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Place : Farmhouse: Hallway and Living Room

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is partly sunny. The temperature is 42 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the south at 8 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.81 and steady, and the relative humidity is 76 percent. The dewpoint is 35 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waxing Half Moon phase (54% full).

Farmhouse: Hallway and Living Room

All doorways in the front part of the house lead to the front hallway, a J-shaped area with the short tail starting at the stairs, the front door hitting the bottom curve, the doorless opening to the living room halfway up the long side, and the also doorless opening to the kitchen and dining room at the very top. The hall has a simple wooden floor, and decorated with a generic print of soft-colored flowers hanging on the wall to the right of the front door, and a tall table sitting under the print which serves as a place to toss keys. A closet under the stairs serves as a place to hang coats or to toss shoes.
The doorless opening to the living room is halfway up the side of the hall's J, and the word cozy might spring to mind when looking into is, as it seems to radiate comforting vibrations. A long couch sits against the south wall beneath a large bay window curtained only by sheers that manages to obscure the view in but only filters the day's light. A variety of out-of-date magazines are strewn atop a low coffee table; more neatly presented are the plethora of books filling the small bookshelves which line the eastern wall. Three chairs sit about the room, focused inward, to allow group conversations. Large floor pillows are stacked in one corner of the room, except one, which lies carelessly in the middle of the floor, apparently left out the last time it was used.
An opening in the northern end of the hallway allows access to the kitchen and dining room at the back of the house, while carpeted stairs twist up at the other end of the hall, leading to the second floor. A door at the base of the J lets out to the front porch.


Julien is an attractive boy. One might even say a handsome boy, or a pretty boy. He looks somewhere in his mid-teens, 15 or 16 perhaps, slim without being lanky or wiry. He is on the small side, at least compared to most American boys his age, standing at no more than five feet, seven inches in height, but with a certain build and grace that makes the height flattering. His proportions are of the sort that do not give away his height in photographs or from a distance. When he walks, he carries himself with a different posture and center of gravity than most American males do. Instead of in his chest or shoulders, his center seems to be his hips, and so he also walks with his shoulders pulled back a bit. He doesn't slouch much, but one hip always seems to stick out.
Julien's hair is dark, and pushed into a groomed-but-not-over-groomed style with just a little bit of product. His eyes are large, and of a deep green with a hint of warm brown at the center, like moss-covered tree trunks. Bone structure of a noble sort defines his face, a pronounced and yet fine, straight nose, high cheekbones, and a well-defined, if rather delicate, chin. He dresses in a casual-prep sort of style, a button-down shirt, tails out over a pair of tight, dark jeans, and slender-style sneakers, and a striped scarf looped around his neck with artful carelessness. His shirtsleeves are rolled back, away from strong, angular hands up onto his firm forearms.


Sometime over the last couple of years, a teen girl with a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper has grown up, and matured into a young woman. With a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper. KL is a little over five-foot tall - no late growth spurt for her - and slimly built. She moves quickly, and is rarely still for any length of time. Her natural balance and co-ordination are clearly evident in her movement, but any hint of grace is smothered with her air of irritation, hostility and restrained aggression. She manages to turn even simple activities - like ordering fries - into not particularly subtle attempts to provoke fights.
Her mousy-brown hair hangs loose around her shoulders, the front falling to frame her face. Her hair looks like it has been cut recently, and by someone with at least a little skill. She's really quite attractive, perhaps not a pin-up, but far from ugly, with a cute upturned nose and wide expressive hazelnut eyes. However, any level of appeal her physical appearance might have is swamped by the anger in her gaze and the sullen set of her mouth. She stares at people - particularly people she doesn't know - with a cold fury, as if trying to decide exactly which way to kill them.
KL has pale skin decorated in two places - on her left upper arm is a largish tattoo of something that looks a little like a bear, with its jaws spread wide and slaver falling in droplets. It has the words "No Mercy" written with gusto beneath it. On her right shoulder-blade, if visible, is a second tattoo, two-inch-square, of a winged horse. There isn't much in the way of excess flesh on her, her cheekbones are clearly visible and her bare arms have a tight musculature that speaks of regular and plentiful exercise.
She is wearing a pair of blue jeans that look brand-new, and have a designer label clearly visible on the rear, a pair of combat boots that also look new. On her upper half she is sporting a rather snazzy black leather jacket over a clean new white t-shirt.
Around her neck hangs a pendant, an oval disk made of some kind of bone. It looks like it's been decorated with carved designs, which are somewhat hard to make out on casual inspection. The pendant is hung on a leather thong.


