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Place : Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

Weather :Currently in Saint Claire, it is a cloudy day. The temperature is 29 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius). The wind is calm today. The barometric pressure reading is 30.25 and steady, and the relative humidity is 89 percent. The dewpoint is 26 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 degrees Celsius.)

Moon Phase :Currently the moon is in the waning New Moon phase (6% full).

Greek House: Common Area(#2409RAJh$)

This is the central hub of the house. From here, you can still see the entrance foyer, as well as the stairway that heads to the second story. Towards the back of the common area is a set of glass doors that lead out to a courtyard. To the east, an arched doorway leads to what apparently serves as a library, office, and workroom, and to the west, an arched doorway leads to what appears to be a kitchen and dining area..
There are several chairs here, simple, elegant, yet functional in their design and intent. The room has a comfortable feel to it, but is a bit ascetic in design. The walls are off-white, the molding dark cherry wood and decorated with acanthus-leaf ornamentation at the corners. A pair of antique spears are hung crossed against each other on one wall, and a wall-relief depicting a scene of Grecian warriors hangs on the other. Above the mantle of the fireplace is a small statue of Artemis, on either side of that, dark metal candlesticks with ivory pillar candles. The entire room is a study in the contrast of light and dark.

Looking at Anji:

A shortish, plump woman seemingly in her early twenties, Anji Kyriacou gives the impression of somehow containing more energy within her body than its size and shape would normally hold with comfort. Perhaps it's the mass of tightly curled dark hair that runs in spring-like coils down to her shoulders that suggests tension. It's held out of her light olive-coloured, round face by a headband. Her brown eyes are bright and her cheeks frame a mouth that's just that little too close to her nose for her to be thought of as beautiful, especially when taken into conjunction with her rather stout form. She might qualify as pretty, though, at least in the eyes of some. She's generally smartly dressed in blouse, jacket and either neat female trousers or a skirt, depending on whim and weather. If encountered in working hours, she may well be wearing a namebadge on her lapel with her name and the St. Claire University logo.

Looking at Zeke:

A young man who may just be approaching his late teens, Zeke is not overly tall- topping off at about 5'10", and not overly muscled. He does look fit though, perhaps the kind of average physique that suggests an active lifestyle opposed to hours spent on the weight bench. His carriage is modest and without any aloofness about him, though he does not give the impression of being uncomfortable in his skin either.
His face is a oval rather than narrow, broad cheeked and with a wide, easy grin. A fair skinned complexion grants an even starker contrast for his jade-green eyes. The three-day stubble he wears seems to be planned rather than a show of laziness, or perhaps he just doesn't grow facial hair very well; regardless, the hair outlines over his lip and on the lowest part of his chin.
His clothes are simple and effective, and no matter what time of year it is, Zeke is found wearing long sleeve shirts and a wide variety of beanie hats- always worn down past the ears. His jeans appear well worn and loved, and his shoes are of the common Mall Shoestore variety. He's also a fond supporter of hooded sweatshirts and jackets- again, hood always up.
Also notable is that this individual is missing fingers on his left hand. The pinky finger is completely gone and the ring finger is missing down to the lowest knuckle.


Sometime over the last couple of years, a teen girl with a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper has grown up, and matured into a young woman. With a poor attitude and a hair-trigger temper. KL is a little over five-foot tall - no late growth spurt for her - and slimly built. She moves quickly, and is rarely still for any length of time. Her natural balance and co-ordination are clearly evident in her movement, but any hint of grace is smothered with her air of irritation, hostility and restrained aggression. She manages to turn even simple activities - like ordering fries - into not particularly subtle attempts to provoke fights.
Her mid-brown hair is now quite long, and she wears it in a long plait that falls down between her shoulder-blades, secured at the top and the bottom with wide black eather bands. She's really quite attractive, perhaps not a pin-up, but far from ugly, with a cute upturned nose and wide expressive hazelnut eyes. However, any level of appeal her physical appearance might have is swamped by the anger in her gaze and the sullen set of her mouth. She stares at people - particularly people she doesn't know - with a cold fury, as if trying to decide exactly which way to kill them.
KL has pale skin decorated in two places - on her left upper arm is a largish tattoo of something that looks a little like a bear, with its jaws spread wide and slaver falling in droplets. It has the words "No Mercy" written with gusto beneath it. On her right shoulder-blade, if visible, is a second tattoo, two-inch-square, of a winged horse. There isn't much in the way of excess flesh on her, her cheekbones are clearly visible and her bare arms have a tight musculature that speaks of regular and plentiful exercise.
She is wearing a pair of blue jeans that look brand-new, and have a designer label clearly visible on the rear, a pair of combat boots that also look new. On her upper half she is sporting a rather snazzy black leather jacket over a clean new white t-shirt.
Around her neck hangs a pendant, an oval disk made of some kind of bone. It looks like it's been decorated with carved designs, which are somewhat hard to make out on casual inspection. The pendant is hung on a leather thong.

