins the howl of the opening of the Inner Sky. Her head tilting back as she lets loose a howl to join that of Reflection's-Howl.

Seagull adds her voice to the howl, shifting up into crinos to join in.

Fred sulks, there is not other way to put it. Silent and sullen, he doesn't join the in welcoming Chimera.

Walks-Middle gives a quick glance toward the cubs with her, then tilts her head back to join in the howl, lending her young voice in support of the others. Dances-On-Frozen-Water does the same, her own howl more tentative.

Spits-out-Nails seems quite glad when the litany is concluded and he can simply howl wordlessly and enthusiastically once more as the inner sky is opened.

"Howl along," Kevin bids his cubs. He returns to crinos in order to do so himself.

Howls-For-Glory, moving to stand beside his packmates, joins the Warder's howl. He calls out with enthusiasm, seemingly quite amped up by the calling just drawing to a close.

Tenderfoot joins the howling, as well, once her Elder does so.

Chris follows the lead of the others, once more taking his war-form to howl his lungs out, head tilted back in delight at the feeling of fitting in for the first time in his life.

Found gives a loud howl from where he is, after a moment the crystal-clear wolf howl comes out, speaking with many voices from the one small wolf, a galliard in the making indeed.

Jacob once more takes the warform, joining the dissonant chorus of howls to the opening. This time, he remains in Crinos, though the form seems to boil his tensions more quickly than his homid form's slow simmer.

Culls-The-Herd lifts her muzzle toward the night sky and howls, welcoming Chimera.

Blackriver gives out an enthusiastic yip and then joins in, deep hispo voice belting out a howl.

Lightning howls too, no less proudly and with no less volume than any other garou present.

Far-Cry keeps his grip tight against the long bone he holds, staring at the activity of the Garou through the entire calling. It's when the Warder calls for the Garou once again to howl that he belts out a ragged sound of feral nature.

And watching Fred carefully for a little while longer, Runner lifts her voice to join her voice with the others in welcoming Chimera.

Basil lifts his hand and waves once and quick to Alesia with an exaggerated smile, then folds his arms on his knees, watching Jamethon curiously. When others start to howl, the Ahroun shifts up and lets out a loud but quick howl. When he's done he's instantly back to Homid, and as soon as Aja joins them he leans over and gives Fred a heaping handful of cookies that could give a child a sugar coma.

Escapes tips her head back, adding her cry to the massed voices of the Hidden Walk choir in their hymn to the totem.

Blood still dripping from his maw and off his fur to patter silently onto the ground, Moon Otter lifts his head in a second primal howl gauged to cause maximum dischord against the gathering howls.

As the howls climb in volume and the Caern practically rumbles with the sound, the waterfall slows to a stop, the rushing sound of water quiets and soon all that is heard is the grand howling. If this is truely occuring, or an illusion, it is difficult to tell, as strangely no matter where they stand, all can feel the spray of the waters as if it were right before them. Then the water begins to freeze over, looking like a grand sheet of crystal, a million reflections almost echoing off of each other. The howls build once more, and the frozen waterfall explodes outwards like breaking through a wall, and the waterfall flows once more, though for hte duration of the moot it is still a smooth and highly reflective surface rather than the usual difficult to see through chaos. One can see the distorted Garou gathered in the caern, even the subtle movements exaggerated in the dramatically shifting surface of the cascading waters. With in the reflection Chimerlings clearly dance around the Garou, ones obviously not here in the realm. The Gatekeeper lets his howl fade and turns to face the Sept, as their howls clear he calls out to the sky, ~Chimera has come! The Inner Sky is Open! Let us Moot!~

Spits-out-Nails watches the advent of Chimera with rapt fascination. His howl dies slowly away into a low sound of awe, and then silence.

Ears's howl breaks off momentarily as the waterfall explodes, and then she's howling again, louder and more passionately than before.

Spirit erupts into a heartfelt song for Chimera. Thank you for showing me my way back home! She flattens her ears and closes her eyes as she howls, putting all her engery into her howl.

Sunshine is struck utterly rapt, his howl tapering off into a soft gasp of amazement at the exploding waterfall, like nothing he had never seen or even imagines before in his life.

Seagull dips her head in a nod of respect for Chimera, letting out another joyous howl before settling down.

Ferret lays her good claw on aja's shoulder, admiration in her eyes. The Gnawer spares everyone further use of her voice, but she lets the Gaian new moon know with a look that she's proud of her. Then, her attention shifts to the appearance of Chimera. Eyes wide with awe, she crouches, ears splayed in amazement.

Lightning stands tall and noble, his howl turning into a happy greeting of the caern spirit as it manifests itself.

Found begins to watch the chimeralings, as he paws in the air at them, as if trying to figure out how much is real, and how much is his imagination. Though, his tail wags, the anger fading away and replaced with a pure joy.

Kevin can't help but chuckle at Lost-and-Found's response to the small spirits. "This is Chimera. She is the spirit of the caern. She comes in response to our howls at this time," he breathes to Mick and Chris.

Howls-For-Glory's howl cuts off when the miracle with the waterfall takes place. He looks own, jaw agape with wonder. Even after the waterfall resumes (for the most part) its play, he watches the chimerlings for a short time.

Basil looks up and actually manages a small, bitter smile and a few minutes of staring when the Totem comes calling to the Garou. The spirits around him only get a brief glance before his eyes turn to the ground in front of him.

Dance-Ender gives Aja a similiar greeting as she joins the area. It's short, but like Lefty's, proud. He doesn't focus on her long though as his attention is drawn to the opening of the inner sky.