A tall, lean man, with prominent features and a longer than average face in which are set warm hazel eyes and a friendly, upturned mouth. His hair is a dark blond shade, cut long but neatly, and very fine, so that even a light breeze tends to ruffle it about in a carefree way. Sartorially, he tends to be seen in well-cut formal suits with pastel shirts, almost always accompanied by a tie of which he has a large selection, most of which are louder and brighter than strictly necessary. Both body and clothes are well looked after to the point of metrosexuality. He holds himself well without either slouching or excessive inflexibility, and his general style suggests an easy warmth and bonhomie which combines with his striking good looks to produce an overall impression which most people are likely to find both positive and memorable.

"Now the tribes who live in the city," Cedric drawls to the attentive Julien, "are sometimes called the urrah. But I don't want to hear you usin' that word. It's not respectful. We are Silver Fangs, and all those beneath us should be treated with dignity; it's not their fault they aren't up to our standard, y'see, and what's more, by bein' polite to Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers, we ensure their loyalty." He smiles knowingly at Julien. "With me?"

Since he's gotten clothes he feels are respectable and had a few days to adjust, Julien has proved an attentive student. In fact, perhaps an uncomfortably intense student. He has a way of staring narrowly at people who are teaching him, in this case Cedric. He nods with a solemn expression, not seeming tempted to join in Cedric's smile. "I understand. Courtesy."

The front door opens with the kind of violence that would normally be accompanied by a battering ram, and then is slammed shut equally violently. A female voice, sort of mid-range in tone, calls out a breezy "Hello? Anyone home?" and then KL peers through the doorway. "Cedric!" she says. "Just who I was after." The diminutive Fury steps inside and looks at Julien with an appraising eye. "Who's this?"

Cedric beams at KL. "KL! Come here, come here," he says effusively, gesturing the Fury over. "Come and meet Julien Ar.. Aristotle, the newest member of my tribe in these parts. Julien, old fellow! Do you remember how I taught you to introduce yourself?"

Julien jumps up to his feet warily when the door bangs open like that, and looks poised on the brink of fight or flight, but his head turns quickly to Cedric, and the way the fostern reacts to the woman makes him relax somewhat, although a little of the wariness lingers. He tries to draw himself up with all the courtliness a fifteen year old can muster. "Julien Aristide," the boy says, his French accent evident, but not so thick as to be unintelligible, "Ah...Silver Fang galliard cub." He glances to Cedric to see if he's done it right.

KL raises an eyebrow, and folds her arms across her chest. A long pause. Then she smiles. "Pleased to meet you," she says. "I am KL Cole, Escapes-From-Money, Cliath Ahroun of the Black Furies, packed under wolverine as part of HAVOC." She plops herself down on a seat with a thump. She looks at Cedric. "You all better now?"

Cedric winks at Julien. "Excellent," he says to his charge, then looks back at KL. "Pretty much. Apart from the scars, and I'm hardly complainin' about those, since I earned them in honorable self-defence, even if it wasn't against the Wyrm. Well, actually, it sorta kinda was, since she was Wyrm-ridden at the time. Julien! Did I tell you about scars and what they mean to garou?"

Julien does smile a little at Cedric's praise, but otherwise he is likely entirely in the dark about much of what Kathryn-Laura has said. He stays respectfully out of the conversation, but when a question is addressed directly to him, he shakes his head at Cedric. "No, sir," he replies.

"I've got one," KL comments. "Cedric, is now a bad time?" She looks inquisitively at the Silver Fang. "I wanted to chat about plans for HAVOC - in particular, whether you knew of anywhere we could...well...you know. Violence."

"Perfectly good time," Cedric says. "Don't want to overload Julien's brain. There's such a dashed lot for new cubs to learn. I remember when I was learnin' I used to forget half what I was taught for the first few times. Scars, Julien, show that their bearer is brave in battle, and a survivor. They're marks of respect, don't you know. So respect KL. Not that you wouldn't anyway. Now," he says turning to the scarred Fury, "we're well overdue for HAVOC to have a jolly good punch-up, it's true. Can you wait till Revel? Or is that jolly old full moon blood of yours on the boil too much to wait even for that?"