Early morning in the Fury House, and a wired KL has yet to go to bed. She's currently sitting at the table, with her craftboard once more clamped to it. "You Can Do Leatherwork", a book that she spends so much time with it's almost a packmate, lies propped open in front of her. At this exact moment, she's threading leather thonging through a series of holes on the edge of a larger piece of leather.

Zeke steps down from upstairs this morning, towel over a shoulder and beanie hat being pulled on over still wet hair. "Morning, KL." His voice is less rigid than it was yesterday, the mood and the event seeming to have passed completely now for the young man.

There's a cautious rat-a-tat on the door.

KL blinks. "Early for a call," she says, picking up her craft knife from the board in front of her, and concealing it behind her back, she heads towards the door, opening it cautiously. "Hello?" she says, peering around it.

Zeke looks over as KL goes all James Bond on the door. "Who is it?" he asks of her as she looks out.

"Me." The voice is Anji's, and sounds tight and nervous compared to her normal easy manner.

"Anji!" KL explains, flinging the door open. "Come in! How are you? What's wrong?" she fires the words out, beckoning the kin inside. With her right hand. The one with the craft knife in.

Zeke looks over and breaks into a wide smile at the kin, "Hello Anji, I've meant to come see you, but you can be tricky to find sometimes."

"You can always come find me at the library," Anji points out as she enters. She keeps to the side of the doorway that's furthest from KL and that knife. Once she's inside she eyes KL and Zeke, plainly full of words but reluctant to give birth to any of them.

KL returns the to table and sets down her craft knife, onto her craft board. The one with the craft items on, then looks back to Anji. "What's wrong?" she asks, though there's a hint in her manner that she might have an idea about the answer. "We have some news for you, and it looks like you have some news for us?"

Zeke moves over to Anji's side, reaching a hand out to take hold of her own, "What's troubling you Anji? We're here to support you, you know that. Talk to us."

A terrified look comes over Anji's face, though she doesn't seem scared of the actual garou who are present. "She's dead, isn't she? That's why she's not been over to see me at new moon. Something's happened and she's dead." Her hand takes hold of Zeke's and squeezes it suddenly, with surprising tenacity.

KL makes a wide of "O" of surprise. "No," she says. "Not dead." A small smile. "Yet." A pause. "Back in a second." With that, she's off, thundering up the stairs as if pursued by the hordes of hell. Her steps can be heard going into her room, and then turning to return.

Zeke winces a little and draws the kin closer to give her a hug, "Oh Anji, no no, she's not harmed in anyway. She's just returned back to Boston for a time." He squeezes her, "We thought she would have already told you. Actually, we thought you might have gone with her."

KL's words only make Anji clutch Zeke's hand harder. Then Zeke speaks, and Anji drops his hand like a red hot poker. "She's... what?" The kinswoman jerks back as though she's been punched on the snoot.

The thundering herd returns, clutching a letter in a buff envelope. She hands it to Anji, just proffering it to her, a look of concern on her face. "This is what I got," she says. "Maybe it will make more sense to you than it did to me."

Zeke frowns as Anji lets go and backsteps. "She didn't mention anything..." the metis frowns, looking very bothered by that news.

Anji's face goes stoney as she reaches out to KL and takes the envelope, tearing it open with a force that would not disgrace an ahroun garou.

KL sits herself back down at the table, going back to threading the thonging carefully through holes. There's a tension in her muscles and a concern on her face that suggests she's very aware of Anji's reaction.

Zeke takes in a deep breath and watches the kin read the note, waiting, much like his elder, for the reaction.