Sunshine murmurs a single word in the mother's tongue back to Kevin. ~Beautiful.~ The crinos formed cub sits gazing at all before his eyes, almost hypnotised.

Found turns his head to look back at Kevin, and give a happy 'Yip!' tail wagging even more quickly, raised like an alpha, but to his own mind, he's king of the whole world with these little spirits going about.

Learns-Quickly shifts and prances in place excitedly, looking to her fellow tribe members and then to the magic in front of her eyes; a toothy grin pulls back at her maw.

Spirit watches the Chimerlings with her ears perking up to the dark sky above. She chuffs in excitement and wags her tail, her whole body cannot seem to keep still as the Theurge becomes joyous by the very sight. The crescent moon is very giddy, indeed.

Tenderfoot's howl cuts off as well, replaced with an open-mouthed stare. Speechless, to say the least.

Far-Cry, standing atop the Rock Slab, waits for the various howls and welcomes of the totem to die down before he raises the long ivory colored bone above his head and howls out to gain the attention of gathered Garou. ~Tonight the Garou moot to bring together all that is Glorious, Wise, and Honorable. We celebrate the joining of our kin and kind. We honor those who have come and those who have gone from the Caern of the Hidden Walk. This is the time that we expose that which is hidden to those closest to us. Before Chimera, Gaia, and Luna's bright eye, let us crack the bone and find the marrow within!~ Grabbing either end, the Truthcatcher brings the long bone down sharply upon a pointed section of the slab to break it in two. Once the bone spills its freshly bloodied marrow out, the philodox once more holds up the ends. ~Let those who wish to introduce themselves step forward! Reveal your faces to the Hidden Walk!~

Moon Otter huffs to Learns-Quickly to follow him, themn pads towards the Truthcatcher with a confidence that radiates from him with every step--as though this newcomer might actually need no introduction.

Spirit shifts up to crinos and sits back, waiting for the right moment to step forward.

Howls-For-Glory settles down on his haunches, listening intently.

Spits-out-Nails moves a little, also, as though getting into line behind Moon Otter and Learns-Quickly.

Culls-The-Herd's tongue lolls in a lupine grin, as she watches the the introductions begin.

Walks-Middle watches proudly as Far-Cry starts the Cracking of the Bone, starting to nudge her cubs forward, but she pauses as Moon Otter steps forward, her gaze following the movements of the Shadow Lord curiously.

Sunshine moves position, still in crinos as he rises to his feet and preparing to step forwards. A glance is passed to Kevin as if asking for the signal of when to actually act. Generous too rises up, but still in his lupus form, moving to stand at his friend's side in the 'line'.

The large, regal-looking, black and red furred Shadow Lord shifts from hispo into crinos in order to take the bones in his clawed hands, yet he still remains on all fours instead of standing on two legs like nearly all other garou do. His body language and speech are thick--dripping even--with lupus mannerisms, specifically of deep-woods Red Talon influence. Blood from his earlier self-inflicted wound is dried into the fur around his maw, and red taints the white of his fangs and pink of his gums. ~This one is Moon-Calf-Who-Has-No-More-Sense-Than-An-Otter, or Moon Otter for those who would avoid panting. Also known by Little Storm, Lightning-Strikes-First, and Gathers-the-Storms. Ragabash of the Lords of Shadow. Fostern, and currently on a challenge for Adren from another sept. Sire to Sharp-Nose-Finds-The-Weakness, Cliath theurge of the Lords of Shadow. Sire to Red-Claws-Under-Dark-Moon, ahroun of the Lords of Shadows. This one is formerly a caern guardian and tribal elder for the Sept of the Wheel Renewed--before Cougar, Magpie, and Buffalo fell and the caern was reborn as the Sept of the Hidden Walk under the totems of Fog and the Wyld. Guardian of the wolves and the wolf lands. Alpha of two former guardian packs under Cougar and Wolverine. This one is the one who encouraged the giant growth of thorns and briars between the bawn and the trails the humans use in order to keep the two-leggers away.~ Otter pauses here before continuing. ~This one has returned, is now mentor to two cubs: Learns-Quickly and Demands-Answers. This one has also claimed the title of elder for the Lords of Shadow in order to allow Culls-the-Herd more time to dedicate to her position as sept Alpha here, and thus further strengthen this sept as a whole.~ Clearly no moss gathers on this stone. Otter's intimidating, merciless, feral green eyes look over the gathered Garou. ~It is good to be home once again.~ With that, he hands the bones back to the Truthcatcher and his form reverts immediately back to hispo--almost as if relieved to no longer be in a form that might possibly be used for walking about on two legs.

Learns-Quickly follows her elder immedietly. The young, dark pelted creature holds her head proudly and focuses strictly as her growling words are heard. ~I am Adalyn, Learns-Quickly, Theurge cub of the Shadow Lords.~ A gentle bow of her head is given as well as a scanning look at her fellow garou before stepping back amongst her own.

Ears's eyebrows flicker up and down at this introduction.

Lightning watches Moon Otter make his introduction with a sort of fascination, listening to him carefully, and nodding to himself. He inclines his head once he's done, and then does so again when the Shadow Lord cub makes her introduction also.

Found makes his way with the other two walker cubs, the lupus keeping third as he glances about. His tail evens out to a trailing behind position, the cub not wanting to go to crinos.

Blackriver's ears raise in interest at Moon Otter's introduction, but she gives a sort of scowl as Learns-Quickly follows. Ew, Shadow Lords.

