Time/Date : It is currently 15:13 Pacific Time on Wed Dec 19 2007.

Place : Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is raining lightly. The temperature is 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the southwest at 7 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.59 and steady, and the relative humidity is 86 percent. The dewpoint is 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waxing Gibbous Moon phase (68% full).

Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

This is the central hub of the house. From here, you can still see the entrance foyer, as well as the stairway that heads to the second story. Towards the back of the common area is a set of glass doors that lead out to a courtyard. To the east, an arched doorway leads to what apparently serves as a library, office, and workroom, and to the west, an arched doorway leads to what appears to be a kitchen and dining area.. There are several chairs here, simple, elegant, yet functional in their design and intent. The room has a comfortable feel to it, but is a bit ascetic in design. The walls are off-white, the molding dark cherry wood and decorated with acanthus-leaf ornamentation at the corners. A pair of antique spears are hung crossed against each other on one wall, and a wall-relief depicting a scene of Grecian warriors hangs on the other. Above the mantle of the fireplace is a small statue of Artemis, on either side of that, dark metal candlesticks with ivory pillar candles. The entire room is a study in the contrast of light and dark.


Unnatural deep purple hair reaches down to the shoulders of this hispanic girl in her early teens. Multiple piercings adorn each of her ears in an asymmetrical pattern, and a cheap stud sits on her nose.
She's wearing a dark purple v-neck T-shirt with a monochrome image of a heart with giant owl wings, stretching out across the bustline. Purple capri jeans hug her hips tightly, with floral embroidary on the back pockets and near the cuffs. On her feet are a pair of sneakers with visible 'shock absorbers', and a pink swoosh logo, with pink laces. When the weather warrants, she has a dark purple hoodie with the design of a new-agey fairy on the front right panel. She wears shiny lip gloss with a pink hilight, and her nails are typically painted various bright colors.
Her ethnic background is largely hispanic, although her facial features also have a distinctly Greek influence as well. She speaks with a noticable Spanish accent, though with the fluency in English of a native speaker. Her height, several inches shy of five feet, makes her seem at first glance to be in the latter years of elementary school, but her figure belies this assumption, having filled out considerably in recent months to be reasonably considered curvy. She has a butterfly tattoo on her right ankle (+details for more.)


Sometime over the last couple of years, a teen girl with a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper has grown up, and matured into a young woman. With a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper. KL is a little over five-foot tall - no late growth spurt for her - and slimly built. She moves quickly, and is rarely still for any length of time. Her natural balance and co-ordination are clearly evident in her movement, but any hint of grace is smothered with her air of irritation, hostility and restrained aggression. She manages to turn even simple activities - like ordering fries - into not particularly subtle attempts to provoke fights.
Her mousy-brown hair hangs loose around her shoulders, the front falling to frame her face. Her hair looks like it has been cut recently, and by someone with at least a little skill. She's really quite attractive, perhaps not a pin-up, but far from ugly, with a cute upturned nose and wide expressive hazelnut eyes. However, any level of appeal her physical appearance might have is swamped by the anger in her gaze and the sullen set of her mouth. She stares at people - particularly people she doesn't know - with a cold fury, as if trying to decide exactly which way to kill them.
KL has pale skin decorated in two places - on her left upper arm is a largish tattoo of something that looks a little like a bear, with its jaws spread wide and slaver falling in droplets. It has the words "No Mercy" written with gusto beneath it. On her right shoulder-blade, if visible, is a second tattoo, two-inch-square, of a winged horse. There isn't much in the way of excess flesh on her, her cheekbones are clearly visible and her bare arms have a tight musculature that speaks of regular and plentiful exercise.
She is wearing a pair of blue jeans that look brand-new, and have a designer label clearly visible on the rear, a pair of combat boots that also look new. On her upper half she is sporting a rather snazzy black leather jacket over a clean new white t-shirt.
Around her neck hangs a pendant, an oval disk made of some kind of bone. It looks like it's been decorated with carved designs, which are somewhat hard to make out on casual inspection. The pendant is hung on a leather thong.

Melodie comes in the front door, tracking in the winter mud. She looks a bit tense, overall, and damp.