Anji reads the note. She stands there looking at it for far longer than it would take even the slowest reader to digest it. Then she slowly crumples it in her fist. "...fucking butches..." she hisses, and promptly dissolves in a flood of tears.

And KL is off her seat, discarding the distraction and going to Anji's side. "I'm sorry," she murmurs, putting a hand on the kin's shoulder. She looks helplessly at Zeke, shakes her head, then extends the hand on the shoulder into something slightly more like a hug.

Zeke moves to toward Anji as well, but stops when KL gets there before him. "We're here for you Anji, whatever you need."

Anji clings onto KL, wailing like a banshee. "She quit... she fucking quit... big fucking ahroun, she hadn't got the guts to even tell me..."

"She didn't tell any of us," KL says quietly. "And I still don't know *why* she went. Maybe it was something urgent. Maybe she just couldn't find the peace and tranquility she wanted to here." She holds the kin tightly, her arms encircling her shoulders, and if it isn't the most natural gesture ever, it appears to be meant.

Zeke lowers his eyes at this, unsure exactly what to do. He's empathic toward the kin, that much is plainly evident, but he seems to suddenly look as if he feels out of place. His eyes lower and he looks toward the kitchen, "I'll put some tea on."

Anji sobs for a few more momente before managing to bring herself under control. She leans back a little so as to be able to look KL in the eye. "It's almost enough to make me want to go back to dating guys," she says with a truly valiant attempt at light-heartedness.

The Fury Ahroun shakes her head. "That's a bad idea. They all do what you tell them to do and complain when you hit them," she says, looking Anji back, her dark eyes soft. "Unless they're Zeke, who doesn't say a word when you break his arm." The fact that this is a remarkably KL-specific method of judging people seems to have escaped her.

Zeke looks back at them both, shoulders stiffening as he puts kettle to fire and sets out the various tea pouches they have stored on the counter. Now the metis stays absolutely silent.

Anji lifts the hand that isn't around KL to her face and dashes tears from her eyes. "Did someone say tea?" she says, looking round at Zeke, apparently oblivious of any tension in the metis's stance.

"Zeke makes really good tea. What sort do you want? We have normal tea, and exciting fruit teas that smell really nice and then taste like warm water," KL says, quickly. She peers towards the kitchen. "And if we have any milk, that would be nice," she says, raising her voice a touch.

Zeke nods to the request, pulling the milk out of the fridge and setting it on the table. "Just add some lemon to the fruit teas, or a splash of apple or orange juice." He's fallen into little servant persona now, and hurries to get tea cups set out.

Anji releases her grip on KL and totters towards the table, still looking stunned. She selects a cup purely at random.

"Sit down," KL says, and lets just a tiny hint of bite show through the calm surface of concern. She takes her own advice, pulling up a seat and pouring the milk. A smile, slightly forced, comes to her lips. "It's a bit of a shock, I know. It was to us too."

Zeke glances over to KL and then brings the tea cups over to the table. He sets them down and then steps back to the counter, taking a rag to wipe up any spills or what not.

Anji sits down glumly. "So... what the hell happens now?"

"What do you mean?" KL asks, cocking her head on the side. "If you mean, "who is the next Elder of the Furies?", Hi." She pauses. "If you mean, "what happens next to me?" then the answer is whatever you want, and is in my power to grant for you. You're welcome to stay here if you want to, or if you want someone to stay with you that can be arranged."

Zeke looks from Anji to KL and seems about to say something before just shaking his head and setting back to his task. Eventually he opts for a very cliche, "It will get better."

"Well it couldn't get much worse," Anji snaps. "It was just the same with Leslie. If someone's tired of me, I'd sooner they /said/ so... didn't just run away in the middle of the night and leave me to panic that the Wyrm has gotten them. And I thought Garou were meant to be /brave/ and /noble/." She seems not to care that she's starting to tresspass on very dangerous ground.

"Brave, noble and antisocial," KL fires back, with just a little heat. "But hey, I'm not excusing her going. Even if it does mean that my face doesn't get bruised as often." She pauses. "I'm almost 100% certain it wasn't you that caused her to leave."

Zeke keeps his back to the others and then drops the rag into the sink. "I think I'll go to the caern. I've some things I'd like to research. It will give you two time to speak."

Anji looks up at Zeke. "Um," she says, diffidently. "Can't it wait a bit?"