Spirit perks her ears as she hears Moon-Otter's name being announced. ~I have heard of this one,~ she rumbles as she looks towards the black and red wolf. She seems to be looking at Kaz and Yi as she remarks about the Shadow Lord.

Walks-Middle's own interest only grows more at that introduction, as does that warily impressed expression. Her gaze moves away from that Fostern once, to glance toward the Truthcatcher, then returns to Moon Otter.

Ears says, ~Yeah, no shit,~ in vague awe.

Howls-For-Glory looks rather surprised by the introduction of Moon Otter. He cocks his head curiously, reserving any opinions for the moment.

~I am Viktoriya Demands-Answers,~ comes the low, husky growl. Her animal throat carries the rhythms of her human throat, but rougher, and with less hesitancy than she has shown when attempting English. ~My moon is the half-moon of the Philodox, and though I am a cub, I am a Shadow Lord.~ She straightens somewhat, finally pushing her shoulders back with a raise of her chin, the student standing before the class and braving the unknown of her fellows.

Ears shoots a thumb's up to the Shadow Lord half moon.

Spits-out-Nails follows the other Shadow Lords to the center and speaks out after Demands-Answers. ~Some of you know me already. Others do not. I am Spits-out-Nails, cliath of the Shadow Lords, philodox and homid. I came to this sept briefly, or so I thought, on a mission.~ (Once more his eyes flicker to Lefty, and away again.) ~But having found the sept in need of guidance and of half-moons to keep it true to the Ways, I have decided to remain here and to perform what chiminage the Alpha sees fit to become a full member. Know this, garou: if your feet stray from the ways of the Litany, I will find out. And I will bring you to justice for it. That is all.~ With one long look around the sept, Nails retires along with the other Shadow Lords.

Tenderfoot walks up to take the bones from Far-Cry, both excitment and confidence in her demeanor as she faces those gathered. ~I am Tenderfoot, Theurge cub of the Children of Gaia.~ Her gaze moves toward Stacey, much like a young child would search out their parent at their first recital, before she passes the bones back and walks back to take her place near her Elder.walks up to take the bones from Far-Cry, both excitment and confidence in her demeanor as she faces those gathered. ~I am Tenderfoot, Theurge cub of the Children of Gaia.~ Her gaze moves toward Stacey, much like a young child would search out their parent at their first recital, before she passes the bones back and walks back to take her place near her Elder.

Kevin scowls at Felix and his introduction, and mutters a couple of words under his breath, audible only to the cubs around him.

Walks-Middle gives a proud look to Tenderfoot at her introduction, dipping her head in a nod before nudging her other cub forward.

It takes some prodding, but Rebecca slowly makes her way to the center of the caern to take the bones, looking down at her feet then up and around at all the Garou--all the people she doesn't know. In a soft but strong enough voice, she says, ~I'm Dances-on-Frozen-Water. I'm a theuge cub of the Children of Gaia.~ When she's done, she passes the bones back, then shuffles meekly back over to Stacey, glancing sidelong at her elder. ~Was that okay?~ she whispers.

Ferret bares her teeth again when the shadow Lord procession comes to Felix. She cannot help but roll her eyes at his words, but to her credit the Gnawer ragabash remains silent while the introductions continue.

Sunshine stands tall, ready to move into position when his time comes. But his composure is somewhat shattered for a moment as Kevin whispers to him, the crinos trying to fight back a smirk.

Another proud look from Walks-Middle is given to Rebecca as she returns, and she also nods to the second cub, placing a hand briefly on her shoulder before returning her attention to the Cracking.

One other cub comes up from the side of the Get, gripping the bones tightly. ~I was /Hal Jenssen/~, struggling with the human sounds. ~Now I am Leaps-From-the-Den, full-moon cub of the Fenrir!~ His enthusiasm continues as he thrusts the bones back into the Truthcatcher's hands and rejoins his tribemates.

Lightning continues to watch all these introductions carefully. One would surmise that he's making mental notes of all the newcomers.

Shifting swiftly into crinos, Lara makes her way to the bones. In quite fluid Mother's Tongue, she says, ~I am Elk Running Off A Cliff, a half moon cub of the Uktena.~

Fat-Ripper watches the Shadow Lords' introductions with slicked back ears and evident wariness, but she relaxes as the cubs come to the bones, one after another. She leans forward, panting faintly, taking down each of their names, each of their faces.

Snakepatcher watches the parade of introductions of Shadow Lords with a wary look that doesn't lessen for their cubs. He watches the other tribes produce cubs adept in the mother tongue, nodding approvingly at their introductions.