KL is at the dining table, which has a board on it and a number of tools. At this precise instant, she has a craft knife in her hand, and is cutting at something, an expression of intense concentration on her face. Concentration that is broken by Melodie's entrance. "Fuck!" she exclaims, and frantically starts shovelling things from the board into a carrier bag nearby. "Don't look," she says, standing up so that her body obscures what she's up to.

Melodie looks up, and grins a little, turning around. "Sorry, is Santa busy?" She sloughs off her jacket and wet shoes.

"Yes," KL says, finally finishing putting things away. She sets the carrier bag against a wall, and turns back to talk to Mel. She studies the Philodox carefully, then disappears into the kitchen, returning moments later with a clean dry towel, which she hands to the other Fury. "So, any news? And more Shadow Lord run ins?"

Melodie accepts the towel, and dries off her hair a little bit. "I think things are okay. I was window shopping in the city for a while, but I started getting too edgy, decided to leave. I got some fudge, though, want some?" She pulls out a little box with the logo of the Rocky Mountain Fudge Company from her pocket. "It's chocolate week for me, si?" She helps herself to a piece. The box looks about half empty.

"Definitely!" KL says with a wide grin, and taking a piece of fudge from the box. "It's terribly bad for you, this stuff. It doesn't even have a strawberry on the top to make it count as fruit," a conspiratorial grin, which extends into a chuckle. "Heh. A cute girl comes to my house, starts taking her clothes off and offers me chocolate." A pause. "OK, our house, but that's not as funny." It's probably not that funny anyway, but - Ahroun humour.

Melodie laughs. "Gee, if that's all it takes, I'd have tried it weeks ago!" She looks a bit self conscious at her joke. "Anyway, yeah, Shadow Lords can be annoying sometimes. Vera's pretty cool, I guess. You gotta like any woman that can rise to Sept Alpha, si?"

"Oh yes," KL says, somewhat embarrassed herself. "It's kind of weird, because in some ways I don't trust her, but I also...hmm... she has a natural authority. And that's really good. Oh, look behind you!" Whether this stratagem works or not, KL nicks another piece of fudge. "Mmm. Mmm. Yes, I'm easily bought."

Melodie happily lets KL steal some fudge. "Hey, is it true what they say, about women living together getting all, um sync'd up? If so, I shoulda bought an extra box." She frowns a little. "But who wants to talk about that, anyway?"

"Um... it appears to be," KL says. "But I've been in precise phase with the moon since I was fourteen, and that never seems to change," she shrugs. "I have an important question. Zeke said he likes hats. What sort of hat should I get him?" A bit of a gearchange question, but perhaps it's better than flirting badly.

Melodie nods, "Yeah, me too, I guess. Well, it beats being a boy." She grins. "Oh yeah, Zeke does like hats. He's got the ears, yeah? So it has to hide those. He usually wears like stocking hats. I dunno if like a cowboy hat would hide it enough. Those stupid hunting hats would!" She giggles at the image.

KL sighs. "Zeke's having some inferiority issues," she says. "I'd like to get him something nice, something to show...you know, he's family. Kind of funny-looking and the wrong gender, but family." She sits herself down in a chair, and stretches her arms back behind her head. "But...hat. Maybe I could sew something on to it? Sewing doesn't usually go well with me, but I could manage that."

Melodie nods encouragingly. "Yeah! I can help, if you want. I'm not the greatest, but I always hafta take up long skirts. Maybe put a Pegasus patch on a beanie or something? I like Zeke when he likes himself, but sometimes he's just so hard." She sounds like she's been frustrated with him a lot.

"I know," KL says. "But he's got a good heart. Yeah, I was thinking that - Pegasus patch would be cool." She grins. "I own precisely one skirt, and that's for the ludicrous cheerleader outfit." She frowns. "Basil suggested I should wear one. I must have been in a really good mood that day, I didn't kill him repeatedly."

Melodie eyes KL thoughtfully. "Yeah, you probably wouldn't be you in a skirt. Even though I bet you've got nice, strong legs. Well, I guess summer's for shorts. I'm not really into skirts much either. Aren't you glad we don't live a hundred years ago? Even as Furies, we'd be wearing totally awful stuff! Hey, I bet that's why some of our tribe rituals are done naked, huh?" She laughs pleasantly.