KL stiffens. "I could go. If you'd prefer that," she says, coldly. "The pair of you." She glares at Zeke's back, her fingers gripping the table edge so hard that her knuckles whiten.

Zeke looks to them with confusion, "I, of course I can wait if you'd like. I just wasn't sure what help I was to have here just now."

"I just... wanted to have friends around me," Anji says weakly. "And you two are close to the only ones I have left here. Well, and Helen I suppose, but I hardly ever see her any more since she got married."

"And unmarried," KL says, with a little twist of her lips. "I still don't know quite what happened there, other than that it was bad." She puts her hand on Anji's shoulder. "It's good. Stay here for a few days. I'm sure we can find you somewhere to sleep." She smiles at the kin. "We're here for you. And... surely you know Melodie?"

Zeke nods his head, "I'll stay then Anji. If you don't want to take the room upstairs, I'll sleep on the couch and you can take the basement. Though it's often chilly."

"Not as well as you two," Anji replies. "I don't need to sleep here or anything. I've got my apartment. And I need to go in to work, I can't just tell them I got dumped so I need time off."

KL nods. "Whatever you want," she says. "Though I can think of worse reasons to take some time off work." The Ahroun leans back in her seat. "By the way, I'm pregnant."

Zeke looks to Anji, "You've been there for me for a long time Anji, you know that I'll do anything for you."

Anji's jaw drops and for a moment she sits slack-faced. It's as though the bombshell of this announcement, on top of the previous news, has knocked all her wits out of her. "W-wha? When? Who?" she splutters.

KL smiles. "When - about four weeks ago. What - a baby. In me. Who - Alexander." She shrugs. "I told you I was thinking about it. Well, I decided to do it. And I've got some people to look after him or her when it arrives." She smiles. "I'm very pleased. And making it was quite fun. I haven't yet been ill in the mornings, but I'm expecting to at any point." She nods definitely.

"Congratulations," Anji manages to say. "If... if you need anything... I'll try and be there too..."

"Having said that, I've also decided that men - for dating purposes - are boring and breakable," KL says. "But that's, well, not news. And I've challenged for Fostern too." She peers at Anji. "Is there anything you need? Or would you like to see my exciting decorating efforts?"

"Sure!" Anji seems eager to find any kind of distraction activity.

"Well, I painted the columns on the front of the house, and I've done the mantelpiece. And Mel and I did her room, and then Zeke and I are going to do the basement," KL explains. "I need to talk to Dre - he's Mel's brother, and he's nice - he's the first person I had sex with - and he repairs houses, and the columns around the back courtyard need repairing and replacing." She takes a breath. "Oh, and I'm going to take out the old office, because really nobody uses it, and replace it with a slightly more comfortable room."

"Is all this stuff you're doing now you're Big Sister?" Anji asks. "Or was it already in hand?"

"Most of it was already in hand," KL admits. "I just wanted to make the place look a bit nicer, given how long I've been living here. And how much surplus energy I have." She grins. "I got lots of sets of overalls - I suppose they're really dungarees - in different sizes from a firesale, so anyone can help out."

Anji makes a faint smile. "Dungarees would suit you," she remarks. "But they're kind of '80s, aren't they, even for feminists? A bit Andrew Dworkin, you know? Though you look miles better than she ever did."

KL laughs. "I really really did get them for decorating in - they're practical, and they were unbelievably cheap." She smiles. "I have some new pants that Br.. various people liked." She leans over to hug Anji again. "You're going to be OK, you know. We'll look after you."

Anji returns the hug a little more energetically. "Thanks," she says. "I... didn't mean to diss butches, earlier. Uh, well, I mean. I don't know if you think you're one. But anyway." She seems to be getting a little flustered.

Zeke takes a breath, after all this time, haven been quite and rather submissive and cowed. "Perhaps it's not that the men are breakable, but it's that the Fury's who find them can do nothing more than take sledgehammers and wrecking balls to the relationships they attempt with pre-existing bias and negative judgement!" The metis' voice is loud and firm, and with a glance to the kin that may be apologetic, he turns to leave.

The Fury Ahroun laughs again, and brushes a stray hair back behind a ear. She freezes in place, and stares at Zeke. "What on earth has got into you? And did you swallow a dictionary? I haven't taken a sledgehammer to any relationship ever. I've not had a proper relationship, ever. And I do *not* have a pre-existing bias or a negative judgment, whatever that means. And you don't have a sense of humour." She glares at the Metis, half-standing, cheeks flaming red.