~Greetings...~ Spirit rumbles in confidence that she will gain the audiences attention once the bones are taken from the previous Garou. The pale, calico crinos takes a step into the circle surrounding the moot's participants. ~I have been away from the Walk for some time at my deceased father's sept to learn the traditions of the Fianna. Some of you here tonight know me well; you have heard and witnessed my stories of renown. Others of you have not heard my name...~ She looks around for a moment in silence. ~Spirit, rited as Spirit's Touch, Theurge Fianna Cliath.~ Her rumble-growls are loud and demanding the interest of those around her. ~I am ex-Alpha of the Fianna and the merlin pack Crescent Wing.~ Her ears flatten at a rest against her head before rising up again. ~I am the living proof that Garou can come out of the darkness and still be pure of heart and mind. I saw this sept fall to the Black Spiral Dancers as a cub and helped in the retaking as a claith! Even in the years that have past I have seen those closest to me fall, yet I have not given myself over to the Wyrm.~ Then, she snaps, ~Listen!~ to those who have cease paying attention to the Theurge. ~Rain-Cougar, Ahroun Wendigo, an old mentor of mine, once told me that I can achieve greatness and that is why I have returned. Chimera sent me a vision that I should challenge for rank in the sept that has always been sought as my home.~ Her eyes narrow and her ears flatten back again. ~I seek to pack under Vendetta, hoping to balance some of the negativity that I have been hearing about this pack and its members. A pack should not be disrenowned for having members that have served out their punishments for being charachs and litany breakers. They have served their time. As for metis, I am /ashamed/ of you all! My tribe is one of the worst for the treatment of metis, but if a metis has proven themselves-- they can make something out of their lives in service to Gaia too. Perhaps some of you, /Claiths/ and /Fosterns/, need a story time about one of the greatest metis and Theurge this sept has /ever/ had...~ The Theurge growls out in anger, ~Hope-Star.~ Her expression suddenly sobers and her ears perk. ~My name is Spirit, remember it, I will be in service to anyone who needs healing or cleansing. Fight, breed, dance for Gaia... that is what we were created to do.~ The Theurge hands the bones to the next in line and steps down from her invisible pulpit.

Finally stepping forwards in his warform, feeling the previous speech to be an amazingly hard act to follow, Walks-On-Sunshine looks around him at the assembled garou, feeling nervousness for sure, but also excitement. Pride at making himself known at last to his people. He takes a deep breath, silent for a moment as he prepares to take his final step into this brave new world, reaching out to take the bones from the Truthcatcher's hands before he speaks.. ~I am Chris Moorehead, also named Walks-On-Sunshine. Ragabash cub of the Glass Walkers.~ He rumbles, bowing his head against his broad chest before standing erect and tall, his tattered left ear flickering slightly in an illconcealed expression of excitement at the gravity of the moment. And then, his moment at an end, he relaxes slightly and hands the bones back before stepping away a little.

As Chris completes his introduction, the eye is drawn inexorably downwards as a lupus steps up, barely passing the top of Sunshine's ankles such is the difference in height between them. The young wolf-cub speaks in mother's tongue as well, though his speech is less clear than the preceding garou due to the different form. ~I'm Mick or 'Generous'. Also a new-moon cub of the Glass Walkers.~ He barks and yips to the assembled horde.

Runner watches as one after another after another, newcomers and returning faces step up to take the bones. The ragabash can be heard to utter a vaguely grateful sound after each cub's introduction.

Running Elk, back next to Michelle and back in lupus, lays her ears back at some of what Aubrey says.

Found steps up eventually, and takes the bones, gnawing them quickly and licking the marrow for a second before the lupus makes his shift up to crinos. Even in that form, he's short (relatively), and his fur lacks a healthy shine. Still, a bit of slobber appears from the corner of his jaw, drooling down as the cub announces in a surpriseingly 'clear' Crinos voice. As he speaks in howls and body movements, it's almost like there's two of him talking, almost singing, and claiming his heritage from Luna. ~Lost-and-Found, Cub under Roach, pup of two legged bitch, Luna's songmaster, and Gaia's warrior. The wyrm will have a new one to watch. It will learn to be afraid to ever ignore me. It will learn the suffering it has caused, and it's pained cries will be the music to hear!~ Even with his diminshed frame, he stands proud and tall, ears perked on the crinos and tail raised before he shifts back down to lupus and makes his way back to lay at Kevin's feet, looking to the ragabash for approval. One knows who he is, the lupus gives in a quieted chuff-greeting.

Dance-Ender looks on with great interest at the introduction of the Fianna returned home. He even gives a look to Lefty and to Aja at the newly returned Theurge's small speech.

Howls-For-Glory perks up as Spirit takes the stage, so to speak. He gives a chuff of approval to his tribal sister as she relinquishes the bone. ~Well said, Spirit.~

Blackriver snarls loudly at Aubrey.

Spits-out-Nails watches the procession of Glass Walker cubs with interest. One, two, three. He seems to be expecting something. Whatever it is, it doesn't appear to be coming, and his scarred face takes on a negative aspect as he glares at the hapless Kevin.

Sharp surprise arrests Snakepatcher, and he looks closely at the Fianna, then nudges Kevin, and bends his crinos form low to rumble quietly at Kevin.

Ears melts into crinos, and says, ~I ain't gonna go on and on like Moon Otter there did. I'll just say, I'm Kaz, me and my pack beat up Dancers when the Caern fell, we helped take it back, and then I had to leave. I've been back occasionally since then, and now I'm back... Again. For however long. Bone Gnawer Galliard, that's me.~

Basil lifts his hand up and gives Aubrey a brief thumbs up without even looking at her. The Gnawer starts to eat another cookie then tosses it into his backpack forcefully, and takes a long drink of his milk.

Ferret catches Dance-Ender's look, and she offers him a quick, succint, and wolfish frin before turning back to watch the last of the introductions. the two old sept members that have returned get a few more curious glances, but otherwise Feret remains attentive.

After the Introduction Parade has finished its run, Far-Cry once more holds the bones in his hand. He calls for any others to step forward and introduce themselves, leaving a period of silence to fill in that space before moving on. ~Welcome, all who join us tonight. The blood of Gaia runs strong in many - may it help us in our protection of this most sacred place. Those who bear news to bring before the sept, step forward and let your voice be heard!~

Spirit settles back down, looking a little unnerved by her long-winded speech. The crinos perks her ears, hearing Cole and winks towards her elder. Then, she turns to the Gnawers, tilting her head towards her old friends.