"Revel is cool," KL says, pursing her lips, "but I think we should do something as just us, you know. Something to really put HAVOC on the map again. I mean, I know there's just the three of us, but I think we're pretty hot in combat." She considers. "So, yeah, something sooner, and just us. Any ideas?"

Julien looks KL over for a moment, with that possibly inappropriate intensity, and then nods. "I do respect Mademoiselle," he says, using that term and eye contact with both of them to address them both. He makes no attempt to conceal his eavesdropping on the rest of the conversation, but at least he keeps quiet.

Cedric strokes his aristocratic chin. "The sept's been fairly active of late. Hm. Moon's at half and growing... perhaps we could take a little walk in the umbra and see what we find there? Goodness knows there's always too much nasty stuff in the shadow, what. Need to be somethin' that two ahrouns and me can take down, though. Don't want HAVOC to bite the dust."

"Quite," KL says, looking a bit dubious. "Possibly we aren't the most umbrally suited pack? Without a Theurge?" she says. "I don't know - I always seem to get beat up more in the umbra than elsewhere." A shrug. "Just wondered if you'd heard anything particular. Being all Galliardy and everything."

Julien glances between KL and Cedric, and then seems to decide that it would be all right for him to take a seat again. So he does just that, sitting quietly, but not taking his eyes from the pair.

Cedric rubs his chin again. "Can't say I have," he murmurs, "but with Beth and I being all beat up and on the sick list, any hot news is likely to have passed me by. Julien, what is the role of a galliard?" he shoots at the cub.

KL grins, and looks at the cub expectantly. Not to add to the pressure at all.

Julien twitches his head slightly to the left when both of them look at him, but he replies promptly, "Galliards are the storytellers and messengers of the Garou," he says. "And they help with communication and maintaining history." He presses his lips together so that they disappear and stares intensely at the floor.

"He's a jolly fast learner, isn't he?" Cedric says admiringly to KL. "Hey, packmate, while you're here, would you care to give him a quick potted version of what you Black Fury g... types are all about?"

"He is indeed," KL says, still smiling. "OKies." She turns and looks at the cub. "This world, well, human society in particular, but Garou as well, is dominated by men. Men have all the best jobs. Men have all the power. And over the centuries, men have abused that power. And men have used and abused women. The Black Furies work to try to prevent...or punish...the worst excesses." A pause. "Also, we are charged - particularly - with the protection of the wyld places." She rubs her cheek. "The tribe has its roots in Greece. Um... think of us sort of Greek-descended Amazons, with a cause." She smiles, somewhat wolfishly. "All make sense?"

Julien lets his lips show again only when Cedric acknowledges that he's answered correctly. He looks up at KL when she starts to explain about her own tribe. He listens and takes a moment to process, looking away, before he looks back and nods. "Yes, Miss," he answers. "I think I met one of your, ah, kinfolk. Mr. Alexander who owns the house I was first brought to." Although this is a statement, his expression questions KL as to whether or not he is correct.

Cedric eyes KL as she speaks. He doesn't interrupt or challenge any of her points, which betokens, it would seem caution on his part. "I'd like you to meet all the other tribes soon, Julien," Cedric goes on, "it'll be good experience." And turning once more to KL, he muses, "So, no Wyld places under threat hereabouts, that you know of?"

"Not especially," KL says, with a grimace. "Not over happy about the new buildings around Kent Crossing, but it's not exactly a sacred place of the wyld." She turns to look at Julien. "Yes, Alexander is my kinsman." She looks back at Cedric. "He's very polite. Does he have a spine?" Suddenly her gaze gets a little harder, the corners of her eyes just tightening a fraction, as she returns it to focus on the cub.

Julien frowns a little when KL asks Cedric if he has a spine, and his head pulls back just a fraction so that he can regard KL with partially-veiled suspicion. He waits for Cedric to answer, but for one reason or another doesn't look at him.

"KL," Cedric says with a hint of annoyance, "all Silver Fangs have spines. It's what keeps our heads on our bodies," he adds with... is it a note of levity? "Don't mistake due deference from a cub to a cliath, with pusillanimity."

KL looks dubious. "There's due deference...if that means what I think it means...and calling me "Miss"." She glares at Julien balefully. "Just call me KL, OK?" Her arms slowly fold over her chest, as she continues to laser-eye the cub.

Julien frowns just a little, but he inclines his head a little to KL. "KL," he repeats. He glances briefly to Cedric, and then looks to KL. "I hope you will...understand, if I offend you. I am a cub and also foreign." Although he /is/ apologizing, he seems a little unhappy about it.