Anji goes a little pink, visible even with her olive-colored skin. She retreats a couple of steps, as though to distance herself from this dispute.

Zeke shakes his head, "I do not feel like having this argument with Anji here, but let me just say this. I am Fury. I have been raised Fury and learned their ideals and their purpose. But I am also male, and just as much as you would not allow me to repeatedly bash and degrade our tribe, I am sick of hearing your attacks against the other side of the population. If you must, then do it when I am not around."

KL stares at Zeke for a long drawn out moment. "We'll have a talk," she says. "When you're not so worked up. About precisely what I think and what I believe." Her voice is measured, calm to the point of coldness. "Go where you will and do what you will. I understand there are bars where you can go and get drunk, and then pee in the streets. That sounds like your kind of thing."

"Shit!" Anji gasps. "Will you two fucking knock it off! Haven't you got anything... /better/ to do than have a fucking /gender/ war in our tribe's own safest place?"

With a growl of pure frustration, Zeke turns and whirls on the new Fury elder. "That is exactly what I am talking about! Because I am male I must obviously want to do that?" He's aiming to tackle-charge her now, his speed on his feet at least without fault. Anji's voice catches him, but it doesn't stop him from his charge.

KL completes her stand and moves away from the table to meet his charge, arms reaching for him. She doesn't seem angry, at all, suddenly. In fact, there's a smile on her lips. She sets her body, intending to use his momentum and basically bear hug him, and then turn and take him to the floor.

Anji lets out a squeak as KL pounces on the charging Zeke, and then a longer scream. "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" She flaps her hands in panic for a second or two, and then her eye falls on KL's craft board and the knife. She snatches the blade up.

The metis and the elder are locked into a fierce bear hug battle now. Zeke's arms around the lower part of KL's torso at waist level, and KL with her arms more around his upper chest. He's not going do quite so easily today and he lowers his center of balance to make her work harder to bring him to the floor.

Or, as the saying goes, cheat. KL kicks in the Ahroun gift to help her unbalance the metis Philodox. Whereas yesterday she let him fly to the floor, today, however, she falls with him, cushioning his landing to the best of her ability. "Zeke! Zeke!" she says, as they go. "Listen to me!"

Anji is still screaming and dancing around the two brawling garou, knife in hand. She makes a couple of jabbing motions with it, but none of them come near the actual fighters, and it's pretty clear that she's not yet gained enough courage (or foolhardiness) to actually try seriously to stab either Zeke or KL with it.

Melodie comes down the stairs. The left half of her hair is done up in a braid, and the right half hangs loose, wet from a recent shower. She looks resigned as she comes down to more yelling, but gets a bit more tense as she sees Anji is here. "Hey, no hurting Anji!"

Zeke goes down as the gift is kicked in, and as the Ahroun works to bring them both to a somewhat softer landing. He's tense, like a spring of too long restrained anger that has finally started to break free from the bands keeping it together. He bucks and fusses, trying to get the other off and away from him, but she's quite more experienced, and designed, for such brawling.

"You....you learn Latin while you're doing the dishes. You read books that I can't even understand the...titles of," KL says, trying to keep her grip on him. "Of course I don't think you want to...go to a bar and get drunk." Her voice, though strained through effort, is concilliatory. "Please stop being mad at me."

"Mel!" squeals Anji. "They're killing each other!" Palpably false, but never mind.

Melodie moves to stand between Anji and the two larger Furies. "Hey, KL, isn't this one of those 'take a walk, and come back in an hour' moods? Fresh air always helps keep a prespective." She mispronounces the large word, but hopes that she gets through to the scary Ahroun.

Zeke is finally stilled, less by the force of the Ahroun and more by her words. He grunts from his position of being under the stronger garou, and stares back at her, "Then stop treating me like I am lesser because I am male. You want to begrudge me for being metis, fine. There's validity to that, but not because of my gender!"

"But I don't!" KL says, peering at him. "Maybe Mel's right. Maybe a walk is a good idea. But I really don't think of people like that. And especially not you!" She levers herself off him, now that he's not attacking her. "Yes. A walk is a good idea." She heads towards the back doors, away from everyone else. "I'll be back later."

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