Sunshine returns back to the group of glasswalkers with Mick at his heels, before shrinking back into homid and sitting down next to Kevin and Matt. Mick in turn curls up with them. Chris takes a few deep breaths, then gives the elder raggie a broad grin, reaching out to tickle the ears of both of his fellow cubs.

Culls-The-Herd takes a firm step forward and claims the bones from Far-Cry, then thrusting them above her head. ~As some of you have heard, I will be calling the Elders of the Tribes together and we will Moot. We will come together during the waning half-moon.~ Commanding and firm, the Adren looks out over the gathering. ~I also bring this grim news - The Great Hunt was a failure.~

Found curls up against Kevin, before he gently nips Chris on the thigh, not really biting, but still a very soft nip. When he hears the alpha speak of failure, he looks to Kevin and begins to softly whimper.

Ears lays her ears back at the grim news, pelt shivering.

Kevin reaches out to rub Found behind the ears comfortingly, though he himself is looking far from happy at the news.

Basil's expression is completely unchanged, as if he already knows or doesn't particularly care.

Untangler's relaxed distance during the introductions closes quickly. Slowly he curls in on himself, turning his head away from the gathering, staring at the dirt. He shivers like a whipped dog, and is deathly quiet.

Chris winces at the news of the Great Hunt, not sure what its significance is, entirely, but seeing the how the news affects everyone else.

Spirit flattens her ears at the news of the Great Hunt being a failure. The hackles at her neck prickle instinctively and she shivers as Ears does. The Theurge looks attentive, waiting for further announcements of interest.

Howls-For-Glory lets out a growl at the news of failure. ~Bad omen,~ he states, unnecessarily.

Escapes gives a low growl of sorrow and regret at the news of the Great Hunt, her muzzle drooping towards the ground.

Walks-Middle also flattens her ears at the news of the Hunt, glancing briefly toward Untangler, although that look is far from accusatory.

Culls-The-Herd's lips pull back from her teeth in a fierce snarl. ~The Rite failed. Let all know that Untangler of the Wendigo performed the Rite and because of /him/, it fail. No Moon Bridge opened and we were not taken where we were needed most.~ Culls lowers the bones a little, allowing this dire news to sink in. ~But all was not lost!~ She abruptly belts out. ~Chimera herself came to us! She led us to the Enemy, the Enemy at our very doorstep. A Pack of Black Spiral Dancers, intent on stealing our cubs from the Farmhouse while our Greatest Warriors participated in the Great Hunt! Jacob Dance-Ender,~ the Ragabash belts out the name, dark eyes searching out the Galliard. ~You were there and I charge you with telling the Tale at the Story Tree during the waxing Gibbous Moon, so that all may know how our Warriors fought bravely and well." Culls hands the bones back to Far-Cry, then returns to the gathering of Shadow Lords.

Found gives a bit more of a whimper, the lupus nuzzling Kevin's leg a few time, trying to take what comfort he can from the ear rubs. Even as a cub, he knows something is wrong with the world today with such grim news. Though, there's a prospect of a story, so not all is lost, his emotions almost linked to how the Alpha speaks, sort of a rollercoaster.

Running Elk rumbles quietly at the Alpha's news, unhappy at both the news and her method of delivery.

Walks-Middle gives a faint scowl before she looks over toward Dance-Ender, her expression changing to a more encouraging one, as much as such can be conveyed across the gathering.

Runner straightens up a little more, growling first at the mention of the Great Hunt rite failing. Then her growl gets louder with the accusation pinned on the ritemaster. The ragabash isn't pleased with the Alpha's pointing fingers either, but stays where she is for now.

Dance-Ender had been paying attention to the news already, but at the sudden mention of his name and the task awarded him, his eyes go wide. A ripple of tension courses through him and he quite nearly shivers from the unexpected attention.

Seagull leaps to her feet, and for a moment looks like she's about to go ranting off at Culls-the-Herd. But she's cowed by the crowd before she can do anything, and settles for glancing at Untangler and grumbling under her breath.

Blackriver's ears lay back at the news of the rite failing, and then prick when Spirals are mentioned. She turns to look at Dance-Ender, giving him a curios glance.

At the mention of his name, quite promptly, Untangler halfway disappears: those who're attentive can still make him out easily enough, but his fur has gone the colour of clay, and the brush by which he hides seems to envelop him. He still shivers, though, and the dry dying bush shakes with him.

Ears glances from Vera to Untangler, then back again.

Walks-Middle lets out a faint growl, recovering from the last announcement before she steps forward to take the bones from Far-Cry, turning to scan the rest of those gathered. ~For those of you who do not yet know me, I am Walks-the-Middle-Road, Cliath Ahroun and Elder of the Children of Gaia. As such, because my tribe has grown recently, we have claimed the Oak Clearing to the south and the area near it as our own.~ Brief announcement given, she hands the bones back and steps down.

Snakepatcher looks up sharply at the Alpha's announcement, and shivers, his ragged fur moving loosely over his frame. He moves away from Kevin, seeking out the failed Wendigo ritualist, then he stands, with a glance of pity in Untangler's direction.

Moon Otter pushes to his feet and casually goes to stand behind Runner as she makes grumbling noises regarding the sep Alpha. Not immediately behind, or obvious in nature. But behind. He then settles back down.

Spirit is discouraged by this news, especially at her returning to the caern, to find that Black Spiral Dancers made an attempt to attack the farmhouse. The pale-crinos looks across at Dance-Ender and dips her head towards him quietly in recognition. ~More reasons to watch our cubs closely,~ she growls under her breath.