"What he said, KL," Cedric yawns languidly. "He means well. Let's chalk this up to experience and think on, what?"

The Fury seems irritated, if anything, by Julien's apology. "Will you stop apologising to me?" she demands. "You haven't done anything wrong at all. So don't say sorry," she says, angrily.

The front door is pushed open by Beth's high-heeled boot, as her arms appear to be full of... wrapping paper? The Fang doesn't spare much time for proper introductions. "Where can I find someone who can sense taint?" Following behind her is Sewall, whose arms are covered in a thick black ichor substance.

Nor does this substance look especially painless, judging by the way the boy's grimacing and holding himself. Mostly the gunk is visible on his hands, along with some spatters on his face; the sleeves of his coat, as well as the rest of his clothes appear untouched. At least from the outside. He's also a bit out of breath.

Julien looks up when the other two come in and looks worriedly at that black stuff on the boy's hands and arms. "My God, what happened?" he asks, though not loudly. He looks to Cedric for his cues.

Cedric stares at his two tribemates in horror. "Dear lord!" he exclaims. "Look at the state of your clothes... they'll be ruined!"

"Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck," KL says, succinctly, leaping to her feet. "Cedric, can you? I can't." She pauses. "Don't touch him. Don't let him drip on anyone." She takes a breath. "In fact, get him outside somewhere discreet, and dump several buckets of water over him to get that fucking shit off him. I'll go get someone." She glances at Cedric. "OK?"

"Honestly, Cedric. That is the /least/ of our worries, darling." Beth scrutinizes KL for a moment, "You. I remember you. Yes. Helpful sort." She nods absently for a moment, starting to remember. "Water isn't really going to cut it. Is there some sort of... What do you call that stuff? Lava soap? Surely there's something like that around here." She sends a look back to her elder, clearly expecting that he would know where to find it, since KL is handling other matters.

"I think it's dried, mostly," Sewall says, eyeing his ick-coated hands. He wrinkles his nose.

Julien looks worriedly at both of the new entries. "Well, we have to clean them," he says to no one in particular, head jerking rapidly to the left and then straightening out again. "How did it happen?" The people who just came in may notice that the boy has a French accent.

Nike makes her way into the farmhouse with a certain scowl to her face. "So. Party?" She asks as she comes into the farmhouse itself, obviously having just had a big run out on the bawn. "KL. Cedric. How about some Havoc?"

Cedric looks expectantly at Beth and Sewall. "What /is/ the problem, then, Beth, old top?" he asks, still seeming somehow to be treating the situation as though someone's broken a teacup instead of coming in plastered in filth of a dubious origin.

"If you take him to the shower, and that stuff is tainted, then you could end up tainting the whole plumbing system, and I don't much fancy taking it apart so someone can clean it," KL says. As Nike enters she grins. "Nike, we have a potential tainted person situation." She pauses. "What did do this? Is it dead? If not, can we kill it?"

"This junk," Beth gestures again to Sewall, arms full of wrapping paper, "came out of a fucking /Fomor/." The dark-haired woman is clearly frustrated. "I need someone who can test for taint and I need to /heal/ this boy!" Nike earns herself a curious sort of glance. "Oh, it's dead," she tells KL, "Dead and burned, along with a warehouse full of possibly tainted toys. My source back at my old Sept told me that I should have this stuff," she shifts the bundle of paper slightly, "checked out. So I grabbed samples and destroyed the rest."

Julien looks thoughtfully at that black gunk. "Maybe there is a hose somewhere outside...?" he suggests, though the bulk of the situation is just going over his head. He looks worried and uncertain.

Sewall lets out a rather impatient sigh. All in all, the cub seems to be taking things well; he's not panicked or upset, just exasperated. "I /think/," he says again, after glowering at Julien, "that it will peel off. Shall I go out back?" He directs this question toward Cedric and Beth. Mostly the latter.

Nike folds her arms across her chest. "That's not good." She growls out and looks at the ones who are dowsed in goo. "I'm not leaving them alone until I know they are safe."

"You've been taking my cub to fight fomor? Have you taken leave of your senses, Beth?" Cedric suddenly shrieks. "What the hell do you think you're playin' at, dash it?!"

"Right," KL says, heading for the door. "I'll go and get a theurge. I'm the least useful person here." She exits through the kitchen at pace, and...pausing only to slide the back door open with a "fucking door" epithet ringing through the house...she's off.