KL laughs in return. "That and Greece is significantly warmer than Washington State, or Colorado," she says. "But yes, I think if I'd have been born a hundred years ago, I'd be just randomly murdering people, purely because of the irritation of the clothing." She looks down at her legs. "Yeah, I think my legs are pretty good. I mean, they hold me up, and they're good for kicking people." She looks thoughtful. "We should really do some of those rituals, you know. There's enough of us now. When it was just me and Helen, well, it seemed a bit pointless."

Melodie nods, enthusiastic. "Yeah! We need more tribe bonding." She grins. "Honestly, it'd be fun to wear that old stuff for halloween or something, if you didn't hafta. Wouldn't that be funny, if all the Furies showed up someday like it was 1907 instead? Oh, I could have one of those silly litte sun umbrellas with all the lace!" She laughs, as if this is somehow the silliest thing ever.

"You'd look devastating," KL deadpans. "I mean, as Furies go, you're pretty girly already. Most of us come in the...what's the word? Means trousers and combat boots." She points at hers, stretched in front of her. "Makes a nice change. The fact that you're at least 90% of the way to being a shit hot Garou makes it even better."

Melodie blushes furiously. "... Thanks! I guess, I try to find the good parts of being a girl. That's part of being a Fury too. But it's kinda funny, I'm mostly turned on by butch girls. It's just like all the books, huh? Makes it kinda hard as a Garou, I'm not gonna find many girls that are actually tougher'n me, but I guess if I keep praying to Gaia, it'll work out."

KL laughs. "Your skin clashes with your hair when you blush," she says. "And yeah, I guess that's going to be a problem for you. I don't know. It's only like, recently, that I've been able to even think about sex as a concept that involves me." She shrugs, and stands up, looking in a handy mirror and examining herself. "I guess I'm too short to be butch."

Melodie looks like being noticed is just as embarassing as anything else. "Um. Well, you're taller'n me, so I think that counts! Anyway, it's more attitude than height, yeah? You don't take shit from anyone, an' you don't go all girly in your look. But you're still a woman." She sighs. "Some days, I wish I was kin instead."

"Why?" The Ahroun asks, turning around and looking surprised. "And yeah, I'm never going to be girly. Though I do now own a pair of boots with small heels." She holds her fingers a couple of inches apart. She smiles. "And I only fell over once, and beer was helping that." She pauses. "I've worked out that you can be female without being girly. Sort of happy with that place."

Melodie bites her lower lip. "It doesn't matter, I'm not. We're sisters, that's pretty awesome, right? Anyhow, yeah, heels are something I like. Anything that makes me less short! An' I got blessed with grace." She stands on her tiptoes, illustratively, happy to move farther away from uncomfortable truths.

KL laughs, "Very graceful," she comments. "Almost elegant. In an "about to fall over" sort of way." She smiles. "Have I ever mentioned how glad I am that you're here? I think I'd have fallen apart a lot when Emma left, otherwise. Well, not just you, but Nike and Alesia as well."

Melodie looks very surprised. "Really?" A smile spreads across her face. "Tribe sisters are supposed to love each other, huh? Like family. I never really had a good family before, but I do now. I guess, sometimes it's easy to be confused by that, but it's a good thing, huh?" She moves to embrace KL in a hug.

"Definitely a good thing," KL says, enfolding the young Philodox in her arms, perhaps squeezing a little over-tightly, but then she's not really used to hugs. "We might be a bit odd, and pissy occasionally, but...family." She leans back to look down at Melodie's face.

Melodie looks up, and is probably as not used to being this close to eye level as KL is to looking down. She says softly, her voice filled with emotion. "KL... I really need... I need to pee."

KL laughs, and releases Melodie from her arms. "Go!" she says. "I'll set to making lunch. Chocolate is not a balanced meal, no matter how nice." She turns away, toward the kitchen and then looks back. "And if you even think about looking in that carrier bag, I'll punch you into next week."

Melodie dashes towards the bathroom. "Okay, I wouldn't wanna ruin any surprises! Food sounds good." The door closes on the little ball of energy.

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