As the announcements continue and then pause, the Gaian Galliard rises up slowly and with a deep breath. Dance-Ender rises up to his full height and approaches the Truthcatcher with an even pace. His features are set into firm lines and his gait is business like. As the bones are taken he turns around to face the gathered members of the sept. ~Hidden Walk, I bring important news that every ear should hear. I have spent these past weeks relaying this to many of you, but it is crucially urgent, and so I bring it to all of us here and now. The night of the Great Hunt- many of you know that the rite had failed. I tell you this was Gaia's grace. For in waiting, ready to pounce upon us as our warriors left to hunt, were the Fallen. A pack of Black Spiral Dancers here, near our very heart. They were little match for us, and we quickly put them to their ends. But that story is not for now. I tell you instead, what I found upon trailing their wretched scent.~

With a deep breath, the Galliard continues, ~I followed their scent trail as far as three days from where we had attacked them. What I can tell you is that this was no happenstance path. They came from the north and cut across the lane at its westernmost point, closer to where the humans inhabit than to where we do. From there it went northward, past the bawn and then took a sharp west turn. Two days north of the sept is where they most decidedly changed directions. Until that point, the trail meanders, and wanders. But there, north of us, they turned sharply and followed a path that was intentional and deliberate. Hidden Walk, they know where we are, exactly. They know how to get to us, and when we are most vulnerable. They do not send a massive assault, and that leads me to believe they are after numbers. They are looking to recruit. We must be vigilant, now more so than ever. Our cubs especially must be guarded, and we need to be alert and steadfast.~ He pauses briefly, looking over each and every Garou gathered, ~We must be willing to watch our friends, and guard them as well. The enemy is treacherous and often subtle. We must ready ourselves.~ With the announcement made, he nods once and hands the bones back to the Truthcatcher, looking to make his way out of the center of attention as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Lightning also tries to shoot Untangler a sympathetic look, though whether the hapless Wendigo will notice in his current state of misery is very uncertain.

Runner's growling fades only as others move up to make announcements. It cuts off completely as the Shadow Lord ragabash comes up behind her. The Gnawer blinks and turns, peering at him with an air of wariness.

Moon Otter licks his chops, casually.

At the news that Black Spiral Dancers know where the Walk is, Kaz's expression would seem to say, in all but words, "Duh."

Howls-For-Glory doesn't seem surprised by the news of the Black Spiral incursion, even if he doesn't look pleased by it. Instead, his ears pin back. A low growl issues from the Galliard.

Demons walks to the Truthcatcher and reaches to take the bones and with the bones in one hand and her spear in the other she stands as tall as she can in warform and calls out. ~Garou of the Hidden Walk. We are divided! Divided garou are weak! We must be strong, and united!~ She pauses a second to look around then continues. ~There are too few garou on the bawn at most times. Cubs are kept away from the bawn, keeping teachers of cubs away from the bawn as well. Cubs should be taught on the bawn, brought together. Understanding and wisdom come from learning to work with the other tribes. Cubs who are taught on the bawn will learn to work with others and better find those to pack with. The cubs on the bawn would bring the teachers to the bawn, better to protect these sacred lands!~

Demons slowly turns her gaze around the Caern. ~We must be strong, united. Cubs in the city are a threat to the veil, too easy to frenzy and better to be isolated here on the bawn where accidents do not risk our secrets. Those in the wilds away from the bawn must learn to live in peace with those on the bawn. We must work together.~ She pauses then repeats. ~TOGETHER! We are weak alone. Even the strongest of us can not stand alone against all threats. We are stronger as one. So I call to all those here, elders, Philodox, and all to think about what they can do to help the Sept, to make it stronger and to bring us together. I call upon those who keep their cubs away from the bawn to bring them to the bawn so that they can be taught together and learn how to live with their fellow Garou, and avoid possible breaches of the litany.~ With that she lifts her spear and firmly taps the butt of the spear on the ground.

Demons continues, ~The traditions of the Sept must be held to, we are stronger when we follow the traditions and work together. Both of these are noble things and must be balanced. Traditions of hate are not helpful.~ One last time Demons looks around the Sept then adds, ~I make this call as a Guardian. My duties are to protect the Caern. The Caern is best protected when more garou are close to it, and when cubs are not kept away where they can be picked off. The more garou that are here, the safer the Caern is. The more the garou can work together, the stronger we are, the better we can fight the wyrm, as required by the litany.~ And with that, Demons turns to hold the bones out, returning them to the Truthcatcher.

Spits-out-Nails starts to make encouraging growls and other signs of firm agreement a little way into Demons' impassioned plea, and by the end he's almost bouncing up and down on the spot.

Ears seems to disagree with some of what Alesia just said, but since she doesn't have the bones, she gives voice to none of it, just wrinkles her muzzle.

Kevin frowns and seems about to reply to Alesia, but he checks himself. Again he mutters to the cubs.

Howls-For-Glory takes the bone proffered to him, glaring briefly at Demons before continuing. He sucks in a breath to give his news. ~First, after more than a year, I am stepping down from the position of caretaker of the cub-house to attend to other obligations. I would ask that any interested in caring for the young of our Sept contact me as soon as possible to go over details.~ He glances around the group. ~And speaking of this, a new cub has been found. Firsting in the city park, he is the one responsible for the news story of rabid dogs in the river. But that is a story for another time. He is staying at the house of the Glass Walkers in the Scab. I don't know his name, as he refuses to give it for any reason. Judging by his personality, 'Crazy little shit' works as well as any name.~ He steps back once more, returning the bone as he makes his way to sit next to Blackriver..