Big Red Barn(#3420RA)

The barn is built in the old style, a vast three level structure that is greater in height than a mere three stories, actually closer to five. Great wooden posts support the weight of the upper levels and roof, sunk into the hard-packed dirt floor of the first level like a sparse forest of regularly spaced, naked trees. The stalls and flagstones which once were here have been torn out to leave a rather open area where even crinos Garou may roam freely without fear of running into anything but the supports or the walls or the ladder at the back which allows access to the other two levels.
The first two levels are relatively open to each other, the second being only little wider than a catwalk going around all the walls but the front one, which has massive, twenty foot tall doors set into it. The third level is a true second floor except for a place cut out that allowed hay to be tossed down to the ground floor when the farm was actually worked. Now, it is a hayloft where Garou can sleep outside of the house.

Mick sits on the floor, watching Felix, Chris, Adalyn and Salee all clustered together, eating the last of a batch of cookies from a basket while they have their backs turned.

As she rises and breaks eye contact, Chris snarls again. "Show throat." He states simply. "Show throat and back down. I love you, Salee, same as everyone else seems to. But you are still a fucking garou and it's time you started acting and thinking like one. Show throat, meet my challenge or get the /fuck/ out of my sight." He rises to his feet now Felix is obviously okay, leaving his tribemate to deal with him.

The door to the barn slams open, to reveal a discomfited KL, entering at pace. "Theurge!" she shouts. "I need a theurge!" She looks around the barn, urgency screaming from her pose. "Any theurges here?" She seems totally oblivious to whatever else is going on in the barn.

Felix grunts at Adalyn again, wipes some blood from his nose with the back of his hand, and sits upright, this movement affording him a fine view of the barn door and the ahroun who's just walked through it. The look on his face suggests that for him, a day he had thought couldn't get any worse has suddenly somehow managed it.

Adalyn reaches out a hand to Felix and ignores Chris and Salee for the moment. That is until someone comes busting through the door and she jumps back suddenely. "Me, I'm Theurge. What is it?" She looks to Felix with brows up on her forehead. "I'm gonna go see if I can help. You're alright?" she asks, though assumes the answer is yes.

"Fuck you." Salee stands her ground. "You want to dance, I'll dance."

Mick mentions from the background, as the only cub there. "Sounds to me like you just challenged Chris, Salee. Felix, what do you think?" But he also casts a worried glance over to KL, discarding the cookie basket and standing up.

"Can you test for taint?" KL asks Adalyn, slightly relieved. "There's a cub in the farmhouse with his arms covered in Fomori juice. And Cedric is worried about his clothes, but I think that bit is secondary." A pause. "Hi, I'm KL. Greetings some other time."

Felix sits there looking sourly at KL, and ignoring Chris and Salee completely. His nose is steadily healing as his glabro form gets to work, but his temper doesn't seem to be following suit.

"You're fucking stupid to push me. But if you won't submit and that's what it needs for you to finally reach down and find a fucking pair, you're on." He rises to his feet, rage almost pissing off him- the rest of the room seeming totally irrelevant to him at the moment.

"Outside," Salee says shortly. "We don't need an audience." She drags her brother out of the barn with her.

Chris is not dragged, in the slightest. As soon as her hand is placed on him, he snatches it away with a very firm grip. However, that done, he trails behind her, rolling his head to loosen his muscles and prepare for round two of tonight's fighting.

Adalyn stares at her for a moment and raises a brow. "I, I can't sense the wyrm," she says, trotting over to the door and trying desperately to avoid the next brawl. "I'm not sure I can help him." The girl looks distraught and shakes her head to her.

Felix lurches to his feet, shoots KL one last venomous glare and Salee and Chris another, then turns, stalks to the ladder that gives access to the hayloft, and starts to climb it. His attitude proclaims woe upon anyone who dares follow him up it.

Mick brushes the cookie crumbs off his clothes and starts to saunter out of the barn, whistling a merry tune. So ends the vaudeville.

"Fuck!" KL exclaims incredulously, "What kind of fucking useless theurge are you?" She spins on her heel and heads for the door, at a flat run. Felix's venomous glare is entirely ignored. As is almost everything else.

Adalyn stares as KL says her peace and takes off. For a moment, the girl is stunned. She glances back to where Felix had moved and then back out to the door, unmoving.

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