Basil looks up at Alesia with an expression that more or less expresses he'd rather start eating the mud beneath his butt.

Runner's lips lift a bit at the Shadow Lord who's moved behind her. The ragabash reorients herself so that her side is to him, and the other towards the caern and announcements being made.

Found looks to Kevin, and gives a questioning wuff in reply, before he just nuzzles the cliath.

Fat-Ripper's attention is only half on the announcements being made, dire as they are: the other half is on the unfamiliar Shadow Lord who lurks in Gnawer territory, as she glances back and forth between the Garou with the bones and the casual intruder. However, when Demons speaks of cubs and cities, it shifts quickly back, and she watches her hard.

Spirit nods to Kaz's response. There is a look of sadness in the Fianna's eyes, and she sighs deeply before giving herself a shake and seeming to be also disagreeing with Alesia's response.

Ears steps forward to take the bones, and says, ~Hey. I was plannin' on having a Storytelling Moot at the waxing gibbous anyway, so our Alpha's announcement was fortuitous. Folks who want to tell stories, in addition to Stills The Dance's, please come. Folks who want to /hear/ stories, y'all come too. I did a few of these before, and now I want to make them a regular thing.~

Lightning's ears prick up at Ears' news. He plainly approves of this announcement.

Blackriver seems to approve greatly of Ears' announcement as well, glancing hopefully at her Galliard packmates.

Moon Otter pushes back to all fours, stretches and yawns purposefully, and moves back to the two exceptionally well-behaved Shadow Lord cubs he's herding this evening.

When Demons returns to her position, Escapes takes a step or two towards her, with a little approving grunt. She stands prouder, obviously supporting the young Theurge.

Dance-Ender seems less thrilled by this idea, and the Galliard fidgets beside Lefty and Aja with a nervous twitching of his tail.

Howls-For-Glory looks excited at the news of the Galliard moot, tail swishing back and forth. He chuffs, pleased.

Once the bones are returned to the Truthcatcher, Runner steps up to ask for them. From her new position she surveys the Garou below. ~We have heard today of many things, but there is still much that has yet to be spoken of. Things that sit in this one's mind as she hears about Black Spiral Dancers,~ the utterance comes with a thicker, almost cursing tone, ~wanting to pick at us from the outside. Or, from the inside. But I have heard nothing of things in the city that were spoken of in our past moots. What of the busses that carry the very mark of the Wyrm around? What of the hospital's blight? What of the tainted network sewers? This caern has fallen to the Wyrm once, and we lost the Wyld totem. We lost Fog. It has been saved from the clutches of the Wyrm once. I see faces of those who were there with me as we fought. Now that we are more, it is time to see to these things in the Scab as well, and combat the Wyrm where we find it.~

Spits-out-Nails boggles at these comments from Runner. He gives her a look which plainly says "We must talk".

Culls-The-Herd drops down to all fours and shifts into Hispo, settling down on her haunches next to Moon Otter.

Runner returns the bones to the Truthcatcher after her statement, moving back to her spot with her tribemates and sparing a passing glance at Moon Otter as she does.

Once Far-Cry sees there are no more announcers coming up, he looks over to Blackriver waiting off to one side and with a flick of his ear, passes on silent communication of moving onwards. ~The news we have heard is both uplifting, and warning. Take the information to heart, and ready yourselves as those who have challenged share their achievements with you. Those who wish to make challenges known, step forward!~

As the others move, Far-Cry also adds in what he has to say. ~Strikes-Suddenly-As-Lightning-From-A-Clear-Sky asked me two turns of the moon ago to judge the rank challenge of Swims-the-Black-River, our Master of the Challenge. I have done so, and have made my ruling. Lightning-rhya? Please announce the results of your challenge.~

Blackriver's ears prick and all her attention goes to Lightning.

Howls-For-Glory perks up at this news, his ears going forward. He bumps Blackriver on the shoulder, giving encouragement.

Found perks up and looks to Lightning, intrested but not knowing who is who.

Lightning walks forward at last. ~This has been a long moot, so I shall not tell the full tale of Blackriver's challenge. Instead, those who wish to hear it -- and it is well worth hearing -- should come to the storytelling moot, where I shall retail it all for your delight. For now, let this suffice: I, Strikes-Like-Lightning, declare before the sept that Blackriver's challenge was successful, and that from today, she may claim the rank of Fostern in the Garou Nation.~ Having delivered the verdict in this formal and correct manner, he drops all pretence of formality, and punches the air happily.

Ears belts a brief but happy howl at this news.

Howls-For-Glory lets you an excited yip, dropping into the wolf-skin to bounce down in a play bow before the newly-minted Fostern. Yes!

Basil scowls at the news and mutters something that only Kaz is really close enough to hear, the Gnawer's hands clasping his knees tightly.

Found looks over to the new fostern and howls out his happy delight. He keeps his howl layered as he does, and his tail wags, the earlier thoughts of the failed hunt already gone.

Escapes isn't *quite* churlish enough to make a negative noise, but she doesn't look overly happy, her ears flattening to her head.

Blackriver pounces to her feet, mirroring her packmate's movements in play and then letting out a loud howl of triumph.

One of Ears' eyebrows goes up.

Spirit flattens her ears at the wolf who had growled at her earlier.

Demons is still irritated about the reaction of the sept to her call for action but her mood lightens at the news of Blackriver's successful challenge.

Runner once again comes up to take the bones as call for challenges are made. The Gnawer fostern turns to the gathered and looks down from the rocky slab. ~Howls-For-Glory, cliath Fianna galliard, they call you Righ of Stag's Children now, do they not?~ she asks with a point of one end of the bones she holds at the galliard in question. ~Three times you came to me in regards to your Fostern challenge and twice I sent you away. This third time, I accepted and you came... very well prepared.~ The Gnawer jaw-drop grins at the Fianna. ~Since I believe you should brag about your own accomplishments at the storytelling moot that has been called, I too will keep this short. Howls-For-Glory, I put forth that you start calling yourself by a new name more fitting to your deeds. Your words are a value, galliard, they can warm our breasts and stoke the heat of our Rage. Remember this always, that you are He-Whose-Words-Burn-Like-Dragon's-Fire!~ The fostern lets out a large yelp of mock-pain to add a little humor to the dubbing, and even flips the bones back to the Truthcatcher as she hops down from the rocky slab to rejoin her packmates.

Ears's eyebrow falls, aruptly.

Howls-For-Glory, fresh from his celebration of Blackriver's ascendance, turns to face Runner as he's addressed. He acknowledges his station and leans forward, almost falling over in his eagerness to catch her words. As the new deedname is unveiled, he lets out a short but fervent howl of joy at the news.

Spirit lets out a happy chuff for her elder, or... the Galliard that once was her cub. She brightens and turns to those around her. ~My cub is all grown up,~ she whines.

Walks-Middle once more steps forward to take the bones, her movements proud, confident. She doesn't speak at first, her gaze purposefully searching the gathered group until it lands upon Jamethon, meeting his own. ~I, Walks-the-Middle-Road, also called Peacemaker, Cliath Ahroun, Elder of the Children of Gaia, and Voice of the Goddess, who has served this Sept for years as a warrior, Guardian, Groundskeeper, healer, and mediator, challenge Reflection's-Howl-rhya, Elder of the Get of Fenris, for the rank of Fostern.~ That said, she returns the bones, stepping back to her previous spot to hear his response.

Ears lets out a surprised chuff, and then a belted, approving howl.

Basil says and does nothing other than sit where he is, stewing with a bitter expression on his face.

Kevin gives Walks-Middle a rather ambiguous look too. He continues, though, to translate for Mick and Chris.

Found gives a soft 'yip', and leans against Kevin, his fur warm as the lupus lets his tongue hang out.

Reflection's-Howl steps up when it is time for him to do so and holding the bones, regards the sept. ~Walks-The-Middle-Road, Ahroun of the Children of Gaia has challenged me for rank, and I have accepted.~ He now properly seeks out Stacey in the crowd as he continues, ~The terms: Including yourself, use /each/ of the auspices as Luna would have them be used. In this, find a target worthy of the rank you seek. Return to me with a trophy of your glorious battle and victory... this 'trophy' should speak of how each of Luna's auspices found themselves used under your leadership. Lead, and fight well, and you shall stand before your Sept a Fostern.~

Spirit whines approvingly for Walks-Middle.

Blackriver lets out a soft huff of approval towards Stacey.

Michelle's mood has grown more and more sour as the night progresses, but she manages to send Stacey a quick smile.

Blackriver takes the bone back from James as the Master of Challenge, and looks around for any more news of challenges. Since there seems to be none, she hands the bones back to Far-Cry to wrap up.

Walks-Middle listens to the challenge terms carefully, her arms crossing as she considers them, her confidence, however, does not waver as she nods her understanding.

Howls-For-Glory calms down enough to voice his encouragement to Walks-Middle.

Receiving the bones back from the Master of the Challenge, Far-Cry takes a moment to survey the Garou again and then holds the bones aloft. ~We have heard the voices of our brothers and sisters. We have heard of the Enemy. Now let us hear of the deeds of our kind. Talesinger! Come forth and sing your stories. Prepare us for the Revel to come. The Cracking of the Bone is Over!~ And with that, the Shadow Lord strikes the two ends of the bone against the rock slab once more, producing a primal gavel like sound to end his role. As the philodox steps down, it is Howls-For-Glory the newly minted fostern who steps up to sing the first story of the moot's songs. Though entertaining, the stories are there to serve as lessons and inspiration both. After the stories, the call for a Wyrmfoe goes up to lead the Garou on under the fat moon.

Escapes, the Fury Ahroun, shifts into Lupus, her nightmarish Crinos form relaxing into a mildly less intimidating black she-wolf. Her teeth are still sharp, though, and they glint menacingly as she begins to run from Garou to Garou, leaping at them, stopping just short of making contact, and snapping her jaws shut in mock-bites, shoulder-barging into one or two. Come! Garou of the Hidden Walk! To fight! Her paws raise flurries of dirt from the ground as she runs and jumps and twists. Tonight we fight for Gaia, and for glory! Her barks and growls grow louder, more insistent, her shoulder-barges stronger. Come! We fight the wyrm! She slowly works to Inspire her fellow Garou, and to raise them to action. Once the Garou are sufficiently riled, she takes a position on a raised area, near an exit from the centre of the caern. Head and tail raised proudly, her dark silhouette is poised and ready. Follow me! We go to battle!

Ears, hackles thoroughly raised, pelts off after KL.

Found is already up on all four paws, as he too bites the air and stamps his front paws. I am ready! The wolf calls, his tail raised to that of the beta and his ears perked. Those who would hurt Mother, shall feel pain!

Lightning is off and running after Escapes without delay. ~To battle! To battle!~

Demons watches the garou run off to the Revel then heads the other direction to go on patrol.

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